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Australia: WW2 RARE AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS SENIOR OFFICER WINTER KHAKI S/D TUNIC. Tailored wool four packet tunic with all oxy Aust Red Cross buttons. K/C oxy and enamel Aust Red Cross collar badges with clutch grip reverse. Woven cloth "Australia" shoulder titles in Red Cross Design (Red on khaki). Also has miniature (former unit) double diamond colour patches for North Australia observer unit (Curtains Cowboys). Has had officer pips removed from Epaulettes and replaced with Red Cross rank tape (Gold Bullion on red) for Senior Officer equivalent to brigadier rank. C/W S/D belt. Not named. Minor moth hole to armpit. A most interesting and unusual Australian second world war tunic. Grade II (P)
 SOLD at A$325
Australia: WW2 2ND DIVISION SIGNALS SENIOR OFFICER'S KHAKI DRILL SERVICE DRESS TUNIC AND SMALL KIT BAG BOTH NAMED LT-COLONEL JT MIDDLETON. Nice early K/D tunic with all oxy AMF buttons Rising Sun collar badges, Australia titles and rank for Lt- Colonel. Tailored in Sydney, dated 1940 and named to Middleton as Major. Nice clean condition with no damage and c/w S/D belt to match. Privately tailored small version of the kit bag in Herringbone twill. Named in neat white painted letter to NX109057 LT Colonel JT Middleton, this also in VGC. Grade II+
Australia: WW2 SERVICE DRESS TUNIC OFFICER (Tailored) Captains rank. No collars or Australia shoulder titles. Ribbon bar with 39/45 Star and Pacific Star ribbons. Minor moth nip. Grade II- (P)
1939-45 Tunic Service Dress khaki woollen serge 1946 dated. Medium size (size 75) virtually unworn tunic but has 3-4 small moth holes (1cm Diameter). (1 near the centre front of tunic) Buttons only no badges. Grade II
Australia: WW2 TUNIC SERVICE DRESS, ENLISTED MAN, KHAKI WOOLEN SERGE (POST 1942 MODEL). Missing makers tags. Has collar & epaulette badges and centre row of buttons. 6 small buttons missing. Couple of small moth nips/grazes. O/W. Grade II
Australia/Great Britain: WW2 TROPICAL FOUR POCKET TUNIC OF THE "BURMA STYLE". Khaki drill with flat plain tan coloured bakelite buttons. Large style pockets and wide style lapels. Plain unadorned detachable epaulettes. Could be used for any branch of service. A style prominently in the Pacific theatre of war. Clean, near unused condition. No belt. Grade II+
Australia: WW2 ENLISTED MAN'S KHAKI WOOLEN SERGE TUNIC. Post 1942 style. Missing two small buttons O/W complete set of buttons. No collar or epaulette badges ever fitted. Only one or two very minor moth nips to sleeve area. Approx. size 90cm chest. 1945 dated. By "Q7" Factory. Grade II
Australia: WW2 AIF OFFICER'S SUMMER WEIGHT KHAKI DRILL S/D TUNIC. Has all oxy AMF buttons, Australia shoulder titles, rising sun collar badges and rank pips for Lieutenant 1944 dated. A very good clean example. Grade II
Australia: MILITIA PERIOD - WW2 WORK DRESS BLOUSE/JACKET. Khaki drill. By "539". 1943 dated. Pressed tin buttons. Pattern as seen worn by Militia infantry units in camp. Grade II-
Australia: WW2 ARMY OFFICER'S WINTER KHAKI WOOL S/D TUNIC. Tailor made four pocket tunic. Has all oxy AMF buttons, rising sun collar badges, Australia shoulder titles, rank pips for captain. Ribbon bar for military cross and S/D belt. Not named. One small moth nip on epaulette O/W VGC O/A. Grade II (P)
Australia: WW2 RAAF S/D TUNIC. UK made, blue wool with K/C black plastic buttons. 4 pocket front C/W S/D belt. K/C RAAF pilots wing, UK produced with minor mothing to wool backing of wing. Australia shoulder titles & front/officer cuff rank. Named inside pocket to CJ Collins. 3 x O/S service stripes. 3 x minor tears to material on right rear shoulder, tears to lower left sleeve. Solid displayable tunic. Posting on discharge 3 Sqn RAAF. Enlisted in the RAAF 6/12/41 to empire air training scheme Canada July 1942. To England February 1943. Operations Nth Africa, Mediterranean and Italy with 3 Squadron flying Kitty Hawks. Disch 29/11/45. C/W research notes. Grade II- (P)
Australia: WW2 RAAF O/R (BLUE) SERVICE DRESS TUNIC TO LAC. Flying eagle and LAC propeller insignia to each shoulder, stitching loose on left shoulder eagle. Manufactured by Victoria Factory V470 dated 1943. A arrow F marked. 4 Pocket, black plastic K/C buttons. Moth nips to body of tunic but does not detract. Nice displayable tunic. Grade II-
