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Aircraft window from an unknown aircraft convex, perspex, oval 58cmx42cm with 40 holes drilled around. Slight yellow tint to perspex & minor scratches. No identifying markings but with sticker '27 P**225 175 Volgno Top (typed) '59/C? 13-1-59' IN PEN. Interesting display item. Good.
Arm bands, mostly European inc British, German & French c.1960-70 inc police & air associated plus 2 patches. inc civil airline, medic & similar para military type related units. An interesting lot, some worthy of further research GC. (17 items)
ca.1860 Map of Asia by G H Swanston Edinburgh covers from Eastern Europe to Japan & down to parts of the East Indies. 500x390mm, country borders, hand tinted. Trace of toning & sl separation in margin at base of original centre fold not affecting map, o/w VF.
Badges etc. Excellent lot of approx (250) woven world military badges. c.1945-2000 Many Australian Defence Force & U.S. & world trade & specialist badges. Many of these badges retail for up to $20 each. Great collection expander or resale lot. VG-EF.
 SOLD at A$250
Belgium: 1914-19 Inter-Allied Victory Medal & War Commemorative Medal with 3 x bronze & 1 x gilt bar to ribbon & with investiture pins to reverse of ribbon. Victory without ribbon. gVF/aEF (2)
British Commonwealth. 1939-45 War Medal with ribbons (8) ( 7 named) probably to South Africans plus Medal Year Book 2009, 582 pgs. Lists & values all British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand & South African medals. (9 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Equipment lot ca WWII from various countries: European khaki canvas with leather trim 'Bergen' type rucksack with brown leather strapping. Shoulder straps of brown leather with felt padding (leather dry) marked 'RK 3'53'; pr of black leather (German ?) ankle boots with leather soles stamped '43' (unstitched toe); Swedish Mod 1917 ammunition 'Bandolier' waist belt with 'dog-clip' attachment', brown leather & canvas; pr German 1933 triple-pocket ammunition pouches; post war German (?) field flashlight with blue/green/red sliding lenses & vinyl button tabs. Marked 'Artas'; Swedish rifle cleaning kit, complete in blue canvas pouch (oil bottle, grease bottle, pull-thru; cleaning tool etc); German wool 'Kopfhaub' tube. Rucksack leather dry but intact. Overall VGC. Some scarce items included.
France: 1939-45 Helmet & water bottle lot. Mod 1926 'Adrian' helmet with Infantry frontal disc (grenade, 'RF' on ball). Early full leather liner & chin strap intact; a similar example to above, but with Artillery frontal plate & later style vinyl liner with leather chin strap (damaged); a Model 1935 3x litre water bottle. No felt cover, repainted, with web shoulder strap & cork. Overall VGC. (3)
 SOLD at A$200
French Foreign Legion & Infantry Uniform & Equipment lot, 1914-18.Ca. Enlisted man's Mod 1915 horizon-blue field tunic with collar insignia for 1st Infantry Regiment, Montpellier maker & issue stamps c/1917-18 (with a post-war theatrical company ownership stamp); Mod.1892/14 Infantry 'Y' strap suspenders in brown leather; pr of double-pocket leather pouches (1 x brown, 1 x black) of probable French origin; a Mod. 1926 steel helmet 'Adrian', comp but badge separated from front; pr of c/1920 French Foreign Legion dress shoulder boards for Troupe, emerald green with red wool tassels & crescents backed in mustard khaki wool cloth; machine gun training manual; 'Manuel du Mitrailleur' 1929 with text & illustrations 55pgs. Minor moth stains to tunic, overall VGC. Nice early Legion related lot. (P)
French Colonial 1950 Algerian War Tuareg camel saddle 'RAHLA', Saharan Meharist Companies (serving alongside French & French Foreign Legion troops in Algeria). Made from palm wood overlaid with goatskin (dyed with green & red vegetables dyes) & gazelle skin. Studs & mounts of brass & nickel. Traditional pommel shape representative of the Southern Cross. Height 810mm, depth 770mm. Together with a set of tribe made iron camel hobbles (reminiscent of leg irons). Minor damage to areas. VGC overall. Saharan Meharist Companies were recruited from Tuareg tribesmen from the area of El-Oued / Tougfourt (Tunis/Morocco border). RARE. (P)
Germany - Imperial: 1895-1918 Wurttemberg & Prussia. Belt Plate Centre lot of 3: Wurttemberg Enlisted Ranks centre disc in nickel; Prussian Enlisted Ranks centre disc, nickel; Ditto but in Iron. All removed from plates. gVF
 SOLD at A$60
Germany - Imperial. 1911 Dated black leather P08 Luger Holster. O/a age crazing to the leather, one rear belt loop completely separated from the holster. (Placed inside the holster). Has maker's stamp. Ink stamp of a Bavarian regiment & the 1911 date both inside the flap. Fair condition
Germany - Imperial Prussia Drummer's waist belt side-drum support 'TROMMELSCHERE'. Brass Prussian Eagle with 2x hooks at base to support drum. Swivelling bracket to top attached to brown leather frog/belt-loop. VGC. Scarce.
Germany - Imperial: 1914-18 Military Pass to Telegraphist Johan Lisson, born Prussia, 12/3/1893. Enl 14/5/15 Telegraph Bns inc 1 Erz Bn, Luft Regt 63; Armee Feldspreich-Abteilungs 15, 17 & 20 etc. Service appears to be mainly in Serbia & the Balkans. Apparent discharge/Demob 10/4/19. No decorations listed. Light brown card covers. Printed impressions of Prussian Colonial or Administrative Eagle over 'Militarpass' & 'Telegraphtruppen'. 20pgs with additional inserts. Folds, minor tears. VGC
 SOLD at A$50
Germany - Imperial: 1914-18 souvenir belt. Equipment waist belt, leather with iron hook prong (no plate) dated 1916. Set overall with 20x buttons, all German. Inc 10x silvered Kaiserliche Marine NCO type large buttons, 2x silvered officer KM, 8x nickel Hussar type buttons. All KM button EF+. Exc. Reserved at the value of the buttons only.
Germany - Imperial: 1914-18 Framed lithographic print & original enlisted man's 'pork pie' field cap. Printed by Daryl Lindsay entitled 'The Diggers Prize' (from the 'Digger' book ca 1919 by D Lindsay & C Dutton, Sun Art Studios, Melbourne, limited edition of 450 copies & 30 artists proofs). Depicts a newly captured German soldier in mod 1910 field uniform (less equipment) & steel helmet. Framed & glazed 400mm x 270mm. Original, relic condition field cap of grey-green wool cloth with red piping to crown & with red band. National & state cockades complete to front (rusted) still with piece of its original grey-green cloth camouflage band set below the lower. Evidence of name to left side of cap in ink. Late war manufacture. Cap with heavy moth & damage overall. Relic condition. The print a scarce limited edition war art piece. In excellent condition.
