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New South Wales: ca 1875 Newcastle Volunteer Artillery large button by Stokes. Rare, Cossum buttons, page 8. Large Victorian Rifle Regiments 1880-90 by Stokes, Cossum page 10. NSW Artillery 1871-80 large white metal for Volunteers by C.K. Moore Sydney, Cossum page 8. Small Victorian Volunteer Service ca 1875 by treble rich standard, Cossum page 9. Victorian Military Forces small brass, Cossum page 11 & 7 other buttons 3 QVC VR, 3 Edward VII all small & medium 1911-12, George V, Cossum page 30. VGC. First is very rare. (12)
 SOLD at A$575
New South Wales: 1895-1902 6th Infantry Reg't hat badge. White metal (with evidence of original silvered finish). gVF. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$375
Queensland: 1890 Defence Forces Universal Pattern shako/helmet plate. Gilt brass. 3x lug reverse. 2x piece construction. aEF. Grebert 223.
 SOLD at A$400
Queensland: 1890-1900 Pre Federation Medical Dept Glengarry badge. Brass QVC. gVF. Hard to find.
 SOLD at A$220
Army: 1890s-1920s metal shoulder board insignia. 15 letter used to identify units of company size in brass & white metal. All approx 20mm high plus 2 Reservist R titles, 19mm high. Scarce-rare. (17)
Army. 1895-1900 Pre-Federation Rifle (marksman) Proficiency Sleeve badge. Gold bullion heavily embroidered crossed rifles (evidently breech loaders, no magazines or hammer visible) on scarlet 'superfine' wool uniform cloth with its original factory paper backing. Apparently an unissued item as ground not cut-out or dates applied. 90mm x 100mm. Minor moth. aEF. Rare
 SOLD at A$80
Army. ca 1898-1910 Rifle Marksman Proficiency badges. 1/ Yellow heavily embroidered crossed Martini-Enfield or Metford rifles on red 'superfine' wool cloth ground cut to shape with original paper backing 2/The same, but on khaki wool uniform cloth not cut to shape (ie left on square ground) 100mm x 85mm with original paper backing. Minor moth. VGC. Very scarce. (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. 1899-1902 Boer War field made trade badge. Crossed blacksmith hammer & pincers. Cut from shell case brass. Turn wire loops soldered to reverse. Badge utilised by various trades such as Armourer, Blacksmith, Fitter etc. gVF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$60
Army. 1899-1900 Rifle Proficiency Sleeve Badge. Gold bullion embroidered on red 'Superfine' cloth, crossed percussion muskets, star above & star below dates '1899-00'. Off-white cloth backing with remains of original paper covering. Removed from uniform. No moth, gilt only slightly dulled. gVF.
 SOLD at A$275
Army. 1903-12 NSW Irish Rifles Regiment hat badge in white metal. gEF. Cossum: 019. Very scarce, particularly in this grade.
 SOLD at A$350
Army. 1930-42 15th Light Horse Regt (Northern River Lancers) hat badge, white metal. EF. Cossum: 215. Scarce
 SOLD at A$250
Army. 1930-42 1st Armoured Car Reg't hat badge. Brass, 1st die type. gVF/aEF. Cossum 224. Very scarce.
Army. 1930-42 12th Infantry Bn (Launceston Regt ) Hat Badge, brass. EF. Cossum: 238.
 SOLD at A$120
Army. 1930-42 29th Infantry Bn (East Melbourne Regt ) Hat & Collar pr set, oxydised brass & enamels. Enamel chips to hat & one collar. VF. Cossum: 255.
 SOLD at A$130
Army. 1930-42 32nd Infantry Bn, Footscray Rgt hat & collar pr, set of 3. Oxidised incorporating 'Rising Sun' badge design. Near matched set. gVF. Cossum: 259
 SOLD at A$100
Army. 1930-42 45th Infantry Bn (St George Regiment) brass hat badge. gVF. Cossum 272.
Army. 1930-42 Australian Instructional corps officer's rising sun hat badge. Brass & enamel. 2x lugs. NEF
 SOLD at A$150
Army. 1948-53 Byron Scottish Regt (41st Infantry Bn) Hat Badge. White metal. King's Crown. Incorporates 'Rising Sun' badge design. By Stokes. EF. Cossum: 315
Army. 1953-60 The Illawarra Regiment, 34th Infantry Bn Hat badge. Gilt brass, Queen's crown. gVF. Cossum: 372.
Army Aust/GB. Skill at Arms badges. Collection of 29 Marksman Qualification & Prize badges. Various ages & metals. Of note 5 single Lee Enfield rifles. Crossed rifles on shield & an American crossed rifles badge by K. G. Luke Melbourne. Mostly GC. Inc some seldom seen types. (29)
Army Officer shoulder boards & insignia. Inc mostly WWII era, a few later. Inc 4 pairs of khaki cotton slip-on Officer ranks, 2 pr bullion dress boards, pr removable boards khaki cotton, pair sew-in boards khaki cotton. Also single shoulder boards, 2 diff khaki cotton Officer boards, 3 diff khaki cotton slip-ons, 1 dress blues removable board ca1950/60s & 2 diff 1950s/70s slip-ons (one is Pacific Island Regt, the other possibly Nursing). Also 2 cloth KC crowns on red & blue & an Australia slip-on. Mostly used condition, some showing wear or staining. Useful lot of insignia for display or restoration of uniform. Mostly diff (19).
