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1917 Most Honourable Order of the Bath (CB), Companion of the Military Division, neck badge. Post 1953 manufacture in silver-gilt & enamels by Spink. In its original Spink & Sons fitted case of issue. . Nice high doming to central medallions. EF. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1200
1953 Dame Commander's of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, D.B.E. Civil Division type 2, comprising lady's shoulder badge, silver gilt & enamel on lady's bow ribbon & breast star, silver, silver gilt & enamels in its Garrard & Co case of issue awarded to Dame Catherine Fulford in 1953. (P)
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1935 Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) Gent, Military, type II. Silver, on original Military Division ribbon. EF.
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1940 Member of The Order of the British Empire MBE Civil 2nd type lady's shoulder badge. Awarded to Mrs Rosemary M M Clee 1st October 1940. In its Royal Mint case of issue.
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1922 British Empire Medal (BEM), GVIR Type I, Civil ribbon, engraved officially 'WILLIAM P. O'NEILL'. Ek's. gVF. Unresearched.
 SOLD at A$300
1939-45 Military Cross (GRI) with date 1942 engraved on reverse of lower arm. In case of issue. EF. (P)
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1914-18 Military Medal to Royal Railway Co Engineers. MM impressed '151167 SAPR J JOSPEPHS 268/RLY:COY RE'. (P)
1914-30 Distinguished Service Medal, GVR. Sterling silver one piece (non-swivelling suspender) casting from an original. A high quality, toned replica. gVF. Ideal as a replacement
1798 Davidson's Nile medal. Gilt bronze. Example for Petty Officers. Impressed rim. Lt field scr. aEF. Attractive example (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
1799 Seringapatam bronze medal awarded for Military Service Siege of Seringapatam on 4 May 1799. Designed by Kuchler, struck by Soho Mint, originally issued without suspension, the recipient had to arrange the fitting of the suspender. EF, uneven tone with traces of silver wash?. Medal Year Book - 79, Eimer 903. (P)
1793-1814 Military General Service Medal to the King's Own Borderers. MGSM clasp: 'GUADALOUPE' impressed officially: 'DAN'L MURPHY, 25TH FOOT'. Daniel Murphy, 1st Bn, 25th Foot confirmed on roll for single clasp. Two men in the Regt of the same name served in the same action (West Indies) & at the same times. Copies of both men's service records are included. Sl eks. gVF. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2200
1854 India General Service Medal clasp 'HAZARA 1891'. Engraved officially:' 1904 PTE W SMITH, 2ND BN SEA HIGHRS'. Private William Smith, Regimental number 1904 confirmed as entitled via medal roll (copy enclosed). Contact marks. gF,
1882 Egypt Medal to King's Royal Rifle Corps. 1882 dated reverse, clasp: 'Tel-El-Kebir'. Engraved officially: '1898 Serg't H Edridge, 3/K.R.Rif.C'. Harry Edridge, born Norfolk 1858. Enl 60th Foot 1877. Service in Zululand 1879 & Transvaal 1881, Malta 1882, Egypt 1882-1883. Disch ca 1879. Also entitled South Africa 1879 & Khedive Star. Minor contact marks. gVF/aEF. With copies of service documents & medal rolls confirming.
 SOLD at A$350
1882 Khedives Star, 1884 date obverse, unnamed as issued. gVF.
 SOLD at A$200
1892 East & West Africa Medal with clasp:' SIERRA LEONE 1898-99'. Impressed officially: '2450-PTE C SNIPE, I : W I Regt ' (= 1st Bn, West India Regiment). Confirmed as entitled to medal & clasp on medal roll, copy enclosed. 1123 medals & clasps awarded to Regt. Minor suspender repair, gVF. (P)
1895 India General Service medal 2 Clasps. Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Tirah 1997-98, Lieut G. N. Wyatt. 57th Fd By: R.A. Copy of research shows that Wyatt reached the rank Lieutenant Colonel & was gazetted for a DSO on the 11th April 1918. He was also mentioned in despatches on the 7th Oct 1918. A very pleasing officers medal. Near EF.
