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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
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1896 Type-written 'Half-Penny' on 7½d on 2d horiz setenant pr, with 'VAEUA OE BENI' reading down, perf 12x11, right stamp variety 'comma & hyphen after HALF'. F-VF M. SG 37A(var) cat £170 for normals alone while other varieties cat £750-£2250. Very rare genuine & certificate can be obtained on request. (2) (P)
1896 Type-written 'Half-Penny' on 7½d on 2d with 'VAEUA OE BENI' reading down, error 'Half-Penny'' INVERTED. Fresh UN, expertly repaired UL cnr in margin only, superb appearance. SG 37Af cat £3250. Extremely rare genuine example as only 1 pane of 25 existed. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1300
1896 Type-written 'Half-Penny' on 7½d on 2d, with 'VAEUA OE BENI' reading up, perf 12x11. VFU. SG 37B cat £120. (P)
1896 Type-written 'Half-Penny' on 7½d on 2d with 'VAEUA OE BENI' reading up, perf 12. F-VF UN. SG 37BP cat £800. Very rare genuine & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)
1897 King Pictorial set ½d to 5/-, wmk Tortoises. VFU. SG 38-53 cat £180. (14). (P)
1938-51 KGVI Used inc 1938 20th Anniv set, 1942-49 Pictorial Def set to 5/- wmk script, 1944 Silver Jubilee set, 1949 UPU, 1950 50th Birthday set & 1951 Friendship Treaty set. All diff. VFU. SG cat £181. (30)
1942-49 Pictorial set ½d to 5/- wmk script, plus 1944 Queen's Jubilee set 1d to 1/-, all perf SPECIMEN. VF M/MLH. SG 74-87s cat £390. (15). (P)
1942-49 Queen & Pictorial set ½d to 5/-, wmk Mult Script, perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MLH. SG 74s-81s cat £250. (9). (P)
1944 Queen Silver Jubilee set 1d to 1/- perf SPECIMEN. VF fresh MLH. SG 83s-87s cat £140. (5). (P)
1962 Emancipation opt Official 5/- orange-yellow & slate-lilac, UR cnr marginal blk of 5, right stamp 2nd row error 'MAII' for 'MAIL'. VF MUH. SG O14/O14a cat £1025 as singles, plus premium for very rare positional setenant blk should be +50%, est £1500. (P)
1966 Tupou College opt Stamp Anniv 3d on 1d, error opt INVERTED. VFU. SG 163b cat £900. Extremely rare with only several recorded. 2007 BPA photo-cert. (P)
1966 Tupou College Official Airmail opt UPU 10/- on 4d, error opt INVERTED. VF fresh MUH, top marginal. SG O19a cat £275. Only 1 sheet of 60 believed printed. Copy of RPSL photo-cert of blk of 4 it came from. (P)
1974 Official Airmail Royal Marine Institute 35s self-adhesive, error black 'Tonga' OMITTED, normal to compare. VF fresh MUH. SG O128a cat £180. 2002 RPSL photo cert. (P)
1973 Commonwealth Games Official $1.50 self-adhesive, error opt DOUBLE vertically shifted. VF fresh MUH. SG O111a cat £170. Copy of RPSL photo-cert for blk of 4 from where it came. (P)
Accumulation 1886-1978 in stockbook totally disorganised so hard to assess. Noted 1880s Kings inc 1/- blk of 4 U, 1891 surch 4d/1d blk of 4 inc 'no stop' variety M, 1892 Pics 1d (2) & 4d blk of 4 M, 1893 surch ½d on 1d blue M blk of 12 & 1894 2½d on 8d (3), & 2½d on 1/- blk of 4, & 1895 surch 7½d on 2½d red blk of 5 -all above SG cat £1350. Then wide range of Pictorials to 5/- M/U inc 1942 wmk script set of horiz cnr prs VF fresh MUH (£200) inc extra 5/- blk of 4, other pics to 1/- inc many blks of 4 MUH, 1960s inc surch, free-forms etc. Then wide range of covers etc 1920s-70s inc Tin Can Mail (4), various overseas destinations, Ship-mail etc, noted Queen 7½d cover to UK, 10d cover to USA, 1924 2d/10d cover to NZ, surch 1924 2d on 5/- pr plus 1d on reg cover to Sydney. Also Postal Stationery 1891 Local Envelope & 1892 Reg Envelope (3). F-VF M/U. SG cat £2000 for stamps alone, plus all the covers. (44, + 55 covers etc).
