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Canada. 1900-40 Boer War to WW2. Sweetheart brooch lot a/ Bar brooch in sterling silver, hallmarked Birmingham 1901, hand cut lettering to bar 'Good Luck' with shield bearing maple-leaf to centre, minus its pin 48mm, b/ Gilt & enamel maple-leaf 20mm by Kilpatrick scroll 'Edmonton' across, c/ silvered & enamel bar brooch composed of 3 x maple leaves 'BANFF' to centre scroll 39mm, d/ similar but with 'Canada' to scroll (minus its pin), e & f/ gilt maple leaves, one with script 'Canada' across 21mm. gVF. Colonial Boer War sweetheart brooches. Scarce. (6)
 SOLD at A$100
Fiji. ca1930-60 Defence Forces badges. Cap badge, King's crown with Gaunt, London plaque to reverse; cap badge, Queen's crown, local sand-cast make; 3 x brass shoulder titles, all by Gaunt, London. gVF. The first a scarce, early issue
 SOLD at A$60
Kenya. ca 1937-60 Kenya Regt Territorial Force badges (set of 6). Heavy, bullion embroidered 'Charging Bull' blazer pocket patch (design identical to cap badge); cap/hat badge in brass; pr opposing brass collars; pr shoulder titles in brass 'T/KENYA REGT'. gVF-EF. Scarce as a matched set.
 SOLD at A$80
Papua New Guinea.1952-61 PNG Australian Mandated Territory Tul-Tul badge, 3 x hole variety with die crack, copper. Some wear to highlights of Australian Coat of Arms. Not maker marked, but examples with die crack are all Type I produced by Amors' Sydney. Issued badge that has been proudly polished many times, F condition Scarce issued badge.
 SOLD at A$50
Papua New Guinea. 1952-61 PNG Australian Mandated Territory Luluai badge in copper. 3 x hole variety, not maker marked (but all were produced by Amor's Sydney). Obverse well worn from polishing, but legible. King's crown. Issued badge, F. Very Scarce issued badge
 SOLD at A$60
Papua New Guinea.1960-75 Royal PNG Constabulary hat badge & collar pr. (not opposed). Chromed & enamel, Queen's crown. Hat by Bertram Bros, Melbourne; collars not maker marked. EF
 SOLD at A$120
Papua New Guinea. ca1990 PNG Defence Forces Observer ½ Wing, Air Operations Element (Airforce /branch). Oxidised sterling silver by Perfection badges. Clutch-grip reverse 50mm. PNG Coat of Arms with ½ wing. EF. Rare.
 SOLD at A$80
Rhodesia. ca 1940-60 Rhodesian Regt Hat badge lot: King's crown in blackened brass with red cloth backing to centre; King's crown in silvered brass with red cloth backing to centre; Queen's crown in blackened brass with 'Royal' in title, with red cloth ground; large (53mm) black anodised aluminium 'The Rhodesia Regt'; as previous but in silver anodised. (5)
 SOLD at A$100
Rhodesia. ca1980 Selous Scouts Badge lot, consisting of (1) cap badge in silvered cast brass, 2 x lug reverse; (2) parachute qualification wing in oxy bronze, 2 x lug reverse, not numbered; (3) collar pr in stamped brass, 2 x Lug reverse; All apparently copies (4) Lapel badge for civilian suit, struck brass on needle-pin. All design of stylised eagle alighting on scroll bearing 'Selous Scouts'.. Rhodesian Special Forces insignia are scarce/rare. (5)
 SOLD at A$75
South Africa. 1899-1902 'DMR' Durban Mounted Rifles, 2nd Boer War shoulder title, 'Field made' in cut sterling silver. 2 x lug reverse. gVF. Scarce original Boer War title, some Australians served with this unit.
 SOLD at A$150
South Africa. 1899-1902 Boer War. Cape Military Staff Corps shoulder title (field made), 'CMSC' in 1 piece, cut-out from shell case brass, 2 x loop lug reverse. Scarce original Boer War title.
 SOLD at A$100
South Africa. 1899-1902 Boer War Johannesburg Mounted Rifles shoulder title, (field made) 'JMR' 1 x piece cut-out from shell case brass. 2 x loop lugs to reverse. Scarce field made title. Some Australians served with this unit.
 SOLD at A$130
South Africa. ca1900 (Boer War) Diamond Fields Horse belt plate, 2 x piece 'union locket'. Same as British General Service plate but with title in circlet & arms of the unit to centre. Brass serial Nos. '24' & 8'. aEF. Very scarce
 SOLD at A$180
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