Germany - Imperial 1914-18 Vehicle light WWI marked Herm Reiman, Phanomen, Chemniz-Gablenz. Powered by kerosene, oil or similar. This lantern reputedly captured from a similar WWI German vehicle by a WWI Digger. Appears nickel plated metal. Must be scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
Germany - Imperial: 1914-18 Binoculars by Carl Zeiss, Jena. 'Telact, 2x' serial No 168311. Adjustable alloy bridge, leatherette covered, blackened brass body. Adjustable bakelite eye pieces. Comp with original leather neck strap. Evidently a battlefield acquired item used later by Allied serviceman as it now bears the contemporary chisel-cut name 'G. E. Rich'. optics good. VGC overall
Germany - Imperial:1914-18 Infantry Enlisted Man's Marching Boots 'Dice Shakers' pr. Side-seamed uppers, soles with iron heel caps & toe caps. Near text-book examples in blackened brown leathers but with the addition of stitched toe caps. About size 7. Leather still supple, wear consistent with use. VGC. Very scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$325
Germany - Imperial: 1916-45 Wartime Periodicals: Die Woche, Kriegs Jahr 1916', issue 37, 9 Sept 1916. Soft card covers, approx. 50pgs. Text, b/w photos articles inc U-boat, Turks, Women of the Theatre etc; 'Signaal' (the Dutch Language Version of the German Propaganda Mag 'Signal') 2 Mar 1941. 50 pgs b/w & colours photos. Articles noted new torpedo developments etc. Covers separated on both, but comp. VGC (2)
 SOLD at A$60
Germany. 1930s Third Reich era black & white photos , 165mmx115mm pictures inc Hitler Portraits, Armed Forces Parades, Hitler Rallies, Motorcades & others inc Weapons of War. Ex contemporary confectionery produced album. F-VF condition. (32)
 SOLD at A$75
Germany.1930s-45. Third Reich era postage stamps (64) inc Hitler portraits, swastikas, occupations inc Bohemia Red Cross plus 6 postal cards featuring Adolph Hitler & 4 coins depicting Eagle & swastika plus WWI era banknotes 50, 100, 100 Mark (5 ea) & 10 dated 1912-20. (64 stamps, 4 coins, 6 cards, 25 notes)
 SOLD at A$75
Germany: 1934 10 Reichsmark banknote opt in red on 1933 issue. P-208. Conversion fund for German foreign debt used to pay Jews for confiscated property. Stains at base VF+. Scarce.
Germany: 1935 Statuette, Army Infantry Grenadier advancing, throwing stick grenade. Heroic Patriotic Sculpture Prize. Silvered spelter on plinth, all on a black marble base. Evidence of glue to left hand (thumb damaged). Plaque to base inscribed: 'Gren Johannes Robling, 4 Komp (EGR 3F) JR Postdam, 28.10.34-12.10.35'. Height approx 100mm. Length of base 230mm. VGC. Scarce, personalised, impressive. (P)
 SOLD at A$300
Germany 1935-36 Nazi period 5 Reichsmark silver coins, , lot of 10 diff dates/mints, obv portrait of former chancellor Paul Von Hindenburg & rev of Teutonic Eagles. Struck Munich, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Mulden-Hutten, Stuttgart & Hamburg mints. KM: 86. Contain over 4oz fine silver
 SOLD at A$220
Germany: 1936-56 Historically significant Olympics memorabilia1936 Berlin Olympics newspaper 'Olympia Zeitung', all with interesting photographs of various events. Interesting shots of Nazi leaders inc Goring & Hitler. 5 of the newspapers are missing the covers o/w all in average condition. (10 diff). 1956 Olympics Melbourne commemorative book still new in its original mailing card box. (11 items)
 SOLD at A$75
Germany. 1939-45 Army (Heer) belt & aluminium buckle by Berg & Nolte, dated 1935. GC.
 SOLD at A$160
Germany.1939-45 Car Pennant, red triangular with white stiffened roundel & black stiffened swastika to keep pennant stiff when no breeze, WWII photo album (40 photos) about half with troops of other military related, model 43 Police Field Cap with swastika badge & a similar black cap (very small size) with German eagle (both dubious), 2 magazines 1936 Germany Illustrated & ca1942 Die Wehrmacht inc Russian Front coverage (both tatty) plus WWI Cross of Honour medal with swords. VGC. (7 items)
 SOLD at A$180
Germany. 1939-45 Hitler wall plaque in high relief brass, with bronzed finish to Hitler's head & background. Finished with a verdigris type finish. Heavy plaque. Mounting plate to rear. Below the image of Hitler in polished brass 'Ich glaube an Deutschland und kampfe dafur heute und morgen und in der Zukunft bis unser der Zieg ist'. Indistinct foundry mark on underside of neck, mount screws on rev. GC. Originality unascertainable. Nice collector's piece.
Germany: 1939-45 Equipment & Headgear lot of 8: pr black leather ankle boots with hobnailed soles & iron cleats to toes & heels, grey felt lined, about size 7, soles stamped '11' & '39'; pr Mod 1933 triple-pocket ammunition pouches, black pebbled finish leather with iron hardware, matched pr; WW2 type German Army field flashlight with faux leather button tabs, green/red/blue sliding lenses, marked 'Artas'; a c/1970's West German red beret (no badge); a WW2 Army issue winter kopfhaube, thick padded grey/green cotton outer, white cotton inner, less buttons; a relic Model 1935 steel helmet, evidently ground-dug & restored with a rough cast 'Normandy' pattern finish to outer shell, no liner. Boots near unissued. Overall VGC. The hobnailed boots scarce. Interesting group!
Germany: 1939-45 Infantry Equipment lot. Excavated (relic) Mod 1940 steel helmet shell (about size 62); 3 x triple-pocket Mod 1933 ammo pouches (2 are a matched pr); Spanish issue gasmask & canister, very similar to the German contemporary from which it was copied, comp with web strap & belt strap; pr German c/WW2, ankle boots in black leather with grey felt lining, solid leather soles; pr of European (similar German) c/WW2 boots with hobnails, leather soles; a WW2 German gas goggle; WW2 German field flashlight with blue sliding lens by 'PERTRIX, NO.679' (minor rust, button-hole tab missing). Overall VGC. Good starter lot, the boots becoming scarce. (9 items)
Germany: 1939-45 Waffen-SS Ski-Troops ('Prinz Eugen' Division etc). Snow ski fittings in box of issue. Civilian acquired item with Waffen-SS property stamp to parts: 'EIGENTUM d WAFFEN-SS'. Some items with apparent date '40' & Waffen-SS ownership stamps. Comp in card box of retail. Unissued. Comprises pairs of plates, brackets, clamps, springs, bolts, leather boot straps etc. All with chromed or galvanised finish. Box with damage (tears to folds/corners). VGC. Rare - probably the buyers are, too!!
