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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
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1946 Renner set 1S-5s imperf M/Sheets of 8 stamps + special tab. Also Special presentation booklet issued to house the sheets. Superb fresh MUH, pristine never hinged original gum. Mi 772-75KLB cat €2600+, SG MS 976 cat £3250+. Plus premium for the rare original folder. Only 2500 sets printed & most were cut up. (4 M/S + bklt). (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
Austria: 1899-1975 collection in old Schaubek hingeless album with Franz Josef set to 4Kr green (no 50c), 1901 with varnish lines to 60h, 1904 to 72h, 1905 to 60h & 1906 set, 1908 Anniv set (SG cat £150), 1914-15 Charity sets, 1916 Defs to 4Kr, 1918 opt set to 10Kr M/U, good range 1920s in 1922 Musicians M, 1925 Def set to 2S U, 1929 Views set, 1931 Writers set U (£325), 1933 Wipa 50g M (£250), 1934 Regionals set U (£275), post-1945 very near comp inc 1949 Child Welfare set M (£110), 1950-53 Birds 5S M & U (£350), from 1954 near comp to 1975. Also good range of Newspapers, Dues (£350), Express plus Pos in Levante Bosnia. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/U, almost all M from 1960. SG cat £4750 = A$8500+, (1700) (P)
 SOLD at A$900
1918 Military airmail flight cover franked Flugpost opt 1.50Kr/2Kr, 2.50Kr/3Kr, grey paper, plus Karl 15h, tied by 'Wien 4 V 18' cds & with 'Flugpost Wien' cds. To Lemburg, with Flugpost Lemberg-Lwow arrival b/s (then in Poland, now Ukraine). Mi 225xA & 226xA. Scarce correct rate. (P)
1918 Military airmail flight cover franked Flugpost opt set 1.50Kr/2Kr, 2.50Kr/3Kr & 4Kr -all grey paper, plus Karl 15h, tied by 'Lemberg 7 V 18' cds (then in Poland, now Ukraine), & with 'Flugpost Lemberg-Lwow' cds. To Austria, with 'Flugpost Wien' arrival b/s. Mi 225-7xA. Attractive set franking. (P)
1918 Military Airmail flight cover (centre fold) franked Flugpost opt 1.50Kr/2Kr & 2.50Kr/3Kr, plus Karl 15h, tied by 'Lemberg 8 VI 18' cds (was in Poland, now Ukraine) with 'Flugpost Poczta Lotnicza Lemberg Lwow 9 VI 18' cds. To Vienna with 'Flugpost Wien 9 VI 18' arrival b/s. Mi 225xI & 226IA cat €139+. Scarce correct franking. (P)
1927-57 Airmail covers to Australia inc censored (25) with wide range of frankings with 1934 Costumes inc 25 dark green (3) on 1 cover & 2S bright green (3) on 1 cover, plus single on 1938 cover with Germany 2Mk Lilienthal, 1935 Airs 3S + 5S (2), 1945 Defs to 3S & 5S multiples, various Commem franking inc 1949 Child Welfare set & range of single Commem frankings & 1948 Costumes inc cover (flts) with 10S x6, plus PPC (17). A few fronts only missing flaps etc. SG cat £1200+ as loose stamps alone. Fantastic range of rare usages. (70) (P)
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