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1871 'Cassell's History of the War between France & Germany 1870-71'. Vol 1 & 2. Ea approx 600pgs. Profusely illustrated with engraved plates of high quality inc frontispieces of Marshal Bazaine & William I, King of Prussia. Quarto, tooled leather & cloth bindings. High standard, excellently illustrated contemporary history of the Franco-Prussian War. Covers loose, 1 x spine fragmented. GC
 SOLD at A$220
Imperial. Hesse 1908-10 2nd Company Lifeguard Regiment number 1 Darmstadt stein & lid. Heavily decorated with German soldiers including the Kaiser. Names of Men of the company. Pewter cap depicting a picklehaubed German guard. Lid lifter has Hessan lion rampant. VGC. Rare & a very desirable stein.
Imperial. SMS Gneisenau 10 Pfennig WWI Kantine token. The Gneisenau was an 8.3 inch armoured cruiser, launched 1906, commissioned 1908. She was sunk in the Battle of the Falklands in December 1914. Rare.
 SOLD at A$300
Imperial Prussia. 1914-1918 brass bugle with nickel mouthpiece. Complete with Prussian Grenadier type eagle plaque. Berlin maker, 1915. Typical minor dings & wear. Overall VGC.
 SOLD at A$300
Imperial: 1914 Iron Cross, 2nd Class gVF, together with a cut down German 89/05 bayonet (no scabbard), missing release button, probably used as fighting knife. VG
 SOLD at A$160
Imperial: 1914-18 Western Front souvenir items. 1914 Iron Cross Class II with ribbon VF & German 98 pattern bayonet in reasonable condition, no hand grips on scabbard & blade rusty with some pitting.
 SOLD at A$140
Imperial: 1914-18 Troddel (bayonet knot) for Jager Enlisted Men. Green strap & tassel & 'acorn' now faded to a dark khaki. Quite a worn example. VG.
 SOLD at A$75
Imperial: 1914-18 souvenir belt. Equipment waist belt, leather with iron hook prong (no plate) dated 1916. Set overall with 20x buttons, all German. Inc 10x silvered Kaiserliche Marine NCO type large buttons, 2x silvered officer KM, 8x nickel Hussar type buttons. All KM button EF+. Exc. Reserved at the value of the buttons only.
Imperial: 1914-18 Binoculars by Carl Zeiss, Jena. 'Telact, 2x' serial No 168311. Adjustable alloy bridge, leatherette covered, blackened brass body. Adjustable bakelite eye pieces. Comp with original leather neck strap. Evidently a battlefield acquired item used later by Allied serviceman as it now bears the contemporary chisel-cut name 'G. E. Rich'. optics good. VGC overall
Imperial Flag. An original Imperial German naval flag mounted on a short tapered wooden staff with ropes & bronze fitting to screw to boat. The printed German flag is made from a coarse linen white, colour is now a deep shade of cream. There is an attached auction label from Wallis & Wallis in England. Flag 560x370mm, staff 940mm. GC. Very nice item especially with original staff. Rare.
 SOLD at A$400
Imperial: 1914-18 Framed lithographic print & original enlisted man's 'pork pie' field cap. Printed by Daryl Lindsay entitled 'The Diggers Prize' (from the 'Digger' book ca 1919 by D Lindsay & C Dutton, Sun Art Studios, Melbourne, limited edition of 450 copies & 30 artists proofs). Depicts a newly captured German soldier in mod 1910 field uniform (less equipment) & steel helmet. Framed & glazed 400mm x 270mm. Original, relic condition field cap of grey-green wool cloth with red piping to crown & with red band. National & state cockades complete to front (rusted) still with piece of its original grey-green cloth camouflage band set below the lower. Evidence of name to left side of cap in ink. Late war manufacture. Cap with heavy moth & damage overall. Relic condition. The print a scarce limited edition war art piece. In excellent condition.
WWI 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, magnetic centre, maker marked 26 for BH Mayer, Pforzheim (gilt or lacquered). Plus Australian Badges (5) inc female relative one star, WWII RAS, mini cloth patch, WWII overseas chevrons plus odds and ends. VF-EF. (14 items).