 SOLD at A$200
Army. Epaulettes. Collection (55) mostly pairs but 11 are singles, some for blues, polys, tropical & a couple unknown. Also 35 diff rank crowns dating from early 1900 to present day. 2 proficiency stars in oxy. Mostly GC. (82)
Army. Trade badges. 9 diff Pipers badges inc an Highland Society Pipe Band plaid brooch, some rare items of regular & Cadet related Pipers badges. Comes with a Cadets Highland pattern waist belt with chromed thistle buckle. Also 100 various Scottish Piper pattern buttons, some generic & some Cadets etc. Overall GC. Some scarce items here. (110 pcs)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Aust/GB Officer's pips. Inc bullion, oxidised, Staybrite, Bakelite, silver gilt etc. Noted 6 Middlesex Regt pattern & 2 diff 12 rank crowns in pairs. Start a collection or a great lot for the uniform collector/restorer. GC. Lots like this seldom seen these days. (170)
 SOLD at A$200
Army Metal & cloth insignia ranging from 1930s to present time. Inc rank, trade & proficiency badges, shoulder titles & an arm band (movement control). Noticed 2 sealed pattern of cloth badges, a Rigger badge for the white mess jacket & a QC rising sun shoulder flash on green. Also 5 mostly different Militia service chevrons & quite a few metal King's crown rank badges of various sizes. Also cloth crowns, QC. Good lot. (90 badges)
Army. Collection of 40 badges, chevrons etc. Inc 9 prs of diff chevrons, 1 pr being Navy. 9 single diff rank chevrons, 6 Proficiency stars, Bandsman's & Drummer's cloth badges & 3 large CSM crown badges. The bullion on black Sgt's chevrons are most likely pre 1900, as are both yellow or red chevrons. Also 2 Quartermaster star badges of WWI era. Fair-GC. (40)
Army. 1902-05 Lot of early AMF Marksmanship badges. White worsted on scarlet. K/C yellow worsted on khaki 1904. 6 others 1930-42 metal crossed rifles. (8 pieces). gVF.
 SOLD at A$230
Army: ca1912-18 hat insignia. Inc 5 brass numerals of the type worn on slouch hats by Infantry & Light Horse. Numbers 1 & 7 are 19mm high, 2, 3, 6, 8 are 20mm high. Plus R Reservist badge (19mm high). All lugs complete, very scarce-rare. (7)
 SOLD at A$150
Army caWWI metal insignia in brass with 2 slouch hat numerals made by Stokes (mounted on 2 bars). These are believed to be New Zealand contract. Number 30 has a lug missing, numerals are 16mm high. WWI ANZAC A. Both lugs are one piece stampings, as found on many of the unofficial WWI badges. International variant, approx 18mm high plus a single wound stripe. Both lugs present. No backing plate. All scarce. (4)
 SOLD at A$160
Army. 1914-18 AIF 'Rising Sun' Hat Badge lot. An English made version in brass on slider-lug reverse, not maker marked; another clean bronze-stage before oxidising - by Stokes & Sons, Melbourne, on full-round wire lugs. The latter is one of a batch of unfinished (not oxidised) badges deposited with Aust War memorial after WW2 & sold off in the 1980s. gVF/EF. (2)
 SOLD at A$85
Army. 1914-2010 AIF Rising Sun hat badges, collection of 8: 1914-18 toned bronze by Stokes & Son; 1939-45 oxidised, by K G Luke; bullion embroidered King's crown on black ground; 1948-53 brass King's crown; 1948-53 silvered white metal King's crown; 1972 pattern with Federation Star, anodised aluminium; 1991 pattern brass on clutch grips small crown; later (current) issue in gilt with large crown. gVF-aEF. (8)
 SOLD at A$230
Army Aust/GB WWI & later rank crowns & pips. 44 crowns some for S NCOs, some officers. 56 pips. Lots of variety. GC. Good. (100).
