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Army. 1900s Rare Bombardier's Ceremonial parade blues wool jacket named to Gnr Barton, 1906 on tailor's tag to ADELAIDE CLOTHING MANUFACTURING Co P/L. Red felt stand up collar, maroon piping to epaulettes, front & back edges. Yellow Austrian knots to cuffs & tracing to collar. Large brass gilt QVC over 3 Guns buttons. 8 to front, 1 missing, 8 to rear. RA buttons (2) for epaulettes. Bombardier's stripes in gilt braid. With a pair of similar age jodhpurs with red stripe. GC. (2).
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Army. Circa WWI Australian Pattern Jodhpurs in a heavy cord wool. Light khaki brown. The buttons are brown metal riveted. White cotton lining inside. The legs have a tied tape to secure the ends. There are no reinforcements light green to the inside legs. Indiscernible, light green around ink stamp to the waist band. Look to be dismounted jodhpurs. Small dent mark to rear. With Fob pockets only. Unissued condition. VGC. WWI pants are hard to find.
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Army. Rare WW1 cut, 4 pocket service dress khaki wool tunic, for enlisted ranks. Earlier style with cloth belt, but no shoulder boards or cloth badges. Never been lined inside. No maker's label, or names. Had round colour patches & corporal rank at one time. Well made with leather buttons, these appear later sewn. Tailored. 4 patch pockets, shirt cuffs, pleated rear seam & built-un belt. Used & worn. Has small repair, some small moth holes. Oxidised KC rising sun collars. Overall VGC.
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Army 1930s Rare 2 pocket dress blues tunic for a staff sergeant in 30BN (NSW Scottish). Together with a pr of trews in tartan wool. Tunic is piped in green for 2nd Military district. Has cut away front for sporran, Scottish cuffs. Shoulder boards & stand collar. The tunic has white metal KC buttons, 30 BN collar badges & bullion staff sergeant (KC) crown/stripes in silver. The wool trews have one tiny moth hole. The jacket is moth free. Tailored uniform with no label or owner's name. VGC.
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Army. 1930-1942 Royal Australian Army Signal Corps dress blue tunic & red striped dress trousers. 3 pips for captain to epaulettes. Matched pr of collars stamped Orbuck to the rear in brass. All matching KC AMF brass buttons. Hooks for a belt present. Trousers have moth holes near the buttons of the fly. Jacket VGC, trousers poor. (2 items).
Army. 1930s khaki cotton, 2 pocket patrol jacket for the Militia. Enlisted rank. Khaki cotton. The jacket has a stand & fall collar with holes from badges (probably Artillery/Engineers). Made by M. TX & is size 14 with 2 chest pockets, 'V' cuffs & princess seams to the rear. All buttons & insignias are removed (easily replaced without sewing). Light wear overall. In need of a clean particularly around the collar & cuffs. A good pre war/early war khaki, cotton field jacket, that is easily restorable.
Army. Full dress tunic, dark blue of a Bandmaster also Kings School Cadet jacket & slouch hat with red cuffs & piping tunic, has some discolouration, no insignia. Slouch hat has badge white metal & red pugaree. Bandmaster's tunic is in beautiful condition & is heavily braided in black to front & back. Has plain gold buttons, gold twisted cord epaulettes & gold braid tracing to collar/cuffs. Manufactured by H.G. Newton, Uniform Tailor's Sydney. Kings School fair with stains & no insignia. (Set of buttons loose in pocket). Hat & dress uniform VGC. Interesting Bandmaster's style tunic. (3)
Army. Rare WWII uniform group to Lt Col E.T. Dean. DSO, MID. Dean was an Artillery Officer who again served in WWII as Commandant Loveday Interment Camp & POW Camp. Included is a detailed research folder with WWI & WWII service data, pictures (copies) & details on Loveday Camp. In 1914 Capt Dean had 10½ years of Artillery experience. He was in command of the 35 Bty AFA. Commissioned as 2nd Lieut in the AIF he was Lieut Col in 1918. Lt Col Dean received MID (X4), DSO (for bravery), Legion D'Honneur (Chevalier), 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal, ASM, War Medal. In WWII Dean was commissioned a Lt Col. Tunic 1 ca WWII Officer's khaki wool tunic named to Lt Col Dean, made by 'Myer Store for Men'. All oxidised KC buttons, colour patches (mini WWI 1st Aust Div Artillery & 25 Garrison Bn), a cloth wound stripe, KC oxidised rising sun collars & its cloth belt. Ribbon bar & metal rank insignia have been removed. Light wear around collar & a snag to the material bottom/front. No fade to tunic. Undated. Tunic 2 WWII worn tunic attributed to Lt Col Dean. It is unknown if this is his original WWI tunic. Insignia & buttons complete & correspond to WWII, same as tunic 1. Made by 'Charles Moore and Co Adelaide'. Not named. Complete with its cloth belt. Tunic has heavy sun fading but this is over all the exposed areas. Minor mothing to front/bottom. WWI ribbon bar present. WWII medal bar missing. Excellent colour patches on both uniforms. Tunic 1 excellent fresh condition (only needs ribbon bar & crown/pip). Tunic 2 complete but shows heavy fade & light mothing. 2 tunics to a decorated Officer who served in both World Wars. Well researched with comprehensive details on WWI & WWII research. One wound stripe on left sleeves of both uniforms. (2)
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Army. WWII khaki clothing/equipment . Inc 1944 dated shirt, named tropical trousers, tropical shorts, gaiters with NX, 37 pattern belt, pistol lanyard, pistol holder, pattern 37, pair of boots, jungle pattern, 1945 dated, size 6/5, brown. GC. Instant WWII display. (8)
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Army. WWII khaki clothing/equipment . Inc shirt KD, trousers KD, shorts KD 1942 dated, pistol lanyard, 37 pattern belt & gaiters, pair Army brown boots dated 1945, size 6/5 with jungle cleats. GC. Instant WWII display.
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Army Greatcoat WWII. 1940 dated coat, faint name to label H.G. Sturday. Number NX31939. Herbert Gwynne Sturday final unit was 2/6 survey battery. He joined in 1940 from Paddington NSW. Another coat 1968 dated with brown bakelite AMF buttons. Made by Dunlop NSW. GC. WWII dated coat not easy to find. (2).
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Army Greatcoats 1941 dated with later name & number on a H.J Cooney Manufacturers label. Sergeant strips to right sleeve. All brown bakelite AMF buttons present size 5. Another dated 1951 on Windsor apparel SA label 5 brown bakelite AMF buttons missing, large medal size hole in back rear skirt. Fair-GC. WWII dated Coats not easy to find. (2).
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Army WWI 1942 Dated Service dress tunic to A.D. Clarke, NX176273. Tunic not named but vendor purchased with approx 20 photographs, 2 pay books & demob book to the soldier. All insignia/buttons present, no colour patches. A few minor easily repaired moth holes. These don't detract. Size 60. GC for age.