Germany 1945-42 Officer's (Army) riding boots pr, black leather. Wood pegged leather soles with rubber heel covering. Stamped to interior 'PO 1942'. About size 9. 1 x sole drilled through to accommodate a mannequin stand o/w VGC.
 SOLD at A$160
Germany: 1939-45 helmets. 1/. M42 combat helmet shell, painted black (Civilian Defence) with Post War leather & vinyl liner/chin strap; 2/. Luftschutz 'Polizei' style helmet, black paint finish with full liner (size 57) & chin strap. No decals. Both with areas of light rust. Overall VGC. A nice pr. (2)
Germany: 1939-45 Army Canvas Equipment lot: Shelter quarter (Zeltbahn) model 1931 standard 'splinter pattern' camouflage for army; personal effects bag, light brown canvas, aluminium eyelets to opening, red reinforcing tags to opening; mess tin cover for medal 1931 mess tin, tan/green canvas with brown leather tap & aluminium stud closure, dated 1942 (evidently originally part of the 'tornister' backpack). The zeltbahn with tears & moth, but displays well folded/rolled. Overall VGC. (3)
Germany: ca 1939-46 army equipment lot comprising: pr leather boots ('Jack Boots'); pr of black leather mod 1909 (triple pouch) ammunition carriers; bread bag mod 1931 (leather dry, less central belt hook strap); gas mask canister (no mask or straps) mod 1938; relic (ground dug) mod 1942 steel helmet; high quality reproduction of a 1944 patt battle jacket with insignia (collar Litzen appear original). Some fading, wear & minor damage overall. Overall GC. A great starter lot.
 SOLD at A$400
Germany: 1939-45 Army Uniform & Equipment - pr of Mod 1939 'Dice shaker' marching boots (about size 8); pr boots ankle, black leather with hobnailed soles/heel (5 x eyelet); an excavated, relic, M.42 steel helmet shell; pr of triple-pocket Mod 1933 black leather ammo pouches with zinc plated iron fittings (both marked '15'); a field light with red & green sliding lens & leather button hole tab (rusted but restorable); an excellent quality, reproduction, field grey 'Panzer jacket' for self propelled gun crews, comp with Artillery 'Mann' insignia. Overall VGC, helmet a relic. VGC. The marching 'Jack' boots & ankle boots becoming scarce. (6 items)
Germany. 1939-45 era Nazi Fuhrer standard (flag) , 380mm x 420mm, framed & glazed. Has triangular leather corner patches sewn to 2 corners where cord string ties are. This pennant is sold as seen. It has not been removed from its frame. Frame size 580x620mm. GC.
 SOLD at A$160
Germany: 1939-45 Aces Luftwaffe Autographed Photo Lot. B/W Portrait photos (copies of wartime shots) ea with post-war signatures in ink: Adolf Galland (104 Victories) in Majors uniform wearing Knights Crocs with Oak leaves & swords; Erich Rudorffer (222 Victories), informal shot in rolled shirt sleeves wearing Knights Cross with Oak leaves; Karl Rammelt (46 Victories) wearing Majors uniform & cap with Knights Cross, German Cross, Iron Cross 1st Cl, ribbon bar & Day Fighter Clasp with numbered spange. VGC. Scarce original Luftwaffe Knights Cross Autographs. (3)
 SOLD at A$75
Germany 1939-45 Autographed Luftwaffe photos (3) & an original listing of personnel of Kampfgeschwader No. 55, 1939: B/W Post-war photo of FW 200 signed by Robert Kowalweski & Bernard Jope; post war B/W copy of wartime photo of HEIII (?) nose signed by Friedrich Ritz, Chief Test Pilot for Heinkel: Post War B/W copy of wartime photo of crew before aircraft signed by Hans E Bab; 3 pg original typed list of personnel of Kampfgeschwader No. 55 'Giessen, Den 11.5.1939 - Berufsverwendungs Liste Der Unteroffiziere Und Mannschaften'. In envelope addressed to 'Oberleutnan Dorrfuss, II/Kampfgeschwader 55'. VGC. (4)
 SOLD at A$100
Germany 1939-45 U-Boat Ace Erich Topp (Commander of U-552 'the Red Devil boat') autograph. B/W post war photo of bow of U-Boat signed at top left: 'Erich Topp, U552' in felt-tipped pen; together with a B/W post war copy of photo of a Focke-Wolff FW.200 aircraft personally signed in ink by Robert Kowglewski & Bernhard Jope; an unnamed Luftwaffe Knights Cross, Swords & Oak leaves (possibly diamonds?) recipient portrait; a postcard of German Para's dropping over Crete. VGC. (4)
 SOLD at A$80
Germany: 1940 50,000 Reichsmark 4% bond with German Eagle & Nazi Swastika in blue within green & multicolour background. Black print with red eagle & swastika rubber stamp at bottom right. 215 x 297mm. Consec pr nos 1099 & 1100. Almost certainly used to finance the war. UNC
Germany: 1941 Sachenhausen Concentration Camp printed letter sheet with long message in ink. 2 stamp removed from front, probably to check no message underneath. Camp censor hand stamp on front GC. Rare survivor.
Germany: 1941 printed Letter sheet from an inmate in Mauthausen Concentration Camp with hand written message in German. VGC. Rare survivor.
Germany. Propaganda leaflet 1942 'Gedanken des Fuhrers uber die Waffen SS', number G42, (dropped by the allies in 1942). It publishes a letter by Hitler revealing his plans with the SS, a document captured in Africa, March 1942. 420x130mm. G-VG, edge tears & folds. Scarce.