Army & RAAF cloth badges. Ranging from caWWI to present day. Inc rank, overseas stripes, Cadet, trade & women's service badges. Noticed potentially WWI rank stripes & overseas stripes, unusual Cadet rank badges in bullion, 6 WWII overseas stripes (Army & RAAF) & WWII RAAF rank stripes. Duplication limited 2 prs. Minor wear on some. Many unissued condition. (67)
Army caWWII insignia covering Red Cross, AWAS, YMCA & NES. Inc 3 Red Cross cloth badges (one could be 1930s or earlier). As well as AWAS shoulder titles (6), 2 are in cloth & 4 are oxidised metal, set of unissued slip-ons for YMCA representatives - no titles have been added. Plus a set of khaki cloth 'AUSTRALIA' slip-on titles & a 'WARDEN' bar for the NSW NES. Useful insignia lot in mostly unused condition. Many are very hard to find. (14)
 SOLD at A$160
Army. 1953-60 hat/cap badges inc Rising Sun, Sydney University, Artillery, RAR Skippy (pin lugs), Prince of Wales Light Horse, WRAAC (2 pins, slider), Melbourne University, AAS, SA Mounted Rifles, Macquarie Regt, AACC & others plus WWI/II rising sun hat, collars & titles & RAAF hat badge. (34 items)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. ca 1966-72 Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam (AATTV) & Royal Australian Engineers framed display. Large bullion & silk embroidered (210mm high) badge of AATTV set over bullion & silk wool Presidential Unit Commendation & Republic of South Vietnam Gallantry Unit Commendation & Combat Infantry Badge. Alongside is a bullion badge (210mmhigh) of RAE, set over a set of bullion para wings. Framed & glazed. EF. An impressive commemorative AATTV/RAE piece.
 SOLD at A$120
Army. 1997Parachute Qualification Wings, 4 Bn RAR (Commando), 1st Prototype Version, 1997. White wings with l/blue upper surfaces, white 'chute' All on royal blue ground. Minor fray to lower point. gVF. Tennant & Lord: #206. Scarce
 SOLD at A$70
Army. 2003-2009 A fine selection of Australian & Iraqi military cloth patches from the Iraq War 2003. Inc Australian Middle East area of operations sleeve patch, 5 CIMIC arm patches in various colour schemes, 2 unusual larger CIMIC patches, 2 large 2/14th POWLH patches, 2 large 'B' Sqdn patches, 4 prs of captured / souvenired Iraqi rank insignia. VGC. (Total 20 items)
Army. Pre 2008 Iraq War General's rank insignia lot. Bullion embroidered QC cap badge. 4 Velcro backed front-tab rank patches (old pattern without title 'Australia') for wear when alongside US Forces. Subdued on Desert Cam. 1 star to 4 star. UNC. Rare (5)
 SOLD at A$75
Army. Pre 2008 State Governor rank insignia lot. Bullion embroidered cap badge QC & shoulder rank pr of slides for Desert Cam, old pattern without word 'Australia'. Subdued. UNC. Rare (3)
Army. Aust/GB. Parachute & related badges (17) & a late 50s parachute regiment stable belt with chromed buckles. Inc GQ parachute wing badge. Bullion parachute wing for sleeve. Royal Marine para wing in blue & red. GC. Some nice para gear. (18)
 SOLD at A$130
1919 Australian Mercantile Marine War Zone Badge. Gilt brass, by Stokes, number '1808' stamped into reverse (vendor states attributable to C. Percival). Minor toning, aEF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$200
1939-45 AIF 'Rising Sun' Sweetheart brooch, Trench-Art, lot of 4. All in perspex, hand painted details. 1/ Diamond, vertically divided, white to left, d/blue to right, grey border in centre Rising Sun badge in gold paint over Boomerang, 'I go to return' (7th Division AASC), 42mm; 2/ Heart shape in clear perspex, Rising Sun in gold paint, suspended from gilt brass bar brooch bearing Rising Sun, 60mm; 3/ Necklace & pendant in clear perspex Rising Sun packed out in gold & red paint, 42mm; 4/ Small clear perspex with impression of Rising Sun - appears unfinished, 31mm. VGC. (4)
 SOLD at A$90
Army 1942 Colour Patch 2/9th Australian cavalry Regiment (commando) pr. Also a single 7th Australian cavalry regiment (commando) patch. Moths have eaten approx half of the grey backing that is showing on this patch. First pair GC, last poor. (3)
 SOLD at A$160
Army. 1914-18 'Australia' shoulder titles, cloth embroidered near matched pr. Worn 1916-17 as greatcoat sleeve-top titles, unofficial (see Glyde #373). White worsted embroidered on khaki wool, each approx 110mm, curved. gVF.(2) Glyde: 0373. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$130
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch 1st Australian Divisional Ammunition column . Slightly mothed & as removed from tunic. Also 1918-19 1st Machine Gun battalion colour patch, this unissued in heavy felt. GC. WWI colour patches. Hard to find. (2).
 SOLD at A$140
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch for 2nd infantry battalion. Another for 21st Infantry battalion. GC. Scarce. Hard to find. (2).
 SOLD at A$130
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch, Australian Sea Transport Service 1916- (Permanent Staff on Transport at Sea). Dark blue triangle with white 'T' to centre. Original. EF. Glyde: 0263. Ex Glyde collection.
 SOLD at A$75
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch pr 4th Aust Pioneer Battalion 1916, original. Locally produced variants. Chain stitched crossed axe & pick & numeral '4' in purple on black ground. Near matched pr - 1x piece with more fade & edge wear. Glyde 0250. Extremely scarce. (2)
 SOLD at A$275
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch 30th Aust Infantry Battalion (minor moth grazing). Another for the 46th infantry battalion this is in nice condition. Scarce. (2).
