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Army/Navy belt buckles/buckle halves (11) with 3 snake clasp buckles/buckle halves & a Pattern-03 belt buckle. Together with over 25 useful belt related pieces of hardware. Dating from 1880s-caWWII. Inc a complete General Service brass Army buckle with QV crown (worn in Australia), nice condition. The female buckle halves inc a blank generic motto example, as worn in Australia. The Pattern-03 buckle is useful, as is the brass snake clasp set. There are 3 half RAN Dockyard Police buckles in nickel, a KC RN/RAN Officer's half buckle & half RAN band buckle. The Turkish Navy half buckle is a nice cast example & there are 2 Indian Navy buckles also. (40)
 SOLD at A$210
Army. Aust/GB. Royal Artillery full dress bullion sword belt with slings, lions & keepers. Pre 1901 QVC lion over crown with no Ubique under crowns but Ubique to snake clasp. Bullion braid now loose from leather in places. Very nice gilt, needs cleaning. Under tunic sword belt with no shoulder straps. With sword slings that are much later. Officer's crimson sash for wear with frock coat. Fair-GC. Nice pre-Federation belt, needs a little TLC. (3)
 SOLD at A$250
Army 1908/15 Pattern leather pistol holster. 2 diff colour pattern 08 web belts. 2 pattern 08 shoulder straps. 2 pattern 08/15 leather valise straps. WWI leather bayonet frog, this need TLC. Overall GC. Hard to get WWI items. (8).
 SOLD at A$300
Army 1908/15 pattern leather equipment. Waist belt, same as 08 webbing belt but leather. 2 leather shoulder straps. Left & right pouch set. Water bottle carrier. Valise strap. Entrenching tool carrier. Plus entrenching tool & handle both ? stamped but not dated. GC. Hard to find. (8).
 SOLD at A$550
Army 1914 pattern Australian made pistol holster. 1917 dated webbing rifle sling. Slade Wallace pattern bayonet frog. Pr Lewis gunner's shoulder straps. 3 x 1908 pattern shoulder straps. WWI/II leather rifle sling. 2 x pattern 1908 web belts. 1 single fox puttee. Pr 1942 dated short puttees. 1944 dated Whistle with leather strap, stamped ?. Overall GC. Some nice WWI bits. (13).
 SOLD at A$350
Army WWI Officer's travel pannier case to 'F.H. Naylor Camel Corps" Broad arrow over 15 all under the letter 'A'. In black capitals. Captain Frederick Henry Naylor served in the Boer War with the 4th Victorian Contingent. He embarked for WWI in May 1915 with 21st battalion HQ staff & in March 1916 transferred to the Camel Corp. While servicing with the Camel Corp he was mentioned in dispatches for Gallantry Captain Naylor was killed in Action near Gaza on 19th April 1917. Heavy wooden board & steel chain loops to bottom. Made from leather & canvas materials. When rolled measures approx 930mmx240mm. Size 930mmx520mm when unrolled. A very desirable Camel Corps casualty item.
Army. WWI Field mess kit. Light Horse folding handle cups, light rust (2). WWI mess tin lid 'D' form marked with crows foot. Some surface rust. WWII Australian mess tins marked D D FEDEPRA Tinware WA. Set of 2, no rust. Fair-GC.
Army. Compasses & navigation items. British/Australian WWI Artillery Trough Compass by F. Barker & Sons, London 1917, as marked on brass case, fitted in Mahogany box, which is stamped A.R.T.S.C. WWI/II ship or aircraft compass in brass case by Esdaile, Sydney works OK 11cm dia x 4.5cm ht, GC. Book - Manual of Map Reading War Office, 1929, Fair/ Good. Brass wrist compass, larger size, glass displaced but present, needs resetting, leather wrist strop, rare. Perspex "doubles as" combined protector & parallel rule, I cardboard slip case. First VGC, others Fair-Good. (5).