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Army. WWII AIF winter KD tunic & trousers, by Verey's of Sydney. Tunic with single pip & holes for Australian titles. Has all blackened AMF, KC buttons, comes with belt. Missing collar badges, 2nd a similar KD tunic with all buttons & 1 pip to each epaulette, no collar badges or titles by same maker, in summer weight. 1'' tear to lower left pocket, with belt but no buckle. 'Mathews' name to coat hook tab. Some staining & minor moth holes. 2 tunics to a 2nd Lieutenant. (3 items)
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Army. post 1950 Artillery Officer's blues uniform with Staff gorgets to collar, these with KC AMF buttons. All Staybrite KC gun buttons throughout. Gilt rank of Colonel to epaulettes, matching belt. Ribbon bar for 1934-45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal, Australian Service Medal & efficiency decoration. With a pair of red striped Artillery Officer's jodhpurs. Also RAA cap for ranks below Major, this heavily mothed. Also with KC mess dress vest in dark blue & another unknown with gold bullion edging on a scarlet vest. Braid mostly detached. Blues tunic is GC, other items Fair-Average. Nice tunic. (5 items)
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Army. Lieut Colonel ca 1950 4 pocket, dark blue wool dress blue jacket for an Artillery Officer. Tailored by 'Randall Tailoring 199 Castlereagh St, Sydney'. No date or owner's name. Has all KC map of Australia buttons & enamel KC gilt rank badges & gilt Artillery collar badges. Ribbon bar shows WWII service: Pacific Star & Africa Star, Defence Medal & BWM, ASM efficiency medal. The jacket has an open neck collar & retains its cloth belt. Excellent condition with no mothing or damage/stains. Desirable jacket.
Army. ca WWII/Korean War, Royal Australian Artillery Officer's great coats, wool (2) with buttons updated. 1st has all Staybrite KC RAA buttons, is made by H.J. Cooney, Sydney, D D with name. Has RAA titles & previous rank for Lieutenant no longer present. GC. 2nd has Staybrite QC RAA buttons to front & Staybrite KC buttons to rear, rank holes to epaulettes, stitched closed. Considerable wear & small faults. Originally named on 1940 tailor's label FW24461 E.SYKES ESQ (label no longer present). Some minor mothing does not detract. Potentially researchable. (2)
Army. Korean War era green khaki great coat named, dated 1952 & has government label. Small size with buttons to front & inside label. Slight mothing. Insignia removed. Navy blue wool coat, nice quality but not military marked. Mothing to 1 cuff & small repair to rear. Plus a fire fighting (?) jacket fitted with reflector strips/tape. Heavy, well made. Dated 1991 with ADI label. Excellent condition. Interesting fire fighting coat, not often seen in excellent condition. (3)
Army. Vietnam era RAA Officer's service dress jacket to a Captain dated 1964 with all pips, buttons & bursting bomb collar badges, in Staybrite. Mix of KC & QC on buttons, fully lined. 7 medal ribbon bar for WWII & Korea inc Pacific Star, Queen's & UN Korea. Tailored by Bishop & White NSW 1964. VGC. No damage. Excellent example of 1964 tailored RAA Captain's service dress jacket with all correct accoutrements.
Army Australian Warrant Officer 2 poly tunic. Interesting large Crown Rank badges, Marksman & Artificer badge also fitted. Buttons missing. R.A.A. khaki wool tunic, staybrite Artillery buttons, comes with white lanyard & matching belt. Named on manufacturers label. A dress blues tunic, all buttons missing except 2 for epaulettes, these are not present. Named on manufacturers label. GC. (3).
Army 1968 dated battle dress jacket & trousers to a Colonel with parachute wings on R sleeve. Evidence of ribbon bar for at least 4 medals. VGC - little sign of wear.
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Army. Vietnam era Officer's wool service dress, tailor made uniforms of pants & jackets. Named to Patterson Duntroon. Tailor's tag to Carbone Apparel. 1 uniform with all buttons & badges in Staybrite to Royal Australian Engineers Lt. Cloth parachute wings to right sleeve. 2nd uniform also Officer's pattern with no buttons or badges present. Probably to same Officer. As new. Ca 1970s. Researchable. (2 uniforms)
Army. 1980 Royal Australian Signals Corps service dress uniform (jacket & pants) to a Warrant Officer Class 1. All Staybrite buttons & corps badges present. Blue lanyard on right shoulder for RA Sigs. Tailor tag undated, named to Mr Brogden. Plus 1980 dated W01 RA Sigs battle dress uniform jacket & trousers, also named Mr Brogden. Both VGC. (4 items)
Army. Auscam Uniform clothing set. Bush hat, kepi hat, rain coat, T-Shirt, field vest, jumper, shirt & trousers. Plus 2 pairs socks. In used condition, sizes vary. All appear to be Army. (10)
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Army. Bandsman's red parade jacket with black collar & cuffs, both with gold trim. Quality cotton drill. staybrite Band Corps buttons with RAN QC gilt buttons to cuffs. Epaulettes missing, Name tag to S/Sgt R Butcher 1979. Jacket as above but in wool dated 1960. No buttons present. With 2 pr infantry trousers. VGC. (4)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Battle dress WWII. Two pocket wool style jacket dyed dark green. An unusual jacket that appears to be 1941 dated, 4 pocket service dress jacket that has been converted to a 2 pocket battle dress style. Purpose unknown. Never had collar badges. Not named to a soldier. Made with light wool dyed dark green (as per VDC tunics). Missing button in pocket. Light wear with perhaps 3 or so tiny holes. Interesting & unusual WWII tunic. Perhaps VDC related?
 SOLD at A$190
Army. Battle dress jackets (3) & 1 pair trousers. 1st to a Captain in the Royal Australian Artillery. 3 red backed pips to right, only 1 remaining on left. RAA titles, MTX label, size 15. With 3 pairs 1950s dated battle dress pants. 2nd Royal Australia, Infantry Corps, named & numbered on 1968 Dunlop label. R.A.I. title to sleeve. 3rd by Evercraft Clothing, named to W01 Physician, no insignia. 4th battle dress trousers by A.D.I. 1990. 3 nice condition battle dress jackets. (7 items)
 SOLD at A$80
Army Battledress blouse & trousers to RAC of Signals dated 1973 & named on SA tailor label plus khaki tunic & pants dated 1966 & dress blues to presumably RAC of sigs. Comes with matching dress blues trousers. All buttons & badges removed, 6 buttons in pocket. Named to Brisbane tailors label. GC. (6 items).
Army. Boer War up to WWII KD Jacket. Australian/British pre WWII khaki cotton, 2 pocket service dress jacket. Similar to pattern 1896. Early, good quality construction. Has internal waist belt/adjustment, scalloped -pleated pockets, removeable shoulder boards (these in pocket), stand collar & pointed cuffs. Unlined jacket. Princess seams on the back. Named on collar 'KEALEY'?. Minor stitching faults, easily fixed. GC.
 SOLD at A$110
Army Cadet wool, khaki 4 pocket service dress tunic worn in the 1950s-60s to a cadet lance corporal from Taroona High School. The jacket is made in 1941 by "Korn & White" & is the pre 1942 pattern. A soldier's name has been blacked out but is readable. Has wool shoulder titles for Taroona High School & the blue QC "Australian Cadet Corp" arm badges. The buttons are oxidised KC map of Australia. The collars are KC oxidised rising suns. With 1946 dated service dress trousers. VGC. (2).