 SOLD at A$140
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch pair, originals. 3rd Aust General Hospital 1918-19 & also possible for 3rd Aust Auxiliary Hospital 1918-19 (Dartford, Kent). Light blue cloth bar applied to chocolate brown square/diamond. Matched, unworn, pair. EF. Glyde 317c & 323. Scarce. (2)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch, original. 2nd Aust Mobile Veterinary Section, AAVC 1916-19. Deep maroon cloth diamond. EF. Glyde 0339.
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch, original. 3rd Aust Mobile Veterinary Section, AAVC 1916-19. Deep maroon oval cloth. EF. Glyde 0340.
 SOLD at A$100
Army. 1914-18 Colour patch, original. 4th Aust Mobile Veterinary Section, AAVC 1916-19. Deep maroon cloth disc. EF. Glyde 0341.
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Mostly WWII colour patches, inc infantry corps, HQs, MG company's etc. All diff, all GC. (16).
 SOLD at A$300
Army. Mostly WWII colour patches, inc infantry, armoured, corps, divisions etc. Cple with small moth o/w all GC. All diff. (16).
 SOLD at A$350
Army. Mostly WWII colour patches. Inc 2/32nd infantry Bn. 1st Australian naval group 1944-45. Others inc pioneers, corps etc. Odd tiny moth, mostly GC. (8 prs - 16).
 SOLD at A$275
Army. 1940-45 colour patch 2/22nd infantry battalion (moth nips) & 2/19th Infantry battalion colour patch . These 2 patches are quite scarce. GC. (2).
 SOLD at A$400
Army. 1941-43 Colour Patch, 2/1st Australian Independent Commando Company. Large version. EF. Glyde: 1052. Scarce
 SOLD at A$160
Army. 1943-45 Colour patch 2/2nd Australian Commando Sqn, (also 2/2nd Aust Ind Co. 1941-42) 'double reds' red on grey felt original. aEF. Glyde: 1053. Rare
 SOLD at A$160
Army 1941-43 Colour Patch 2/3rd Australian Independent Commando Company. GC. These becoming increasingly scarce & are much sought after.
 SOLD at A$170
Army 1942-44 Colour Patch 2/7th Australian Independent Commando company. GC. Very hard to find these now.
 SOLD at A$210
Army Cadet, metal/Staybrite & cloth cap & shoulder badge collection. Inc 23 cloth cadet badges. Metal badges inc Mudgee Cadets, Toowoomba & Ingleburn Cadets. Also 45th, 12th, 10th, 222nd Regional Cadet units & 123rd Army Cadet unit. Also 13 metal shoulder titles inc some prs. Mudgee Cadet badge has no lugs & pins blued to back. Odd duplicates, mostly G-VGC. A nice collection of modern badges. (50 items)
 SOLD at A$180
Army Cadets: 3 Rising Sun cadet badges. 1st Toowoomba Grammar School cadets, gilt & enamel Coss RS66. 2nd Sandringham Technical School cadets, brass & enamel badge. Coss RS98. 3rd St Bernard's College Victoria, gilt & enamel Coss RS61, 1 lug only, minor enamel chip. Overall GC. (3).
 SOLD at A$120
Army Cadets, 4 gilt & enamel hat badges. Inc St Virgil's College, Tasmania Coss RS53. St Peters Maitland, NSW. Shepparton High School, Victoria. Seymour Technical School, Victoria. VGC. (4 nice badges).
 SOLD at A$120
Army Cadets. 6 badges, all gilt & enamel. Inc Holy Cross College Ryde NSW. Coss RS65, Brighton Grammar School NSW, Coss RS66. Saint Virgil's College Coss RS53. Mildura Technical School. St Josephs School Abbotsford. Very fine, but all no lugs. (6 badges).
 SOLD at A$130
Army Cadets cloth shoulder titles collection Part 2. All single titles of varying ages & styles. Mostly G-VGC, all diff. Inc many hard to find & scarce titles. (21)
 SOLD at A$325
Army Cadets cloth shoulder titles collection Part 3. All singles of varying styles & ages. Mostly G-VGC, all diff inc some uncommon & scarce titles. (21)
 SOLD at A$375
Army Cadets cloth shoulder titles collection Part 4. All singles of varying styles & ages. Mostly G-VGC, all diff inc some scarcer types. (21)
 SOLD at A$325
Army Cadets cloth shoulder titles collection Part 5. All singles of varying styles & ages. Few average, mostly G-VGC. Inc some uncommon titles plus some hard to find types. (21)
 SOLD at A$375
Army Cadets cloth shoulder titles collection Part 6. All singles of varying styles & ages. Cpl average, mostly G-VGC. Many hard to find. (21)
 SOLD at A$350
Army Cadets cloth shoulder title collection Part 1. All diff single titles, except Haileybury College which is a pr. Also 3 small & 1 large Knox Grammar School buttons plus patch & a slip-on epaulette & a nice blazer pocket with crossed rifles dated 1939. Mostly G-VGC. Couple of rare badges in this lot. (23 diff & 4 buttons)
 SOLD at A$140
Army Cadets cloth shoulder title collection of 22 singles in 2 'slip-ons'. All diff. G-VGC. Nice lot. (22)
 SOLD at A$325
Army Cadets cloth shoulder title collection with many diff colours, styles & ages. Some are hard to get. 1 with moth nips, mostly G-VGC. (21 diff)
 SOLD at A$210
Army Cadets. 7 Melbourne High School cadets badges inc 4 large hat badges, 2 are staybright & enamel, 1 of which has only 1 pin, 1 bronze missing its horn with lugs & 1 bronze & enamel missing its lugs. 1 cap size gilt & enamel. 2 unknown unicorn & motto inside a wreath circlet, individually numbered to rear. Mostly GC. An interesting grouping. (7).
