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Austria. 1914-15 Scarce pre-1916 Other Ranks brass Jager shako plate. Crowned dual headed eagle. 2 X lugs to rev. Attractive badge. GC
 SOLD at A$190
Austria. 1914-15 Army Tradition badge to commemorate the fallen after the Battle of Gorlickie, 1915. Pressed brass with horizontal brooch fitting to reverse. Together with the Tradition badge for the 3rd (Carpathian) Army 1914-15. Pressed brass, vertical brooch reverse, Vienna maker marked. These commemorative & tradition badges were worn on the left tunic pocket. gVF. (2)
Austria. 1917 Type Austro-Hungarian Army Pilot badge by 'J. Zimbler, WIEN VII' 2 piece construction, gilt, bronze & enamels (green wreath). Zimbler 'spring-prong' fastenings to rev. Double crown version 61mm. EF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$450
China. ca.1927-49 Chinese Nationalist Party Taxation Unit silver badge on small broken chain. o/w GC. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$75
1940-45 Danish Resistance Armband 'Saxon' blue felted cloth (140mm) overlaid centrally with red wool cloth band (43mm) with central white tape stripe (11mm). Applied to the centre of this is a white bronze disc bearing the 3 lions & hearts within a shield from the Danish Royal Coat of Arms (40mm dia). A scarce & original armband from a Resistance Veteran who later settled in Sydney (name withheld by family request). gEF. Scarce & desirable
 SOLD at A$150
France. ca1850-70 2nd Empire Enlisted Man/NCO Pouch or Pouch belt badge. Gilt brass. Stippled oval ground with raised Imperial Eagle on 'Thunder-Bolts' below Imperial crown. Replaced Lugs. 77mm. gVF
France. ca 1870-71, 2nd Empire Officer's model 1851 waist belt plate. 2 x piece brass. Missing belt loop-bracket from reverse, but with tip-end hook in situ. Appears to be an excavated example, cleaned. 60mm x 55mm. Allegorical figure of Victory to centre flanked by scroll: 'Honneur - Patrie'. Type of plate used in both the Crimean & Franco-Prussian Wars. Pins absent from reverse. Crack to LL. gVF. Scarce
Italy. 1939-45 Royalist Italian Airforce Interceptors Qualification breast badge. Oxidised & gilt wash on grey metal, thin vertical pin reverse. 1 x piece striking, not maker marked. VF
 SOLD at A$60
Italy. 1939-45 Airforce high performance breast badge for diver aircraft in bronze. Missing catch on reverse. These breast badges are quite sought after & are very hard to get. Excellent condition.
Italy. 1939-45 Airforce high performance breast badge for torpedo aircraft. Alum. These breast badges are highly sought after & very hard to get. Excellent condition.
 SOLD at A$80
Japan. ca1900-26 Meiji & Taisho periods General Officer's Major General Mod 90 Rank Boards Full bullion with single gilt star to ea, on red field backed with leather. Still retaining curvature for shoulder. Ea with a metal tongue bracelet to reverse. EF
 SOLD at A$200
Japan. 1910-30 Imperial Time Expired Soldiers/Sailors League Member badge. Large size, 43mm. Gilt brass. Thin tapered pin rev. VF. Scarce
Japan. 1910-30 Imperial Time Expired Soldiers & Sailors League Member badge. Large size (45mm). Gilt & silvered brass. 'C' catch replaced to reverse. gVF.