Germany: 1942 Envelope with Holocaust connections. Official buff paper of the German Postal Service in the East. 4 x stamps (6 Groschen) with cancellation stamp for Jaslo, Krakow district dated 7/7/42. Addressed to the President of the 'Landesarbeitsamts, Sudwestdeutschland, Stuttgart'. Official stamp of 'Generalgouvernement, Distrikt Krakau, Der Kreisbauctmann in Jaslo Arbeitsamt.' These departments were responsible for the allocation of Jewish 'Labour & Resettlement'. The actual day of this cancellation stamp (7/7/42) was when over 1250 Jews were rounded up in Jaslo & surrounds, taken to pits in the Forest of Halbow & murdered. Most of the survivors of the round up were transported to Belzec Death Camp later in the year. gVF
 SOLD at A$50
Germany. Satirical Prints. WWII . Framed & glazed by artist Stanislaw Toegel. 'The Dream of Power 1941' shows Hitler dressed as an angel flying over the world imprisoned. 'Germania Furiosa 1943' shows woman in SS helmet over letter 'V' throwing bombs & with bloodied sword in other hand, dead & hanging civilians in the background & in front of a bombed out city. Toegel was a Polish Officer & was captured for the 2nd time 1944 during which time he made the drawings. Both are scarce as limited printing of 1450 prints made in 1946. Outer dimensions 700mm x 500mm. Two previous dealers description labels added to print card border on each but these don't impact the print. Both VGC. Scarce. (2)
 SOLD at A$200
Germany: 2003 Dragon's Models collectable WW2 action figures lot of 4 with German Parachutist theme: Figure, complete in box WW2 Sudetenland 1938, Fallschirm Infanterie Bataillon 'ALOIS', Operation Green 'SHUTZE', complete & unopened; Figure, complete in box - WW2. Holland 1940, German Paratrooper w/drop canister, Fallschirmjager Regt I, 'BRUNO ADLER', complete & unopened; Accessories set, Fallschirmjager equipment set Number I - comprising Camo. Para smock, Luftwaffe, Para Helm, Gravity Knife, Parachute & pack, complete in package of issue, unopened; Accessories set, Fallschirmjager equipment set Number 2, comprising - splinter pattern para smock, KAR.98 Rifle, Gravity knife, neck type cloth bandolier, para knee pads, complete in package of issue & unopened. Minor scuff to boxes. Exc. Become difficult to obtain & quite collectable. (4 items in original boxes)
 SOLD at A$100
Germany: ca WWII magazines 'Welt Und Heimat,' (3) a B&W photo of soldiers with an observation balloon to the cover of 1issue, 'Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung' (2), B&W photo of a Swedish soldier to the front cover of one issue & the 'Kolnische Illustrierte Zeitung' which has a B&W photo of Adolf Hitler wearing his political uniform, accompanied by Reichsminister Darre wearing his black 'SS Gruppenfuhrer tunic, to the front cover. German text.. GC for age. (6 items)
 SOLD at A$100
Great Britain: 1803 William Pitt (the Younger) Commemorative Portrait medallion in pewter. 52mm. Obv Portrait of Pitt to left. Rev Figure of grieving Britannia before sepulchre. Minor 'bubbling' to obverse surface. gVF
Great Britain: 1821 Coronation of George IV medallion by T. Halliday & P Kempson & Son, W/M with 60% original tinned finish intact, 49mm. Obv, GIVR, laureate bust left. Rev, coronation scene. Pierced at 12 o'clock. gVF. BHM: 1073. Scarce
Great Britain: ca1890-40 Ancient Order of Foresters (Friendly Society, formed 1834) sash & badge lot. Sash in green watered silk 65mm wide by 1330mm long. Colour embroidery to 'front' depicting all-seeing-eye over crest with title 'AOF' & 'Unity/Benevolence/& Concord'; lapel badge in brass & enamel of stag head within coronet over title 'AOF'. Crescent-moon button-hole mount to rev. VF. (2)
 SOLD at A$40
Great Britain. 1898 Boer War Orange Free State Money Order for 2/6 (1d) brown. UN, several folds etc, fresh appearance. H&G J3. Scarce.
Great Britain. 1900 Boer War: Bulawayo Siege note Marshall Hole currency card 1/- 1-8-1900, Type D/1 with Rhodesia 1/- stamp used to monetarise the card. P-S665c. A little aged. aEF. Issued due to the scarcity of small change. Very Scarce as most were redeemed after the siege. (P)
Great Britain. 1900 Boer War Mafeking Siege banknote February 1900 2/- no. B9481, authorised by Col R S S Baden-Powell issued by Chief Paymaster. Small cnr repair, VG. PS-652. Very scarce as most were redeemed
 SOLD at A$250
Great Britain. 1900 Boer War Mafeking Siege banknote January 1900 3/- no. A3262. Authorised by Col R S S Baden-Powell, issued by Chief Paymaster Capt A Greener. VG, tiny central wear hole. PS-653 cat US$500, worth more. Rare as most were redeemed (P)
Great Britain. 1900 Boer War Mafeking Siege banknote March 1900 10/- No 4604. PS-654b. Bottom margin bit rough, pin holes, aVF. Together with a contemporary facsimile note by W Green & Co. Black spot gVF. .Issued note very scarce. The facsimile is rare. (2) (P)
Great Britain. Map. WWI period fabric map of the Balkans with enlargement of Dardanelles inset, sold as souvenir of the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign Map surrounded by ropes & anchors. Approx 590x570mm. Few minor age stains o/w GC.
Great Britain. Navy, RFC, AFC, WWI souvenirs. Wooden cookie jar, tea caddy or whatever, 150mm dia, 110mm high, with plaque under lid guaranteeing it was made from the propellers of a 1914-18 British Aircraft. Metal interior plus 2 small teak barrel shaped containers (80mm high) for pens etc. Both have brass plaques made from the teak of 1st HMS Iron Duke, Lord Jellicoe's flagship at Jutland, 2nd HMS Warspite. GC. A great desk set for the militaria collector. (3)
Great Britain: 1914-18 Trench art ash tray. Made from 18 PDR fuse cover with three legs made from MKVI. 303 Rounds. D arrow stamp & RL stamp. VGC. Nice interesting piece of trench art.
Great Britain. ca 1914 Patriotic Tray. Brass (evidence of silver plate) central design of embossed figures of Belgian soldier, British 'Tommy' & French Poilu clasping hands. Stamped: 'S & CO COPYRIGHT'. 170mm x 113mm. Well polished. GC.
