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WW1 Model 1917 Gas Mask and carrier. Greased leather face piece still pliable and in GC. All head straps present but neck strap has been cut off. Spider web style lenses in GC. Grey-Green painted filter dated 26-7-17. Gas mask canister with only traces of the grey-green painted finish remaining. Missing carry strap. still a good original example. Grade II (P)
WWI MODEL 1917 GASMASK AND CANNISTER. Greased leather mask with clear lenses, all straps present, including the neck strap. Screw-on grey-green painted filter, ink stamped "19 MAI 18" also marked "GJB 1918." Some areas of rust showing through the sides of the canister. (Some appear to have been painted over in the correct, approx 60%-70% of original paint remaining. No canister strap present. O/A Grade II-
WW2 GAS PROTECTION CAPE FOR A BABY OR TODDLER (Worn as a jacket). 4 Pieces including canvas type suit with a plastic viewing window, hose encased in woven material, wooden foot pump type bellows to supply air and a metal filtration canister still in it's original cardboard. Items will marked with many waffenamts. Material protecting the hose has frayed over much of the surface. Unusual item not often seen. Canvas suit, foot pump and filtration canister. Grade II- Air hose Grade III
WW2 CIVILIAN ISSUE GAS MASK COMPLETE WITH CARDBOARD OUTER AND INSTRUCTIONS. Cardboard outer has been taped together in recent times. Inner complete with rubber face mask and w/m filter. Filter has clear ink Waffenamt acceptance stamp. Ideal display item for a WW2 display. O/A Grade II-
WW2 LUFTSCHUTZ GAS MASK AND CONTAINER. Olive green canvas mask with fibre filter. Ink Waffenant stamps to both mask and filter. Clear perspex lenses. Rubber section of adjustable head strap starting to perish. Comes with it's blue-gray fluted tin canister. Few dints and scratches to canister. O/A Grade II- (P)
WW2 KRIEGSMARINE GASMASK AND CANISTER. Black rubberised mask with green elasticised straps in good condition. Both mask and filter dated 1942. Clear ink Waffenamt to filter. Canister painted a distinctive grey colour indicating Kriegsmarine issue. Shows only minor wear and a few small dents, no rust. Remains of ink stamp to inner lid. Still has canvas pull strap to open. O/A Grade II (P)
WW2 RARE M1938 GASMASK AND CARRYING BAG FOR HORSES. Large rubberised gasmask that is designed to cover the forward part of the horse's head. It is buckled to the horse's head by a leather harness attached to the mask. Harness consists of a system of thick leather straps and w/m straps and w/m buckles. There is a filter canister approx. 12cm in diameter to each side of the apparatus and an outlet valve to the front. The brown leather harness that is connected to the gasmask is in very good condition, as is the rubberised mask. Both the mask and the harness are well marked with Waffenamt acceptance stamps and the mask is dated '40' for 1940. Olive drab coloured canvas material carrying case with twin leather straps for closure Ink Waffenamt acceptance stamp. Also stamped '40' for date and 'DRAEGER' for maker. An extremely unusual item for the WW2 collector. O/A Grade II+ (P)
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