Australia: WW2 RAAF S/D TUNIC TO FLT/SGT. 4 pocket tunic with black plastic K/C buttons (all present). S/D belt. Nice RAAF Air Gunners wing. Nice 1 piece Sgt Stripes with very rare war time economy black plastic K/C insignia. Wireless operators badge to arm. Moth nips to arm's and body of tunic, the worst under the fold down collar so unseen on display. Fabric tears to both underarms again unseen on display. Very nice O/R Airman’s tunic. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$250
Australia: WW2 RAAF SERVICE DRESS TUNIC. K/C black plastic buttons (all present) lower front pockets flap type only. Nil belt. Nice Flt/Sgt insignia with metal K/C. British RAF Navigators wing most likely added post war. Ribbon bar 39-45 Medal. Moth nips to tunic, the worst being the to the Sgt insignia on left arm and left front skirt, O/W very displayable O/R RAAF Aircrew tunic. Grade II-
Australia: WW2 RAAF FLIGHT SGT S/D TUNIC AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURE. Dated 1943. Navigator wing w/ aircraft aluminium backing & twin lug reverse attached to tunic, unsure if original to tunic but displays well. K/C black buttons. 4 x pocket, 2 x lower pockets without buttons, set w/ K/C insignia on each arm (K/C metal). Minor scattered mothing to front O/W in very solid condition. Grade II- (P)
Australia: WW2 RARE GOVERNMENT MUNITIONS WORKER'S JACKET. Dark grey wool serge material with four dark brown buttons to front closure. No pockets. Plain collar. Faint, but visible yellow stencilled Defence Dept. 'Broad Arrow' with a 'C' and 'A' for 'Commonwealth of Australia' to either side. Material pull tie to tighten the waist. Small area of mothing to the front left breast area. Label to the inside rear collar 'Resford 1941 Size' Ink stamped size stamp not decipherable. A rare find, as this particular variant we have not sighted before. Grade II-
Great Britain:WW2 AIRBORNE VERY RARE FULLY ORIGINAL AND DOCUMENTED NORMANDY/MARKET GARDEN BRITISH AIRBORNE 'RED DEVILS' BATTLE DRESS BLOUSE AS PICTURED ON PAGE 183 OF GERONIMO & FORMERLY FROM THE AUTHOR BILL RENTZ PERSONAL COLLECTION. 1940 pattern utility pattern blouse with 2 un-pleated pockets and exposed buttons dated 1943, size 7 for 5'7" - 5'8". Unlined as issued. Beautiful printed Pegasus insignia, printed airborne strip and embroidered para wings to right shoulder & arm of battledress. Lance-corporal insignia to both arms. Minor moth nips and grazing to jacket which does not detract at all from this rare item. Comes with signed proof page from Geronimo where author states the battle dress is same as pictured in book. Where else are you going to find an original para battledress that you can rest assured is the real deal in a market full of fakes and re-badged examples. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity for the para, uniform or general WW2 collector. Grade II+ (P)
 SOLD at A$1700
Great Britain: VICTORIAN GENERAL OFFICER'S 1856 PATTERN SCARLET TUNIC. An extremely rare example of the scarlet full dress uniform with blue facings. The collar edged all round with one inch gold oak leaf lace. A double row of the same lace on each cuff, scarlet cuff slashes, each with three buttons and edged with gold lace. Scarlet slashes to skirts which are also edged with gold lace. Gilt buttons bearing crossed sword and baton insignia. Twisted gold cord loop on left shoulder, the left breast with loop provision for medals. Badges of rank absent from collar, some damage to lining. A attractive tunic, the same pattern worn here, in colonial Australia. Grade II
Great Britain: A VICTORIAN CITY OF NORWICH MILITIA INFANTRY OFFICER'S SCARLET TUNIC. Scarlet with white velvet facings. Silver bullion twisted cord epaulettes with rank of Lieutenant. Silver bullion lace to the collar, band has become unstitched but still in it's correct position. Gilt metal rank pips to collar, possibly replacing the original collar badges. Silver bullion Austrian style knots to the cuffs; oxy 'City of Norwich' buttons to the front closure and rear skirt. The seam on the right shoulder, adjacent to the epaulette, has become unstitched (could be easily repaired by a tailor). Part of the interior lining now missing, rest showing wear. Some soiling/marks to the rear of the tunic, but the front of the tunic is still very clean and displays well. Considering age of tunic. Grade II- (P)