 SOLD at A$180
Army 1914-18 WWI Australian Entrenching tool, with WWI Australian handle marked A.A.O.D, 1916 tool Comes with WWI patt 08 carrier. Good. Very hard set to get. (3 pieces).
 SOLD at A$325
Army. WWI? Pr of leather military style leggings, unmarked & a leather mounted troops (Light Horse) horseshoe case with sword/bayonet frog. This case is marked CGHF (Comm. Govt Harness Factory with Defence broad arrow & 2MD (NSW) 2-14. Good.
 SOLD at A$110
Army. WWI British / Australian large telescope?? carry bag in canvas & leather. Marked with the defence broad arrow 75cm x 15cm, leather cup at top. VGC plus a pr of British / Australian leather leggings, probably WWI. No markings. Maybe officer's private purchase. GC. (2 items)
Army. WWI/II Australian Army Water Bottle. Water bottle carry harness named NX16510 Bonney + Clark maker (1). Another, maker FS Ltd 1941 (1), another maker Bonney + Clark (1). All 3 have mounted troops style shoulder straps. Water bottle corks AF (3). Water bottle felt covers, unissued (3). Good, corks AF. (9 items)
 SOLD at A$75
Army WWI lot, 1917 CGHF, large haversack backpack. This is torn near the right hand rear strap, strap nearly detached, has WW2 name & number to the front. Pr black stohwasser legging marked 16 AFA. Infantry/Artillery 5 pouch Australian marked Bandolier. Belt brown leather pattern 1914 marked to 'TPR H.J. Tindall' No buckle. Pattern 1914 water bottle carrier, this is damaged but marked 2nd MD 1914. WWI leather rifle sling. Pistol lanyard. 4 ammunition pouches D?DQ9, 07 marked. Leather bayonet frog dated 1910 to 12th L.H. Some fair, some good. A useful group of WWI bits. (12).
 SOLD at A$375
Army Aust/GB Pattern 37 set of web equipment, some clearly WWII dated. Set is worn &most pieces are blancoed green. With entrenching tool head, 1941 dated (first year of wartime production for the British Army). The water bottle is a British made one, & the carrier is an unusual economy type pattern plus WWII dated pack, side pack, tool cover, L-strap & valise strap etc. GC. (15 pieces).
 SOLD at A$200
Army. WWII Officer's Sam Brown leather belt. With shoulder strap. Nice original belt. In fairly nice unused condition. Would benefit from a sympathetic clean/polish. GC.
Army. WWII Bren gun tool kit & spares wallet by Slazenger. Contents seem to be complete. GC.
 SOLD at A$140
Army. WWII 1940 dated leather leggings (2) for mounted troops & motor cycle despatch riders named to 2 diff people & an unmarked officer pattern WWI pr leggings. G-VGC. (2 prs)
 SOLD at A$50
Army WWII jungle specific field equipment. Most are WWII dated. Australian made & some pieces unique to Australia. Jungle green Bergin ruck-sack with metal frame, dated 1945, with subdued Red Cross (medical) logo to flap. Unissued. Small (20mm) tear to flap at base. Appears comp. Pair Australian jungle gaiters, date not visible. Jungle map case, as intended to go into pocket on trouser thigh. Unissued, 1945 dated. Jungle pattern 2-piece mess tin, without cover. No markings. Australian pattern jungle entrenching tool cover. Straps to the leg. Has D D shovel head (well worn). Handle is missing. No date to cover. Rare. Jungle pattern light gas respirator bag. Australian made 1943 dated, "gas mask' written to front. Jungle pattern water bottle carrier, looks 1944 dated. Metal clips to the rear for wear on belt. Jungle pattern all metal pocket knife. With earlier straight can opener. Wartime pattern replaced in early 1945. Australian made, needs clean. Jungle pattern boots with cleats to sole. Size 6 (6/5), dated 1945. (10)
 SOLD at A$575
Army WWII Australian used jungle boots (cleats) with 4 pairs of gaiters. The leather ankle boots are size 6 (6/5) & unissued. They have the usual cleated soles, dated 1945. The leather has age spotting (that should respond to boot polish) & light storage marks. The gaiters inc the standard web anklets (with Australian soldier's WWII number & name). Australian jungle pattern gaiters in green (no name or dates). American made tall web gaiters (with Australian WWII number & name). American made short web gaiters (no name or dates). All are used & show wear but no damage. Some need a clean. Interesting selection of jungle equipment as used by Australians. (5)
 SOLD at A$120
Army 1943 WW2 Telescope Tripod, khaki painted with original leather & webbing carry case. Marked to leather cap D^D Std Inst, No 21 MKV, F.J.S&Co Pty Ltd 1943. With a second tall timber & steel tripod which has mount point concealed within. No markings. GC. (2).
