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Bayonet 1842 Spike Socket Bayonet with triangular blade engraved '18', perhaps unit numbering. No other markings visible. Brass & leather scabbard marked 'WD' on scabbard & stamped 1164 on lug. Blade in good order with minor discolouration & surface rust. Leather scabbard bent above brass tip. Prevents 50mm of blade fully seating in scabbard. Other than this bend, brass fittings leather in good order. Bayonet LOA 55cm. Overall GC. Scabbard needs repair.
 SOLD at A$140
Bayonet pattern 1879 Artillery saw back sword bayonet. With black fibre grip, full length blade with very minor surface rust. Marking include crown/vF/3-85. Also decommission marks an ?WD/Crown/E/59. Muzzle ring has been removed, locking press stud & spring plate also missing. Comes in original leather & steel scabbard with A?1 on the frog stud. F-GC.
 SOLD at A$400
Bayonet: GB/Aust mod 1895 Martini Enfield socket bayonet issue (& sale) stamps for 1896. In its brass mounted leather scabbard. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$170
Bayonet. 1939-45 WWII bayonet & scabbard MKI for the British Sten Machine Carbine with original scabbard (as was used on MK4). Blade is approx 190mm, overall length approx 308mm. 90% bluing intact. VGC.
 SOLD at A$210
Pocket Knives: British/Australian Military pattern folding knives - WWI (I), WWII (5), post WWII (2). Inc large WWI pattern knife by IXL (George Wostenholm, Sheffield) & is undated. Copper bail & all steel construction. Grips are leather/fibre. No dates of Military marks visible. WWII electrician's knife by IXL as issued to the Army. Two smaller Army marked clasp knives with checkered black grips. One dated 1941, the other made without the marlin spike & is undated (blade is severely sharpened). The last 4 are all metal examples. One is Royal Navy pattern (RAN/AIF also) & the last 3 are Army clasp knives. One is a WWII Whitingslowe (damaged blade), 2 British made 1954 & 1980. All knives have service wear & some are damaged as mentioned. (8)
 SOLD at A$170
Pocket Knives. Collection of 31 diff. Ranging in age from ca1930s-90s inc 3 British Military pattern. Noticed an attractive horn handle knife with old style can opener (ca1920 or 30s), the blade has been over-sharpened. An Electrician's style knife & an Australia issue Army knife from 1996. Others are various sizes, materials (horn, shell, plastic etc). Condition varies, some with damage. All are used. (31)
 SOLD at A$275
Pocket Knifes. Collection of 14 knives inc Military pattern. One is a pocket knife style with bone handle but only has a folding Sterling silver spoon. 4 have damage or have been abused. All are used & some show pitting. The folding spoon (silver) is interesting. The Military pocket knife with Bakelite handles is 1952 dated & in outstanding condition. (14)
 SOLD at A$230
Pocket Knives. GB/Aust Army & Navy folding pocket knives spanning 1800s-1970 (Vietnam War). All are Military with the early Royal Navy knife being rare. There are 2 naval neck knives. The white bone handles knife is made by Hunter, Sheffield. Michael Hunter & Sons was in operation from 1870-ca1910. It never had a marlin spike. The blade has some edge nicks. In quite nice condition with no damage to the bone & some light age pitting as is to be expected. Blade is nice & tight. Rare knife probably dating to around 1860s. The second deck knife is a WWII pattern Sailor's knife as issued to the Royal Navy & RAN (& some 2/AIF Units). Nice blade that is tightly fitted. Steel bail. Made by Rogers, Sheffield. The last two knives are British Army issue. The Bakelite handled knife is well used. Blade has been sharpened. Dated 1940 (last digit faint). Copper bail. The last is an all metal clasp knife by Joseph Rogers, dated 1970 (Vietnam era). Nice condition. The early Royal Navy deck knife is impressive & presumably rare. (4)
 SOLD at A$250
Sword. 1796 Napoleonic Wars light cavalry or flank company officer's sword, no scabbard. Brass knuckle guard & hilt with some signs of previous gilding. Sharkskin handgrip & wire worn but intact. Blade with some & minor pitting Is typically curved & fullered in the centre, originally sharpened for use. GC.
 SOLD at A$300
Sword: 1822 Pattern sword. General & Staff Officer's brass 1822 pattern infantry type hilt with QVC & General Officer insignia. Fish skin grips missing the wire binding. Infantry pattern flat backed blade. Etched but toned & light pitting. Brass scabbard with two hanging rings. Old repair to the middle section & a couple of dents, also missing scabbard mouth. O/a dull appearance & would benefit from a polish. (All gilt worn to brass) Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$400
Sword: Army 1872 pattern 2nd lifeguards officer's sword. For Royal Ceremonial Occasions. Sword blade has no makers mark & is heavily chromed. Guard & scabbard have light surface rust. Blade & guard have QV Crown. A heavy sword which displays beautifully. Sword handle & scabbard profusely decorated in gilded brass as the lifeguard's swords are the most decorative swords used by British Cavalry. Overall GC which could easily be improved with a light buffing. An attractive sword.
 SOLD at A$400
Sword: 1897-19041 Infantry Officer Sword, Pattern 1897. 'VR' cypher & Queen Victoria crown to pierced half-bowl guard. Blade heavily worn & with surface pit but with evidence of foliate decoration & Royal Arms. No maker mark evident. Guard & hilt fitting re-chromed. Grip with wire bound white sharkskin. In its brown leather covered wood scabbard (this in need of some minor TLC). VGC
Sword: 1901-11 British India Army Officer Sword, pattern 1897 with 'E.R.I.' (Edward Rex, Imperial), cypher to sheet steel guard, blade marked 'Wilkinson, London' (dubious?) & 'I/ISI' beneath broad arrow with date stamp: 'I/09' (January 1908) to opposite ricasso face. Plain, straight blade, fullered each side, plain sheet steel guard with pierced decoration, sharkskin bound wood grip in its broad, brown leather covered wood scabbard with sheet steel locket & chape. Locket with ovoid frog stud. Blade worn, chips to sharkskin, overall VGC. Possibly intended for use by local officers or senior NCO's.
Swords: ca1910-40 Pr of Fencing Foils. Quite similar in appearance to lightened versions of the Pattern 1912 Cavalry sword. Thin blades of triangular section with rounded-off (rolled) points. Bowl guards with checked wood grips. Guard, counterfoils & hilt mounts chromed. Padded chamois lining to inner guards. VGC. An attractive matched pr of foils with a military based design. (2)
 SOLD at A$200
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