1896-1908 Khedive's Sudan Medal, clasp: 'HAFIR'. Engraved officially: 'NO 4578 PTE A OSWALD, I N STAFF R'. Arthur Oswald, born London 1876. Enl 29.08.1894. Disch 1906. Re-enlisted, Special Reserve 1914 & disch 1919 (service in UK). On original ribbon. aEF. With copies of archive file & medal roll. (P)
1899-1902 Queen's South Africa medal. Cape Colony clasp with ghost date 1899-1900, officially impressed '16924 GNR T WALSH 2ND S.D. R.G.A.' with copies & medal roll & service history.
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1899-1902 Kitchener's Horse Queen's South Africa Medal. QSA & 4 clasps: CC; OFS; JOH; DIA-HILL. Impressed officially: '4482 Corp L E G Wren, Kitchener's Horse'. Noted on roll as being disch medically unfit 14/8/1900. On full length of original ribbon. EF.
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1902 17th, Duke of Cambridge's Own, Lancers King's South Africa Medal & 2 clasps. Impressed officially: '5029 Pte. M. McLeod, 17th Lancers' (also entitled to QSA & Clasps CC;' OFS). EF. Scarce to Lancers. With copies of Regimental medal rolls.
1908-35 India General Service Medal, KGV type I, clasp 'WAZIRISTAN 1921-24'. Impressed officially: '1615 RFMN BUTAR SING CHAUHAN, 2-18 GARH RIF'. On original ribbon. gVF.
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1914-18 Killed In Action, Passchendale, British War Medal to Norfolk Regiment. Impressed officially '22325 PTE. J. WILLIAMSON, NORF.R.' James Williamson, 8th Bn, Norfolk Regiment, died 11 Aug 1917, no known grave. Commemorated on Menin Gate (Ypres) Memorial. gVF.
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1914-18 British War Medal to Leinster Regt Deserter. Impressed officially '4861 PTE. J. CAREY, LEINS.R.' John Carey, service in 1st & 6th Bns, Leinster Regt (Royal Canadians), entered French Theatre of Operations 17/2/1915, deserted 1/11/1918, medal issue approved 1932 & issued 1914-15 Star, BWM & Victory Medals. With copies of service docs.
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1914-18 Mesopotamia Theatre of Ops 1st Wessex Brigade, Royal Field Artillery T.F British War Medal, Certificate of Discharge & box of issue. Impressed officially: '1354 DVR J.J. MORGAN, RA'. Discharge Cert supplies details: '850422 L/Bdr Joseph James Morgan, born 1882. Enl 5/9/14, 1st Wessex Bde, RFA. Specialist Mil Qual of Nursing Orderly. Disch 24/5/19. Lists awarded: GSM, VM card. Card box with typed details. On original ribbons. EF
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1914-18 Royal & Merchant Navy lot 1914-15 Star 'A Bates, CAR. CR. MFA:; British War Medal 'Peter Lawton'; Mercantile Marine War Medal 'James Sale'; Victory Medal 'K31945 F.J. Le Lion, STO. I, RN'. gF/gVF. (4)
1914-18 British Red Cross Society Medal for War Service. On original ribbon with suspension clasp. In its original card box of issue. EF
 SOLD at A$40
1936-39 India General Service Medal, clasp: North West Frontier 1937-39. Impressed officially: '43412 DVR JAIMAL SINGH, 3 MTN BTY'. On original ribbon. gVF.
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1965-73 Campaign Service Medal (1962) clasps Borneo, South Arabia & Northern Ireland (officially impressed 2/LT R.I.W. GILLAN KOSB). 2nd Lt Dec 65, served Borneo 1965-66, South Arabia 1966-67, Northern Ireland 1970-73, retired 1974 & joined 21 (Artists) SAS Territorial Volunteer Reserve, to Officer Reserve (Captain) 1984. Inc silver KOSB hat badge & Artists Rifles cross belt badges, SAS silver & gilt collar pr, KOSB collar pr & bullion woven SAS wings & beret badge plus photo & more than 50 pgs of copies of background & files.
 SOLD at A$350
1962 General Service Medal to Grenadier Guards. clasp: 'Northern Ireland' impressed officially:'24141756 GDSM B J FRIDAY, GREN GDS'. Court mounted for display. aEF. Uncommon to Guards.