Great Britain: A FINE VICTORIAN ENGINEER'S OFFICER'S SCARLET TUNIC. Dark blue velvet facings. Gilt bullion knotted engineer's epaulettes with rank of Captain. Gilt bullion Australian style company grade knots to the cuffs. Gilt bullion lace to the collar with silver bullion bursting bomb collar badges, small area of bullion damage to one badge. Gilt brass QVC Royal Engineers' buttons to the front closure and rear skirt. Partially padded interior showing service use (light soiling, short length of lining to centre back has become unstitched along the seam). Some mothing/moth grazing to the tunic. An attractive tunic of the type worn during the Zulu Wars, most notably of the pattern worn by Lt Chard at Rorke's Drift. Grade II-
Great Britain: THE VERY IMPORTANT GENERAL OFFICER'S SCARLET FULL DRESS TUNIC OF GENERAL H.R.H. PRINCE CHRISTIAN (Son-in-law to Queen Victoria). This tunic is attributed to General H.R.H. Prince Frederick Christian Charles Augustus of Schleswig-Holstein, a member of the British Royal Family through the marriage to Princess Helena, fifth daughter of Queen Victoria. Scarlet melton cloth with dark blue facings to the cuff and collar. Both are decorated with gold bullion lace of oak leaf and acorn design. To the left breast loop provision for medals and loops for no fewer than seven breast orders. Complete with fire gilt General Officer’s pattern buttons. Interior with quilted cotton lining and original ink name label "Gen HRH Prince Christian 1911". Scarlet and bullion remains very fresh, shoulder boards absent, silk lining shot in parts O/W Grade II+. A Very Rare Tunic. Prince Frederick Christian Charles Augustus of Schleswig - Holstein was born in 1831, and in 1866 he met Princess Helena, 5th daughter of Queen Victoria. They became engaged later that year and Victoria gave permission for them to marry and settle in England. The Prince's military career included ADC, to Queen Victoria and he was promoted to General in 1877. With further ADC appointments to Edward VII and George V. With this tunic dated 1911, it is presumed that it was ordered for the Coronation of George V which took place at Westminster Abbey on the 22nd July 1911. Prince died in 1917. …Prince Christian (22 January 1831 - 28 October 1917) was a minor German prince who became a member of the British Royal Family through his marriage to Princess Helena of the United Kingdom (25 May 1846 - 9 June 1923), the fifth child and third daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Prince Christian was born in Augustenburg, Denmark. He was the second son of Christian August, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg -Augustenburg and his wife, Countess Louise of Danneskjold-Sams°c. Prince Christian was enthically perhaps the most Danish Prince of the Danish Royal Dynasty in his generation (which was the generation when Denmark came to its most recent succession crisis, of details accounted at his cousin's article: Louise of Hesse). His family belonged to the House of Oldenburg, the royal house which numbered all medieval Scandinavian royal dynasties among its distant forefathers. Christian's paternal grandfather happened to have both grandfathers who were "Royal" dukes from the Oldenburg dynasty. What was different compared with ancestries of their rival relatives, was Christian's specific ancestry among current Danish high nobility. His mother was from an ancient Danish family (Danneskiold-Samsoc), and his paternal grandmother Louise Auguste of Denmark was its Royal Princess. His paternal grandfather Frederik Christian II, Duke of Augustenborg numbered two ladies of Danish high nobility as his grandmothers (Danneskioled-Samsoc and Reventlow), and one Danish countess as paternal great grandmother (Ahlefeldt-Langeland). Christian's parents had high hopes that in the then-rising era of nationalism, this ancestry would be viewed with favor by necessary supporters when Danish Holstein, two personal possessions of the Kings of Denmark, of which Holstein also was a part of the German Confederation. A year earlier, King Frederick VII seceded the Danish throne without any hope of producing a male heir. Unlike Denmark proper, where the Lex Regia of 1665 allowed the throne to pass through the female royal line, in Holstein Salic Law prevailed. The duchy would most likely revert to the Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-succession comes to be solved. The family groomed Chrstian's elder brother Frederick to become a King of Denmark. However, the succession in Denmark was solved in favor of others. Reference: Wikipedia Online.
