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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 21.45% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
1849-52 Ceres 1Fr carmine. Superb U, 4 large margins, dotted numeral pmk. Yv 6 cat €1000, SG cat £1100. Exp Scheller. (P)
 SOLD at A$500
1862-76 Selection of tete-beche prs inc 1862 Napoleon 20c, no Laurel Wreath. 1871-76 Ceres 10c M, 15c U, 25c U, plus 25c blk of 4, lower pr tete-beche. F-VF M/U. SG 100, 200, 201, 202a cat £43,000+ = A$70,000+. Yv 22b, 58c, 60A/60Ab cat €47,900. Unfortunately all are fabrications made from genuine stamps so sold 'as is' but still very interesting reference lot. (5 items). (P)
1914 Valenciennes Chamber of Commerce 10c red, local post. Used during the German WWI Occupation for mail carried on the Tramway. The stamp was only used from the 8 Sep 1914 to 30 Oct when the German authorities ordered that the remaining stock & printing plates be destroyed. F-VF fresh MLH. MI 127 cat €500, Yv TG1 cat €550. Only about 3000 were sold. Exp. (P)
 SOLD at A$190
1930 Sinking fund 1Fr50+3Fr50 reddish-purple sheetlet of 4, from booklet. VF MLH, sl darker gum. Yv 256 cat €400. SG 480 cat £480, plus premium for pane (comp bklt of 2 cat £1300). (P)
1930 Sinking Fund 1Fr50+3Fr50 reddish-purple, sheetlet of 4, from booklet. Stamps VF fresh MUH. Yv 256 cat €640 for singles. SG 480 cat £480 for M singles, should be at least double, £960 MUH, plus premium for pane. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
1930 Sinking Fund 1Fr50 + 3Fr50 reddish-purple, sheetlet of 4, plus booklet cover it came from. VF MUH, sl glazed darker gum. Yv 256 cat €640 for singles (256C-1 cat €1350 for comp bklt). SG 480 cat £480 for M singles, should be at least double, £960 MUH, plus Premium for sheet (comp bklt of 2 cat £1300). (P)
 SOLD at A$375
1937 PEXIP M/Sheet (size 150x220mm). Superb fresh MUH. Maury BF3 cat €900, SG MS 581 cat £600 for M, should be at least double, £1200 MUH. (P)
1941 Petain set 40c-2Fr50,, plus Relief Fund 1Fr+10c, all IMPERF horiz prs. Superb fresh MUH, all 4 margins. SG 690-93(var), Maury 470-73nd & 494nd cat €690+. Very scarce. (5) (P)
1943 Military Airmail opt Angers 10Fr violet with 'Par Avion Batiment de Ligne Richelieu', issued on Battleship Richelieu in New York. VF fresh MUH. Yv PAM 10 cat €1600, Maury PAM 7 cat €1700. Very rare, only 1 or 2 sheets of 50 printed. 2016 Ceremuga photo cert (P)
1943 Vichy Government Officials set 10c-20Fr, showing fascist symbols, full set inc very rare 70c. VF fresh MUH, never hinged original gum. Maury S1-15, Yv S1-15 cat €3200+. Very rare WWII set which was never issued for political reasons & of which almost the whole printing was officially destroyed. 2015 Biondi photo cert. (15) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1300
1931 International Aero-Philatelic Exhib 2-way airmail flight card franked Sowers 65c red & 25c/30c blue, plus Airmail Fr 1.50 carmine with 'EIPA30' perfin inverted tied by cds dated '25-5 31' & with Vincennes Exhib label. To Romania & franked 1L, 5L & 10L tied by Bucharest 27 MAI 1931 Par Avion pmk for return to Paris. SG 483(var) etc. Yv A6d cat £5350 as loose stamp alone. Sold 'as is'. (P)
 SOLD at A$200
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