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1894-1901 Volunteer Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Victoria UK issue. Engraved: 'Corporal A Baker, 2nd L.V Artillery Regt, No 1014, Sept 22, 1895' (chisel-cut engraving). EF
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1908 Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, GVR impressed officially: '1407 PTE T BAILEY, 5/R SUSS R'. Lt field scr. VF.
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1930 Efficiency Medal, GVIR 'Territorial' Suspender Impressed officially: '4908154 SJT. C.H. EVANS, S. STAFF.R'; 1919-50 Special Constabulary Long Service, GVR (Crowned Head) Impressed officially: 'HENRY PREECE'. gVF-aEF. (2)
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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee & 1937 KGVI Coronation Medals. Both silver & unnamed as issued. VF. (2)
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1951 Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. GVIR (1951-52). Impressed officially 'CONST. EDWARD R. SQUANCE'. On original ribbon. gEF.
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1914-18 RNVR Surgeon's Companion of the Order of the Bath group of 7. CB (Civil) (Type II) in case of issue, 1914/15 Star (SURG G A CLARK RNVR), BWM & Victory medal (SURG LT G A CLARK RN), Royal Naval Volunteers Reserve LSGC medal (SURG LT CR G A CLARK RNVR), Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration (GVR), 1953 Coronation medal, last 2 unnamed as issued. Medals loose, VRD with case of issue. C/w c.1923 International Physiological Congress Gold prize medal in case. George Albert Clark CB (1954) VRD MD served during the Great war as a Surgeon Lieutenant & later Commander with the RNVR until 1939. Professor of Physiology & Dean of medicine at Sheffield University, Deputy Chief Medical officer, Ministry of Health. Died 1963. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$3000
1939-45 Member of the British Empire & USA Bronze Star Africa & Italy Group of 7 to Lieutenant-Colonel, RASC 8th Army. Complete with a vast amount of original paperwork. MBE, Type II Military; 1939-45, Africa (+ 8th Army clasp), Italy Stars; Defence & War Medals; USA Bronze Star. All unnamed as issued. Accompanying paperwork attributes the group to Lieutenant-Colonel John William Martin, RASC, awarded MBE, Mil per Lond Gaz #37151, 26/6/1945. With copies of citations for MBE & Bronze Star. Paperwork, amongst much other material, includes: Martin's British Forces ID card with photo, citations, pre + post war driving licences, signed menus, appointment certificates, investiture documents etc. All on original ribbons & swung mounted as worn. gVF/aEF. An excellent double honour/decoration group with ample supportive documentation. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
1914-18 Military Medal & trio to Royal Field Artillery. MM GVR official impressed '2760 BMBR G VARNS B.58/BDE RFA' 1914-15 Star official impressed '2760 GNR GA VARNS RFA'. British War Medal & Victory official impressed '2760 CPL G.A. VARNS RA'. WIA 21 Sep 1917. MM gazetted 21 Aug 1917 pg 30243. Plus copy of demobilisation certificate.
1914-18 Military Medal, Croix de Guerre & Trio to Royal Artillery. MM impressed 'L-10117 GNR T WALLACE H.Q. 149/BDE RFA' 14/15 Star impressed 'L-10117 GNR T WALLACE RFA'. WM & Victory impressed '10117 A CPL T WALLACE RA'. Plus French WWI Croix de Guerre unnamed as issued. Thomas Wallace enlisted 16 Mar 1915 in Manchester. Comes with 1915 'The Small-Book' this in battered condition. Medals VF-gVF. (P)
1914-18 Military Medal & Trio to King's Own Scottish Borderers with service on Gallipoli, Sinai/Palestine & France. MM. GVR, impressed officially '241141 PTE - A.CPL.J. DOUDS, 5/K.O.SCO.BORD.'; 1914-15 Star, British War & Victory Medals '4440 CPL.J. DOUDS, KOSB' (star as 'PTE, K.O. SCO. BORD'). James Douds, from Dumfries, enl as Private, 4440, KOSB, entered Gallipoli Theatre of OPS 22/9/1915, then to Sinai/Palestine inc Battles of Romani, 2nd & 3rd Gaza & Jerusalem, to France 1918 & Somme, Arras, Hindenburg Line, number changed to 241141. Awarded MM per Lond Gaz 11/3/1919, entitled to Silver War Badge. On original ribbons. gVF. With copies of MIC, LG, listing & research. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1200
1914-18 Military Medal & pr to Cable Section, Royal Engineers. MM, GVR impressed officially:'152092 Pr (SIC) L REID, 'N' CAB SEC, RE'; British War & Victory to:'152092 SPR L REID, RE'. Possible official omission on first of 'S' for SPR - this is not uncommon for mid-war awards. Unresearched. On short lengths of original ribbon. gVF. Unusual unit. (3)
1882-89 Egypt Pair to Stoker, HMS, 'Penelope'. Egypt Medal 1882 date with clasp 'ALEXANDRIA 11TH JULY' engraved officially: 'T. MARSH, STK'R. HMS 'PENELOPE''. Khedive Star, 1882 date unnamed as issued. Tom Marsh, from Goxhill, Lincolnshire, enl Portsmouth 1881, born 6/12/1860, On 'Penelope' as Stoker from 22/6/1882 to 1/11/1882, to fleet reserve 1903, re-enl for 5 yrs 1908. Swung mounted, light contact mks, gVF. With copy of service sheet & ship's muster.