Army Aust/GB WWI style British Officer leather gaiters. This style was a popular private purchase by officers. 1916 dated Webbing Rifle sling. 5 WW2 & later army rifle slings. Leather Sam Brown sword frog & leather strap. 1915 & 1916 dated leather bayonet frogs. These have hardened with age. Need cleaning & oiling. 3x1906 dated ammunition pouches by English markers. 1 x 1916 dated ammunition pouches by Australian Maker. 2 Sam Brown straps both D^D stamped. 1 being dated 1908 & 1916. 1911 dated ammunition pouch as issued to cadets Made by Forster Melbourne. Fair-GC. Some nice items in this lot. (16).
 SOLD at A$425
Army. Belt, NSW Scottish belt & buckle named to A. D. McDonald Pipes & Drums, pre 1900 white leather sword belt with plain buckle, with two sword straps, these don't match the belt & are both long strap, missing one strap attaching stud plus 2 sets tan spats (military?) & 7 tassels for sporran. Fair-GC. Nice NSW Scottish belt. (11 items)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Aust/GB Belt, parade, Slade Wallace with State of Victoria Service buckle. 3 Slade Wallace rifle slings with Australian markings. Pair of concertina pattern leather leggings. Police? Military? QC general service Slade Wallace parade belt. Nice Slade Wallace bits. (6)
 SOLD at A$675
Army Belt, Sam Brown with shoulder strap. Pair of green wool puttees. Undated webbing rifle sling & pistol lanyard. Pair of motorcyclist gloves, leather by Sydney maker. Pair leather & sheepskin gloves. Black possibly Police pistol holster with 2 ammo pouches. WWII map case & strap case dated 1942. Pair leather & canvas gaiters. Pair dark brown 1928 dated Stohwasser leggings. Pair of no spark shoe protector, khaki wool with brown Australian Military Forces buttons, heavily mothed. Good-Fair. Some interesting items in this lot. (13)
 SOLD at A$110
Army Belts, Aust/GB. Royal Artillery Officer's leather cross belt, waist belt & sword slings in unmarked black makers tin. No ubique motto under KC lion & crown ornaments so either Militia or Volunteers. Some minor verdigris. Also in tin is a gilt ball for helmet top. GC. A nice group. (6 pieces)
 SOLD at A$400
Army Aust/GB Belt , Royal Artillery pattern full dress sword belt, minus slings. Has no ubique under crowns or on snake clasps. KC clasp still retain most of their gilt. Volunteer's cross belt RA bullion torn & belt in two pieces. Undress pouch with gilt KC RA badge, this in very poor congealed condition with paper stuck all over. Spare set of mounts for the same undress pouch with large gun removed, this also congealed. Plus pair of white metal shoulder chains. Fair-Poor. Entry level collectors, restoration job. (7 pieces)
 SOLD at A$170
Army. Aust/GB Belts: Collection of 10 stable belts/girdles inc silver laced girdle to a Lancer or Light Horse Unit dating to pre WWI (possibly Yeomanry) & R.A. OR's girdles (2), R.A. Stable belts (2), Black Watch (possibly NSW Scottish?) stable belt, Life Guards stable belt, Cadets with buckle. UArmy. Aust/GB Belts:^ Collection of 10 stable belts/girdles inc silver laced girdle to a Lancer or Light Horse Unit dating to pre WWI (possibly Yeomanry) & R.A. OR's girdles (2), R.A. Stable belts (2), Black Watch (possibly NSW Scottish?) stable belt, Life Guards stable belt, Cadets with buckle. the blue, red, green, yellow blue belt (Royal Marines) and light blue, blue, yellow, red, blue, light blue (Royal Scots Greys) stable belts GC. 10 nice belts. (10)
 SOLD at A$110
Army GP Boots, size 6, long black knee length leather boot made by Dublin in England. Officers private purchase? Riding? Plus a pair of black cavalry/fire/police boots of an early pattern. Also 4 prs riding Jodhpurs, one appears to be military, but with a later sports label. Overall GC. (5 items).