 SOLD at A$130
Army CMF circa 1960 khaki wool 4 pocket Officer's service dress tunic to a Brigadier in Ordinance Corp by MTX. The cloth belt is missing. Stay bright ordinance corp buttons. Red gorget patches are fitted. The inside sleeve is marked '30 LORD' Not named. Ribbon bar has MBE, 1939 star, Africa star, Defence medal, WM, ASM. VGC.
Army. Cold/wet weather clothing inc Auscam jumper, jungle green jumper, khaki jumper, Auscam japara raincoat, Auscam plastic raincoat & a jungle green rain coat (not camouflage). Two jumpers have insignia. Various dates, condition & sizes. The japara Auscam raincoat was only issued for a short time & is scarce. GC. (6)
 SOLD at A$95
Army Infantry scarlet wool mess, dress jacket with 2 waistcoats, white facings. Holes where collars removed & evidence of crown or pip to epaulettes. All KC wm AMF buttons attached. With pr MTX infantry pattern trousers. Poly blend RAAMC 2006 dated mess dress jacket with matching pants, no buttons plus Kings School cadets Officers tunic with bag of badges & buttons to re-attached. Holes for Rank on epaulettes. Note silver braid & tracing to tunic openings & cuffs. G-VGC. (4 items).
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Jacket. Auscam desert pattern , Navy pattern Auscam jacket, Auscam green jacket with pants & cadet badges plus pair Auscam unknown pants, 2 misc camouflage pants & an Auscam jumper. Interesting group. (7)
 SOLD at A$100
Army Tunic Officer's dress blues tunic with belt & slip on epaulettes. Made by Randall tailoring, Sydney. WW2 medal ribbons for Africa & Pacific theatres. With RAASC trousers plus a white summer tunic for office cadet or corporal attached to RMC Duntroon. Corporals stripes removed both arms. 1 collar badge only & a Korean Era battledress blouse to RAA early type embroidered RAA titles, made by J Sackville very neat condition. With 1950 dated battle dress trousers. GC. (5 items).
Army. Jungle Greens comprising tank overalls, pants, shirt, hat, socks, zippered green battle dress style jacket, Howard green jumper & pair greens overalls. GC. Inc some hard to find items. (7)
 SOLD at A$140
Army. Khaki wool enlisted rank's service dress jacket & pants to an artificer Staff Sergeant in Royal Aust Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. 4 pocket, tunic made by N195 in 1943. Has all metal collar insignia, KC buttons, metal artificer badge, 'AUSTRALIA' titles, 2 overseas chevrons & colour patches. Comes with a pr of matching trousers. The makers label has been removed. VGC.
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Army khaki wool 4 pocket service dress tunic with Scottish cut-away front to a Captain. Tunic is tailored by the CGCF & dated 1966. It is named to 'H. Baker'. Staybright silver & enamel pips for a Captain with QC Map of Australia buttons in gilt staybright all complete. The collar badges are gilt QC rising suns. The jacket has WW2 ribbon bar for a solder who served in France/Germany. There is an interesting lanyard in black/green/yellow on the right arm. VGC.
Army khaki Drill Officers tunics. 2 have been stripped of buttons & insignia. 1 of which has short sleeves & a small tear wear insignia was removed from sleeve. This tunic also had a pr of slip on epaulettes in the pocket with yellow back majors crowns. Third tunic has Lt COL RANK badges & all matching insignia/buttons. Holes for 2 bar medal ribbon. Has some tears to lower skirts. All have originals belts attached. With 1 pair of similar jodhpurs. fair-condition. (4).
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Kitbag, brown, large stuffed with various uniform items (25 items) inc Auscam, school cadets, commemorative, NSW Air League & more plus a pair Auscam boots size 8. Fair-GC. (26 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Kitbag green crammed with uniform items inc Auscam, jungle greens, polyester etc & pr Auscam size 8 boots. Fair-GC. (24 items inc bag)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Kitbag, brown, filled with various uniform items inc Cadet Auscam, Cadet jungle green, RAN loan stamped yellow boiler suit & more plus pr Auscam boots size 8. Fair-GC. (16 items inc kitbag)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Korean War era Battledress tunic & trousers dated 1951 & 1950. Royal Australian Army Service Corps threaded & bordered shoulder titles. A few minor moth holes but they do not detract. Large Warrant Officer's Crowns to both lower sleeves & medal ribbons for 1939 star, Pacific star, Defence, War & Australian Service medals. Overall VGC. (2 items).
 SOLD at A$60
Army Korea/Vietnam era uniform. 1953 Khaki cotton shirt. 1966 Jungle green trousers, 1954 shirt. 1970 Khaki raincoat, 2nd Pr Vietnam Era trousers. Battledress jacket with Australian Legal Corps titles. 1969 dated battledress trousers. 1966 cleated black boots for jungle. size 6/6. Pr black gaiters. Pr 1953 khaki gaiters, MTX size 2. Undated pocket knife. Overall GC. Some nice kit. (11).
 SOLD at A$240
Army. Light Horse Officer's mess dress jacket & vest/tie to a Lieutenant in the Northern River Lancers. Maroon coloured shell with black lapels & cuffs. Maroon vest & maroon bow tie. Tailored jacket by H. G. Newton, Uniform Tailors Sydney'. Complete with all white metal rank, KC buttons & QC collar badges for N. R. Lancers (bottom tip of lance broken or mis- struck on one collar). Included is a vest (with all KC buttons) & a bow tie. The vest has the rear bottom of the seam open. 3mm moth hole to front of jacket. Vest has 1 pin-head size moth hole. Maroon bow tie in vest pocket, unnamed. A Light Horse Officer's (LT) mess dress jacket & vest. Badges to this unit have become difficult to find. KC buttons, QC unit collar badges, hence 1950s/60s vintage.
 SOLD at A$200
Army. Lot of 3 cotton khaki WW2 jackets. One is a 2 pocket patrol jacket, the other 2 are work/giggle jackets. Unissued 2 pocket patrol jacket made by Chic Mfg Co 1940. With tear out stores label stating 'khaki drill jacket, permanent forces size 14' No insignia or button. Used khaki cotton fatigue (giggle) jacket. Label present bun not very readable. Shows wear. Unissued, khaki cotton fatigue jacket. Dated 1943, with tear-off stores label. Beautiful condition. VGC-GC. (3).
 SOLD at A$100
Army-Pre Federation, Boer War era. Khaki cotton drill ¾ length field dress jacket with 2 breast pockets, 2 brass belt Ds, silvered buttons by W. Jones & Co, London. Large + Prior & Co Sydney. Stokes & Martin, Melb x 5, small x 2 on breast pocket flaps, 2 on epaulettes. QV crown on buttons. Faded inside name tag, possibly S Howard + 16 (size). Full length sleeves & 36 inch chest. Double back vents indicates mounted troops jacket. No tailor tags. No evidence of rank insignia on epaulettes or sleeves. Probably OR's field jacket. VGC.