Japan. 1939-45 Army officer's shoulder epaulettes, dress rank. Knotted boards with silver star to centre, yellow piped rope & topped with brass buttons with cherry blossom motif. Nice attractive matching pr, VGC
Japan. 1939-45 Imperial Army Rank Insignia: Collar tab for Superior Private (machine woven, 3 x yellow stars on red ground with khaki wool backing); Private 1st class collar tab (hand-woven, 2 x stars on red ground); breast tab for shirt-sleeve order, probably a Superior Private acting as Corporal (hand-woven 3 x stars on red ground with red wool chevron above, all on a khaki wool ground). Mothing to wool grounds. gVF. (3)
Japan. 1939-45 Souvenir badge lot. Red Cross medal, button hole lapel rosette for Red Cross medal, 2 Naval spec patches (very mothed) & Soldier's time expired badge. Fair -GC. ( 5 items)
Latvia. 1935 4th National Census badge, 2nd class, silver, gilt & enamels. Pin back, 2 piece construction. Crossed quills with title scroll set over shield with 2 x gilt stars. Gilt monogram at top. Number '573' scratched into reverse. 46mm unusual, not seen by us before. EF
 SOLD at A$75
Poland. 1922 Central Lithuanian Army Honour Badge with Swords. Brass & W/M. Screw post rev. EF. Very scarce
 SOLD at A$150
Poland. ca 1930s Falcon Squadrons Breast badge. Eagle in flight holding 'dumbbell' in talons. Silvered brass, screw post rev, 40mm. Screw plate with maker details: 'W. Gontarczyk, Warszawa, Miodowa 19'. On green cloth ground. gVF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$100
Poland. ca 1935 Chief/Premier Association of Fire Fighters, Republic of Poland, Breast badge. Bronze, vaulted (convex), screw post rev. Screw plate with impressed registered no./serial no. '5351', 48mm. Cross & wreath, central medallion with crowned Polish Eagle, figure of St Florian at top & title around: 'Glowny Zwiazek Strazy Pozarnych-Rzeczypost Polskiej'. gVF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$100
Poland. ca 1935. Fire Brigades Association Breast badge. Silvered brass, vaulted (convex) 2 x piece, screw post rev, 45mm. Cross with wreath, central plaque bearing figure of St Florian with title around: 'Zwiazek-Florjanski-W Jednosci Sila', crowned Polish Eagle above. St Florian is Patron Saint of Poland & the Patron Saint of Fire Fighters. Screw plate with maker marks: 'R. Drewnicki Grawer, Warszawa Chmielna no.1' Sl plating wear to centre. gVF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$75
Poland. 1946 Polish Special Auxiliary Guard Units, France 1944-46 Commemorative Breast Badge. Silvered brass. Design of Cross surrounded by Scrolls: 'Souvenir De-France-Pamiatha Z Francji-Remembrance of Europe'. Cross bearing crowned Polish eagle & dates '1944-45' brooch pin rev, 41mm. Special auxiliary guard units raised in France 1944 to Guard stores/ammunition magazines etc, initially in France, later in Germany & the occupied countries. The badge was struck, but withdrawn due to the incorrect wording in the English translation on the scrolls. Mounted on card bearing typed description of badge & history (in Polish). aEF. Extremely scarce
 SOLD at A$100
Romania. 1940-45 Pilot badge, Coat of Arms variety. Silvered bronze & enamels. 2 x piece construction. Solid, vertical pin rev with safely catch (locking 'C' catch). gVF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$350
Russia. ca 1900 Breast badge for a Graduate of a Russian University with a Bachelor's Degree. Gilt sterling silver & enamels. Blue cross superimposed on white quadrangle, surmounted by wreath & Imperial Eagle. Vertical pin back. Hallmarked rev & also to pin. Small en chip. gVF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$275
Russia. Civil War - Early Bolshevik (1922) Army Trade Breast Badge. Silver back plate of standard specialist badge with added gilt silver crossed hammer + mallet below red painted star. Shield below engraved '3/VI/1922'. Screw post rev. with field made screw plate. A classic example of an emergency made specialist badge. Hallmarked silver. gF. Scarce, early Bolshevik badge.