 SOLD at A$210
WWI- Nazi period soldier's association member's certificate, blank. A Veteran's Association bronze medal, 1914-18 Hindenburg Honour Cross for combatant's & black Wound badge. (4 items).
 SOLD at A$100
WWI magazine of the War Victims Welfare Organisation February 1935. The organisation assisted those whose needs were related to WWI. Inc full length photo of Goering. Comes with a stamped envelope dated August 1940 from a cookery supply company. Magazine printed on newsprint, bit aged overall GC. (2 items).
1934 -41 DAF Membership book named to Arthur Bramer with dues paid up to 1941 with 69 receipt stamps with swastikas. GC. Also black SS M43 Panzer cap, (copy) with grey cotton lining, size 58 cloth skull eagle at front, peak stiffener has deteriorated o/w GC but still looks OK. (2 items)
 SOLD at A$60
1934 10 Reichsmark banknote opt in red on 1933 issue. P-208. Conversion fund for German foreign debt used to pay Jews for confiscated property. Stains at base VF+. Scarce.
ca1935-39 Patriotic 'Heroic' sculpture commemorative bust. Cast spelter with antique gold wash finish. Set on marble base. Bare chested soldier wearing M16 style helmet. Helmet visor engraved:'9 Kp KUGEL I PR'. Stands 220mm high, base 85mm. VGC.
1935-36 Nazi period 5 Reichsmark silver coins, , lot of 10 diff dates/mints, obv portrait of former chancellor Paul Von Hindenburg & rev of Teutonic Eagles. Struck Munich, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Mulden-Hutten, Stuttgart & Hamburg mints. KM: 86. Contain over 4oz fine silver
 SOLD at A$200
1936 Deutsches eniheits familien Stammbuch (German Unified Family Register) for Walter Schulz & F Kossalz, hardcover, 56pgs. Ahnenpass book (German lineage book) for Gisela Schulz (NSDAP at base of pg 1, stamps at base) few other documents. Plus 2 diff multi-colour Propaganda postcards commemorating the Anschluss & Occupation of Sudetenland, with stamps on reverse.
 SOLD at A$100
1938 Anschluss of Austria Medal, silvered bronze EF plus Anschluss & Sudetenland multicolour propaganda postcards with stamps on reverse.
1938 WWII Era Exclusion of Jews from German Higher Education document dated & stamped 4th December 1938. Also a document outlining the career of Wilhelm Kolle a well known pre WWII German bacterial biologist, credited with many steps forward in biology, Father of Helmut Kolle the Artist. Aged o/w GC. (2 items).
1939-45 Infantry Assault Badge & 1939 Wound Badge 3rd class lot of 2. Assault badge with heavy overall pitting & perhaps ground dug. Semi-hollow rev, grey metal, brass 'C' catch, pin & mount on crescent shaped rivet plates, bearing evidence of original silver wash. Wound badge in black painted iron by '81' (Overhoff & Cie, Ludenscheid) with integral 'C' catch to rim, but minus pin & bracket. Wound badge holed at top, pitting to first. aVF.
 SOLD at A$95
1939-45 Poignant Relics evocative of the vast losses incurred on the Russian front in the latter stages of WW2. Relic Infantry Assault Badge in 'silver' (Waffen-SS & Army) & medal for the 'Winter War in the East 1941-42'. Both recovered from supposed grave site in Eastern Europe. Mid-late War quality badge in silvered grey-metal complete with 'C' hook & hinge mount. Both medal & badge heavily eroded but still retaining silvered finish. Not maker marked. Relic. Great display items. (2)
 SOLD at A$130
WWII badges & medal related items (14). Inc original Edelweiss cap insignia (faulty), Nazi cap cockade, 3 medal printed envelopes & 2 presentation boxes, 1 for wound badge?, other with Iron Cross. Hitler Youth badge, German/British Friendship badge plus anti frost cream tin etc. VGC. (14)
WWII 1939-45 helmets. 1/. M42 combat helmet shell, painted black (Civilian Defence) with Post War leather & vinyl liner/chin strap; 2/. Luftschutz 'Polizei' style helmet, black paint finish with full liner (size 57) & chin strap. No decals. Both with areas of light rust. Overall VGC. A nice pr. (2)
 SOLD at A$350
WWII Award Badges, Luftwaffe Observers badge, high quality 2 piece construction marked Jimme & Sohn, Berlin, (hard to fault). Also flak badge & ground assault badge plus Army Assault badge. All copies (4).