 SOLD at A$350
Accumulation 1886-1980s in stockbook with 1886 Kings (14), 1895 King 2½d 6U (SG £180) plus 'Surcharge' opts ½d (3M) inc 'surchace' & 'BU' varieties (£240), 1d (5M & 1U, £550) & 7½d (7M & 2U, £495) other with annotated varieties, 1897-1940s Pictorials M/U to 1/-, various foil 'coin' types M, plus 'Free-forms' U (170), other odds. Then covers etc (30+) inc early Tin Can Mails, ca 1908 photo PPC (2), 1927 Reg covers with 7½d or 10d to Samoa, some 1960s-80 FDC, 1930 use of USA 2 Envelope uprated Tonga tied by boxed 'Niufoou' with cachet on reverse for 'US Naval Eclipse Expedition'. 1894 stampless cover with 'frank' h/s & some 'Paid Official' initialled h/s, plus Postal Stationery 'Local' Envelopes (2), PPC, Specimen Lettercard, & Reg Envelopes (5). Generally F-VF. SG cat £1800, plus covers etc. (330, 40 covers etc).
 SOLD at A$350
Specialised collection 1950-53 sets & covers with 1950 Queen's Birthday sets M & U (6, inc blks of 4), & FDC (3) inc 2 sets on reg FDC to USA. 1951 Treaty set MUH (7) inc blks, plus 2 diff FDC. 1953 Pictorial set 1d-£1 M, & MUH blks, plus all values ex 5/- & 10/- on cover inc various single or mixed value frankings, Canoe Mail covers (2), registered, Airmail, Packet Boat & Shipmail etc. Noted to France, Switzerland, USA, Australia, England, Germany, Malaya, British Zone Germany, & Bulgaria at correct 2/4 rate. VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £600 as loose stamps alone plus the value of all the covers. Beautifully written up pgs in SG slipcase binder. (125, 27 covers). (P)
 SOLD at A$275
Sheets & Panes of 1920-49 Pictorials in huge Lighthouse sheet album inc 1920-35 1½d L & R ½ sheets of 30, 2d die I (two ½ sheets of 30) inc 'small 2' (12), 2d die II (two ½ sheets), 2½d black & blue UL cnr blk of 25, 2½d blue (two ½ sheets), 5d, 7½d, 10d (two ½ sheets) & 1/- blk of 26. Also 1923 surch 2d/5d (two ½ sheets). Then 1942-49 2d die II, 2½d & 1/- (2) -all ½ sheets. 1944 Queen's Anniv 1d sheet of 60 split down centre, 1d & 2d sheets CTO & 3d ½ sheet of 30. Plus other smaller blks inc 5d blk of 20, 2d/10d blk of 20, 1934 2½d LR cnr blks of 6 marked as 'recut 2½d' others inc retouch varieties, etc. VF M/MUH. SG cat £5000+ as singles with large premium for all the early MUH & huge original cost of the album. Fantastic lot for specialist study. (900).
