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Imperial Prussia. Hussar Enlisted Man's cartouche box, Model 1895 for cross-belt. Black patent leather gilt brass crown over gilt brass 'FWR' cypher. Minor surface graze to patent finish. VGC.
Imperial Model 1887 cartridge box for Infantry. Dated 1888 & unit stamped to the 122nd Infantry Regt ('122.R.') (= Fusilier-Regt 'Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich' - 4th Wurttemberg, Nr 122 - Part of XIII Armee Korps) by C F Baier. Dark-brown leather, internally divided with oilcloth partitions for individual rounds. Brass studs & 'D' ring. Leather sound. Minor surface scuff.
 SOLD at A$140
1933 Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) Uniform Belt Buckle. GC.
SA Sturmfahne (Sturm flag, or company flag). This is a very scarce Sturmfahne for an SA Group (apple green insignia) The flag was for Sturm 5 of the 252nd Standarte, meaning the 5th company of the 252nd Regiment. The unit numbers on the patch are machine loop embroidered, & the flag is a 100% original. The flag suspension rings are still attached, which is also rare to find, soldiers usually either tore or cut the flags off the poles, leaving the rings. This is a stunning example of a rarely seen SA company flag, & would make a splendid edition to any SA collection. Approx 52 inches wide & 45 inches deep (1400mm x 1125mm). Overall GC. Very rare.
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
1936-45 1908 Parabellum ('Luger') Auto pistol case. Black leather, buckled flap by 'Gerbruder Klinge, Dresden, 1936' with large Waffenampt stamp below. Couple of diff service numbers lightly inscribed to reverse. Minor stitch wear. VGC
 SOLD at A$200
1939-45 Waffen-SS Ski-Troops ('Prinz Eugen' Division etc). Snow ski fittings in box of issue. Civilian acquired item with Waffen-SS property stamp to parts: 'EIGENTUM d WAFFEN-SS'. Some items with apparent date '40' & Waffen-SS ownership stamps. Comp in card box of retail. Unissued. Comprises pairs of plates, brackets, clamps, springs, bolts, leather boot straps etc. All with chromed or galvanised finish. Box with damage (tears to folds/corners). VGC. Rare - probably the buyers are, too€
1939-45 cold weather padded head covers (2) as part of the special padded winter suit. First model examples circa 1942. One is in field grey & the other in mouse grey, both reversible to white. No maker stamps remain. Both pieces are well worn. The mouse grey is the better example & still has a tie tape. Both examples do not have the woollen pad over the ears. The grey example is unaltered & complete. The field grey example has been customised by replacing the tape with buttons & removing the lower shoulder skirting. Overall GC. (2).
1939-45 Wehrmacht Infantryman's Equipment lot. Comprising black leather combat waist belt with iron Army plate (evidence of green paint) comp with leather buckle tab dated 1941; pr of Mod 1909 black pebbled finish, triple-pocket ammunition carriers (one with clear '1938' date stamp); pr of Infantry 'Y-strap' equipment suspenders (damage to pack support straps); 1939 dated felt covered aluminium water bottle with leather harness incorporating bread-bag steady strap (damage to spring-clip & securing strap, no cup). Generally VGC. An excellent basic equipment lot for beginner.
 SOLD at A$475
1939-45 Army Infantry Equipment set near comp comprising: waist belt complete with aluminum Army buckle (with 1939 dated leather tab); pr Mod 1909 triple-pocket ammo pouches (1939 date), 'Cavalry pattern'; Infantry leather pattern 'Y' straps (torn rear strap, but complete); Mod 1939 back pack, non-fur covered variant dated 1942; Mod 1931 mess-kit (khaki-green paint finish) comp with leather utility strap; Mod 1931 water canteen with aluminium cup (unit marked) & belt clip & strap; Zeltbahn Mod 1931 'Splinter pattern'; bread bag Mod 1931 in olive drab canvas; short shovel (old split to handle-end) in an 'open-back' brown leather carrier; gas cape bag of rubberised fabric with button closure; field flash light 'Daimon-Telco-Trio' with blue & red lenses, hinged lens cover & leather tabs. Generally VGC. A good, mostly early war period, equipment lot. Some items with wear consistent with use, conservatively priced.