Great Britain: 1914-18 Stoke-on-Trent 'Arcadian China' Patriotic Souvenir lot. Bearing city Coat of Arms in forms of: Army Patt 1902 Visor cap with enamel decal to top of the arms of Great Yarmouth 36mm(H) x 60mm (DAI): Miniature jug bearing the enamel Arms of Roysth b/w 2 'tar jacks', 81mm(H); artillery projectile bearing enamel Arms of Aldershot, 69mm; artillery projectile bearing enamel Arms of Leven, 70mm. Minor wear to gilding. gVF/aEF (4)
Great Britain: 1914-18 Large Original Recruiting Poster. 'To the women of Britain - some of your men folk are holding back on your account - won't you prove your love for your Country by persuading them to go?' Bold white script on brown with red border. Published by the Parliamentary Recruiting committee, London - poster No. 55 - the Romwell Press, Strand, London'. 730mm x 510mm. Folds, minor corner damage. Generally VGC. Now stored flat on card, with plastic covering. All WWI recruiting posters are rare. Great display item.
 SOLD at A$150
Great Britain: 1914-18 Large Original Recruiting Poster, paper, off-white with black printing. Red King's crown & 'Buckingham Palace' at top, signature (printed) 'George RI' at bottom. Text is 24 lines beginning: 'To my people, at this grave moment in the struggle b/w my people & a highly organised enemy?' etc etc 760mm x 510mm. Folds & corner tears. Minor stains. Generally VGC. Stored flat, on card with plastic overlay. All WWI recruiting posters are rare. A great display item
Great Britain: 1914-18 Large Original Recruiting Poster, paper, printed black, green, orange. 'To the Women of Britain. You have read what the Germans have done in Belgium. Have you thought what they might do if they invade this country' etc etc (4 points) 'Won't you help and send a man to join the Army today?' 760mm x 510mm, 'published by the Parliamentary recruiting committee, London - poster No. 69. Folds, minor edge tears & damage to outer edges. Generally VGC. Now stored flat, on card with plastic overlay. All WWI recruiting posters are rare. Great display item
 SOLD at A$200
Great Britain: 1914-18 Large Original Recruiting War Loan Poster, July 1915. 'Appeal to Women - make every penny do the work of two - put your savings in the war loan'. Vignettes of 'Tommy's' at top, bottom & sides, text within. Published by the Parliamentary War Savings Committee, London. Poster No. 5, printed by David Allen & Sons Ltd, Harrow, Middlesex W6398 20M 7/15'. Paper, colour, 760mm x 510mm. A little aged, minor corner damage. Folds & minor stains. Generally VGC. Stored flat on card with plastic covering. Great display item. Rare.
 SOLD at A$200
Great Britain. Map (1915) Gallipoli Peninsula 8th Army Corps showing (Australian), British & French Trenches 7th July revised July 28, August 6, 17, 23, 31, Sep 25, Oct 25. Shows Y Beach, Gully Beach, X Beach at left, Morto Bay right trenches to top & right. Printed in black on a type of oil cloth, sea tinted blue, trenches hand drawn in magenta. Scale 6 inches to a mile. The Krithia Rd & Nullah are connected/crossed by No 1 Australian Line & Bo 2 Australian Line. Also noted Boomerang Rd. Edges but dirty/stained, rotting crease. Map overall GC. Approx 590x600mm. Rare. Plus large C19th plans for house in Gulistan Lucknow. (2)
Great Britain.. Map. No 1. 1915, Gallipoli showing British & Turkish trenches, mule trenches, roads, tunnels, regimental dressing stations & Aid Posts etc. Prepared by 2nd Lt F W Cramer Roberts, West Kent Yeomanry prepared for 42nd Division, 20 Dec 1915. SECRET, not to be taken into action, printed at top. Map appears to be printed in black with additional new information added by hand in magenta, on a type of oil cloth. Scale 1:2500, smaller inset map 1:1250 is marked Boges Point. Very rare map. Rolled, few dirty marks, odd tone but overall VGC.
 SOLD at A$100
Great Britain. Map (1915) Gallipoli Peninsula X & W Beaches, Cape Helles, Morto Bay, road to Krithia, cemetery Lancashire Landing, roads & trenches. Tear in top margin & a small one at base, rolled o/w GC. Produced for 8th Army Corps using info from GHQ Survey & aeroplane photographs, scale 1:10000. Approx 390mm x 550mm (o/a). Printed in black on paper. Very scarce original map.
 SOLD at A$60
Great Britain. Army belt post 1917 OR brown leather cross strap with pouch. Badge on pouch French Eagle of 105 Regiment over Waterloo, imposed on crossed rifles being Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (greys & carabineers). Comes with six spare black sporran tassels plus white sword belt with straps & KC Dieu et Mon Droit buckle. GC. 2 nice belts. (8 items)
 SOLD at A$100
Great Britain: 1919 Special Constabulary Long Service Medal, GVR. Crowned head, impressed officially: 'Walter King'; plus Efficiency Medal, 'Territorial' suspender, GVR impressed officially: 'T/82042 CPL. F. KING'. gVF-aEF. (2)
Great Britain: ca1920 large printed colour advertising poster to British Ex servicemen to visit Mons. Printed in Mons. Titled: 'Mons 1914-18 - British Tourists! Visit Mons (Belgium)' etc. Coloured image of City arms & skyscape with British Soldiers, Cavalry, Highlanders etc. Blue/red/brown ink on white paper 930mm x 620mm. Folds. VGC. Scarce
 SOLD at A$120
Great Britain. Army. WWII Royal Artillery soldier pay book & soldier's release book. Served 1940-45 entitled to 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star & War Medals together with a 1944 dated Australian ration card to a female inc a quantity of unrelated post WWII literature, with approx ½ of this related to Northern Ireland in the mid 1970s & Battle of Britain booklet plus a small frame with 4 badges of the Royal Observer Corps. Fair-GC, typical of age. (20 items)
Great Britain: 1940 Small Aircraft Compliance Plate removed from a crashed aircraft in North Africa aluminium. Inscribed (scratched) into rev: 'RAF Blenheim, crashed 10/3/40 Mersa Matru'. Obv with officially impressed: 'Serial No. R2/3903. Drg N: 58127/14. Date: 31/3/39 Ins stamp: 'AID/J.19' & 'R2.10R' 52mm x 26mm. An AIF Veteran bring back & scarce. Worthy of further research. Reverse with original paint finish. gVF.
Great Britain. RAF, 1940 Battle of Britain commemorative plates, complete set of 6, by Franklin Mint. All individually numbered, excellent condition. High original cost. 2 brass WWII Spitfire trench art type pieces. 1st is climbing Spitfire, 2nd is a small Spitfire mounted on a 1940 One Shilling coin, all on a brass column. Plus 3 golden era collector's cards displaying the Avro Shackleton, Short Stirling & Avro Lancaster, in a well displayed glass & timber frame. GC. (9 items)
Great Britain: 1939-45 Scarce well known glazed novelty drinking tankard in the shape of a wine barrel with an RAF 'Squaddie' forming the handle. Imprinted wording 'Roll out the Barrel' (From that famous wartime song). Made by Wade Heath, England. A very nice, colourful display item. VGC
 SOLD at A$60
Great Britain: 2004 - W. Britain (No.17497) WW2 Soviet T-34 tank. Good detail. Mint condition in original box.