Army. Bugle, WWI 1915 dated, American made with arrow inside D stamp. A beautiful bugle made by J.W. York & Sons, Michigan USA. Nice brass & copper type. Rare to find. We have never before seen an American made bugle issued to Australians. VGC. Stunning bugle, hard to find better WWI example.
 SOLD at A$250
Army Aust/GB Entrenching Tool Heads (2). One dated 1912, other appears to be 1918, both rusted & pitted. 2 WWI entrenching tool handles, 1 WWII, plus mirror named to a WWII? Signaller. Approx 22 steel letter stencils. Housed in a 7.62 blank FIAI ammo case, this broken straps. Average-GC.
 SOLD at A$210
Army Entrenching tool WWI with 2 different handles, with WW2 cover. 2 American dixie tin, 1 from each War. A pair of double AMMO pouches for non infantry. 1944 unknown suede leather D^D marked Pouch. 3 black leather belt pouches. 1 of which is in very poor condition. 1 helmet net. 2 WW2 pocket knives. Mostly GC. Interesting bits. (13).
 SOLD at A$250
Army 1908 Pattern WWI Entrenching Tool Cover. Officially converted to pattern 37 in WWII, with WWII handle & undated tool. GC. Hard to get sets. (1)
Army Entrenching Tool & pattern 37 cover 1944 dated. In used condition. Fair-GC. Hard to find complete sets. (1)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Firearms related WWII leather rifle bucket made by Michaelis Hallenstein & Co Pty Ltd Melbourne, dated 1941. Some service wear to front face (at middle) o/w GC. Should clean up nicely. Becoming hard to find.
 SOLD at A$160
Army? Firearms related lot. Cleaning rods of unknown types for unknown weapons, 3 bundles unfinished pull throughs, several leather rifle slings, a couple being Slade Wallace types plus an oil can. Fair-GC. (46 rifle related items).
 SOLD at A$150
Army Gas masks. WWII Australian made (2). One is scarce WWII dated jungle pattern respirator light with 'camouflaged' bag. Other is standard WWII dated respirator/filter in chest bag. Also, empty unissued jungle respirator bag. The jungle gas mask is made by Spalding, 1943, in black rubber (no other colours). Unpainted eye pieces of the MK 3 type. Filter by Willow, 1943. Has the improved 7x strap harness, 1944. Sometimes called the second model. 'Camouflaged' bag dated 1943, has buckles to side. Known as the second type of respirator. An unissued, green pattern respirator, bag is included. The second set is the standard Australian made WWII, dated 1942 on most components. Bag is MK 7 Australian made 1942. Has eye shields, de-mister & ARP booklet. Almost unissued condition, minor storage wear. The second type jungle respirator is hard to find. The second (standard) respirator makes for a nice contrast WWII set. (3)
 SOLD at A$220
Army Gas Mask & Bag WW2. 2 filters. Green American gas mask with 1 perspex eyepiece missing WW2 British/Australian civilian gas mask. Spare mask tube. WW2 tradesman D^D carry bag in canvas & leather. Fair-GC. (6).