 SOLD at A$1050
Army. Post WWII uniform lot inc 2 1950s battle dress jackets, Kings School Cadet jacket, Auscam Cadet shirt, trousers & a bush hat, polyester uniform jacket with Royal Australia Infantry Corps buttons. Plus pants. Mostly GC. Bargain basement lot. (8 items)
 SOLD at A$80
Army. Post WWII uniform lot. Kings School Cadet jacket plus a slouch hat, wool battle dress jacket, polyester Army shirt, 1973 (Vietnam era) Repatriation Dept cotton shirt & modern khaki bomber style jacket. Repatriation Dept shirt is unusual & has a cloth badge on the pocket. Just end/post Vietnam War. The Kings Cadet jacket has insignia, the slouch hat has earlier white metal badge & red pugaree. GC/unused condition. No damage/mothing. (5)
 SOLD at A$100
Army Pre WW2 dark blue wool patrol jacket to a member of 12 Bn for Corp of Signals. Private tailored tunic for an enlisted rank made by 'David Lack Pty Ltd, Melbourne' Has colour patches for 12th Inf Bn with brass ANZAC 'A's. Collars are brass lions for 12BN. Purple piping to cuffs shoulder boards. Gorget patches are purple. Possibly indicate a member of the Corp of Signals. Standard cut to tunic, consisting of pointed cuffs, stand collar, princess seams to rear & 2 chest pockets. Buttons are brass KC. Belt hooks installed. Named to "Thornburn' , 'No 5867' Very minor mothing etc o/w. GC-VGC. RARE
Army. RAA, RAGA Gunner's ceremonial parade blues wool full length jacket. Stand up red felt collar, yellow cord scrolls to cuffs & collar edge. Maroon piping to epaulettes, front & back edges. Large RAA KC brass gilt buttons of the 1920s/30s period, 17 in total. Small version (2) on epaulettes. Complete set. Tailor's tag attached for the RAGA, Royal Australian Garrison Artillery. With similar age pair of dress trousers with red stripe. VGC, usual slight fraying to bottom edge of jacket. Excellent parade jacket to RAA/RAGA for the 1920s-30s period. Complete with full set of rare RAA brass gilt KC/map of Australia buttons. (2)
Army. Vietnam era RAA Officer's cotton/wool khaki, 4 pocket tunic dated 1967, all insignia present for a Captain. Unattributed ribbon bar for Pacific Theatre in WWII & service in Korea. Comes with 2 Officer's dress blues wool tunics, stand collars (no insignia/buttons). Plus a pair Engineer's trousers & pair RAASC trousers. GC, no damage/mothing. The RAA khaki tunic very nice. (5 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. RAAF, Cadets Uniforms: 6 Auscam jackets & 6 pants, 2 Auscam floppy hats green. The Auscam jackets all with different badges. Mostly GC. (14)
 SOLD at A$100
Army RAAC 1950 dated Korean War era dress blues tunic & belt, with Bullion crown above sergeants strips. Only 1 button. No other insignia. Plus a 1997 poly blend tunic & trouser to RAAPC missing 4 buttons from front. Cpls stripes & all other insignia attached & a 1968 Vietnam era greatcoat with brown plain AMF buttons, size 5. (GC). (3 items).
Army WW2 khaki drill jacket to Colonel. Ribbon bar: DSO, OBE Civil, WWI (3 with) MID, WW2 WM. ASM, MILITIA LSM Orange mystery ribbon (Order of Kara-George). Serbia?oOr France legion of honour. Minor moth damage to front, worse to back. Evidence of gorget patches to collar. No tailor's or name tags. Minor mothing & small holes, but these do no detract. Might be possible to attribute. GC.
Army Australia. Rare pre WW2 2 pocket khaki wool patrol jacket. Probably for a cadet. Made by A. Bowley & Coy, Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The buttons are brass KC Map of Australia by Stokes & Sons. The jacket has a stand collar piped in green (rifle green). The shoulder boards & 'V' cuffs are also piped in green, The rear has Princess seams & 2 belt hooks. The gorget patches are green with centre colours of maroon/white/silver. Rank to a Lieutenant. Comes with WW2 service dress trouser dated 1945, heavy mothing throughout. Poor condition but Scarce.
 SOLD at A$140
Army. Royal Australian Signals ceremonial parade/mess dress blues jacket & trousers in wool. Rank W01. Ribbon bars 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Def, War, ASM. Korea, UN Korea. LS & GCM MSM. Staybrite RA Sigs buttons. Embroidered W01 rank badges sewn to both sleeves. Tailor's tag to H. J. Cooney, Pitt St, Sydney. VGC. Tailor made with black satin lining. An excellent blues uniform to a long serving W01 of the RA Signals Corps with ribbon bars for WWII & Korea + LSGCM & MSM ribbons.
Army Royal Artillery/RAA/Officer's winter blues mess dress waist jacket, size M. Red lapels with loops for miniature medals, maybe WWI (3). Rank pips & crowns removed from epaulettes. Brass gilt King's Crown artillery buttons, total 16 small. No tailor's or owner's tags. Minor moth overall. Plus pr of officer's matching trousers.
Army. Royal Australian Infantry scarlet wool tunic of a Bandsman. All insignia has been removed & epaulettes no longer present. Aged CGCF label & D arrow D. Looks 1940s/50s, perhaps earlier. With Infantry trousers. Service wear but reasonably good condition. Scarce tunic. (2)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Scarlet wool tunic, with dark blue collar & cuffs, with gold braid tracing to both. Evidence on right sleeve of Drum Major insignia. Woven collars missing & buttons missing also. Believed to be an infantry tunic. Made by CGCF & dated 1961. Loops for single medal to left breast. GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Army Trousers/pants, 10 prs. Inc dress chaplains, black, dark blue RAAF, RAASC, double yellow stripe, Artillery, Infantry, 2'' grey stripe, battledress, 1967 jungle green. GC. Hard trousers to find when needed. All diff. (10 prs)
 SOLD at A$100
Army Tunics, dark blue wool dress tunics (2) to Royal Australian Artillery. 9 button holes. All buttons & insignia, no longer present scarlet collar & yellow tracing to cuffs. GC. One need collar relined. Comes with 2 prs RAA trousers. GC. A good pr for restoration. (4 items).
 SOLD at A$200
Army Tunic Dark Blue Wool blend tunic with 8 button hole. All buttons removed, with matching trousers to RAA. Scarlet facings & twisted cord braiding in yellow, now faded to white. Nice tunic in need of TLC. Lining is good. Also with an RAA khaki tunic, matching buttons dated 1990. Good restoration project. (2 items).
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Undated khaki wool tunics of battle dress length (2), no identifying labels. Kings School grey Cadet jacket with all Staybrite insignia & Auscam shirt, pants & quilted vest, with Navy insignia for Sub Lieutenant. Average-GC. (6 items)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Uniforms Auscam (2 sets) consisting of padded vest, jumpers, T-Shirt, bush hats, shirt & trousers. Some pieces are like new while others show wear. All appear to be Army. Used/issued, in various sizes & condition. Instant display pieces of Auscam clothing at a reasonable price. (12)
 SOLD at A$120
Army - Victorian Era 1855-1873 Royal Artillery OR/Gnr parade blues jacket ¾ length. QV Crown RA 3 cannon gilt brass buttons 1855-1873. Large, 9 to front, 8 to back. Small, 2 on epaulettes. Red felt collar, yellow cord trim + yellow cord scroll to sleeve cuffs. Red piping to jacket front, rear + epaulettes. Buttons are later replacement/copies. No name tag, remnants of tailors tag on liner. Liner OK. Brass 'D's to support belt when worn. With early jodhpur dress trousers with red stripe. (2)
Army. Vietnam era uniform. Inc green jungle shirt dated 1965, this has texta name above left pocket, 2nd shirt with an Air Wing badge on left pockets, dated 1968. 1967 jungle green trousers. 2nd pair dated 1967. US 1970 green water bottle with an undated cup. 7/6 cleated jungle boots. 5 pouch belt/bandolier. Undated 1937 pattern belt. Pair black gaiters, knife, fork, spoon set. Vietnam era shovel. Undated pocket knife. Overall GC. Some good Vietnam kit here. (11 items)
 SOLD at A$150
Army Vietnam Era 1967 dated khaki service dress tunic & matching trousers. Tunic has no insignia attached but a bag of buttons & badges is in the lower pocket, as is a matching cloth belt. Insignia mostly relates to army apprentice school. Minor scattered mothing. Average condition.