1899-1902 7th (Princess Royals) Dragoon Guards Queen's & King's South Africa Medals. QSA ('Ghost Date' rev) with 5 clasps: CC; OFS; J'burg; Dia Hill; Belf. Engraved officially: '4420 Sad Cpl W. Singleton, 7Dn GDS.'; KSA with 2 clasps. Impressed officially: '4420 Corpl-Sdlr. W. Singleton, 7th Drgn. GDS'. William Singleton, born on Jersey, Channel Island 1873. Enl at Dublin 20/8/1891, originally in the 5th Dragoon Guards. To 7th DG. 1898. Served India 1890-1896 (no medal qualification) & South Africa 8.2.1900-11/1/1904 gaining both Queen's & King's Medals. Clasps confirmed. Modern swing mounted. gVF. With copies of selected archive file
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1899-1902. Prisoner of War Queen's South Africa Medal & 5 clasps to Royal Horse Artillery. QSA with clasps; CC; OFS; TVL; Laing's N; Belfast. Impressed officially; '42298 Gnr M Clarkson, O Bty, RHA'. Clarkson was captured by the Boers at Uitvals Nek 11/July 1900, subsequently released. Historical note: 'O' Bty, RHA was originally formed as a Rocket (Congreve) Battery. Served as standard Field Gun crews in the Boer War. Sl Eks near EF. Scarce to POW's, particularly so to RHA.
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1914 Mons Star Trio to 19th Queen Alexandria's Own Royal Hussars. 1914 Star with replica 'Mons Clasp', British War & Victory impressed officially: '4708 A. Cpl. J.P. Buttress, 19-HRS' ('Pte..' on star). John P. Buttress, enl 19 Hussars, to France 23/8/1914 (clasp issued 1922), later to Royal Engineers with copy of M.I.C. gVF
1914 Mons Star & Bar trio Killed in Action, Battle of Langemarck, 1st Ypres to the Essex Regiment. 1914 Star with original Aug-Sept, clasp impressed officially \'10080 PTE.J. HEAD, 2/ESSEX R.\'; British War & Victory \'10080 PTE. J.H. HEAD, ESSEX R.\'. Private John Henry Head, from Little Clacton, Colchester, entered French Theatre of OP\'s 22/8/1914, KIA 21/10/1914 aged 21, no known grave, commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial. Court mounted for display. gVF. With copy of MIC, CWGC, listing & research. (P)
1914-15 Star Trio to Killed in Action, Passchendaele, Royal Fusiliers. Star, British War & Victory medals. Impressed officially: 'GS-4105 Pte W.A Kerry, R. Fus.' William Albert Kerry, 13th Bn, Royal Fusiliers. Entered French Theatre of Ops. 30/7/15. KIA 4/10/1917, no known grave & commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial. Star & Victory have been heavily gold plated. Court mounted for display. gVF. aEF. With copy of MIC.