 SOLD at A$60
Great Britain. Flag, post 1968 Royal Regiment of Wales regimental flag. Featuring in white on green cotton the Roman numerals XXIV to one side XLI to the other with grey highlighted Prince of Wales plumes & motto to the centre. Large flag, barrack flag size 1800mm x 1100mm. Comes with a post 1930s Officer's coloured sidecap to the East Lancashire Regiment. Good, typical age wear. Nice regimental barrack flag. (2)
Great Britain RMS Titanic, commemorative display, nicely presented in 4 quality frames with postcards, all glazed. Plus 14 additional separate postcards. Photographs from the Father Browne Titanic Collection (modern). Francis Patrick Mary Browne, Irish Jesuit, was on Titanic. He was ordered by his superior to ''get off that ship'' & did so at Queenstown. During WWI he was a Chaplain to the Irish Guards & earned the Military Cross & bar plus the Croix de Guerre & 3 other frames, 2 being magazine covers & 1 an original Daily express May 31 1940, front page report of the Dunkirk evacuation. GC. (4 frames, 14 separate & 3 other frames)
 SOLD at A$65
Great Britain. RAF Air Marshalls etc Autographs: 1988 commemorative cover. 48th ann. of the Battle of Britain. 'The Defence Medal' central colour photo of medal surrounded by 7 x line drawings of aircraft & personally signed by: Air V. Marshall Sir Alan Boxer; Air C. Marshall Sir Brian Burnett; Fl. Lt. T. Franks (Polish); Air Marshall Sir Peter Wykeham; Air V. Marshall Sir Lawrence Sinclair; Air C Marshall Sir Peter Le Sheminant; Wing-com. Belgrave-Lucas. Envelope contains photos of the signatures & personal histories. Limited edition number 435 of 550. A4 sized envelope. EF. RAF museum issue.
Great Britain. RAF Airforce Medal (AFM) winners: 1987 commemorative cover. Jersey franked 1 Sep 1987. The Award of the Airforce medal, limited edition no. 410 of 620. A4 sized envelope. Colour photo of DFM in centre flanked by 7 x line drawings of RAF aircraft, each personally signed by AFM recipients: WO. John William Allen; Fl/Sgt. Ty Barraclough; Sqn. Ldr. Peter Crouch; Fl. Lt. John Donnelly; Sqn Ldr. Robert Lockhart; Sqn. Ldr. Jack Emmerson; Fl. Lt. Ronald T. Emery. Envelope contains photographs of the signatories & bibliographical details. EF. RAF Museum issue.
Great Britain, regimental swagger sticks (3), probably ca WWI. All with tips & white metal tops. 27th Inniskilling with castle top. North Staffordshire Regt badge & Hampshire Regiment badge prior to the addition of the crown for the Royal Regiment. Good typical knocks for age. 3 nice other ranks sticks. (3)
 SOLD at A$120
Great Britain. WWI trench art, 3 pieces. Coal scoop with WWI badge of The Hampshire Regiment to the top & large Hampshire's button inside, crudely soldered to base of display, solder not seen when displayed. Well made from a 1915 dated, 13 pounder shell casing. WWI era tank made of brass & copper possibly of post war manufacture by a veteran or enthusiast, size 210mm x 160mm x 80mm. .303 bullet letter opener named 'PTE CRISP 46182', 'Bapaume 1918'. Ernest Crisp to Western Front just before armistice in 1918, Dorset Regt. GC. Rare to see a piece of named & numbered trench art. (3)
 SOLD at A$180
Great Britain. Navy, RAF Trophies & Cups. EPNS pewter & white metal, WWII & later. Noted Bisley Cup 1948 to Artist Rifles Cpl. Presentation EPNs (worn) to 8th Ardwick Bn ca 1930s to Sgt & pewter pint tankard (damaged) to an air crew dated 1944, London, with last names of crew members, also initialled EPNs cigarette case with engraved date 1917. Fair-average condition. Interesting lot. (12)
Great Britain: Book 'Britain's Toy soldiers 1893-1932 ' by James Opie. 1985. 189 pgs. Large format. Both B/w & colour photos. An informative publication covering the manufacturing, painting & identification marks of the toy soldiers produced by this world famous company. Also inc work on various boxes of issue. A must have reference. H/c D/j. GC.
Great Britain. 2/24th Warwickshire Regt plaque commemorating the Defence of Rorke's Drift in Jan 1879. Depicts a pewter Zulu warrior in 3D, also the badge of the 2nd/24th & inscription with stand. Quite an attractive item. Ashtray/dish commemorating 'Sefton Horse of the Year 1982'. Sefton was critically injured when the IRA set off 2 bombs in Hyde Park killing 11 British soldiers & 7 other horses. He recovered enough to continue service but had to retire in 1984 after 17 years of service. He died in 1993. Small Royal Selangor pewter trinket dish & lid with 2 Commando badges & a brass/bronzed small Napoleon statue. GC. (4 items)
 SOLD at A$100
Great Britain. 1870-1935 photograph & misc paperwork to Major General Harry Finn. Photograph is a reprint from original. With early ribbon bar. Finn served 9th & 21st Lancers winning the DCM in Afghanistan. He later served in Australia. Paperwork mostly about parcels arriving. Comes with 10 other British photos & postcards inc 1870 photo NCO 9th Lancers Aldershot (fragile). Small book titled Our Indian Empire, Hints for soldiers proceeding to India 1935 & ribbon bar. Several items Poor-Fair, mostly GC. Cuff rank photo with general rank cut off. (12 items)
Hungary: c.1960-70's collection of Communist period Officer/NCO rank boards. Almost all ranks represented (Junior NCO - Colonel), nearly all in prs. Highly attractive senior ranks in gilt bullion on grey. Hard to find. VGC (26)
Italy: 1939-45 Goggles, dust, tinted, aluminium framed with brown rubber backing & brown elasticised head strap, yellow/brown tinted celluloid lenses. Often associated with operations in North Africa, but also on issue to flyers. Rubber backing perished/dry. Generally VGC. Good display item. Scarce.
Italy: 1939-45 Breda Model 1930, 6.5mm light machine gun tool pouch carried by a member of the LMG crew. To contain stripping & cleaning tools for the LMG grey/green leather with blackened iron fastening brace & plate. Belt loop to rear with single suspension ring. Maker marked. gVG.