Army. 1967, Vietnam Era Polyester Brigadier's MTX Jacket to J.K Lynch OBE. Brigadiers rank of 3 pips & a crown also red staff gorget. All buttons are lion over crown, Lynch 412 to internal label. With pg of Service History. VGC.
 SOLD at A$400
Army Women's Red Cross khaki wool 2 pocket tunic. Tailor made cWW2, with a rank of one red service dress bar on the shoulder boards. Tailored jacket by Claude M Eatt, 113 Crawler Place Adelaide' Oxidised buttons are all present. It once had metal collar badges (now removed). No other badges evident. Made with 2 lower pockets & an open lapel. Nice gabardine wool material. Minor scattered mothing. GC.
 SOLD at A$400
Army Woman's Army Khaki skirt 1942 dated, size 13. Helmet net. Pr of WW2 women's, small brown leather boots. WW2 army pocket knife looks to date 1941. Pr of women's tropical style overalls ½ button top. Made by Murdochs Sydney. Believed to be Women's land Army. or similar Women Workers with belt. Overall GC. Overalls not seen by us before. (5).
 SOLD at A$300
Army Wool Blue Royal Australia Artillery O/Rs tunic, 9 button front. Red facings & yellow tracing. Dating somewhere between 1900 &1930. Evidence of shoulder titles, but none fitted. Buttons all removed & minor moth grazing but doesn't detract, lining in good condition. Comes with a pr of later dress trousers. GC.
 SOLD at A$300
Army Wool/Blend khaki Colonel on the staff tunic with matching khaki belt. MTX label but unattributed. Queen's Crown & 2 pips over Australia on shoulder straps. AMF Red Colonel gorgets fitted to collar. All matching KC AMF brass buttons. Ribbon bars for 39-45 star, Pacific, defence, war, ASM, ED & mentioned in despatches. Comes with a dress blues tunic stripped but piped white on epaulettes, which is unusual. VGC.
Army Great Coat, 3 x Wool khaki, first with MTX label, bakelite AMF buttons some minor moth holes. Second has all staybright RAEME buttons, 1946 patterns with label dated 1950 plus. Officers pattern with green poly lining. Only 2 plain brown buttons remain. Fair-GC. (3).
Army Wool blend dress blues to Royal Australian Intelligence Corps. KC Gilt collar by Stokes. No buttons, ribbon bar removed. With a 1990 dated battledress with, woven RMC titles, named to label & a khaki tunic poly blend, no buttons, named to Duntroon cadet. With matching trousers. GC. (4 items).
Army WW2 2 pocket cotton khaki patrol jacket. To an enlisted rank in the infantry! Label to contractor C.J. Wilson Pty Ltd 1941. Not named. Made with stand & fall collar, pointed barrel cuffs & 2 pockets. 2 belt hooks attached. All oxidised KC buttons, rising sun collar badges. VGC.
Army. WW2 2 pocket cotton khaki patrol jacket. To an enlisted rank. Unissued. Label to contractor 'P.J. Treachey & Co Pty Ltd 1941". Made with a stand & fall collar & pointed barrel cuffs. Princess seams to rear. No buttons, collar badges or belt hooks ever fitted. Has cardboard stores tag (Chest: 36, Height: 5"7" to 8").
Army WW2, 2nd AIF Women's Army Medical Corps, LT (Miss) C Williams 4261 Dated 5/42. Possibly a Nursing Sister. Tailor's tag to FLEHR + Co Ltd Gawler Place Adelaide. Dress uniform jacket & skirt, both named with tailor's tags. Dark blue with maroon epaulettes AIF AUSTRALIA shoulder boards, AMF brass buttons & AIF medical unit colour patches. (2). A rare uniform. VGC. VGC.
 SOLD at A$675
Army WW2, 2nd AIF Women's Army Medical Corps, LT (Miss) C Williams 4261. Dated 5/42 Matches U224. Tailor's tag to FLEHR + CO LTD Gawler Place Adelaide. Greatcoat - dark navy with maroon epaulettes, 2nd AIF AUSTRALIA. Quite rare pr. VGC. (2).
 SOLD at A$650
Army. WW2 khaki wool & leather Machine Gunner's shoulder pad/protector vest. Unissued example, with paper Tag & Makers contract label for 1943. All buttons. Some mothing to collar, & front, oxidised KC large size buttons. Rarely seen. GC.
Army WW2 khaki wool 4 pocket Service dress jacket. Enlisted ranks. Unissued example with paper stores label & contract label for Q73 in 1943. A good size (height 5'11" & 41" chest). Later, post 1942 style. 13 brass/gilt buttons by Stokes in pocket. With a pr of unissued 1942 dated Australian trouser. VGC. Good size WW2 jacket, worthy of little work. (2 items)
 SOLD at A$140
Army. WWII pattern Brown leather Jerkin. 4 x brown Australia Military Forces buttons however 2 of these need re attaching. 1947 D?D label & ink names to interior. Khaki wool lined. A mild leather clean would bring this up nicely. Average-GC.
 SOLD at A$85
Young Australia League dress blues tunic named to E. MACKAY. All matching YAL buttons by Stokes & Sons Melbourne, gilt collar badges by Amor Brisbane. Name sewn into collar also on tailor's label in inner pocket. Tunic has fairly significant moth damage throughout. With a spare collar with only 1 lug & enamel cap badge with 2 folded over lugs, & repaired (poorly) white field to left of Kangaroo on enamel. Tunic has false white cotton collar for attaching in pocket. Technically Poor condition but still quite presentable. Plus 1924 dated copy of the Kangaroo monthly journal of YAL NSW Division. Very rare tunic & badges. The success of the League in WA was Instrumental in the rapid grown of AFL football in WA. Tunic quite Rare.(4 items).
Army, Navy, RAAF Uniforms: Random selection of 8 jackets, 8 pants & 2 floppy hats in Auscam green. Various badges, sizes & conditions. May contain jackets from the three services. Average-GC. (18)
 SOLD at A$100
Army, Navy, RAAF Uniforms: Random selection of 8 jackets, 8 pants & 2 floppy hats in Auscam green. Various badges, sizes & conditions. May contain jackets from the three services. Average-GC. (18)
 SOLD at A$100
Army, Navy, RAAF kitbag, large size, sand coloured with name 'D. W. Barrett', stuffed with 30 items of uniform inc Auscam Army & RAAF. Too much to list plus pair black size 7 boots. Fair-GC. (31 items inc the bag).