Army Cadets. 8 badges inc Mentone Grammar School, Coss RS74. King's School cap & collar pr & scroll part of cap only. Peninsula Grammar School, Melbourne High School, Scots College Warwick enamel & Mudgee Cadet Corps. GC. (8 badges).
 SOLD at A$100
Army cadets. 8 badges, inc 7 cap badges & 1 collar. Of note are Newton High School cap & collar in gilt. White metal Kings School cadets, a nice early patina on this badge. St Joseph College Geelong post 1935 badge with crossed rifles. G-VGC. (8 badges).
Army Cadets. 8 badges. Inc Melbourne Grammar School gilt & enamel hat badge & oxidised hat badge. Coss RS88 & RS89. King's School NSW, cap & collar pr. Launceston Church Grammar School title & sew on badge. Melbourne Grammar gorget patch pr with KC AMF buttons & gilt/enamel/collars on a blue gorget. GC (8 badges).
 SOLD at A$150
Army Cadets. 8 badges inc 4 cap badges, 2 collar badges & 2 titles. Of note is rarely seen pr of Launceston Church Grammar School Tasmania unit titles in polished brass. Enamelled hat badge to the same unit also 2 Scots College cadet cap badges, 1 x bronze & 1 x chrome. GC. (8 badges).
Army Cadets. 8 badges inc 6 cap badges & 2 collars. Of note Melbourne Grammar School, gilt & enamel cap & collar pr, Coss RS88. Waverley College Senior cadets, brass & enamel, chip to enamel. Coss RS67. Scots College Warwick Qld, enamel gilt hat badge. Good-VF. (8 mostly enamel badges).
Army Cadets, 8 badges inc Coss RS71 Caulfield Grammar School, gilt & enamel cap. Also De la Salle Malvern, gilt & enamel cap. Ivanhoe Cadet unit, also gilt & enamel. G-VF. (8 mostly enamelled badges).
 SOLD at A$120
Army Cadets, 9 badges inc 6 cap badges & 3 collars. Of note Anglican Church Grammar School cadets, Brisbane cap & collars in gilt. Also the Scots College cadets in chrome. Geelong College cadet Glengarry badge. This last missing its lugs. Overall GC. (9 badges).
Army Cadets. 10 badges, all hat badges unless mentioned o/w. Inc St Aloysius College Milson's Point NSW. Kings School hat badge & collar pr. Melbourne Grammar School gilt & enamel collar pr. Toowoomba High School? ,Sydney Church of England Grammar School. Penrith Army Cadet unit. Haileybury College cadets. G-VF. SCEGS badge on backing is interesting. (10).
 SOLD at A$120
Army Cadet - 10 badges, mostly gilt & enamel inc Parade College cadet senior cadets. Coss RS64. Oakleigh Technical school 1 lug only. Ivanhoe Grammar school Victoria collar pr, Melbourne High school, Christian Bros College Tamworth. Guildford Grammar school. Haileybury Cadet corps. Hale school W.A. unfinished badge with no lugs. Fair-GC. Some good cadet badges in this lot. (10).
 SOLD at A$120
Army Cadets. 10 badges. 5 are cap badges, 4 are collars & one cloth title. Inc Coss RS76 Geelong Grammar in gilt & enamel. Also Caulfield technical school cadet corps cap & collars in bronze, cap missing its lugs. Overall GC. (10 badges.)
 SOLD at A$210
Army Cadets: 12 badges & 1 button. Inc Coss RS67 Waverley College in gilt & enamel, also another not in Cossum in oxidized bronze, but missing 1 lug. Also Xavier College cadet cap & collar pr in gilt & enamel. Wesley College Victoria, collar pair, both having no lugs. Mostly GC. (13 cadet items).
 SOLD at A$150
Army Cadets. Cap badges, mostly enamelled. Includes St Josephs college NSW Coss RS57. St Patricks College Launceston. This has both lugs but has lost most of its enamel. Coss RS55. Toowoomba Grammar school, 1 lug, Coss RS66. Waverley college NSW, 1 lug, Same as RS67 but only 28mm. 2 x Ballarat School of Mines. St Mary's Cathedral School, Shepparton High School. Christian Brothers technical High School Paddington. Marist Bros College Forbes. 2 x Aquinas College Perth WA. 12 badges of which 9 have no lugs & 2 only 1 lug. Good-Fair.