 SOLD at A$110
Army. Kitbag green crammed with Auscam uniform with pair Auscam boots size 7, plus a polyester uniform post 1980s. GC. Two complete uniforms. (17 items in total)
 SOLD at A$100
Army WWI/WWII era Kerosene signal lamp marked to top D^D. Made by Aurora in Australia, clear glass bowl. We haven't seen such a military marked lamp before plus a second kerosene signalling lamp of very similar design with black glass bowl & spare, green, orange & red bowls. VGC, typical of age. (2 + 3 bowls).
 SOLD at A$180
Army Mounted Troops saddle wallet as used during WWI & WWII. No marking visible. Leather work intact, would benefit from a sympathetic clean & oiling/polish. 1914 pattern leather bayonet frog, this needs similar. Pair of spurs with leather straps plus pair brown Army pattern CGHF Stohwasser leather leggings. Very faint F.A. above CGHF. Named inside to 'P. J. Kirwan'. Philip Joseph Kirwan AFA is a possibility. Fair-GC. Good display group. (4)
 SOLD at A$200
Army Sporran, NSW Scottish 30 Bn dress sporran with 5 tassels & St Andrew's badge, with strap. Made by Nicolls Maker Bankfoot in 1935, typical crazing to leather, pair of white spats made by MTX, size 2, undress Army pattern sporran in brown leather. Named, no badge. Slade Wallace dress belt & buckle NSW Scottish. (4)
 SOLD at A$275
Army. Pocket periscope by J W Handley MK 1 dated 1942 with original pouch & strap. Reasonable condition. Plus 2 pairs early centre focus binoculars & a Kodak Jiffy camera, with leather case & strap. Good-Fair. Nice pocket periscope. (4)
 SOLD at A$190
Army. Respirator. WWII jungle pattern respirator light. Australian made, dated 1943/44 with brown shoulder bag. Together with a standard WWII dated respirator/filter in chest bag. Unique to Australia, the jungle mask (by Ansell, 1943) is camouflaged black/green/brown. Green filter by Willow, 1943. The Australian made bag is the brown type (not camouflaged) with rings on the side for the sling. Scarce to find. Known as the third type of respirator. The other set is the standard Australian WWII respirator, dated 1942. Red painted filter (Willow), 1942. Australian made MK 7 bag. Inc a whistle (perhaps this set was issued to ARP?) & eye shields. Lightly used/unissued, minor storage wear. The third type jungle respirator is hard to find. The other (standard) respirator makes for a nice set. (2)
 SOLD at A$400
Army. Pattern-08 shoulder straps set of 2 appear un-blancoed & unissued. Dated 1919. With the sliding buckles. One is made by M.E.Co & has a very faint water stain. The other is made by H.G & R & is excellent (this is an unusual web manufacturer). Both have clear inspector stamps. Hard to upgrade this condition. VGC. (2).
Army Sporran: NSW Scottish Battalion dress sporran, no badge, no makers marks but stamped 30 B to reverse, no strap. Royal NSW Regiment undress sporran with Staybrite badge & strap. NSW Scottish Slade Wallace dress belt with chromed buckle. NSW Scottish hose pair, pair white gloves, pair red hose top garter flashes. Fair-GC. 6 items of Australian Scottish uniform. (6)
 SOLD at A$210
Army Sporran: NSW Scottish 1935 dated dress sporran by Nicolls Makers Bankfoot. No badge or strap, one tassel needs re-attaching (tied) plus pair hose tops & garters, pair white gloves, brown Army pattern undress sporran with straps & holes for 2 badges & whitened webbing pattern 37 belt. Fair-GC. (6 items)
Army. Tools &/or handles inc shovels, picks, pick head, handles. Some military marked, some maker marked. Some foreign military. Comes in a large metallic trunk. This lot requires assisted lift as is well over 20kg. Pick up only. Poor-GC. Inc some hard to get tools, in a very useful trunk. (18)
 SOLD at A$80
Army. Truncheons/batons , wooden with no markings (3 diff) plus D^D marked exercise throwing pin/baton, Officer leather covered WWI trench cosh/baton stamped 31 with strap & Police truncheon marked M crown P. GC. (6 interesting truncheons/batons)
 SOLD at A$230
Army Webbing, 1937 pattern inc binoculars in green case with D^D markings. Belt, shoulder strap water bottle & carrier. 1943 holster with pistol lanyard, compass pouch & ammo pouch & 1941 dated gaiters. GC. 13 items of WWII webbing.
