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WW2 KRIEGSMARINE CHEVRON FOR LEADING SEAMAN WITH 4 1/2 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Blue on white. Nicely dated to reverse "5 .12.39". Grade II (P)
 SOLD at A$20
C1910 TO WWI PAIR OF IMPERIAL CUFF FACINGS AND A SHOULDERBOARD. Saxon or Prussian pair of scarlet cuff facings off a Dunkelblau and a single shoulder board. All mounted on a blue card background (could be removed if required). Red wool material cuff facings with white piping. 3 copper coloured buttons to each cuff facing. Green wool material shoulder board for the 8th company of the 174th infantry regiment. Chain stitched "174" in red.. C/W 2 brass buttons with "8" (8th company) to each. Impressive display group. O/A Grade II
WW2 CLOTH EDEL WEISS SLEEVE INSIGNIA. Standard pattern badge in unissued condition. Never applied to a uniform so has the original green backing material around the oval shaped badge. Nicely detailed edelweiss in machine embroidered white, green and yellow. Outer background material has been trimmed with pinking shears. Some minor o/a fading to the colours. Grey woven cloth backing material shows some damage where is has been "blue-tacked" in to an album. Doesn't detract from display. Grade II (P)
WW2 SMALL SIZE TWO-PIECE METAL EDELWEISS CAP INSIGNIA FOR GEBIRGSJAGER, Kriegsmarine and Hitler Youth. Smaller than the standard Wehrmacht issue badge at approx. 30mm in diameter. Pressed w/m hollow back edelweiss flower with gilded separately attached metal centre. Both prongs to reverse intact. This variant of the badge was utilised on the Gebirgsjager visor cap (attached between the national emblem and wreath/cockade) as a traditions badge on the Kriegsmarine bordmutze and Hitler Youth cloth headgear. C/w a piece of green cloth for display. Grade II- (P)
WW1 RARE MATCHING PAIR OF BANDSMAN'S SWALLOWS NESTS. Field-grey wool with white tresse and red piping. Professionally mounted in a modern glazed wooden frame. Grade II
WW2 LAPPLAND ARM SHIELD. Brass. Missing cloth backing. REPRODUCTION All 4 lugs broken off. Grade II-.
WW2 ARMY SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR GEFREITER (LANCE CORPORAL) Consists of a single 'V' chevron in subdued tress on field grey wool material. Slightly larger variant. Nice condition Grade II
 SOLD at A$25
WW2 ARMY SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR OBERSCHUTZE. Consists of a silver-grey Embroided rank pip on a circular patch of field grey material with a black cotton material backing. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$25
WW2 ARMY SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR GEFREITER (LANCE CORPORAL) Standard size with subdued silver-grey tress 'V' chevron on a field grey wool backing. Stain on material and tress on one side. Still displays nicely. Grade II-
WW2 ARMY ISSUE EDELWEISS SLEEVE INSIGNIA. Large oval shaped field grey wool material background. Machine Embroided white, yellow and green edelweiss flower with light grey Embroided surround. Retains nice bright colour to the embroidery. No mothing or soiling with only the most minor fraying to some areas of the edges. Unissued condition. Grade II+
WW2 KRIM SHIELD. Bronze coloured metal shield awarded for active service in the Crimea area during the period 1941/42. Worn on the upper sleeve, this example retains clear sharp detail to the obverse. No cloth backing. Reverse retains all 4 prongs for attaching to backing material. Reverse is almost entirely covered with surface rust. Obviously this does not detract from display. Priced accordingly. Obverse Grade II-, Reverse Grade III
 SOLD at A$80
WW2 ARMY ASSAULT BOAT COXWAIN'S ARM INSIGNIA FOR THE WAFFENROCK (PARADE DRESS TUNIC). Oval shaped field grey wool backing. Aluminium silver bullion hand embroidered coxswain insignia. Grey material re-enforcement to reverse. Unissued and in very fine condition. Grade II+
