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WW2 ARMY EM'S PEBBLED ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE. Early parade issue example. Multi piece construction. Central "Gott Mituns" motto and eagle and Swastika attached separately with 4 prongs securing the circular disk to the main body of the buckle. Nice clear detail to obverse. Little visible wear or damage. No makers mark. A fine display example. Grade II (P)
 SOLD at A$120
WW2 ALUMINIUM ARMY EM'S BELT BUCKLE. 2 piece construction. Pebbled aluminium belt buckle with nicely detailed central 'Gott Mitt Uns' motto, army eagle, Swastika and wreath. Separately applied to the belt buckle on a circular disk with 4 small prongs to the rear holding it in place. Minor wear o/a. No makers mark. Ready for display or for attaching to a belt. Grade II-
WW2 RARE EARLY THIRD REICH HITLER YOUTH SWASTIKA BELT BUCKLE. Small w/m buckle for early Hitler Youth use. Not an official issue buckle, so pre dates the NSDAP coming to power in 1933. Chromed two-piece buckle measures approx 45mm wide and 35mm high. Consists of a separately attached central slightly oval shaped roundel. Raised pebbled w/m swastika with a painted black background. An almost identical buckle is featured on page 296 of "Belt Buckles & Brocades of the Third Reich" by Angolia (Revised edition 2001). An exceptionally rare and desirable example for the collector. Grade II- (P)
 SOLD at A$180
WW2 DEUTSCHE ARBEITSFRONT (DAF) EM'S ALUMINIUM BELT BUCKLE. Obverse features the "DAF" cog device with a large central swastika to it's centre. Marked to the reverse with "RZM" and maker "M4/44". Grade II
 SOLD at A$130
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