Postmarks 1880s-1920s collection with Keppel's (4), Haapi/Haapia, Haabai (13) plus on PPC, Niuafook (6), Nukualofa (25) plus cover. Vavau (24) plus PPC. Various diff types of ea pmk inc cds & barred ovals, on variety of stamps inc rare bisect usages. Also inwards 1897 use of NSW 1d violet Postcard with printed heading on reverse with message regarding delivery of an order, with Vavau arrival b/s. SG cat £480+ as basic stamps. Beautifully written up on pages in SG binder Interesting lot for specialist (72, +2 PPC). (P)
 SOLD at A$350
1930s-72 Airmail covers with early 1930s? Tin Can Mail cover inc franked 1928 USA 5c Airmail to pay airmail within USA. 1935 inwards from Sth Africa via Egypt by air to Sydney, 1939 FFC Tonga-NZ, 1941 FFC Tonga-Fiji, 1942 Warship pictorial cover to NZ, Nukualofa-Vavau FFC, 1945 to Sydney franked 3d & 6d, 1947 (Sept-Oct) Tonga-NZ & NZ Tonga, 1953 (3-12 Aug) TEAL 'Coral Route' (2) Tonga-Cook Is & reverse, formula Air Letter NZ-Togo, more 'Coral Route' NZ-Tonga or reverse (5), Samoa-Tonga or reverse & Tonga-Fiji. Then 1964 Airmail 25th Anniv flights Fiji-UK, Fiji-NZ, plus with Anniv vignette Tonga- UK & Fiji-UK, & 2 M/S of 4 vignettes MUH. 1967 (4 July) covers signed by UK & USA representatives at King's Coronation. 1968 New Airport Terminal opening, Polynesian Holiday flight, & 1972 Nukualofa-Vavau. Beautifully written up pgs in SG slipcase binder. (29 covers, 2 M/S) (P)
 SOLD at A$350
Postal Stationery - Postcards: 1906 Tree 1d with colour views Blow Holes, Orange Groves & Tufumahina. F-VF UN, sl blemishes, colour views still very bright. H&G 1 cat US$120 in 1984. (3)
Postal Stationery - Postcards: 1911 King 1d red 2nd series views in black. Haamoga (uprated 4d! To NZ), Kava (U to Germany), Nukualofa Wharf (VF-superb UN), Vavau Harbour (U to Sydney), Niefu CTO, plus ½d, 1d, 2d & 2½d all CTO '12 NO 11' on view side, Swallow Caves (VF-superb UN), & 3-Headed Cocoanut (F UN). H&G 2 cat US$320 in 1984. (7) (P)
 SOLD at A$160
Postal Stationery - Postcards: 1911 King 1d red 2nd series views in black. Nukualofa Wharf, Swallow Caves, Cocoanuts, & 3-Headed Cocoanut. Superb fresh UN. H&G 2 cat US$200 in 1984. (4) (P)
Postal Stationery - Registered Envelopes: 1913 Official use of long buff type surch '3 3' on 4d, stampless with Tonga Government Frank h/s 'Nukualofa 23 JA 13' cds & reg cachet at LL, plus wax seal 'Tonga crown FI'. To Victoria with arrival b/s. H&G C13 unpriced. (P)
Postal Stationery - Registered Envelope: 1922 use of 3d red with flap at top thin 'Tonga' & no lines on reverse, franked Queen 7½d tied by 'Nukualofa 24 JA 22' cds, with oval reg cachet at LL. To Germany via USA with b/s inc New York, & Braunlage arrival. H&G C19 unpriced U. (P)
 SOLD at A$160
Postal Stationery - Registered Envelopes: 1891-1954 collection with 1st issue 6d on bluish stock (H&G C1), & on cream stock (C2), 1892 new design 6d with imprint under flap & larger size (C3 & 3a), 1892 4d with imprint missing comma after 'Sands' & with the comma (C4 & 5), 1893 as before with addition of '1-1-93' to imprint which now has an '&' instead of 'and' (C6), similar again on darker stock both sizes (C7 & 8), 1908 Surch 'THREE PENCE' on flap of earlier C9 type (C12) & THREE opt on R oval (C15), 1909 3d with no imprint (C16), 1914 3d in double-ringed oval (C18) & 1920? flap at top w/o lines on reverse (C20), then with all printing in blue smaller size, sl larger size with blue lines not to edges, & with lines to edges (C21, 21a, C21b) & finally unlisted ca1954? flap at right. Mostly F-VF UN & better than usually seen. H & G cat US$645 in 1984 with 6 unpriced (at least another $300+), so est $1000+ in 1984. Beautifully written up on pgs in SG binder with slipcase. (18) (P)
 SOLD at A$500
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