 SOLD at A$140
WWII Panzer Assault badge no reverse clasp attached by pins to the lid of modern made aluminium cigarette case pebble design with wooden lining. Maker Walzwerke Singen GMBH Singen Hohentwiet plus 1933-45 Storm trooper paper mache & painted toy soldier by The Elastolin Firm
 SOLD at A$150
WWII Flag/Banner, cotton. Black swastika on white circle on red background (double sided). On metal post with brass ferrules on ea end (these look like door knobs). Several areas of small moth holes but these do not detract, white background now dulled back to a cream colour. Size approx 1040x630mm. Fair-GC.
 SOLD at A$250
WWII German Occupation of Poland postcards & stamps. Stamps all identified as such with country name 'General Gouvernment'. Mostly postmark Krakau. Inc 2 diff P/C with 5th anniv of Gen Govt cancels, 3 other P/C plus 24 pieces with 43 mostly diff stamps with wide range of Commemorative postmarks. & 2 covers with German stamps. Interesting lot. VF. (31 items).
 SOLD at A$90
WWII Military Humour postcards. 5, G-VGC plus another with damaged cnr. Scarce. (6).
WWII POW Camp ID Tag Stalag XB near Sandbostel northeast of Bremen 'Kr Get Lg XB', Nr 102651' rectangular 60x40mm & another ID. Sicherheits und Hilfsdienst (Security & Assistance Service) 'XII12 439 SHD' oval. 70x50mm. VF. (2 tags).
 SOLD at A$120
WWII POW Camp ID tag 'F Stalag 133 Nr 929'. Frontstalag 133 was a temporary German POW camp near Rennes in German occupied Northern France operating from late 1940 to October 1943 housing French Colonial Forces.
 SOLD at A$160
WWII Propaganda Postcards Brigade Wallonie Belgium SS Brigade postcards (3 diff) 1 with minor damage. Fair-VF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$100
WWII Propaganda Postcards depicting Hitler postmarked 10 April 1938 the day of the Austrian Anschluss referendum (3) plus one postmarked 20-4-1941 Hitler's birthday. All GC. (4).
 SOLD at A$100
WWII. 1944 Armed Forces & Heroes Day stamp sets of 12 & 13 (25 stamps), stuck on pages plus 1939 covers with special cancels (8) & 2 propaganda postcards with special cancels. VF. (12 items).
 SOLD at A$50
Army. WWII Wehrmacht 10g Brot (Bread) Ration Coupons. Comp sheet of 100 = total 1kg with selvedge all around. No gum, as issued. VF & fresh. Scarce. (100 coupons)
Army. WWII Wehrmacht Zigaretten (Cigarettes) ration coupons. Comp sheet of 100 (for 10 days) with selvedge all around. As issued. VF & fresh. Scarce. (100 coupons)
Army. WWII Wehrmacht Rauchtabak (Pipe Tobacco) ration coupons. Comp sheet of 100 (for 10 days) with selvedge all around. No gum, as issued. VF & fresh. Scarce (100 coupons)
Army. WWII Wehrmacht Zigarren (Cigars) ration coupons. Comp sheet of 100 (for 10 days), with selvedge all around, small tear in margin. No gum as issued. VF & fresh. Scarce. (100 coupons)
Luftwaffe WWII Junkers JU88, limited edition print. Hand signed by Colonel Helmuth Bruckmann & MA Kinnear. Framed & glazed (perspex), size 580x460mm. Limited edition number 97 of 100 produced.