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Aust/GB Webbing. WWII entrenching tool bag & 3 different handles plus 14 items of WWII webbing, some with damage. Fair-GC. (17 items)
 SOLD at A$150
Army WWII Lot, pr 1940 Stohwasser leggings. One is size 14 other size 15. 4 rifle slings. 1941 D^D torch. Pistol lanyard. WW2 pattern pocket knives (2). Pr MTX khaki jodhpurs. WW2 khaki Australian sidecap. WW2 gas mask & bag. Pr WW2 Australian boots with jungle cleats. Overall GC. (15).
 SOLD at A$325
Army 1945 dated brown leather armoured crew boots with fibre soul approx size 7. Rare. WW2 entrenching tool handle & cover only with cut down/worn 1916 dated tool. WW2 British Water bottle & cover with 8 mostly signals related webbing items, including patt 37 belt with metal plate to take signalling wire roll/equipment. Good. Nice WW2 lots. (13).
 SOLD at A$200
Army. Water Bottles: WWII & pre WWII enamel water bottles inc blue MK VI blue water bottle (WWI) in WWII wool cover & cork, green enamel bayonet lug bottles with caps (2), blue enamel pre WWII as above, no cap, MK VII bottle (blue enamel?) in a thin felt cover, unusual, ca WWII with extra cork, water bag (possibly civilian) & a bottle & carrier similar to Japanese type. Mostly GC. (7)
 SOLD at A$130
Army WWII lot. Flare pistol holster unissued. WW2 helmet net. 3 diff WW2 rifle slings. 2 diff WW2 sets of Gaiters. Pistol lanyard. 1941 dated holster D?D. WW2 pocket knife. Overall GC. (10 items).
 SOLD at A$150
Army WWII Daylight Signalling Lamps, short range Mk 1 (2), both have original tins & straps. One heavily rusted, one with lamp, one without. Plus 2 sets of headphones. Should be possible to make one good set from the pair. Fair-GC. An interesting restoration project?
 SOLD at A$110
Army WWII entrenching tool & cover, unmarked. WW2 Gas mask with 2 spare filters in 1942 bag. Plus 37 pattern auxiliary ammo pouches set. GC.
 SOLD at A$300
Army WW2 Lot. Leather belt D?D with NX number & name, no buckle. 3 leather Rifle slings, 3 webbing rifle slings. 1 x 1941 dated pistol holster. 2 x 1951 dated muzzle covers. 1943 dated cover for breech. Pistol lanyard. 2 WW2 pocket knives. WW2 gas mask & bag. Overall GC. (15).
 SOLD at A$240
Army. Auscam equipment inc 2x belt & waist pad, 4 water bottles with cover, 2 small ammo pouches, early bum pack, unusual long pouch, notebook with pouch & a large bum pack all stored in a 1992 dated backpack. Bonus Auscam shirt/pants/bush hat. Some new condition, most are used. Average-GC. (16 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Light Horse WWI leather horseshoe case 1903 Pattern with mount for LH sword marked with CGHF & Defence board arrow. Some loss to leather at fold (minor). Fair-Good.
 SOLD at A$100
Light Horse WWI Pistol holster & rod, this with issue stamp for 15th light horse crossed out. Possible date of 1916, rear strap needs restitching. Also Pistol lanyard. 1916 dated pistol ammunition pouch. Pr of live coloured puttees, long. Pr of 1916 dated brown. AFA stamped stohwasser army leggings. Overall GC. 6 WWI items, holster is nice. (6).