 SOLD at A$100
Army Cadets. 1913-14 Commonwealth of Australia Senior Cadets Brigade Competitions stg silver badge to a Cadet who later served in WWI as a regular. Reverse engraved officially: 'CADET W.G. BANFIELD, C.COY.69TH BATT'N, BRIGADE SERIES, 1913-14', 48mm. William Gay Banfield, born 1897 Moonee Ponds, Victoria. Enl. AIF, 36th. HAG S/No. 848, 1/111916 having served with Aust Garrison & Royal Australian Garrison (permanent) Artillery 1½ years, stating 'Soldier' as occupation, to France 24/5/1917, RtA & disch med unfit 5/4/1918. EF. With copies of AIF archive file. Only 485 issues of the Brigade series 1913-14 badge, few survive. Rare.
 SOLD at A$475
1939-45 WWII 'To the Women of Australia' (2) both Army 1 star, Civilian War Emergency Aid Service plus ACF (7) Red Cross, POW War Veterans etc tinnies & 3 Legacy donation pins plus RAN submarines badge by Stokes (23).
 SOLD at A$75
Army. Cadets. Badges. Collection of 25 diff inc 7 numbered Cadet metal/Staybrite titles. 4 diff cloth badges & 5 hat badges. Useful lot. (25)
Army Cadets, Mentone Grammar school cadet unit, Gilt & enamel Cap & collar pr Coss RS73, RS74. Parade College gilt & enamel Cap & collar pr Coss RS63. Ibrox Park high school cadet enamel cap, collar & slip on title. Good VF. (9).
 SOLD at A$100
Army Cadets. 9 badges, 6 are cap badges & 3 collars. Of note Melbourne Grammar School enamel on gilt collar pr. Girraween High School enamelled badge. Brisbane Boys College KC bronze collar badge. Sydney Grammar School badge is heavily polished losing much details, Geelong college has no lugs. Good. (9 badges).
 SOLD at A$80
Navy. Aust/GB. RAN/RN hat badges (5) with WWII economy all metal Officer's on mohair band (heavily tarnished), nice caWWII bullion Officer's KC, caWWII CPO bullion hat badge, RANR Captain's single shoulder board ca WWI or even earlier, 2 cuff rank badges in bullion for RANR Lieutenant, metal PO all metal hat badge KC & rating's hat badge red/blue wool with KC. (8)
 SOLD at A$275
Navy RAN/RN insignia. Ranging from c1930s-c1990s. Plus a Merchant Navy bullion sleeve rank. Inc hat badges (6), rank insignia (x3). Inc economy WWII officers hat badge, bullion version KC & later QC bullion. Also blue on white RANR sleeve badge (& later versions red on blue wool); pr of midshipman's shoulder boards KC Australia buttons (named) & 3 x hat badges. Plus an enamel badge for HMAS Bataan (Association badge?) & bullion rank for a sailor. (13).
 SOLD at A$120
Navy Aust/GB 1930s-90s badges (14 diff), 9 are RAN/RN & 5 are MN. Inc 3 x bullion KC officers hat badges (1 tarnished); a WWII economy officers hat badge; 2 RANR sleeve badges; a combined ops arm badge; RANC blazer patch; 2 pr merchant navy shoulder boards, a QC blue painted metal sailors hat badge & an officers post 1953 bullion hat badge. (14 items).
 SOLD at A$180
Navy, RAN/RN cap/hat badges (6) WWII era. Inc 2 bullion Officer's badges on bands, 1 of these mothed heavily to the velvet backing. Also economy all metal Officer's KC badge & 5 WWII cloth ratings/trade badges. Overall GC. A must for WWII collector. (11)
 SOLD at A$200
Navy: RAN Dockyard Police badges. Pair of NDP collar badges (chromed anchor) with 2 examples of numerals (as worn underneath them). Used from end WWII to 1968 plus 2 single collars (1 in chrome, the other in brass) & a post 1968 collar badge with NDP below the anchor. One numeral/bar is missing a lug. One anchor has a partly damaged lug. Scarce. (7)
 SOLD at A$120
Navy: RAN/RN badges, mostly rank post 1970? Inc 3 RAN CPO collar badges, gilt shirt rank for RANNS (brown enamel), silver shirt rank for Commander (Stokes made), silver shirt rank for Admiral (British made) & long lugs & an unknown fouled anchor badge with 2 lugs. VG-Excellent. (8)
 SOLD at A$80
Navy: 22 RAN cloth badges mostly RANR 1920s through WWII to 2000. Inc sleeve badges from 1920s onwards. Some in bullion. Also Naval Reserve Cadel titles, Training Ship Tingara titles. Also noted a WWII economy officer's rank shoulder board. Nice lot of RAN insignia in mostly unused condition. Some insignia very scarce. (22).