 SOLD at A$150
Luftwaffe 1941 large Certificate of Promotion from Government Inspector to Senior Government Inspector. Large embossed seal with Nazi Eagle in wreath, hand signed, central fold, VGC. Also an untranslated 1940 certificate in fairly clean condition with swastika underprint, minor creases. Size approx 390x290mm. G-VGC. (2)
Luftwaffe. c1944 Original portrait of Luftwaffe Recon/Air-Sea Rescue Gefreiter. Framed (no glass). Frame 320x270mm, image 230x170mm, not opened by us to check if named. VGC.
Luftwaffe WW2 original portrait of a Luftwaffe pilot in flying helmet & goggles. In glazed framed, overall size approx 500x400m. Few knocks to frame o/w GC.
Army 1/32 scale MODEL soldiers. LEIBSTANDARTE SS ADOLF HITLER. 4 x painted models inc, Hitler Youth Bugler, Drummer & standard bearer. 4 is Karl Wolf. All in original packaging boxes. VGC.
 SOLD at A$70
Assorted 1939-45 Badges, medals, rank insignia, pins etc, almost all copies. Wide range but inc multiple examples of DAP & HJ badges with wire pins also a Luftwaffe Flak badge (damaged) that has a hope of being genuine. Except for shoulder board & collar tabs most items have swastikas. About 5-10 faulty rest GC. Too many swastikas to cover, email & ask for photos. (75 items).
 SOLD at A$230
Book - Mein Kampf, volumes 1 & 2. By Adolph Hitler, 1933 Reprints of the original 1925 & 1927 editions published in Germany, a total of 780 pages. Covers worn, spines taped, dust jackets glued to covers, Vol 2 with the LR cnr of the dust jacket missing. Contents generally GC, fresh & clean. (2 vols)
 SOLD at A$130
Book -. Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler. 1992 reprint of the original 1969 English translation by Ralph Manheim of Hitler's original 1925 & 27 books, now in 1 volume. Soft cover, 636 pgs. Minor cover marks & water stains to edges of first few pages, insect spotting to inside back page. Also bronze Mother's Cross medal, enamel damage, no ribbon & a Faithful Service Cross with swords medal in bronze with Iron Cross ribbon. (3 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Book - NSKK-NSFK Uniforms, Organisation & History by John R Angolia & David Littlejohn. Hardback, 1994, 463pgs. Covers the Nazi Flying & Driving Corps & shows the uniforms, insignia, pins & patches. As new.
 SOLD at A$110
Book - The SS Totenkopf Ring. An Illustrated History from Munich to Nuremberg by Craig Gottlieb, hardcover, 2008, 169pgs. Plus a Waffen SS ring with runes & a U-boat ring in silver, both replicas? (3 items)
Concentration Camp. 1941 Sachenhausen Concentration Camp printed letter sheet with long message in ink. 2 stamp removed from front, probably to check no message underneath. Camp censor hand stamp on front GC. Rare survivor.
 SOLD at A$110
Concentration Camp. 1941 printed Letter sheet from an inmate in Mauthausen Concentration Camp with hand written message in German. VGC. Rare survivor.
 SOLD at A$180
Concentration Camp.1941 Sachsenhausen - Oranienburg printed letter sheet with long message in ink from an inmate. Stamp removed from front, probably to check no message underneath. Camp censor handstamp on front. Stained, aged. Fair-GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Concentration Camp. 1943 Auschwitz printed letter sheet with long message in pencil from an inmate. Stamp removed from front, probably to check no message underneath. Stains, aged, edge splits. Fair-GC. Very scarce.
 SOLD at A$160
Concentration Camp. Auschwitz, 1944 dated folded official printed lettersheet with long message with Auschwitz postmark (stamp removed by censor to ensure nothing forbidden underneath). Aged, water stain & edge bit tatty but scarce plus 3 Polish 1940s postal cards depicting Auschwitz Camp, another with map of the camp plus 2 postcards postmarked Litzmannstadt (site of another camp) & 5th Anniv of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising cover. Unless mentioned all VF. (7)
 SOLD at A$160
Concentration Camp. Auschwitz, 1943 Official lettersheet from an inmate with extensive letter in pencil, censored, stamp removed to check nothing inappropriate beneath. A bit tatty (damage when opened) & edge stains plus 3 ca1947 Postcards depicting the camp. Fair-VF. (4).
