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Bulgaria. Army Officer's Wool Jacket for Bulgarian artillery unit. Brown heavy corduroy type wool material 4 external pocket construction with exaggerated scallop flaps & pleats. Barrel cuffs with 'V' points. The buttons (re-sewn) feature a lion & the collar patches are black with red piping & a metal cross cannon device. Closed neck collar. No shoulder boards. Tunic is fully lined & well tailored. There are loops on the left pocket for an award. Minor mothing consistent with age. Overall GC.
Canada. Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps tunic to 48th Highlanders with badges & belt. 1985 dated in dark green cotton. Army Apprentice School dress brown tunic with all British made Staybrite buttons & a Royal Canadian Navy uniform jacket with bullion rank of Lieutenant, all matching Canada QC buttons. Made in Hong Kong. Overall GC. (3)
Italy. Army Officers 1930s Uniform lot consisting beret, shirt, tunic & jodhpurs to a member of the Italian contingent to the Spanish Civil War. The 4 pocket khaki wool gabardine tunic has rank on the chest & collar badges with a flaming bomb. The left arm has the embroidered cloth badge for 'Littorio Divisions Da Assalto" Ribbon bar removed. Right breast pocket has bullion on khaki badge. Moth damage to right hand side - lower edge of cuff & bottom pocket. Matching jodhpurs have many repaired holes, but look ok for display with tunic. The shirt is khaki green cotton, half button front. Shows fade/wear, but no damage or abuse. The beret is dark blue wool with a private maker's label. GC. Make a nice display. (4 items).
Japan. Airforce, WWII era electrically heated fur pilot's winter flight suit. All zippers in good working condition. Retains electrical harness to rear & flap to left chest. Beautifully fur lined in brown to the collar, white soft fur throughout. Japanese stamps to inside of right chest flap. No belt which is common. VGC - Excellent condition. Very rare in this nice.
 SOLD at A$650
Malaysia. Army. post 1970 jungle green camouflaged jacket & trousers. Jacket made of an Aertex type material, with 4 pocket front. Matching trousers of a heavier cotton/canvas type material. Unissued. Uncommon jungle uniform. (2 items)
Russia. Army, an interesting 1920-39 period Artillery jacket to a Soviet Officer. Made from a finer type wool serge, in green, Open neck with 4 x external pockets & imitation turn-back cuffs with 2 buttons. It is fully lined & has some Russian stamps inside. On the left arm there is a bullion on red artillery badge & at the bottom a bullion rank badge of a Star over 4 small square on a red background. The buttons are plain domed brass. The collar appears to have had badges at one time. There was once a screw post badge above the left top pocket, very minor mothing. GC. Rare uniform worthy of further research.
Russia: Navy Post 1995 Russian Federation Officer's jacket. Dark blue wool blend jacket to a Captain in a mechanical branch. Has a 9 x place ribbon bar which includes Order of St George, Loyalty to Duty. With its shoulder boards & cuff rank (4 bars). Faded maker's label inside. Light wear mostly around collar. VGC.
 SOLD at A$75
USA Army. Unidentified Officer's uniform believed/or possibly relates to the American Old Guard, the French in America after the revolution, or the Militia. Dark blue coatee overcoat with green lace on red facings collars & cuffs. Plain brass buttons made by Henderson Ames of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Coatee has considerable age. Comes with a matched 2 pocket white vest, white breeches, large black bicorn hat with black leather rosette, same button as vest, breeches & coatee. Large feather plume red, over black. Also a collar with ruffled white lace for a gentleman. Plus a pair of black tall button-up gaiters of similar age. Some mothing & discolouration, but good for age. A very interesting uniform in need of research. (6 items & plume)
 SOLD at A$400
USA. Army. ca1860s Civil War period coatee, possibly for a Cadet. Made of blue wool, upper body lined in white cotton, skirts in black. Evidence of Sergeant's stripes to both sleeves of which the upper point curves all the way to the top of the sleeves. Also evidence of 2 stripes (straight) to the cuff above the top button. These possibly removed when serving in a Militia. No evidence of epaulettes, 10 ball buttons to rear, 38 to front & 3 each cuff. Some minor moth holes throughout considering age. With a pair of black striped non matching later trousers. Overall GC. Original Civil War era items are much sought after. (2 items)
 SOLD at A$250
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