 SOLD at A$750
1939-45 Army waist belt & plate. A superb combat example, light brown inner face, rough finish exterior face. Aluminium belt hook. Tab stamped with Ludenscheid maker, buckle end '110'. Bright aluminium 2x piece Army plate (bend-tab fastening for centre device). VGC. Good large size with sound leather.
 SOLD at A$170
1939-45 Model 1935 Dispatch Case ('map case') in pebbled finish black leather. Early buckle-strap fastening. Maker stamp under flap indistinct, but date '1940' clear. Comp with rear belt-loops & buckles. VGC. Scarce
 SOLD at A$150
1939-45 Soviet Russian Officer's Waist belt, brass open frame (star period removed). Brass-stud securing. A captured item, much prized by German officers and worn to indicate 'Veteran' status-obviously the Communist Star emblem was not desirable for German officers! Stitch wear. Generally VGC. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$170
1939-45 Standard Issue Snow Shields/Goggles for Ski Troops/Mountain Troops. Aluminum Eye cups, black painted interiors, with 'rayed cruciform' slot cut-outs to reduce glare. Leather padded eye clips with thin elasticised head straps, brass slide-buckle. GC. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$275
1939-45 Model 1931 canteen & cup. Aluminium bottle dated 1941 with bakelite screw-cap. With drab brown/green felt cover. Black leather straps with iron belt clip. Black bakelite ovoid cylindrical cup. VGC
 SOLD at A$120
1939-45 Army Canvas Equipment lot: Shelter quarter (Zeltbahn) model 1931 standard 'splinter pattern' camouflage for army; personal effects bag, light brown canvas, aluminium eyelets to opening, red reinforcing tags to opening; mess tin cover for medal 1931 mess tin, tan/green canvas with brown leather tap & aluminium stud closure, dated 1942 (evidently originally part of the 'tornister' backpack). The zeltbahn with tears & moth, but displays well folded/rolled. Overall VGC. (3)
1939-45 Model 1931 Canteen & cup (water bottle). Aluminium, screw-cap. Dated 1939. Felt cover of a drab brown/green shade. Black leather straps with aluminium belt clip. Aluminium cup, black painted, with 1939 date. Cup with dents. Period reinforcing stitches to cover. VGC overall
 SOLD at A$130
1939-45 Dispatch case Model 1935, 1st pattern with strap & roller-buckle closure. Brown, pebbled leather. Adjustable belt-loops to reverse. Front panel with provision for ruler, 7 pencils, map reading scale. Name inscribed under flap. No dates or maker marks evident. VGC. Becoming difficult to obtain
 SOLD at A$100
1939-45 Holster for the P-38 Pistol. Very dark brown, almost black leather. Iron bracket & leather tongue flap fastening. 2 x loop reverse. Waffenampt stamped & dated 1938. VGC. A fine holster. Scarce
 SOLD at A$300
1939-45 original Wehrmacht camouflage zeltbahm (shelter quarter/ground sheet). Early quality manufacture ca 1939, with aluminium buttons & grommets. The colours on the camouflage are still bright. There are several unrepaired holes (as is often the case) & about 4 x large ones. Wear to fabric in places. There is a faint / un-readable maker's stamp. Off-cuts have been used in its manufacture. Appears complete, but shows use. Would look great rolled up on a uniform display.