 SOLD at A$200
Concentration Camp. 1940 Sachenhausen - Oranienburg Concen-tration Camp official printed letter sheet with long message in ink. Postmarked Oranienburg, stamp removed from front, probably to check no message underneath. Camp censor hand stamp on front. Ink stain overall GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Concentration Camp. 1940 Sachenhausen - Oranienburg Concentration Camp official printed folded letter sheet (4 pgs) with long letter in ink housed in official printed camp provided envelope, stamp partially removed to check nothing forbidden written underneath. Bit roughly opened, with camp censor mark. Aged, overall GC.
 SOLD at A$170
Imperial Prussia. Drummer's waist belt side-drum support 'TROMMELSCHERE'. Brass Prussian Eagle with 2x hooks at base to support drum. Swivelling bracket to top attached to brown leather frog/belt-loop. VGC. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$120
Imperial: WWI German Naval Chart of Hawaii (1913), dated (Pacific Ocean NE sheet) with Jan 1914 violet navigation bureau cachet. Approx 700 x 1000mm. VGC with undamaged edges. Rare.
 SOLD at A$100
Imperial: WWI collection of covers, cards & related material inc lovely colourful range of 25 propaganda PPC, 3 covers with tied Anti-Italian propaganda labels, 5 cards with "Feldpost" labels, Registered cover from Kiel Submarine Docks Inspector with "Marinesache" & "Inspektion des Unterseebootswesens" cachets & similar official seal on rear, Balfour Declaration leaflet in French for dropping from Balloon, etc. Attractive lot, all scarce with some rare cards included. (48)
 SOLD at A$400
1933-45 Hitler Youth Side Drum Hanger & Belt loop. Cast brass hanger (2nd pattern) with Political style Eagle with angled Swastika. Swivel mount attached to black leather belt loop. gVF
 SOLD at A$150
1933-45 Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) detachment flag. 1940mm x 1180mm double thickness red field with applied white bordered black Swastika. Heavily embroidered wheat wreath circlet to centre, both sides, with RAD Emblem within. Aluminium braid fringe to edges. No moth, only minor stains evident. Scarce & impressive
1933-45 Belt plates. 1/ Waffen-SS Officer of high quality, aged centre disc & rev mount only. Heavily aged, scratched & with corrosion rev stamped 'RZM-M4/70-K&F' & 'SS' in diamond. 2/ Commercially produced Belt plate, probably for a woman. Plain brass circlet with static brass Swastika set into centre. Rev with hook & belt loop that would suit a cloth or elasticised belt. Overall VGC. The first a convincing fake
1939-45 Luftwaffe officer's car pennant. Grey-green cotton twill with white machine woven 2nd pattern eagle to either side. Clear celluloid cover with black leather & oil cloth border. Post war mounted on a chrome stand for display. VGC
 SOLD at A$475
Impressive lot of WWII & post WWII shoulder straps & other insignia. Inc 3 trade & proficiency badges, 5 collar tabs inc pr & 17 shoulder boards (collar pr). Noted Luftwaffe Flight Section, Tropical Engineers, Medical, Artillery & Police. Also inc a rare SS trade patch. (Total 25 items)
Interesting collection. ca1939-60 Inc original WWII officer's shoulder boards (4) inc a panzer officer's, plus one other shoulder board also the following badges - cloth panzer cap cockade, cloth panzer cap eagle. A repro 'Hermann Goring' cuff title patch, w/m Nazi hunting association badge & a N.S.D.A.P golden party badge. 2 original brass 'tinnie' badges, 2 ribbon bars, 1940 dated 'Beobachter' newspaper, great coat with fire police officer's shoulder boards, a West German visor cap plus 3 WWII German books. All German text & an English S/C book titled 'Herr Hitler's self-disclosure in Mein Kampf'. (21 items).