Great Britain: AN ERII PERIOD HOUSEHOLD CAVALRY (BAND OF THE BLUES AND ROYALS) BANDSMANS FULL DRESS TUNIC. Dark blue wool with scarlet facings with regimental gilt bullion lace. A/A buttons. Bandsman’s gilt bullion knotted epaulettes. Imperial bullion eagle to L/H shoulder. Grade II (P)
Great Britain:1880's ROYAL MARINES LIGHT INFANTRY TUNIC. A scarlet tunic with dark blue facings and white piping. Brass QVC Royal Marines Light Infantry Buttons. Dark blue epaulettes with white piping and a worsted cotton marines' badge to each one. Off-white rough textured woollen interior. Some spots of mothing to the interior and exterior, but overall the tunic is in very good condition for its age. Grade II.
Great Britain: 1930's - WW2 ROYAL AIR FORCE AIR COMMODORE'S FULL DRESS TUNIC. Air Force blue wool tunic, stiff stand-up collar decorated with gold lace and gold wire, gold lace Air Commodore rank insignia on bottom part of both sleeves, gold and silver wire embroidered pilot wing, gold wire eagle and Tudor Crown on each shoulder, gold wire decoration around shoulder buttons, seven RAF gilt buttons. On inside collar at back is maker's label Hawkes & Co. ltd 1 Seville Row W. and written on label 'Air Commodore J.C. Quinnell, 04/09/35'. Fol#524. It comes with a Royal Air Force gold and light blue twisted wire aiguillette (ADC appointment). Fine EF. C/W full dress belt with buckle and sword hanger. Air Commodore John Charles Quinella was born on 7th January 1891 and was educated at Royal School, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. He was commissioned in RA in 1914 and seconded to RFC in 1915 and was transferred to RAF in 1918. While serving in WW1 he was mentioned in dispatches and received a DFC as a Major, LG 01/01/1919. During the war he was at RAF Staff College in 1914, at Imperial Defence College in 1929, was AOC No. 6 Auxiliary Group from 1935-38 and of No. 6 Group in 1939. In WWII he was a Senior Air Staff Officer, Advanced Air Striking Force from 1939-1940.
Great Britain:WW2 RAF SERGEANT PILOT SERVICE DRESS TUNIC. O/R rough wool, 4 pocket, 4 button front with S/D belt. Hand stitched Sgt insignia to sleeves with O/R embroidered eagles. Flat K/C pilots wings 10 feather. 4 place ribbon bar, Africa and Italy service. Insignia for kings commendation for brace conduct or valuable service early 1941 date. Mothing to rear L/H/S back of tunic does not detract. Rare early war pilots tunic that would pass for battle of Britain display. Early dated tunics are getting very scarce. Grade II- (P)
 SOLD at A$375
Great Britain:WW2 RAFVR SERVICE DRESS TUNIC. Brass RAF buttons, brass RAF buttons, brass 'VR' collar badges. Machine-woven flat style breast badge. (Moth damage to the dark blue backing on the R/S wing area). C/W service belt. Some moth damage/ nips, but still a presentable tunic. Grade II-
Germany: WWII 4 POCKET ARMY SUMMER ISSUE TUNIC . 6 button closure with correct pebbled buttons. Detachable shoulder boards for Panzer Oberleutnant 'L' cyphers for Panzer LEHR (instructor), 2 metal fasteners to secure collar. Detachable metal breast eagle now lost its gilt finish. Provision for one breast award. Tunic is in extremely good condition with only a couple of small pulled threads. A fine example of a seldom seen tunic. Grade II- (P)
Germany: WW2 KRIEGSMARINE DOUBLE BREASTED REEFER JACKET. 4 BUTTON CLOSURE. Two gilt bullion bands for Oberleutnant Zur see around both sleeves. Trade insignia designating ordinance present on both sleeves. Bullion breast eagle has now lost the majority of its gilt finish. EK2 ribbon sewn into button hole. Provision for two breast awards. Sleeve ends have had some darning repairs but does not detract from display on mannequin. Some damage to artificial silk DI lining that could be easily repaired if required. A scarce tunic that would display nicely. Grade II- (P)
Germany: WW2 RARE SS SAHARIANA TROPICAL 4 POCKET TUNIC AS WORN BY SS PERSONNEL SUCH AS THE 16TH SS Pz. Gren Div "Reichsfuhrer SS". Made of heavy duty light tan coloured cotton twill. Material has faded with constant exposure to sun and laundering, giving it a nice "combat used" appearance. 4 button closure with painted glass pattern pebbled buttons. All the larger buttons on the tunic are the painted glass pattern and are dated 1941 or 1942. Provision for slip-on style shoulder boards. There is no insignia on this tunic, nor any sign that there was any. This common with this style of tropical tunic. 2 small brown plastic buttons to both cuffs for closure. Internal pull cords at waist level for securing the tunic. Cords are still functional. 2 internal would pockets of light cotton material with a single small brown plastic button to each. No visible ink stamps or manufacturing tags. Overall a couple of small tears, pulled threads etc but no major damage or field repairs. A quality item of original SS attire at a fraction of the cost of other SS pattern tunics. Grade II- (P)