 SOLD at A$100
Army, Navy kitbag with range of uniform items inc Auscam, jungle greens & more plus dixie pans etc & a pair of boots. Fair-GC. (17 items inc bag)
 SOLD at A$120
Army Navy RAAF. Kitbag named NX 39430 'F.I. Middenway' with stencilled Mailed First & Axe for Armoured Unit. Crammed with 22 items of military etc clothing & a pair of Auscam boots, size 5. Overall GC. 23 items inc kitbag, nice with Armoured badge & worth our estimate by itself.
 SOLD at A$100
Army, Navy, RAAF. Kitbag to 'R.A.A.F. 412509' filled with 27 items of uniform. Inc RAN overalls, pair Auscam size 6 boots, St Aloysius College Cadet jungle shirt etc & lots more. Overall GC. (28 items inc kitbag to Aircrew).
 SOLD at A$100
Army, Navy, RAAF. Kitbag lot with clothing from all 3 Services from about 1960s-2000. Interesting lot, total of 19 items (inc jumpers, Auscam, boots (1 pr), shirts, trousers etc). The WWII kitbag market to NX 116226 (F. K Walis). Useful lot. (19)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Navy, RAAF uniforms. Various jackets (8), trousers (8) & floppy hats (2) in Auscam green. Various badges, sizes & conditions. May contain jackets from the three forces. As received. Average-GC. (18)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. RAAF uniforms. with jackets (8), trousers (8) & floppy hats (2) in Auscam green. Various badges, sizes & conditions. Could contain jackets from the three services. Average-GC. As received. (18)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Cadets. Rare Barker College post WWI dress uniform. Named on Gardens Sydney tailors, label Barnett with information attributing to Lionel Morrell Barnett. Dark blue collar cuffs & epaulettes with red stripes to ea. Faded gold braid Sgt stripes, right sleeve. 1 collar badge is a later addition Tunic is khaki with matching Barker Cadet corps buttons by Stokes & Sons Melbourne. With matching blue striped trouser & a 1908 pattern web belt. L.M. Barnett was retired in 1943 with rank of Lieutenant. A very desirable & quite Rare tunic.
 SOLD at A$1400
Army. Cadet Corps. St Patrick's Goulburn. Battle dress jacket dated 1967 & trousers. A few very small holes to R upper sleeve, shoulder etc. Another Sandringham Technical School Dated 1952. Rank Insignia Cadet Under Officer. Plus a service dress jacket, dated 1963 (WW2 style). No school flashes. Rank insignia Cadet Under Officer. GC.
 SOLD at A$80
Army Cadets, miscellaneous group inc Cadet Record of Service from 1914 until 1926 for G.J.J.. Sutton. Early tinny badge of a Cadet with rifle & slouch hat. 6 cloth badges & 4 brassards plus 3 paper items, 1 of these named to a 1913 Cadet, & 6 metal badges. Also pr of oxy AWAS titles. 2 Militia period puggarees, 1 blue with red fold, 1 pink with 1 red fold & small medallion, Rupertswood Battery 1995 Medal of Merit. Fair-GC. Eclectic group with the Record of Service Book the best item. (26 items)
Army. Cadets uniform lot of six Cadet Auscam & jungle green Cadet shirts & trousers together with a jungle green giggle hat & one Auscam. Jungle green set for Barker College, Auscam sets for SCEGS, KNOX & SCOTS plus 2 generic. Various conditions, sizes & badges. (14)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Cadets uniforms. Auscam jackets (6) with different unit badges, ranks etc. Trousers (6), Cadet jumpers (2) with diff badges, T-Shirt, floppy hats (2), cap with neck flap & khaki socks (2 prs). Average-GC. Nice Cadet group. (20)
 SOLD at A$120
Navy: Buttons pre Federation-1920s with NSW Naval Brigade gilt Officer's (4) in 3 sizes - 25mm, 20mm (2) & 16mm (2). The gilt on all but the larger size is perfect. Also RAN bi-metal mess dress uniform buttons (6) in 2 sizes (20mm & 12mm). All scarce. (11)
 SOLD at A$150
Navy, ca WWII uniform items inc M + X labelled battledress jacket, 2 pairs dark blue trousers, 2 pairs Navy bell bottoms, navy blue jumper, pair tropical khaki bell bottoms, blue jeans collar. All pre 1950. GC. Inc some scarce items. (8 items in total)
 SOLD at A$120
Navy. WWII (ca 1940s) Officer's dark blue wool mess type jacket to a Lieutenant. Fine wool, quality short double breasted jacket with all RAN gilt buttons. Rank has white underlay for Paymaster. No provision for shoulder boards. Never had gold loop above rank bars. The double button closure is made form 2 Dutch? Naval buttons. No label or name found. Rank cuffs may have been period altered. Clean & undamaged, no mothing. Slight aging to gilt fittings. Wear to one button hole. Nice, clean RAN jacket. Interesting variant.
Navy, Aust/GB RAN/RN Reserve 'Wavy Navy' ceremonial blue tunics, wool blend. WWII (1943) dated by Gieves Ltd & has 'P.N.A. 10.12.43 J.E. Goodwin' typed on label. 2 rows of wavy bullion lace for Lieutenant. All gilt KC rope edged anchor buttons to front in nice condition, some tiny moth holes & ribbon bar removed above pocket. This does not detract. Plus a 2nd tunic, post 1952 QC buttoned Sub Lieutenant Royal Australian Navy Reserve. Poly blend with single row of wavy lace to cuff. Tailored by Evers & Cohen. WWII Volunteer Reserve tunic is fairly uncommon. (2)
Navy, Australia, 1950s Captain's dark blue cotton tunic. Bullion lace to cuffs for Captain. Australia & anchor Stokes gilt metal buttons. Made by Glenstace Menswear, George St, Sydney. Unattributed but has ribbon bar for Distinguished Service Cross, Atlantic, Pacific, Korea & UN Korea Stars & other WWII medals. Shoulder board attachment point on left shoulder only. No shoulder board present. With a pair later trousers. GC. A beautiful tunic which it may be possible to attribute. (2 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Navy, Korean War era, Officer's mess dress blues with rank to a Commander. Gilt KC buttons & gold bullion lace, matching waist coat, shirt with collars & trousers. All buttons Australia & anchor. Made by Moss Brothers, Covent Garden. GC. Nice to get a complete set. (4 items)
Navy, Ceremonial Dark blue tunic post 1980. Bullion ranked to a petty officer with 3 good conduct stripes. Also trade badge of Propeller crown & letter P. This being Marine Tech Propulsion. Another has 2 good conduct stripes. A tombstone shaped badge removed from right sleeve, has 2 petty officer & 1 gunnery bullion badges in pocket. Nice navy petty officers tunics. With 2 pairs matching trousers. GC. (2).
Navy Ceremonial dark blue tunics (4). 2 have midshipman's white gorgets to collar, 1 has a waistcoat 1 gorget missing a button. Another has 8 QC buttons to the front & 2 to ea cuff. Another has Cessnock titles, plain buttons, gold braid for sub lieutenant to cuff & named on Newcastle tailors label. GC. (4).
