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Australia: Collection mostly Edwardian era with Kerry (38) inc Crossing the Australian Alps, Milson's Point & Sydney Observatory. Artists cards (8) with H Jarrett (?) Govt House, R Riches, The Hunter & unsigned NSW Coastal Waves set of 6 (retail $80). Also range of City, Suburban, Rural scenes, Australian Sheep Station (Tuck oilette) Macquarie Street/USA Fleet Visit (real photo), Bondi Beach, Mosman's Bay, Keen St Lismore (real photo), Watson's Bay & Aerial view Sydney. Mostly F-VF, mixed UN/U. Retail approx $1000. (135).
Coin cards: Ca 1900-1910 embossed Zeiher type single Country Coin sets, neat concise collection with 19 diff Countries inc Argentina, Belgium (3), Egypt (4), France (4), Hungary (2), Mexico (8), Netherlands Indies, Prussia (2), Serbia (3), Switzerland, Turkey (5), Uruguay & Venezuela. Nearly all diff, mostly with National Flags. Also 2 German banknote cards. All postally Used, odd minor flt, generally F-VF condition. (48).
 SOLD at A$275
Coin cards: Ca 1900-1910 embossed single country coin sets. Extensive UN collection with 32 diff European/South American Countries inc Argentina (14), Belgium (18), Bulgaria (10), Chile (16), France (20), Germany 1923-25 (4), Prussia (9), Italy (18), Mexico (20), Morocco (12), Netherlands (22), Netherlands Indies (9), Peru (20), Serbia (11), Spain (24), Sweden/Norway (3), Sweden (10), Switzerland (9), Turkey (26), Uruguay (9) & Venezuela (11). Overall fresh & clean. An extraordinary all diff assembly inc 'minor' variation, majority inc national flags. In short a simply superb collection. Fine-VF UN. (360). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2000
Collection Part I in 2 albums: Extensive & varied inc good range (ca280) of old-time cards from England, various Towns & Regional Views, Architecture, Scotland similar range inc Ayr, Skye, Loch Earn, Loch Ness, St Andrews & others. Also noted European, Middle Eastern plus more. Then a colourful modern range (ca 280) various Scenic UK & others. Some mixed condition but mostly F-VF. (515)
Collection Part II: In 2 albums inc pre-war (ca300) noted English Towns, Regional, Scenic Views, Landscapes, some Architecture. Similar smaller range of Scottish & Welsh towns, some Ireland, European, Quebec & others. Plus a range of post-war/modern inc Aviation & other. Some mixed condition but largely VF. (432)
Collection Part III: In 2 albums. Postcards excellent range of mostly Scenic cards many old-time (310), English Towns inc Bradfield, Burnley, Dover, Coventry, Torquay, Ipswich, Peterborough, Margate & others. Some Scottish Highlands cards, Welsh selection. Also noted Gibraltar, Cairo, Stuttgart, Rome & others plus a modern range of Scenic, Humorous & more. Small number mixed condition but mostly F-VF. (594)
Collection Part IV: 2 Large & 2 sm albums & shoebox. Aust & World mix of Scenic, Architecture, Humorous, Aviation etc. Many British but also European. Some earlies, largely more modern, mixed postally U & UN, some Postal Cards. Largely VF. (ca 1450)
 SOLD at A$300
Collection/Accumulation Part V: Extensive & varied collection in 2 large & sm album & shoebox. Some pre-war, strength in post-war & modern. Inc England Towns & Region Views, Architecture, European inc France, Netherlands, Switzerland similar. Also some other inc Australia 1953 PPC of Government House Darwin to Newcastle, Vietnam War period PPCs, New Zealand range & many others. Some mixed condition but mostly F-VF. (ca 1400)
 SOLD at A$220
European range 1901-42 inc Belgium (3), Bulgaria (8), France (22), Luxemburg (19), Netherlands (6), Norway (6), Spain (8), Turkey (4) with a variety of City Scenes, regional Views, odd Glamour, National Dress, Culture & Comic. Also Postal Stationery range inc Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden & others, many uprated. An interesting range, largely V-VF. (109)
French Aviation collection 1909-13 featuring mono & biplanes inc over Etampe, Caen & Paris during Aviation Week Expos. Also inset photos of pilots inc M Wagner, Le Lieutenant Camerman. Some cards with aviation pictorial vignettes attached. A fascinating range. (24)
 SOLD at A$240
Great Britain: Collection mostly pre-war album inc old-time English Town/Regional Views/Landscapes. Noted Gilsland, Stevenson, Nelson, Carlisle, Kendal, Woolton & other. Similar Scottish inc Girvan, Edinburgh, Welsh Towns, Isle of Man & others. Also sm number of European. A cpl damaged & the odd crease but mostly F-VF. All diff. (240)
Great Britain: British Royalty Collection to 1940s (50) inc Tuck 'Queens Dolls House' set of 8 Oilettes, QV Memorials, Extended Family photos, KEVII Mourning & others to Edward VIII & KGVI. 1950s-80s Elizabeth Era (60) inc Family Portraits, Processions then Princes Harry & William, Charles & Diana & plus odd caricature. Also French 'Palais De Versailles' selection. F-VF, moderns near new. (122).