 SOLD at A$150
Italy. Propaganda Postcard. 1938 Benito Mussolini & Adolf Hitler with special postmark. VF.
Italy. Propaganda Postcard. 1938 Benito Mussolini & Adolf Hitler with special commemorative postmarks. VF.
Medals. 1918-45 Copies (mostly) or harshly treated originals. Inc WWI Honour Cross, West Wall, Eastern Front, Spanish Blue Division Volunteer, Anschluss, Austria, 1938 Sudetenland, German-Italian medal for Africa, Blood Order, Wehrmacht Long Service 4 yrs & SS Long Service 8 years plus SS Totenkopf badge (no lugs) & 3 swastika badges & DAP Party badge made by Millers Sydney!! Lastly 2 fantasies? Multi rayed Maltese Cross, maroon enamel cross, black centre with SS runes, screw back, the second adapted from unknown (Imperial?) medal struck in .925 silver (37.4g) with brass central eagle & swastika surrounded by brilliants. (16 items).
 SOLD at A$180
Medals 1933-45 with problems or fake (mostly) inc War Merit Cross with swords with swastika removed, War Merit Cross & medal both no rings, no ribbon, infantry assault badge, no pin swastika removed, West Wall, Eastern Front, Italo-German medal for Africa, Sudetenland, Red Cross medal, no ribbon, Blood Order, with full service 4 yr medal & 25 yr Cross SS 8 yr medal. Spanish Blue Division in Russia plus SS Totenkopt & 4 badges inc DAP party badge maker by Millers Sydney. Lastly fantasy multii rayed Maltese Cross orange enamel, black enamel centre, SS runes. (21 items).
 SOLD at A$220
Patriotic Postcards. WWII ca 1942 Der Deutsche Soldat set of 8 cards depicting different branches of the armed forces inc Panzers, Africa Corp, Fallschirmspringer. VF. (8).
 SOLD at A$160
Postal Stationery Card: German Occupation of Alsace. Postal Stationery card with Alsace (in German) opt. Unused. Scarce.
Propaganda Postcards (4) 1 depicting Hitler & Mussolini in 1937 plus other cards, 1 cancelled Litzmanstadt (site of a concentration camp) plus 3 documents with Nazi hand stamps & an envelope with special cancels. (11).
 SOLD at A$100
Propaganda Postcards. 1938 Anschluss, annexation of Austria into the Greater Germany Reich, Hitler head on map of Austria with special commemorative stamp & cancel on rev. All VF. (11 cards).
 SOLD at A$100
Propaganda Postcards. Mostly 1938, few later, inc 2 depicting Hitler. The NSKK card trimmed, SA card tones & Brandenburg gate creases, other VF. (8).
Propaganda Poster. 1941 Very Rare Dated Anti-Semitic poster 'Juden Waren es / die den Marxismus erfanden, Juden Sind es / die mit ihm seit jahr, Zehntendie welt zu revolutionieren versuchen'. Dr Goebbels 235 x 365 mm. The poster denounces Jews as Marxists & connects them with world revolutionaries. Printed in red & black on grey background with cream surround. Printed in Munich. Tiny cnr fault o/w VGC & Rare.
 SOLD at A$400
Propaganda leaflet 1942 'Gedanken des Fuhrers uber die Waffen SS', number G42, (dropped by the allies in 1942). It publishes a letter by Hitler revealing his plans with the SS, a document captured in Africa, March 1942. 420x130mm. G-VG, edge tears & folds. Scarce.
Propaganda & other Postcards WWII inc Hitler (2), one creased, Annexation of Austria & Sudetenland, Reichorganisationsleiter Dr Ley (punched) & 4 others. VF unless mentioned. (9).
Propaganda Postcards. 1938-41, inc Brandenburg gate with flags, Hitler, Annexation of Austria & Sudetenland (2), & Weinermesse. VF. (5).
Propaganda Postcards. 1938 Anschluss, Annexation of Austria into the Greater German Reich, postmarked 20-4-1939 (Hitler's Birthday). VF.