1914-18 Prisoner of War & Wounded in Action group of 4 to 15th County of London Bn, (Prince of Wales Civil Service Rifles). 1914-15 Star; British War; Victory; 1939-45 Defence. All Impressed (except last, unnamed as issued) officially: '3214 Pte P.C. Bolton, 15-Lond. R' (War & Vic named as '..SJT'). Percy Charles Bolton, born Chiswick, 1896. Enl 30/12/1914. To France 17/8/15. WIA, shrapnel leg, thigh, chest (bullet wounds) 7/10/1916. POW 6/12/1917 to 24/12/1918. Disch 11/3/1919. Presume service with Home Guard or Civil Defence 1939-45. gVF/aEF. With copies of archive file & MIC
1914-15 Star Trio to the 'Inniskillings'. Impressed officially: 'D-6218 Pte F.H. Stratton, 6th Dns.' Frederick Statton arrived in France with the 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling) 16/12/1914. On original ribbons (short lengths). aEF. With copy of M.I.C
1914-15 Star Trio to Northumberland Fusiliers, later Durham Light Infantry together with his Silver War Badge. Impressed officially '11-6773 PTE. J. WRIGHT, NORTH'D FUS.'. Silver War Badge with vert pin, stamped 'B6679'. James Wright, entered French Theatre of OP's 25/8/1915. On original ribbons. gVF. With copy of MIC.
1914-30 Gallipoli Operations Royal Navy 1914-15 Star Trio & Long Service Good Conduct group of 4. Star impressed officially 'M.4144 E.L. BIRCH, ERA, 4, RN.'; British War & Victory: 'M.4144 E.L. BIRCH, ERA, 3, RN'; LSGC, GVR (Admiral bust) impressed officially 'M.4144 E.L. BIRCH, ERA, I, HMS CANTERBURY'. Ernest Leonard Birch, born Dartford, Kent 1888, enl RN 1912, aboard HMS 'BLENHEIM' Jan 1915 to June 1916 when she was serving as a Depot Ship (destroyer) at Mudros in support of the Gallipoli Operations. To HMS 'CANTERBURY' 1926 to disch 1929, issued LSGC 1927. On original ribbons & swung mounted as worn (ribbons with fray). gVF. With copy of service sheet.
1914-60 Royal Navy & Police Long Service, 2 wars group of 8: 1914-15 Star, impressed officially 'J.21840 F. HINCH, ORD.RN.'; 1914-18 British War & Victory 'J.21840 F. HINCH, AB, RN'; Naval General Service Medal, GVIR, clasp 'PALESTINE 1936-1939' impressed officially 'J.21840 F.HINCH, AB, RN.'; 1939-45 Defence & War medals (unnamed as issued); RN LSGC, GVR (Adm. bust) impressed officially 'J.21840 F.HINCH, AB, HMS IRON DUKE'; Police LS, QEII impressed officially 'SERG'T FRED HINCH'. Fred Hinch, born Sheffield, Yorks 1897, enl RN 8/1/1913 as 'Boy II', service abroad 'HAWK', 'PRINCE of WALES', 'FURIOUS', 'HECLA', 'APOLLO' etc, 1913-18 record sheet listing to 1928 RN, LSGC, evidently issued 1930, no further details of service available. Ek's, aVF/aEF. Scarce dual war long service group, with copy of record sheet.
1914-45 Officer's, 1st County of London Yeomanry attached 1st/1st Oxfordshire Yeomanry, 1914-18 pr & Africa Star, group of 6. British War & Victory impressed officially: '2/Lt HAR Lambert', 1939-45 & Africa Stars, Defence & War medals (last 4 unnamed as issued). All mounted on original (fragile) ribbons & mounted on bar as worn. 2nd Lieutenant HAR Lambert confirmed with 1st County of London (Middlesex, Duke of Cambridge's Hussars) Yeomanry, Territorial Force with Seniority from 1st May 1917. Ribbons torn & aged. gVF.