Germany: WW2 KRIEGSMARINE 4 POCKET SUMMER LANDING DRESS/SERVICE TUNIC. 4 button closure with large gilt Kriegsmarine "fouled anchor" buttons. Smaller gilt "fouled anchor" button to each pocket. Detachable buttons, shoulder boards and breast eagle. Aluminium silver bullion shoulder boards for "Oberleutnant Zur See" with cogwheel device indicating engineer. Some fraying to the silver bullion & general loss of the original lustre. Gilt finished hollow backed pressed metal breast eagle. Provision for 2 breast awards. Overall shows age related yellowing and general soiling. The purchaser may wish to remove the insignia and launder the tunic if desired. A fine tunic for display at a very reasonable price. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 KRIEGSMARINE PEA JACKET. Heavy dark blue wool material. Single pocket with flap closure to either side of the front. Two rows of five large gilt Kriegsmarine buttons to front closure. Plain blue collar tabs. Machine embroidered breast eagle in yellow-gold thread. Sleeve rank patch of two chevrons below a star (Leading Seaman, 8 years service). Below this is a qualification sleeve badge for range-finder operator. There is some mothing over some areas of the tunic including several to the front. Tunic still displays handsomely. Grade II- (P)
USA: WW2 USAAF CAPTAINS TUNIC, MEDALS, DISCHARGE PAPERS AND LARGE B & W PHOTOS ATTRIBUTED TO CAPTAIN THOMAS O. POWELL. Nice grouping to the same man. Officer's 4 pocket service tunic in almost unused condition. M1942 version with the cloth belt. All the gilt US buttons are correctly attached. 4 overseas service chevrons to the left hand lower sleeve indicating 2 years overseas. Quartermaster Corp officer collar insignia and above these, 'US' collar insignia. Silver coloured metal captains insignia to both shoulder boards. 4 place ribbon bar corresponding to the loose medals that accompany this group, consisting of the American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with single bronze star to centre, WW2 Victory Medal and the Philippine liberation medal with a single bronze star to the centre. Partial rayon lining to the inner. Single internal pocket has a large brown rayon material tag with’ Regulation Army Officers Uniform' to the outside and the makers tag attached to the inside. Details are clearly readable 'Coat, Service, Officers etc'. Dated Nov 4th 1942. Capt. Powell served from 21/07/1942 to 19/04/1946. He spent 2 years and 4 months of his active service overseas. This information and all of his personal details are recorded on the rear of his honourable service certificate. Certificate is US letter size. Paper now yellowed from age, but otherwise in very good condition. Large B & W studio portrait of Capt. Powell wearing a similar style tunic. Photo measures approx. 17.5cm by 12.5cm. A nice little display group well priced. Ideal for the WW2 collector on a budget. Tunic Grade II+, Medals Grade II-, Certificate and Photo Grade II-
USA: WW2 USAAF OFFICER PILOT S/D O/D UNIFORM COAT TO LT. 4 pocket, 4 button front with gilt A/F buttons. Very nice sterling pilots pin back wings and 6 place ribbon bar including the Silver Star and European - Africa - Middle East ribbon with two campaign stars. Pin back U.S. collar insignia and pin back Air Force insignia also to collars. Lt bars to shoulder. Very nice distinguished unit citation to right breast. A/A/F patch to left shoulder possibly English manufacture. S/D belt attached. Miami manufactured and named to E Kelman. O/S service strips to arm. Wool body in very nice condition. C/W very nice officers crusher cap. O/D wool body with brown pressed leather peak. Leather sweatband manufactured in Floria. Stiffener removed to give the '50 mission' look. O/A moth nips to body of cap the worst being to the top L/H/S. Nice gilt officers cap badge and screw back. Tunic Grade II+, Cap II- (P)
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