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Bayonet: Unidentified possibly German, mid-late C19th. Condition of blade good with dried preservative residue on blade. Release stud & tang for attachment to rifle in good order. Timber scabbard in poor condition (probably does not belong). Worthy of research.
Bayonet: Seitengewehr Mod 1884/98. Dated 1942 but, unusually, with wood grips at this late stage. Ricasso stamped '42 fng' & '8503/Q'. Waffenampt stampings to pommel & flash guard. Blade with 80% original blue intact. Light surface rust to exterior. VGC.
 SOLD at A$120
Bayonet. ca WWI Mod 98. 1910 dated. Rear of blade stamped Crown over W over 10. Front of blade at hilt marked V.C. Schilling, Suhl. Hilt is marked 9.A.F.6.78. Sheath is wartime replacement. Wooden grip, blade has no edge knocks. Bayonet sheath light surface rust, in aged leather frog. A good Great War bayonet.
 SOLD at A$300
Bayonets: ca1900-50 Lot of 6 German Seitengewehr Mod 1914 (converted to knife; locking stud ground down, barrel notch brazed-up) wood grip no scabbard; German Mauser, South American contract, by 'Simon & Co, Suhl' in steel scabbard; Finland M.28/30 bayonet in early 'fluted' steel scabbard; Russian Moisan Nagant spike bayonet (no scabbards issued with this type); Russia AK.47 ca1960 issue in scabbard with web frog; Russian/Eastern blk AKM bayonet in its rubber mounted scabbard (integral wire-cutter). VGC. (6)
 SOLD at A$250
Bayonet WWI Ersatz bayonet, all steel handle one piece, no separate grips, no obvious markings, overall length 46cm, blade 30cm. Part open muzzle ring, no marks visible. Steel scabbard, leather frog. Minor pitting & rust o/w quite presentable. Ref. The German Bayonet by John Walter, pg 16. Scarce bayonet.
 SOLD at A$110
Bayonet WWI era?, markings on Ricasso" 'WAFFENFABRIK NEUHAUSEN', unusual shaped crossguard, numbered 469590. Tiny cross indicates this could be Swiss issue. Overall condition very good inc wooden grips, scabbard & blade.
 SOLD at A$150
Bayonet: Unknown/German? WWI/II? Double-edged bayonet, metal scabbard, timber grips, no markings. Blade 23cm. Length 36cm. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$100
Bayonet: 1939-45 Seitengewehr '98 ('1884/98') Mauser bayonet & scabbard. Early wood grip (with flash guard) version. Blackened blade devoid of markings. Guard stamped '6863L' & 2 x Waffenampt stamps to pommel. Steel scabbard with traces of blacking. Together with another, similar devoid of markings. This latter with blade tang repair. Also in its steel scabbard. Bruising to grips, minor scabbard dents. VGC. (2)
 SOLD at A$200
Bayonet: WWII era CZ24 / VZ 24 bayonet (inverted blade), scabbard marked TGF E3/48. Made in Czechoslovakia. This type used by Nazi Germany during WWII & East Germany post WWII. Bayonet & steel scabbard in VGC marked TGF E3 / 48 on frog lug. Handle marked similarly.
 SOLD at A$120
Dagger: 1939-45 Hitler Youth Standard Model Knife, post 1938 make by RZM, M7/36, blade without motto (as produced post 1938), plated alloy mounts. H.J. Diamond in enamels to grip face, painted steel scabbard with integral leather frog/belt loop (this latter minus the stay strap & press-stud, dry & cracked). Wear to scabbard & frog, light plating wear to fittings, enamel chips to HJ Diamond. gVF. Blade in excellent condition. (P)
 SOLD at A$950
Dagger: 1937 Luftwaffe Model (2nd Pattern) knife. Not maker marked. Aluminium fittings & mounts. Off-white, wood lined, celluloid grip with wire binding. Nice, crisp, clean blade. Steel scabbard with grey finish. VGC. Scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$1000
Dagger: 1937-45 Luftwaffe model 1937, 2nd Pattern knife, not maker marked, aluminium fittings, off-white (nicely patinated) celluloid, wire bound grip, plain blade, steel scabbard with alloy fittings, complete with aluminium cord port epee. Age toned overall, some plating wear, fray to port epee. A nice example of a 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe. (P)
 SOLD at A$800
Dagger: ca 1820-50 Cult Knife 'Black Forest Knife'. Double edged blade with broad ricasso, based (in smaller scale) upon 16th cent Germanic Hunting types (blade form later adopted by SA, NSKK & SS knives). 150mm grip of cast bronze featuring a winged Gargoyle seated upon an urn, with integrally cast floreate guards. Overall length 242mm. An impressive Cult Knife & desirable. No scabbard. Blade with minor nicks. VGC. Rare (P)
Knife: 1914-18 Fighting Knife. Field conversion from a German Seitengeweher Model 1884/98 bayonet. Blued blade stamped at ricasso '5019K' & 'S.178G'. Ground down to a fine edge & with 'Bowie' clipped back edge. Grip has been ground back & re-shaped to fit the hand & with 'skull crusher' point to pommel. In its original, unaltered, steel scabbard (now with silver frosted finish). Minor surface rust to areas. VGC. Probably a piece captured from the Germans & trench converted by an allied serviceman as a fighting knife. Scarce & highly unusual
Knife: WW2 Hitler Youth knife scabbard blade etched RZM M7/38 Blut und Ehre! Replica, as new condition.
 SOLD at A$70
Sword: 1935-45 Army Officer Dress sword by Eickhorn, Solingen (& with their Squirrel logo impressed to Ricasso). Thin, slightly curved fullered bade with plated finish. Coppered & gilded aluminium 'stirrup' guard, back strap & pommel bearing Army style eagle to cross guard & oak leaf decoration to back strap, langets & ferule. Aluminium twisted wire binding to black Bakelite grip. In its black painted steel scabbard. Minor wear to hilt plating. VGC
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