Navy Ceremonial Tunic dated 1997 on ADA label, has leading Seaman anchor above 1 good service chevron on left sleeve & combat systems operation badge to the right Comes with matching trousers. With CGCF label, cotton wool blend with bullion insignia to same rank & ratings badge for signaller. Plus another to a midshipman by Evers & Cohen & matching bell bottom trousers. Fair-GC. (5 items).
 SOLD at A$60
Navy. Chief Petty Officer's dress jacket in good quality wool (double breasted) with 14 gilt QC RAN buttons. Gilt trade badges embroidered to lapels for Fleet Air Arm & A possibly for Armourer. Plus Air Technical Aircraft Star, tailor's tag to AGCF 1979. With a pair of late issue trousers. VGC. Rare jacket to Senior Sailor with Fleet Arm service in very good condition. (2 items)
Navy. RAN Double breasted WW2 dated wool-blend dress jacket for a RANR Lieutenant in the Electrical department. Summer weight wool blend jacket made by Rothwell's Outfitting Ltd, Brisbane. Named to R.A.Hingston in 28/4/43. KC gilt RAN buttons. Green branch colour between Wavy Navy rank lace. Minor mothing, minor hole on arm. With trousers. Fair- GC.
 SOLD at A$100
Navy, foul weather synthetic material jacket with 2 chevrons painted on each sleeve. Dated 1994. Also nylon high-vis foul weather jacket, some verdigris to press studs, long knee length & white terry towelling flash hood. Fist & last sympathetic clean. Fair-GC. 3 hard to get Navy items.
Navy. Greatcoat, ca WWII with KC bakelite buttons. Dark blue, almost black. No name or tailor's tags. VGC. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
Navy: Kitbag, green stuffed with a good range of varied RAN uniform items plus a pr of 1952 dated Army boots (small size). Fair-GC. (18 items inc bag)
 SOLD at A$120
Navy Officer's jacket, Lieutenant, cotton/wool blend, has gilt QC anchor Australia buttons, staining to left sleeve & left front skirt, but would tidy up nicely with TLC. 1979 CGCF label. Navy? great coat, large size plus Kings School Cadet dress tunic of modern construction, 2 GC buttons (loose in pocket). (3 items)
Navy, Petty Officer's tunics in dark blue (3). 1st is wool blend, KC buttons (no buttons on cuffs), has ribbon of the General Service Medal 1962. Hong Kong tailor's label. 2nd is cotton blend made by Evers & Cohen, all QC buttons present. 3rd is polyester blend dated 1998 on ADA label. Petty Officer rank badge above long service chevrons to left arm, right has badge of Acoustic Warfare Analyst. All GC. 3 different period Petty Officer tunics.
Navy, Post 1945 Royal Australian Naval Reserve Navy blue dress tunic. With rank for Lieutenant. Made of cotton by CGCF. 4 KC Australia Anchor buttons to left side 4QC Australia Anchor buttons to right. With 2 prs of later trousers. Comes with a Royal Australian Navy dress blues tunic to a captain. Beautiful fresh bullion braid & named on Sydney tailors label to a commander. All QC buttons. VGC. (2).
Navy, RANR ca WWII Navy blue wool jumper for a sailor in the RAN Reserve. Made from wool serge with flat plastic buttons & a label 'Made in Australia'. Blue jean lining to cuffs. Stamped R.A.N. in white paint. RANR cloth badge on left arm, with a cloth 'C' below it. Not named. 2 small match head size moth holes. Appears unworn. Nice condition.
Navy. Sailor's ceremonial tunics (2) with blue jean collars. Both have zippered sides. 1st has Leading Seaman anchor over 1 Good Conduct stripe to left arm, Combat Systems Op badge to right. Poly-blend, double ASM, Afghanistan & ASM ribbon tunic dated 1990 & comes with matching trousers. 2nd undated made of wool with some minor mothing has CGCF maker's tag. Matching Naval Reserve Cadets embroidered titles to each shoulder. Average-GC. Nice displayable lot. (3 items)
 SOLD at A$80
Navy, Ca WWII Square Rig White ratings tunic. Beautifully hand painted with Flags & large rising sun. Below this a troopship steaming out of harbour watched by a male & female relatives? Named to C.P. Peat, Claude Phillip Peat of South Melbourne, Posting on discharge. HMAS Cerberus. Some heavy foxing to this unique item. O/W GC.
 SOLD at A$325
Navy 2 dark blue wool blend regular Day Dress jackets. Short waisted style. Dated 2001 & 2003. Both jackets are made by ADA. Named. With a pr of trousers & a pr of bellbottoms. No damage/moth/staining visible. Light wear. Future research potential. (4 items).
Navy, Wool double breasted jacket with gilt KC buttons to Electronic Technician, Petty Officer. QC bullion collar insignia. Made by MTX. No damage/moth visible. Another wool, double breasted jacket with gilt QC buttons to a Warrant Officer in Control Systems Operator. QC bullion insignia on arm. A wool blend double breasted jacket with black QC buttons 'AUSTRALIA' titles removed. ADI made in 1991. Named. VGC. Bullion insignia show tarnish. (3 items).
Navy, Wool blend Navy Commodore jacket. MTX Label, Australia & Anchor Stokes buttons. Ribbon Bar for Distinguished Service Cross, 1939 star, Pacific, Defence, War & Australian Service Medal. Nice Bullion Rank of Commodore to ea sleeve. Mothed on lining but does not show on outer uniform. Unattributed. With pr of trousers. GC.
 SOLD at A$130
Navy WWII era, nursing sister shoulder cape in navy blue wool lined in red satin material. Closes with hook & eye epaulettes to probably take slip on type rank boards to both shoulders. 1 small hole to right front similar to RN nurses cape.
 SOLD at A$100
Navy, RAAF, kitbag, brown, filled with wide range of uniform items to RAAF & RAN. Mix of Auscam & dress uniform & more plus pr Auscam boots size 8. Fair-GC. (21 items inc kitbag)
 SOLD at A$120
Merchant Navy Jacket described by vendor as MN Marconi engineer. Off coloured khaki with pink collars & piping throughout. Buttons are M within a coiled tied rope, gold braid to collar. Moth holes spread over tunic front & arms, small size. With WW2 era khaki drill jacket, lightweight manufacture all cream coloured buttons. Displays well. Also a khaki drill tunic of WW2 era made by MTX with evidence of rank of major. No buttons, heavy spray staining of claret etc. Comes with matching belt with staybright buckle. (3).
 SOLD at A$75
RAAF, WWII style Enlisted rank's 4 pocket Airman's wool tunic with KC buttons, no belt. Very minor moth. No insignia or label. Probably WWII. 1960s RAAF battle dress named to a Cadet. QC buttons. Long RAAF wool blend coat with sew-in shoulder boards & all buttons. Very minor moth, light-medium wear. (3 items)
RAAF 1941 dated black, inner liner for the sidcot flying suit. All zippers working, no damage/stains apparent. Named inside to at least 3 different air crew members. Basic research included. Nice piece of flying kit as issued to Bomber crews. VGC.
