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WW2 WAFFEN-SS FELDPOST ISSUE TOBACCO PIPE. Small dark brown wooden bowl with a carved design. Metal neck ring and a black bakelite stem. Unused condition. C/W a coloured print of the original "SS" stamped Feldpost cardboard box with the pipes and their wrappings. Rare. Grade II-.
WW2 IMPRESSIVE DEUTSCHE ARBEITFRONT (DAF) PLAQUE. Pressed w/m plaque mounted on the typical blackened wood backing. Plaque measures approx. 100mm by 150mm. Features three male workers, a labourer with shovel, an engineer or technician and a possibly a mailman or trader. Underneath them, also in raised detail, is a DAF cog with swastika contained within. In raised lettering under this is 'Ehret di Arbeit undachtet den Arbeiter' (Honour the work and honour the worker). Under this in small lettering is 'Adolf Hitler'. Wood backing measures approx. 155mm by 220mm. Wood has several small borer holes. Small device to the reverse for hanging. A highly desirable item for display. Grade II-
WW2 TWO PIECES OF GRANITE COBBLESTONE FROM COLDITZ RAILWAY STATION. Two small pieces of infamous WW2 history. Small roughly oblong shaped pieces of granite cobblestone, removed from the paving surrounding the railway station at the town of Colditz. Measure approx 65mm by 50mm by 30mm. Colditz Castle gained international notoriety as a prisoner of war camp during World War II. It became home for Allied officers who had repeatedly escaped from other POW camps. There have been numerous books, TV series and movies created about the castle. Both cobblestones have a small paper label with details of the company that sold the items. C/W some A-4 size reference including information on the Castle and images of the cobblestone being removed by the seller. Great little items from a WW2 legend. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$70
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