 SOLD at A$180
1914-15 French Legion of Honour Group of 6. To Royal Navy Instructor-Commander Interpreter. 1914-15 Star impressed officially 'NI. INSTR, A.W. VEATER, RN'; British War & Victory Medals 'INST. COMMR. A.W. VEATER, RN.'; Defence & War Medals 1939-45 unnamed as issued; French L of H, Knight, 1870 Type. Arthur William Veater, BA, graduated Cambridge College with degree (BA) 1897. Appointed Naval Instructor 1900, service throughout WWI as interpreter of French, disch 1923, Legion of Honour gazetted 25/1/1918. On original ribbons. gVF/aEF. With copies of service documents. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
1914-18 Pr to Captain, 5th (London Brigade) Royal Field Artillery, Territorial Force. British War & Victory impressed officially: 'CAPT. P.OAKLEY' Sergeant major 11/9/07, 35 Brig, RFA, to retired list 13/3/14, commissioned Lieutenant 1/10/14, 5th (Lond. Bde) RFA, TF, Captain 2/1/15, adjutant 14th County of London Battery, 5th (Lond. Bde), RFA, TF, Relinquished Commission 1921. Together with a postcard of 'A London Heavy Battery in Action' (Brit. official) & a cigarette card. On original ribbons, gVF/aEF. With notes.
1914-18 Royal Navy pr British War & Victory impressed officially: 'M.16437 H.E. PERRY, SHIPT.4, RN.' Harry Ernet Perry, born Dagenham, Essex, 1894, enl. RN at Chatham 10/11/1915, to HMS 'PEMBROKE', 'VANGUARD' & 'CANTERBURY', disch 24/41919. Mounted as worn on original ribbons. gVF. With copy of service sheet.
1939-55 Mentioned in Despatches Burma Star group of 5 : 1939-45 Star; Burma Star; Defence Medal; War Medal with bronze MID Oak leaf; Nepalese King Mahendra Coronation Medal 1955 (Shubha Rajyabishek Padak) in sterling silver. All medals unnamed as issued. Stars with evidence of silvering. Swing mounted on original ribbons. gVF
1939-45 WWII Light Tanks, Battle of Crete & Nth Africa El Alamein group of 4, 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal & War medal unnamed as issued to 296943 Lieut Thomas Joseph Perkins. Comes with a considerable amount of original documentation inc letters, telegrams, official correspondence, certificates & more than 50 photos plus 3rd King's Own Hussars cloth blazer pocket patch & hat badge made into a sweetheart badge.
 SOLD at A$200
1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence & War Medal. Group of 5 WWII medals un-named as issued, in box of issue with Army slip. Box named to 'D.F.G. Clark' Greys Essex. All confirmed on slip. Box wear, medals GC. (5 medals)
 SOLD at A$80
1936-46 Royal Navy Palestine & WW2 Long Service group of 5: Naval General Service Medal, GVIR, clasp: 'Palestine 1936-39. Impressed officially: 'K63443 G.L MOUSE, STO 1,RN'; 1939-45 & Atlantic Stars; 1939-45 War Medal (last 3 unnamed as issued); RN LSGG, GVIR (IND IMP). Impressed officially: 'K63443 G.L MOUSE, L.STO, HMS PEMBROKE' All on original ribbons. aEF
1939-45 RAF North Africa, Mediterranean, Aegean Sea & Italy Wellington Bomber Casualty group of 4 with logbooks named 1293557 Sergeant Henry Jules Davey. Medals 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star & War Medal unnamed as issued. Davey flew with No 38 Squadron of North Africa as a wireless Air Gunner, he had flown 13 operational sorties & was killed when his plane crashed on take off. Comes with Observer & Air Gunners flying log books (2), photos of Davey (2), his funeral (2), his grave (2) & others plus many original documents inc telegram notifying his death. Also comes with RAF cap badge, button & his Air Gunner's half wing.
 SOLD at A$450
1939-50 Efficiency Decoration / Africa Star group of 5 to Welch Regt. 1939-45 & Africa Stars; Defence & War Medals (all unnamed as issued); ED, GVIR Type 2, rev engraved officially: '1950' together with associated ID tag pr (fibre, on cord) To: '71331 RV Jones, CE/ Blood group 04', a cap, collar & shoulder title & association lapel badge of the Welch Regt; 3 x brass crown & 2 brass 'pip' rank insignia, ribbon bars & a miniature set of medals as above, but with addition of 'Territorial' clasp to ED. Mounted as worn on original ribbons. gVF. All contained in a small ca 1920 cash tin. Unresearched but attributable via the ID tags.
1892-1901 Volunteer Officer\'s Decoration (VD) \'VR\' type for the British Isles. (contemporary miniature) Silver & gilt by \'G/K/S\'. On original ribbon with top bar. EF.
 SOLD at A$50
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