Navy RAN/RN cloth insignia 1940s through to current times. Inc rank badges, shoulder titles various trade badges & service stripes. Noted 2 KC badges (Gunnery & Physical Training), 5 QC badges for trades such as Artisan, Communications & Aviation. Also a Torpedo Man's rate badge, a pr of Midshipman's gorget patches, & 3 x Bullion 'AUSTRALIA' titles & nice lot of communications related. Some are used & show wear, mostly in un-used condition. (55).
Navy. Trade/Proficiency badges. Collection of 34 diff. Of note 3 diff crossed Musket badges. 2 bullion Gunnery badges. Bullion Divers badge. Mostly GC. (34)
Navy Trade/Proficiency badges collection of 24 diff bullion. 21 of these are very fine, 3 being slightly saltire. Very nice & would make a great display. (24)
Navy, Trade/Proficiency badges. Collection of 46 diff. 15 of these are of WWII vintage, approx 5 have a small hole punched through them (ex sealed pattern). This does not detract considering the scarcity of the badges. Average-Exc. Inc some rare badges that will display well. (46)
Navy. Trade/Proficiency cloth badge collection all relating to the aviation trade (33). 9 of these all pre 1952 have a small hole punched through them (ex sealed pattern reference badge). This does not detract. An attractive collection that inc some scarce badges. Mostly GC. (33)
Navy: WWII-ca2000 Collection of 24 cloth RAN rate badges & 4 cloth rank badges. The trade badges focus on diff medical & communications/electronic. The medical badges inc with KC & QC ratings. Some sleeve badges appear to have age (1930s). Two badges have bullion work. The rank & communications/electronic badges are all blue on white & all post WWII. Noticed a QC artisan badge on white cotton. Cpl with small punch hole, ex sealed pattern. Mostly unissued, many very scarce. (28)
Navy Ratings badges Collection of 62 diff. Inc 14 WW2 era KC, both womens & mens. (some with small punch hole, originally sealed pattern examples. Hole hardly visible & does not detract). Plus 48 other badges. Average-exc. Inc a lot of extremely hard to find badges. (62).
Navy Ratings badge collection. Inc 9 x KC & 8x QC, both mens & womens. Some KC have a small single holes where a sealed pattern tag was at one time attached. Mostly G-VGC. Inc many very scarce badges. Eye-catching collection. (63).
Navy: RAN/RN. Collection of cloth insignia dating from the 1940s to modern times. Inc a nice selection of women's uniform badges. Badges inc many rate badges (some with a small puncture hole, having been a sealed pattern), rank badges & shoulder titles. Inc 8 women's RAN badges, 5 with KC, 7 bullion wire rate badges & 4 additional badges with KC. Interesting grouping of WWII & post badges inc many scarce/rare types. (33)
Navy. Collection of 15 badges inc 9 hat badges, lots of bullion badges here & 2 diff Petty Officer cap badges on bands. GC-Excellent. (15)
Navy: RAN tally bands collection. One is faded/tarnished, most are unissued. Quite a few training ships are represented, as well as the Navy League, Sea Cadets, RANR cadet. Most of the TS tallies scarce. (25).
 SOLD at A$120
Navy. RAN tally bands, collection of 30 mostly diff . Many training ships are represented, as well as Sea Cadets, 4 RAN surface ships & submarines (these have tarnished). Plus 3 non Australian. Most tallies are unissued, the TS tallies are scarce. (30)
Navy: 1914-18 Royal Australian Navy Officer's Cap Badge, King's Crown, bullion embroidered, padded variety, removed from cap. Early style with 'compressed' wreath & large crown, remnants of paper backing to reverse. aVF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$75
Navy: 1939-45 RAN Commander, Engineering Branch Insignia. 1/ Bullion embroidered RAN Officer cap badge attached to mohair braid cap band; 2/ Pr of shoulder boards (detachable) black wool cloth overlaid by 3 rings & loop in gold bullion, purple 'lights' between. Both backed in white leather with white lace ties & brass KC RAN buttons. Minor moth. (3)
 SOLD at A$80
Navy: 1939-45 RAN Boomerang design sweetheart brooches (2), both 9ct gold plated silver & enamels: Boomerang in rose gold plate 46mm. Set with ovoid badge, King's crown over Wreath & title 'RAN', anchor on blue enamel in centre. Brooch fitting; 'mother' in script over circlet composed of 5 interlocked boomerangs, plaque in gilt & enamels of Naval crown over 'RAN' superimposed. Brooch fitting with safety chain 28mm. gVF. (2)
 SOLD at A$70
Navy: 1939-45 RAN Officer's Cap Badge & Band bullion embroidered with crimson highlights to King's crown, silvered anchor device, on its original mohair braid cap band, paper label to reverse of Preston, UK, maker. aEF.
 SOLD at A$60
Navy: Trade & Proficiency badges. 25 different WWII - modern cloth RAN badges. With 18 red on blue badges for trades of torpedo, signalling, photography & surveying. 5 have KC. Plus 10 blue on white trade badges for surveying, signalling, engine room, electrical. Plus 3 rank badges. Mostly unused, 3 have holes from a sealed sample. Good selection of torpedo badges. Make a good display. (25)
Navy Large accumulation of approx 500pcs of post 1952 naval cloth insignia, comprising over 100 ratings badges, & over 400 shoulder titles. Includes titled for blues & whites, cadet & regulars. GC. Ideal reseller's lot. (500+).