 SOLD at A$40
Italy: 1939-45 Mod 1931 Gasmask bag. Canvas with grey leather tabs & loops, adjustable shoulder/neck strap. Sometimes noted worn as a haversack in the North Africa campaigns. Some minor rust damage. Generally VGC.
Japan-Manchukuo 1932-45 National Flag of Manchukuo. Printed silk with leather reinforced tabs with silk tape ties to hoist corners. Mustard yellow silk with bars to top left field: red/blue/white/black. The original meanings of the colours being thus: yellow - Manchu people & unity; red-Japanese people & bravery; blue - Han Chinese people & justice; white - Mongol people & purity; black - Korean people & determination. 750 x 1000mm. Name (?) lightly written onto white section. VGC. Scarce
 SOLD at A$275
Japan: 1936-45 enamelled Military sake cup. Interior decorated with cherry blossom, Army star & Imperial (rayed) War flag in colour. Text in gilt characters note 'Logistical Unit, 1st Regiment, Memorial'. Height: 29, diameter 56mm. VGC
Japan: 1939-45 Personal battle flag. White silk 860mm x 640mm with printed Sun disc to centre. Leather tab reinforcing to corners of hoist with silk cord ties. Covered overall with signatures & titles. Translated as 'From the Women's Patriotic League' & bearing the signatures of both male & female members. Exc. (P)
 SOLD at A$240
Japan 1939-45 Army Enlisted Man's Equipment & Ephemera lot: Type 30 ammo pouch in very dark brown leather (less 1 x side securing stud); Type 30 'Emergency' ammo pouch in rubberised canvas, brown; Mod 1933 water bottle in brown painted aluminium with its canvas harness & sling with leather strap & buckle securing stopper; pr of khaki wool puttees with tape ties; a large & impressive, printed & painted banner of the type flown by families on departure of their loved ones to the war, measures a huge 4 meters x 700mm; collar rank insignia of Sergeant Major attached to wool uniform cloth square with printed name/number (for wear on tropical shirt); a set of 3 china rice & soup bowls & platter all marked with the Imperial Army star. Minor age & service wear, some stains & tear to banner. Overall VGC. The pouches & banner scarce. (9 items)
Japan. 1939-45 Military issue volt meter. 65mm x 75mm gauge with 4 x bakelite covered screw posts to top. Crack to glass front. Average condition. Interesting collectable.
 SOLD at A$50
Japan:1939-45 A rare Imperial Japanese Army psychrometer complete in leather carry case. (Used for measuring humidity). One of the phials is broken. There is an accessory box present. Nicely Japanese marked (inside leather case & instrument) Comes with post war message indicating item was captured in 1945 (Makassar-Timor). No carry strap to case. Unusual Japanese military instrument. VGC
Japan 1939-45 Unusual extremely large Personal Battle Flag. Printed sun disc on white ground, cotton, 1400mm x 970mm. Black ink signatures & inscriptions such as: 'Willing to Give Your Life', 'Give Your Life for Your Country', 'Treat Life & Death as the Same' etc. (Only partially translated) & with numerous red ink seal stamps of various temples. An extremely scarce flag form in such large size. Cord ties to left edge corners. Stains & minor holes. An AIF veteran 'bring-back'
Japanese Rising Sun Flag ca WWII made in silk with printed red centre as typical of the Imperial period with composite card type hanging corner reinforcements. Overall very nice condition with only some very minor blemishes that are very hard to see. Wooden glazed frame, flag size approx 540mm x 450mm. Frame approx 700mm x 600mm. Appears GC without removal from frame.
 SOLD at A$100
Japan: 1939-45 Imperial Marines Officer Equipment lot - Canvas & leather officer's broad sword waist belt; Officer/Marine pattern aluminium water bottle with gilt aluminium crew lid & laced canvas cover with web sling (damage to cover); a pr of khaki wool puttees with tape ties; a reproduction sword field cover in leather; a black bakelite officer's writing tool case bearing naval anchor to lid (lid cracked); a small printed cotton Marine Company banner 790 x 370mm; a set of 7 x Japanese Invasion Money banknotes (5 cents to $100), Malaya issues; an issue rice bowl & a soup bowl in white enamelled china bearing blue Imperial star insignia; a small decorated (rustic scene) 'Whistling' saki cup (chips). Some wear & minor damage consistent with age & veteran souvenir 'bring backs'. Generally VGC. (10 items)
Large lot of world cloth & woven badges.c.1960-2005 (Minimal duplication) inc trade, rank & proficiency types. Many 'as new' some RFU (removed from uniform). VGC. Ideal collector or resale. (Minimum 100 badges)
 SOLD at A$130
Mixed Bag. Inc leather harness gear & militaria US Army green canvas pouch. WWII/Vietnam era 7½' x 1½' x 1½. Quantity of harness leather & brass buckles straps. No markings visible. WWII era 3 pouch brown leather bandolier & shoulder strap. Maybe Polish. No markings. Stable belt red, yellow & black, size 40, GC. Leather ends, canvas belt. Leather pouch 7' x 5' marked DD, WWII era. Leather horseshoe cover ca WWII. No markings, lightweight. Insect (mosquito) protection head cover, WWII era plus heavy duty white cotton/linen/laundry kit bag size storage bags (9) with drawstrings. Ca 1960s Melbourne manufacturer. Some marked as Defence Clothing Storage. Approx size 90cm x 50cm. GC.
 SOLD at A$60
New Zealand: 1914-45 Trench art cast brass (which has been chromed) in the shape of a fern leaf dish or large ashtray. WW1/WW2. A couple of wear spots showing the brass. VGC
New Zealand ca 1918-45 UK 'Union' flag. 1600 x 950mm by 'Hutcheson Wilson & Co Ltd, Wellington' (name tag to hoist). Canvas hoist, frayed leading edge
New Zealand 1945 Victoria Cross Recipient, 'Jack' Hinton pewter presentation tankard. Engraved: 'Sgt J. Hinton. VC., New Zeeland (SIC) Infantry, England, 1945-Ted'. Sergeant John Daniel 'Jack' Hinton, VC, born 1909 died 1997. Hinton served with 20th Bn, 2NZEF (Canterbury Regt). Service in North Africa & then to Greece. Awarded the Victoria Cross for actions in the retreat from Greece at Kalamata 28/29 April 1941 when he was wounded & captured. Hinton escaped twice & had several escape attempts from German POW camps. He was presented the Victoria Cross by King George VI, at Buckingham Palace after his repatriation, on May 11, 1945. This tankard/mug was evidently presented on that occasion by a friend or comrade. Nice patination. VGC. Extremely scarce VC Winner's personal item. Ex-Mitch Evans museum Norfolk Is.
