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1960 Mentioned In Despatches Vietnam pr to a Signals Sergeant for a 3 day defence against enemy attacks of a Compound under his care. Vietnam Campaign Medal with bronze MID emblem; South Vietnam Government Star with '1960-' clasp: '36059 L.W. PORTER', the 1st officially impressed, 2nd engraved officially. Together with a ribbon bar with MID emblem & his Returned from Active Service badge # 'A424007'. Lionel William Porter, born Fitzroy, Vic 1937, enl ARA 10/1/1955, Sergeant 24/12/64, operations South Vietnam with 110 Signals Squadron from 5/12/67, R+A 24/9/68, ANZUK Signals Rgt Malaysia etc, WO2, 3rd Signal Rgt, disch 3/3/1975. Awarded MID per citation: 'Sergeant Lionel William Porter enlisted in the Australian Army on 10 January 1955 and was allotted to the Royal Australian Signals Corps. He joined the 110th Signal Squadron, Australian Force Vietnam, on 5 December 1967. On 6 May 1968, Sergeant Porter was the Duty Sergeant at the 110th Signal Squadron Headquarters, and the Australian Force Vietnam Transmitter Station compound at Phu Tho. These duties required him to be responsible for the security of the compound. At approximately 0600 hours, grenades exploded and rifle fire was heard from the adjacent village on the western perimeter of the compound. This enemy fire intensified, and some enemy mortar rounds exploded within the compound. Sergeant Porter calmly, but rapidly deployed the guard, allotting bunkers, issuing clear fire control orders, and personally distributed reserve ammunition and supplies to all members of the guard. He also controlled and directed eight United States Army soldiers who were in the compound. The compound was virtually isolated for two days by the three sided enemy action within the village complex, Sergeant Porter efficiently and accurately directed fire onto the enemy, thereby restricting the enemy's capacity to manoeuvre, and greatly reducing the effect of the enemies' fire on the compound and its structures. Sergeant Porter displayed self discipline, and an outstanding sense of duty and responsibility towards the safety of the soldiers under his command, and for the security of this key compound. By his actions he established an example to his subordinates that reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the Australian Regular Army'. EF. (P)SOLD at A$1400