RAAF Great Coat WW2 era with removeable epaulettes & rank for pilot officer, all KC bakelite buttons. Comes with matching wool belt. Jacket by MTX. A 1944 dated Airman's RAAF greatcoat label still present. One KC button detached but in pocket. 1st GC, 2nd heavily mothed. (2 items).
 SOLD at A$100
RAAF Australia Air Training Corp (ATC). 3 light blue 4 pocket service dress jackets with matching trousers. Date ranges from 1971 to 1996. Jacket & pants dated 1971 & 1988 respectively, trousers have wear on knee. Has ATC flat woven shoulder titles & corporal stripes. Named to the owner. Jacket & pants dated 1983 & 1980 respectively. Has metal 'AIRTC' lapel titles, rank on cuffs (one wide white stripe! Not named. Jacket & pants dated 1972 & 1996 respectively. Has flat woven ATC shoulder titles & thin white stripe on the cuffs. No apparent damage or mothing. GC. (6 items)
RAAF Battledress tunic. 1945 dated. MTX label with A?F, size 6. A few small moth holes to the back the largest being approx, 5mm wide. Typical plain plastic buttons. Quite a rare tunic in reasonably GC overall.
 SOLD at A$400
RAAF cWW2 Flight Sergeant blue wool, 4 pocket jacket. Early Wartime cloth shoulder eagles with red eyes. Cloth KC crown above the late war pattern stripes. No buttons. With original cloth belt. Owner's details present on back of neck near collar (hard to read). Matching pr of trousers dated 1942 with minor moth. GC.
 SOLD at A$140
RAAF cWW2 Flying Officer khaki cotton 4 pocket service dress tunic c1945. oxidised collar badges for medical department. KC bakelite buttons & oxidised KC rank badges. Has 2 overseas stripes. No belt. Made by MTX & undated. Named to A.D. Smith Ser Nr 135987 (Alexander David Smith). GC.
RAAF, Flight lieutenant summer tropical tunic & matching trouser MTX labels in both. Epaulettes with double blue rank lace. All staybright Eagle & QC buttons. Medal Ribbons for 1939-45 star, Pacific, Defence, War, Australian Service medal & RAF/RAAF Long Service good conduct medal. Trousers named to 'KNOX'. GC. (2 items).
RAAF. Uniform lot. 2 ATC wool tunics (1 with pants) dated 1960s. 1 RAAF service coat dated 1989. Both ATC uniforms are named, dated & have government labels. Pants also dated. Used condition, could use a clean, small blemishes. The RAAF service coat is in excellent condition, never worn. No insignia has ever been applied. Plus a Salvation Army tunic, is stripped & has some embellishments removed. Service used but still presentable. Reserved to sell.
RAAF. Uniforms. Service dress 4 pocket jacket, light blue wool blend with bullion Pilot's wings & trousers to a Flight Lieutenant, Pilot. Dated 1972 (CGCF) & 1979 (AGCF), respectively. Trousers are named, owner details on jacket blacked-out. Bullion Pilot's wings toned but in excellent condition. Plus service coat with 2 pockets, made by AGCF 1983, named. No damage/mothing. Slight wear around collar of jacket together with a 2001 dated green Defence Force flight suit. GC. A very presentable uniform to a pilot. (4 items)
RAAF. Vietnam era dark blue gabardine overcoat dated 1967 inc belt. QC Staybrite buttons. CGCF. VGC. Australia, RAAF shoulder flashes. Plus dark blue Gabardine overcoat, dated 1964. QC Staybrite buttons dated 1964. VGC. Both VGC. (2)
RAAF. Wing Commander's light blue wool dress service jacket with bullion padded QC Pilot's wings, QC buttons & cloth 'Australia' titles. Made by ADI dated 1991, matching trousers, 1996 dated, by ADA. Ribbon bar with 2 ribbons (Conspicuous Service Cross & Defence Force Service Medal). Not named. Plus Leading Aircraftman's wool jacket with QC buttons & cloth LAC badges. Shoulders have cloth Australia titles, dated 1976 by CGCF. Not named. Comes with AGCF made tie. Bullion wing toned but not faded. No mothing or damage. GC. Nice tunic to a Pilot with long service & conspicuous service. Makes a nice display. (4 items)
RAAF WWII 1940-45 Flight Sergeant's medical department service dress jacket & trousers. MTX size 15 label named to 33128 Sheidow. Plus trousers in VGC named as above. Tunic, with matching belt & all insignia still present. Minor mothing to right sleeve. Basil Sheidow enlisted RAAF 1940.
 SOLD at A$210
RAAF WWII, Air Gunner's four pocket officers, dark blue wool service dress jacket for a Flying Officer. Maker label for 299, has a date of 1943. Tunic is not named. It has a slightly padded Air Gunner wing (mid to late war style) & a cloth 4 x year overseas stripes. Cloth belt is missing. All KC buttons are present. Minor scattered mothing. 1 pr late issue trousers & 1 pr civilian manufacture trousers. Fair-GC. (3).
 SOLD at A$275
RAAF. Air Training Corp (ATC) uniforms. 2 dark blue wool battle dress jackets, 1 khaki shirt (post WWII) & an overcoat (WWII & post). To Enlisted rank. Dark blue wool battle dress jacket made by CGCF. Date obscured by owner's name & number (Gamsby 110245). Probably 1960s. Has 2 ATC RAAF slip-ons & rank for LAC. Comes with an RAAF khaki polyester shirt dated 1975, which has khaki ARC RAAF slip-ons & brown LAC rank. No moth/damage, light wear (collar). Has 3x propeller rank badge in pocket. Dark blue wool battle dress jacket by CGCF dated 1969. Named to G. Aitkin 79166. Has wool ATC shoulder titles. QC buttons. No mothing/damage. Heavy dark blue wool ATC overcoat. Short length with wool ATC wool shoulder titles. Mothing to front. Made by Rockingham Clothes Ltd. Several issue names. Missing 2 KC buttons. Greatcoat GC but some minor moth. Other items near excellent condition. Interesting ATC ensemble. (4 items)
 SOLD at A$100
RAAF. Cadet uniforms inc Auscam jackets (6) & trousers (6). All have jungle green diff Cadet badges and/or ranks plus floppy Auscam hats (2). Average-GC. (14)
 SOLD at A$100
Australian Air League, 3 four pocket dark blue wool service dress jackets post WWII. With all insignia. CGCF made tunic with 'Australia Air League Gosford' cloth titles; chrome & enamel collar badges, sky blue lanyard & medal ribbon bar. Small mothing, no cloth belt, rank to shoulder boards. Darker blue coloured wool. No makers details/label. Early white metal/enamel collar badges. Has 'Australian Air League Hornsby RSL' cloth titles & cloth 'A' to ea cuff. Rank to shoulder boards. No cloth belt. Another tunic of very modern construction with private tailor label. 'Australian Air League Keith Smith Wing' cloth titles. Maroon wool collar patches have a silver wire wing embroidered on ea. Silver rank to shoulder boards & blue lanyard. GC to Poor. Uncommon.
SES NSE State Emergency Services Inspector's uniform. Include tunic with badges & rank, trousers. 2 tee shirts, size 10½ boots. Also a yellow Safety Marshall hat & hi vis jacket, notebook. All in safety site Marshall bag. VGC. (9 items).
 SOLD at A$50
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