New Zealand. School badges. Collection of 55 diff enamelled. 49 badges have their attaching pins, 6 have no pins to rear. Some very nice examples. A few have silver marked. A nice badge is the Auckland War Relief badge which has Dardanelles top scroll & to the reverse 'Remember the Heroes of Gallipoli'. Mostly GC. Instant collection. (55)
Parachute Qualification Metal Insignia 1980-90 lot of 6, all diff. Netherlands 104 Recon. Co. silver wing, missing rev pin & gold star; Syria, gilt grey metal, clutch-grips removed; Unidentified-Sand-cast brass, wing's flanking chute with vertical 'Commando' dagger fold pin rev; United States Navy on Marine Corps on Clutch-grip rev; South Africa Parachute Regt (3rd Para Bde) Beret badge ca 1982-1992, chromed, clutch-grip; India Parachute Regt, sand-cast W on M; Israeli 1980 Basic Parachutist wing in W on M, on clutch-grip rev with its original card of issue with Tel Aviv Maker address. Together with an Israeli Commando breast badge in W on M, clutch-grip rev. (6)
Russia: Imperial 1914-17 Prisoner of War Army Mess Tin 'Trench-Art' engraved by POW. Brass, tinned interior with iron wire handle. 'Nail-chisel' engraved decoration & wording (in Russian) translates: 'To the memory of armed personnel & POW's 1914-15' & named to 'Mendel Shlyamberg' (evidently a Russian Jew), 2 x maker stamps by 'STB' bearing Imp Russ Eagle & wording 'Copper sheet'. Large engraved Imp Russ Eagle (POW done) to front & presumed interpretation or Prussian Eagle to reverse. Minor dents consistent with use. VGC. A scarce, Russian POW item.
Russia: 1939-45 Enlisted Ranks marching boots. Pr black leather. Leather soles with rubber pads to heels. Light grey leather lining to uppers. About size 8. VGC. Scarce
Russia c.1980- Soviet period military hats, medals & badges. White top Soviet Navy officer's visor cap with badge, a naval ratings black Donald duck style cap comp with tally band & badge, pr of officer's epaulettes, 3 naval alum.badges featuring the Soviet red star, 3 military commemorative medals, & a small red commemorative flag. Instant display!. VGC
 SOLD at A$80
Scotland: 1892-38 Fob & brooch lot of 5: brooch, sterling silver (hallmarked Glasgow 1892), hand-cut decoration of thistle over title belt with lion rampant within, minus pin to reverse; Fob 'Burnside Pipe Band for good conduct & piping 30/12/14 'Hallmarked sterling silver Birmingham 1908. Obverse engraved 'M Ross'; silvered (band collar badge?) Scotch thistle badge, brooch pin reverse; 2 x gilt & enamels 'Empire Exhibition, Scotland 1938' badges one with tartan swatch. gVF. (5)
USA: c/1872-1890 Indian Wars group - US Army circular galvanised tin water bottle with canvas cover stamped 'US' with tin mounted cork stopper & brass chain; an 1873 Infantry socket bayonet with steel Mod.1886 scabbard with its leather bayonet frog with swivelling brass belt clip with 'US' disc (named 'H.B.BLACK'); an English 1853 Enfield rifle socket bayonet, socket stamped '403', no scabbard. Overall VGC. (3 items)
USA - Confederate States 1861-1865 Jefferson Davis & Varina Davis. Carte De Visite photographs by E Anthony, 501 Broadway, NY'. Both dark sepia prints on card (the second with trimming to card). Davis is shown ¾ length in black frock coat with black cravat. Varina full length in full crinoline dress. Jeff Davis was President of the Confederacy from Feb 18, 1861 to May 5, 1865. Born 3/6/1808 he died 6/12/1889. Varina Banks Howell Davis was Jeff Davis' second wife & a well known author. She was born 7/5/1826. Married 26.2.1845, she died in 1906. VGC. Scarce. (2)
USA: 1861-65 US Civil War, tin-type photograph of Infantry Man in dress frock coat with shoulder scales, 'Bummer Hat' (Kepi) & holding musket with triangular socket bayonet attached. Most probably a Federal Private though coat appears lighter coloured than the Mod 1858 Kepi he wears. Light coloured (sky-blue?) trousers visible. A fine ¾ length study in its elaborate glazed & gilt frame inset into a leather covered wood cover (back ½ only). Minor repair to rear cover. VGC. Scarce, clear image of a Civil War soldier with his long arm
USA. Army. Military badges & buttons. Inc Westerly High School titles Rhode Island (3). WWII US Army Women's Weather Corps. 350th American Infantry Regiment 205 Air Defence Artillery. 17 collar discs, 1 NC buckle (not old) & 36 US buttons of various types. Mostly GC. (18)
USA: ca 1970 Vietnam War US Marine Corps lot. Comprising USMC white-top visor cap (size 6 7/8) comp with gilt badge & buttons; USMC white cotton dress belt with plain gilt brass plate; a US Navy Petty Officer khaki sidecap with gilt badge (size 6 7/8); 2x USMC cap badges; 2x USMC collar badges; 5 cloth insignia, rank & 1st Division. Wear to visor cap liner. VGC.
 SOLD at A$80
USA. Army, Navy, Airforce. Collection of 50+ metal badges. Some wings, Special Forces & Airborne included & cloth patches, belt buckle etc. Plus a cased USA Distinguished Flying Cross with ribbon & mini ribbon. Also 2 US Military related baseball caps & a dozen or so world badges (several missing lugs) & 2 North Vietnamese War Medals. Mostly GC. (66)
 SOLD at A$140
USA: WW2 collectables lot Inc a field telephone EE-8-B, lightweight flying helmet AN-H-15, relic of the Pacific war water bottle, another summer type flying helmet 57-H 41, hard to find twin mag pouch, pliers pouch & leggings, binoculars, civilian gas mask, OD shirt, rare fighting knife, mail bag, sidecap, two reproduction US flags, medal, Eisenhower commemorative plate & helmet shell. G - VGC (Total 18 items).
 SOLD at A$200
World Airborne wings & badge collection of 24 diff mounted on two display boards inc American, USSR, French, ROC, Philippines etc & an unidentified badge for 800 Jumps plus poster of Airborne Wings of the World. GC. Nice collection. Airborne Always displays well. (24 + 1 poster)
 SOLD at A$170
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