 SOLD at A$350
Light Horse WWI era leather horseshoe case/sword frog combination as attached to the LH saddle. Stamped 'CGHF?'S' in very good condition with no splits or cracks. Perhaps unissued.
 SOLD at A$95
Light Horse WWI era leather shoe case/sword frog combinations (2). Stamped 'D MASON & SONS Birmingham 1901' on nail pouch cover & '02 06' on back of case. Minor damage to leather on back of case. Stamped 'CGHF?'& '9LH'. Some loss of surface leather on back of case & along fold, front of case in Good condition. In storage for many years. Fair-Good. Benefit from TLC & Dubbin.
 SOLD at A$110
ARP & Civil Defence yellow WW2 era signs. Inc ARP WARDEN, NATIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES WARDENS POST, & smaller Civil defence Warden sign. Average-GC. Rare signs. (4).
 SOLD at A$350
Army Cadets: Sporran, undress Army pattern brown leather sporran to Scots College Cadets. White metal badge to front with strap, another as above but with gilt & enamel badge to flap & gilt badge to front. Plus cadet shirts (2) with wide slide on rank for Lieutenant. GC. Two nice sporrans, 2nd particularly nice. (4)
Army Cadet Unit plaques (15) , some are attributed to a Senior Officer. 6 Cadet serviette rings, 1 match holder. Cadet or school pennants (7), 2 of which date to the early 1950s, some mothing & age wear. 30 pieces in total. Fair-GC. Scarce lot of Cadet memorabilia. (30)
 SOLD at A$100
Leather equipment (32 items) inc bandoliers, pouches etc. Some are damaged or poor condition. Some civilian & some military. Useful fixer uppers or parts. (33 items)
 SOLD at A$180
Navy. Aust/GB, 1917 dated navy bandolier, this if for percussion cartridges. 1 navy kitbag. 1908 pattern web belt green. Pr Navy blue puttees. 1944 cloth Navy white money pouch belt. 3 leather navy straps. 1943 dated Aussie Rider & Bell bosun's whistle with ? stamp. 3 diff era navy housewife bags, one named. 2 equipment cleaning/polishing stocks. 2 navy cut cigarette tins. Overall GC. Bandolier is fairly scarce. (17).
 SOLD at A$210
Navy Aust/GB Belt, pre 1901, full dress sword belt with sword slings. Stunning gilt QVC buckle. In very nice condition for its age & hard to upgrade from. Bullion braid still with most of its gilt. Navy undress black sword belt with sword slings. Nice gilt to buckle but this is overshadowed by its Victorian counterpart. Also a pair of gilt aiguillettes for a Staff Officer in the Royal Navy or RAN with KC buttoned epaulette. These are in GC. 1st very good, 2nd good. Two lovely belts & aiguillettes etc Rare. (3)
 SOLD at A$350
Navy. WWII Large brown leather Main/Secondary armament powder bag holder. Dated 1942. Stands about 3 feet high (about 90cm) & smaller one dated 1943, about 2 feet high (about 60cm). The larger has medium-heavy wear to leather, small fraying on bottom & to lesser extent to top. Marked 'No 73 I'. Also marked 'N' with broad arrow to side. The small holder needs restoration. The leather needs reglueing in places. This would improve it immensely. Rare & hard to find. (2)
RAAF: WWII RAF/RAAF Air Ministry Navigational Computer, MKIIID I.C.A.N. Calibration + leg (thigh) straps. WWII flying helmet, canvas AP 9180 6¾. Light-weight cellophane eye shields. Probably WWII RAAF in original packaging (10). Green web strap with spring-loaded hooks each end, 30' x 2'. All G-VGC. (13)
RAAF kitbag to 69801 Ross Palmer . Kingaroy Qld. Stuffed with 24 items of mainly RAAF uniform items. Inc RAAF battledress jacket & NSW Air League pattern jacket & lot more. Fair-GC. (25 items inc bag)
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