1939-45 mid-late war production canvas rucksack. Grey canvas with single black leather securing strap for flap. Version with 2 x large external pockets with flaps & leather straps. Black leather shoulder straps of infantry 'Y' strap pattern. The grey canvas probably originally intended for, but not exclusive to, Luftwaffe Ground Troops. VGC
1939-1945 Afrika Korps issue laminated water bottle with web sling (minus its drinking cup). By Ritter. Soldiers name sewn to harness. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$230
1939-45 Army Wire Cutters, large size. Dated 1938. Card-composition grips. In its black leather pouch with belt loops. Tool with some rusting to iron work - pouch in exc. Very scarce.
ca 1939-45 Waffen-SS Enlisted Ranks steel belt plate & belt. Evidence of original matte silver-grey paint finish to plate. Tip-end bracket with fitting/shaped 'feet' (to assist snug fit into reverse design). Moss paint finish worn from front. Leather issue equipment belt, brown inner, black outer faces. Tab stamped '95'. Painted iron tip-hook. Circular (Political?) Ink stamp (undecipherable) on inner face. gVF. Angolia: 22(1) 8a. Scarce
 SOLD at A$1050
NSKK Belt Buckle, steel. Minor surface rust o/w GC.
WWII SS enlisted ranks/NCOs belt & original plated steel buckle. Belt dated 1942 with Franz Brehme Walsrode stamp. Owner initials 'B.R.' pricked into leather. Buckle no makers mark found & has lost about ½ of its original plate finish. G-VGC. Fairly scarce buckle.
 SOLD at A$500
WWII period belt, cross-strap & pistol holster in brown leather. Could be for Army or Political officer. All pieces are un-marked. Holster appears to be for a Czech pistol This shows some age & mildew staining. The belt & strap are well made but show minor wear. Pebbled silver buckles throughout, which is correct. Correct spring clips & 2 claw buckle. Leather shows little age with leather to reverse being rough texture. GC.
RAD 1935-45 brown zeltbahn (shelter quarter/ground sheet). Early quality manufacture ca 1939 with aluminium buttons & grommets. Shows wear, rubbing & some repaired tears. Noticeable wear to the grommets. The odd button is missing & the odd button hole partly damaged. Couple small holes & loose stitching. All consistent with a service used item. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$120
Kreigsmarine WWII belt & steel buckle.. Unusually buckle is a khaki green as normally associated with Army. Buckles tab has eagle over M & is dated 1941 inside. H. Arld Nuremburg makers stamp. Black leather belt has original sewn in strap for buckling & is also dated 1941 with eagle over M for Kreigsmarine. Minor loss to khaki paint finish on buckle o/w GC.
 SOLD at A$275
Luftwaffe1935-38 Luftwaffe Officer's Dress Brocade belt & plate, 1st pattern with 'droop-tail' eagle. Comp in its drum shaped heavy card storage box. 3 x piece aluminium belt plate (not maker marked) with gilt bronze applied eagle. Brocade belt with dark grey velvet backing with brown leather adjustment tab stamped '95'. A lovely, high quality belt & plate in excellent condition. Storage box free of scuff. Exc
 SOLD at A$450
Luftwaffe. 1939-1945 Flying gauntlet pr 'LBA(s)43' with RBN. Number & dated Feb 1943. High quality brown leather, cuffs unlined, short-pile lambs wool lining to hands & fingers. Good large size in near unissued condition. VGC. Very scarce.
Luftwaffe. WWII Belt Buckle, some light surface rust o/w GC.
 SOLD at A$80
Luftschutz/Feuerwehr 1939-45 lot. Comprising 'Gladiator' style helmet, black painted with leather neck flap, complete liner & chin strap (partial owner name to interior); Feuerwehr 'Polizei' style helmet, black painted with partial Party shield to side (remnants only). Liner & chin strap complete; scarce Feuerwehr wide leather 'Rescue' waist belt (85mm wide) with large 'D' ring to one side & large iron spring hook/carabineer to other. Double-prong iron roller buckle. Belt also supports the pouch for the fire axe. Dusty. Leather dry. Generally VGC. Scarce.
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