WW2 TWO-PIECE METAL EDELWEISS CAP INSIGNIA. Large pressed metal hollow back w/m edelweiss flower with gilded separately attached metal centre. Has been tack stitched to a piece of green cloth for display. Grade II- (P)
 SOLD at A$50
WW2 METAL EDELWEISS CAP INSIGNIA WITH CENTRAL SWASTIKA. A much sort after variant. Pressed w/m hollow back construction with a black painted swastika to the gilded centre of the flower. Some minor wear to the centre. Marked to reverse with "RZM" and "M1/3". Has been tack stitched to a piece of black cloth for display. Grade II- (P)
WW2 CLOTH JAEGER ARMY SLEEVE INSIGNIA. Oval shaped cloth insignia with green machine embroidered central oak leaves. Possibly removed from a tunic. Green cloth backing. Grade II- (P)
 SOLD at A$30
C1960'S-1990'S BUNDESWEHR 1ST GEBIRGSDIVISION CLOTH INSIGNIA. Large oval shaped insignia measuring approx 75mm by 60mm. Green background material with a large embroidered edelweiss in white and yellow. Some soiling to reverse where it has been "ble-tacked." Grade II-
 SOLD at A$10
WW2 ARMY DRIVERS PROFICENCY BADGE IN BRONZE. Field grey cloth backing with paper still present. Grade II
WW2 "SS" CLOTH SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR AN OBERSCHUTZE. Silver-grey embroidered PIP on a 55mm diameter black circular wool backing. An issued example. Grade II
WW2 SS EDELWEISS SLEEVE BADGE. Black material oval background measuring approx. 75mm by 55mm. Machine embroidered grey/silver edelweiss with a yellow/gilt centre and surrounded by a thin grey/silver oval. Fraying to the edges. Grade II-
WW2 SS FOREIGN VOLUNTEERS SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR ITALIAN PERSONNEL. Unissued Dachau manufacture. Black wool felt shield. Yellow-gold and red embroidered Italian Fascist's symbol "fasces" (an axe bound up with branches) to the centre. Thin yellow-gold border around the central insignia. One of the more recognisable SS Foreign Volunteers insignia. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$110
WW2 SS SLEEVE EAGLE FOR THE TROPICAL OR CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORMS. Unissued condition. Tan bevo-woven SS eagle on a black background material. Imposing display item for the SS or WW2 collector. Grade II+ (P)
WW2 SCARCE WAR TIME PRODUCTION SS EM'S SLEEVE EAGLE. Unissued, Dachau manufactured stock. Black fine wool background with silver-grey machine woven SS eagle and swastika. Excellent o/a condition with only some very minor fraying to the edging. Suitable replacement for a quality SS tunic or alternatively, makes an impressive display item in its own right. Cleary one of the most recognisable military insignia of all time. Grade II+ (P)
 SOLD at A$275
WW2 KRIEGSMARINE CLOTH SLEEVE BADGE FOR MEDICAL PERSONNEL. Machine-embroidered navy blue on white for the summer uniform. Grade II-.
 SOLD at A$20
WW2 KRIEGSMARINE RANK CHEVRON AND INSIGNIA FOR SEA GOING MATROSENGEFREITER. For the summer uniform. Rank insignia consists of a thick white cotton material backing with a single "v" shaped chevron, in a dark blue ribbon like tape. Separate insignia of a white cotton circular backing material with a dark blue 5-pointed star indicating the EM was ocean going personnel. Unissued condition with some minor age related discolouration. Grade II.
 SOLD at A$30
WW2 RARE DLV (DEUTSCHES LUFTSPORT VERBAND) CLOTH DRIVER'S QUALIFICATION BADGE. Similar in appearance to the later Luftwaffe drivers qualification badge. Circular blue grey wool material backing measuring approx. 53mm in diameter. Machine embroidered grey-silver vehicle radiator with a central swastika with wings to either side. Differs from the later Luftwaffe version that had the Luftwaffe eagle and swastika to the centre. Shows overall wear, has moth nips to the edging and several pin holes to the backing. A rarely seen DLV qualification insignia. Grade III-.