Navy, Trade/Proficiency badges collection. Good lot with over ½ of the badges dating to WWII. Some being quite scarce plus 2 bullion. The KC badges mostly with small punch hole having been original sealed pattern examples, Mint collection. VG-Exc. Some desirable Navy badges here. (28 diff)
Navy, Naval Reserve & Sea Cadet epaulettes. Collection inc 6 pairs plus pr Sea Cadet badges, Australia titles, 1965 Athletics badge etc. 1 epaulette missing its economy lace. Fair-GC. Hard to get. (22)
 SOLD at A$140
Navy: Naval Reserve Cadets & Sea Cadets flag. Large (approx 1800 x 900mm), RAN marked, well made with multiple pieces, white ensign in corner. Flag is used & frayed at the end. Has age. Included is a lot of 29 N.R. Cadets & Sea Cadet cloth ensign. From ca1960s-ca2000. Badges inc 5 sets of diff Naval Cadets shoulder slip-ons, 2 diff Naval Reserve Cadets tally bands, 4 diff Training Ship patches, 2 generic patches, 11 Sea Cadet rank insignia & tally bands inc 'S.L. Sea Cadet'. Am impressive flag, together with useful badges to the RAN Naval Reserve Cadets & Sea Cadets, some very scarce. (30 pieces)
Navy: 1914-18 RAN Female Relatives Badge. Sterling silver & enamel by Stokes & Sons, Melbourne. Serial number impressed officially '1838', brooch fitting & complete with safety chain. Small enamel chip at 9 o'clock. gVF. Extremely scarce & researchable.
 SOLD at A$250
RAAF: 1939-45 Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Wings: (1) near unissued, white wings on blue ground, light blue wreath; (2) good quality removed from uniform, off-white wings, light blue wreath; (3) early WWII quality, white wings but some stitch damage & virtually all backing cloth eaten away by moths. 1st two in gVF, last aF. (3)
 SOLD at A$150
RAAF. Collection of 30 badges, patches & rank. Inc QC Officer's cap badge on mohair band & wings in bullion. 2 bullion ½ wings inc Navigator & FS Sergeant brass cap badge KC. Squadron cloth badges etc. Air Medic/Nurse cloth badge & KC & QC RAAF cap badges. (28 + 4 stickers)
 SOLD at A$180
RAAF. Collection of 27 badges, the vast majority KC but inc QC Officer bullion cap with band. WWII KC Warrant Officer's cap badge. WWII KC cap badges silvered (no lugs), gilt & oxidised. Plus cap eagles, pins, sweetheart/association badges. Mostly GC. Nice lot. (27)
 SOLD at A$160
RAAF 1939-45 Sweetheart 'Trench-Art' brooch, lot of 2. 1/ RAAF Sleeve Eagle in gilt bronze set on clear perspex backing cut to same shape, brooch pin rev with safety chain, 70mm; 2/ Heart shape below inverted wing shape in clear perspex with silver overlay to each, engraved: 'New Guinea, 1945' & 'To my dear mother' over palm tree, pin back, 40mm.
 SOLD at A$60
RAAF: 1958-74 Irvin Parachute badge. Small size, 28mm. Gilt & enamel, brooch fitting by 'F&S made in England'. These badges were unofficially awarded by PTF. (Parachute Training Flight, Williamstown, NSW.) Instructors to successful graduates of training courses. EF. O'Connor pg 319 photo pg 348. Scarce.
RAAF: 1958-74 Irvin Parachute badge. Gilt & enamel, brooch pin rev. by 'H W Miller Ltd, B' Ham 18', large size 34mm. Awarded, unofficially, by instructors at PTF (Parachute Training Flight, Williamstown, NSW). to successful graduates of training courses at Williamstown, NSW. EF. O'Connor pg 319 photo pg 348. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
RAAF. Huge & probably the most comprehensive collection of Australian Air League, Air Training Corps & RAAF Cadet badges, hats etc ever assembled. Over 650 items in total inc sidecaps, hat badges, wings, cloth badges, literature, Australian Air League flag in heavily used/worn condition. Too much to describe, even the photos can't do this collection justice. Would be impossible to replicate. (650+)
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
1939-45 Australian made USAAF Aerial Gunner Wings in sterling silver. 2 x piece construction. Brooch pin fitting by K.G. Luke, Melbourne, Australia & stamped 'sterling'. aEF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$190
National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Pilot & Observer wings. 1/ Pilot, white wings & map of Australia 'NSCA' in green, all on green ground. 2/ Pilot, white wings & map of Australia, title 'NSCA' in green. All on a black ground. 3/ Observer, white 1/2 wing & map of Australia, title 'NSCA' in green. All on a green ground. EF. Scarce. (3)
 SOLD at A$60
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