Great Britain: Collection (210) in old album, mostly Scotland & Wales with Tuck Oilettes (55), other artist types (18) & good variety of Highland views, culture & history. Plus bundle of loose British (120) inc with Postage Due pmks (5), WWI Army Field PO Censor cachets & pmks (8) & 2 silk cards. (330).
 SOLD at A$180
Great Britain: Golden Age collection inc City/Town/Village Street Scenes for Barnsley, Callander, Condon (real photo), Coventry, Dublin, Dundee (2), Liverpool (2 snow scenes), Ludgate Circus & Rothesay. Then others inc Golf Courses (2), 'The Battle of Stepney - Firing Line of the Scots Guard', Queen's Island, Belfast, Barry camp & other useful cards. All postally U, possible pmk interest in the cds inc Barry Camp/Dundee. Mostly F-VF. (80)
Greetings: inc Hands Across the Sea, Christmas, New Year & Easter Greetings, Comic, Romance. Also non-PPC greetings cards (32) mainly Christmas/New Year wide variety inc advertising, chromo-litho prints, Birds & Flowers. Mixed UN/U. F-VF. (65)
Hotels: Collection of around 100 diff Drinking Houses, Inns, Hostels & Hotels from around the world. Huge variety with both outside & inside views. Mostly VF UN. (100).
USA: Collection to 1960s inc Vintage City Views inc San Francisco Fire 1906, Akron Ohio, Coney Island, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland & Salt Lake City booklet of 12, other views inc Niagara Falls, Country Scenes, Lakes & Canyons. UN/U, generally F-VF. (115).
Varied selection with Australia NSW George St Sydney, Perth St George's Terrace. Then Canada, Japan, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, South Africa inc Transvaal (6). Noted Spion Kop & Pieters Hill, Boer War battle scenes, Great Britain (23), Sierra Leone (2). A good range of Portraits inc Beauties, Natural Scenes, Architecture, Street Scenes, Royalty, Ships & others. Plus odd Postal Stationery. Generally F-VF. (75)
 SOLD at A$100
World: Strength in pre-war (ca 250) with many England, Scotland, Wales inc scenic regions, also Architecture, some Channel Is, European, Australian, Peruvian C19 Postal Stationery plus a sm range of modern. Some mixed condition but largely F-VF. (350)
World modern PPC accumulation 1980s-2010 in large carton. Nearly all full colour with wide range of Views, Scenic Sights, Gardens, Advertising, Architectural, Monuments, Cities, Lakes & others. Some philatelic inc maximum or pictorial postal cards. Mostly all diff mixed UN/PU, VF - as new condition. (1200+)
WWI Silks (30) inc British Regimental Badges for RE (2), RFA & Lincolnshire, other WWI styles inc Crossed Flags with central Rising Sun, 'Souvenir Belgique' (message side headed 'Flanders 21-10-17) 'From a Loving Son' (with original insert featuring soldier in the trenches) 'Remembrance' (sent from Egypt 1916 with 1917 Calendar insert), plus other Greetings inc Birthday, Sister, Home Sweet Home, Sweetheart & Wife. Some still with original inserts as noted, usual minor foxing, mostly G-F. (30).
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