 SOLD at A$475
Turkey. ca1876-1914 Ottoman Army Enlisted Ranks belt plate, 1876 pattern. Excavated example. Solid brass square plate 60mm x 60mm bearing angled crescent moon to centre (applied-rivetted). Reverse with belt loop & belt-tip hook. Together with a bayonet scabbard frog stud (tear shaped, on angled brass bracket - possibly for triangular bayonet). Minor disfiguring, patination, gVF. Scarce
Turkey. 1900-15 Model 1876 Turko-Egyptian Cavalry 'Liva' (Major General) shoulder board pr. Knotted round white cords on stiffened white cotton ground with tie attachments. Ea board bears rank insignia of high relief gilt 5 x point star over crossed silver & gilt scimitar & baton. Minor age staining. aEF. Extremely scarce
 SOLD at A$400
Turkey. 1900-18 Model 1876 Guard Imperiale Ottomane Guardsman's shoulder board (single) & gilt button. Red cloth (superfine wool cloth) stiffened board with securing tongue & iron hook to reverse. High relief crescent & star within roped border button in high gilt. EF. Extremely scarce
Turkey. 1910-18 Enlisted Ranks, Ottoman Army, Mod 1909 belt plate brass with W/M star/crescent disc with double prong roller to rev. Minor field scratches. gVF
 SOLD at A$180
Turkey. 1914-18 Model 1. 1909 Ottoman Imperial Army belt plate. Adapted for fabric belt (possibly Civilian use). Sides of plate cut down to remove swivel prongs new attachment point for belt made by drilling - holes through side & attaching wire. Bi-metal. VF
 SOLD at A$190
Turkey. 1917 Austrian made Kappenabzeichen for Turkish Troops of Heersesgruppe Bohm-Ermolli (zinc version). Introduced July 1917. Die struck 'war-metal' 34mm. Brooch pin back. Sunburst with titles 'Weit Heeres Gruppe Bohm Ermolli-Krieg' over 3 x shields (inc Ottoman) on ½ wreath. Historical note: 'Kerensky July 1917 Bohm-Ermolli's Austrian 2 Army was facing the Russian 11 Army. On the right flank was the German Sud Armee which incorporated the Turkish XV Corps led by General Major Javid Pasha. The Russians suffered enormous losses during their assault, in the first week of July & their offensive stopped within a few days. By 19 July the Germans launched a counter-offensive that broke the Russian front. Bohm-Ermolli's troops advanced parallel to the Sud Armee over the next 2 wks, & Tarnopol (occupied by the Russians since Sept 1914) was recaptured by Bohm-Ermolli's troops on 26 July 1917. gVF. Scarce
USA.1939-45 Wings lot of 3: (1) pilot, US Navy in brass (cast) with brooch pin reverse by Imperial; (2) US Army Air Force Aircrewman by Meyer, white metal with oxy finish, brooch-pin reverse; (3) Australian made in sterling-silver with brooch-pin reverse by K.G. Luke, Melbourne, obverse shield polished smooth, so trade indeterminate, but presume pilot. gVF. Scarce. (3)
 SOLD at A$150
USA. 1939-45 Australian made US Army Airforce, Aircrew Member Qualification Wing. Sterling Silver, by Angus & Coote, Sydney. 2 x piece construction with brooch pin fitting to reverse. EF. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
USA. 1939-45 US Army Airforce, Aircrew Member Qualification Wing in Sterling Silver. Not maker marked. Good, solid silver wing with stout brooch fitting to reverse. Probably a custom made item for wear on flying jacket or similar. gVF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$80
USA. 1939-45 Master Pilot USAAF Wings. Australian made variety in white bronze. Not maker marked but with typical Australian brooch fitting to rev ('C' catch & barrel hinge intact, but minus pin). EF. Scarce
 SOLD at A$100
USA. 1939-45 USAAF Navigator Crewman Wings in stg silver (reverse marked 'sterling') clutch-grip reverse with original sterling marked 'butterfly' clips. EF
USA. 1939-45 USAAF Aerial Gunner Wings silver, clutch-grip reverse. 1 x piece strike marked 'sterling'. gVF
 SOLD at A$80
USA. 1939-45 USAAF British made sterling silver Aircrewman wings. Solid back. Stamped: 'LGB/Sterling'. Brooch pin fitting with roller-barrel catch. gVF. Scarce UK made in silver
USA. 1939-45 USAAF Navigator Wings. Oxidised silver, 2 piece. Brooch fitting reverse. gVF
 SOLD at A$75
USA. 1939-45 USAAF United Kingdom made Pilot wings. 'Massive' construction in silvered, die-struck nickel or 'white bronze'. Hinged 'needle-pin' rev with typical UK flat 'C' catch. No maker marks. gVF
 SOLD at A$100
USA. 1950 USAAF Pilot Wings by 'N.S. Meyer Inc, New York, Sterling', full size in oxidised silver with clutch-grip reverse, 78mm. Together with a miniature set, also for pilot. Reverse stamped: 'Sterling/S21'. Clutch-grip, oxidised silver, 52mm. EF
USA. C1960-75 Vietnam War 'in-country' made 'tinny' or 'beer can' badges. a/ 101st Airborne Division - chromed brass & paint pin & hook reverse 32mm; b/ 1st Aviation Brigade chromed brass & paint pin & hook reverse (minus pin) 29mm. gVF/aEF. Scarce Vietnam 'in-country' made badges. (2)
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