WW2 HITLER YOUTH (HJ) OR BUND DEUTSCHER MADEL (BDM) DIAMOND SHAPED SLEEVE INSIGNIA. Unissued. Fine quality manufacture. Insignia is machine woven on a 90mm by 60mm (approx.) piece of white/cream coloured silk like material. Consists of a red and white diamond with a black swastika to the centre. Measures approx. 80mm in length and 50mm wide. Single small pulled thread to the lower red section. Some fraying to the edges and age related yellowing to the backing material. Machine woven "Ges, Gesch'. (Equivalent to protected by patent) to lower. A fine item for display. Grade II-
WW2 RARE 'SCHUMA' OFFICERS MACHINE WOVEN ARM BADGE. Large oval shaped arm badge with fine machine woven aluminium silver bullion thread. Consists of a square shaped green artificial silk like material backing, 90mm by 90mm approx. On this is the machine woven 'Schuma' insignia consisting of a black oval background with an aluminium silver bullion thread wreath and the words, 'Treu, Tapfer, Gehorsam' (loyal, brave and steadfast). Central to the insignia is a silver elongated swastika. Aluminium silver bullion thread retains most of its original lustre. Unissued condition. Does however look to have been sewn in to or on to something for display purposes. A superb example of an extremely scarce piece of Third Reich militaria. Makes an impressive display item. Grade II
WW2 SA BANDSMAN'S SINGLE SWALLON NEST. Silver aluminium tress with red background. SA brown to rev, with five shoulder attaching hooks. Grade II
GERN WW2 NSKK EM SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR DRIVER. 1st pattern consisting of a black wool material diamond with a silver coloured pressed metal eagle and Swastika superimposed on a 8 spoked wheel approx 30mm in diameter. Wheel is secured to the wool material by 2 rear prongs. Some tarnish/age patina to the silver coloured metal. Hard item to obtain. Grade II-
WW2 NSKK SLEEVE EAGLE WITH RZM TAG. Most likely for NCO ranks. Unissued example. Black cotton material background with fine bevo woven silver bullion thread. Finely detailed eagle clutching a Swastika in a wreath with the NSKK banner above. Blue 'A' code RZM paper label to rear. A choice example for display. Grade II
WW2 VETERANS ORGANISATION (KYFFHAUSERBUND) SLEEVE SHIELD. Consists of a rectangular white silk like material background measuring approx. 90 by 70mm, for attaching to uniform attire. Red bevo woven shield with an Iron Cross and central black woven swastika. Main body of the white material has considerable age related yellowing giving it a more cream/off white colour. Unissued example. A quality manufactured example for display. Grade II-
WW2 NSKK 2ND PATTERN CLOTH DRIVER'S DIAMOND. Machine- woven aluminium wire NSKK emblem on black silk. Paper 'RSM' label still attached to the reverse. Grade II
WW2 CLOTH SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR THE HAUPTVERKERSDIREKTION (HVD) BRUSSEL OR CENTRAL TRAFFIC DIRECTORATE IN OCCUPIED BRUSSELLS. Unissued. Black silk like material backing measuring approx. 70x90mm. Black machine woven semi circle like badge with a large and imposing machine woven yellow - gilt NSDAP eagle and swastika with "HVD BRUSSEL". Some minor fraying to the edges and 4 small moth nips localised to one area of the outer backing material. Great little item of Third Reich militaria for display. Grade II.
WW2 CLOTH SLEEVE INSIGNIA FOR THE REICHSBAHNDIREKTION (RBD) HANNOVER. (State railway directorate for the Hannover area). Unissued. Black silk like material backing measuring approx 70mm by 90mm. Black machine woven semi circle like badge with an impressive yellow-gilt machine woven NSDAP eagle and swastika with "RBD Hannover". Some fraying to the edges. These make an impressive display item. Grade II
WW2 RLB (REICHSLUFTSCHUTZBUND) SLEEVE EAGLE. Blue- grey wool backing material. Grey, black and aluminium silver bullion thread making up the handsome RLB eagle clutching the swastika. Some threads still visible where it was removed from a uniform. These make an impressive display item. Grade II-
WW2 SINGLE MUSICIAN'S SWALLOW NEST. Branch unknown. Dark blue background with braiding of alternating aluminium and copper coloured strips with yellow stitching. No hooks to rev, glue marks. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$25
WW2 "RBD-KOLN" (State Railway Directorate) CLOTH ARM BADGE. Gold bevo woven wording with an eagle and swastika on a black cloth backing. Grade II.
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