Propaganda Postcard. 1943 Wounded soldier on Eastern Front / Days of the NSDAP in General Gouvernment, Krakau, Poland 13-15 August 1943 with matching postmark. This is also the dates when the Krakau Ghetto was liquidated. ( lot of 9 cards).
 SOLD at A$120
Propaganda Postcards. 1938-44 inc 4 depicting soldiers. All VF, 3 are scarce. (5).
Propaganda Postcard. 1934 Reminder of the Nazi party rally in Nuremberg. Special postmark. VF.
 SOLD at A$60
Propaganda Postcard. 1935 Saarland. The Way is clear - the Saar is returning home. VF.
Propaganda Postcard. 1935 celebrating 1923-33 NSDAP rally in Nurnberg, 10 Years of Political Power, special postmark. VF.
Propaganda Postcard. 1936 Day of German Lawyers & the 5th National Convention of the Association of the National Socialist German Lawyers held in Leipzig 16-19 May 1936. Tiny corner fault. VF. Scarce.
Propaganda Postcards. 1936-43 inc 1936 Reichs-Partetag Nurnberg, General Gouvernment Occupation of Poland & Annexation of Austria & Sudetenland. All with stamps cancelled by special commemorative postmarks. VF-EF. (6).
Propaganda & other Postcards (6) inc 3 depicting Hitler, 2 cancelled 20-4-38, Hitler's Birthday, 4 with special cancels. EF. (5).
Propaganda Postcards. 5 all depicting Hitler, all with special postmarks dated 1938. 1 with small spot in margin o/w VF-EF. (5).
 SOLD at A$100
Propaganda Postcard. 1938. Manner vom Freikorps with stamp & special Sudetenland postmark for Acquisition of Sudetenland. Small reverse edge stain. VF. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$50
Propaganda Postcard. 1938 The Eternal Jew Anti-Semitic Exhibition Vienna. Stamp cancelled with special cancel. Caricatured image of a Jewish man holding a knotted whip with an inset map of the Soviet Union & gold coins in his other hand. Probably the most famous propaganda card issued. VF.
 SOLD at A$120
Propaganda Postcards. 1938 Occupation of Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) (5) & Greater Germany (annexation of Austria) with Hitler's head (5). Most with special cancels. (10).
 SOLD at A$130
Propaganda Postcards. 1938 Annexation of Austria & Sudetenland & NSDAP in Poland (2) all with special cancels, 1 with spot in margin. EF. (4).
Propaganda Postcards. 1938-43 inc NSDAP General Gouvernment (Poland), Annexation of Austria & Sudetenland plus 2 others. (4 VF, 1 faults). (5).
Propaganda Postcards. 1938 Greater Germany Annexation of Austria with Hitler's head all cancelled with special cancels commemorating the annexation. (5).
Propaganda Postcard. 1939 commemorating 'The Gathering of the National Socialist Veterans League' painting by Ludwig Hohlwein. Membership recruitment card for the NS-Reichskriegerbund Kyffhauser e.Vf. (National Socialist Reich Warriors Association Kyffhauser). VF.
Propaganda Postcards. Spanish Civil War Condor Legion 1939 cards (2) with special Legion Postmarks of Berlin & Hamburg. Very scarce. EF. (2).
Propaganda Postcards. 1940-41 Hitler & Mussolini cards, 1 with glue mks on reverse. All VF. (3).
Propaganda Postcards .1941/2 Waffen SS cards (2), both used as Feldpost cards, 1 with part of the message on the front. Scarce. (2).
 SOLD at A$100
Propaganda Postcard. 1941 Victory on all Fronts in Europe. VF.
Propaganda Postcard. 1941 dated SS Panzer card used by a serviceman as a Feldpost card with message in ink. EF. Rare.
Small box with WWII medals, badges & Hitler Youth knife. A few damaged, mostly copies. Knife a copy missing enamel HJ diamond but original HJ badge minus pin (enamel chip) as a replacement is included. Inc high quality observer badge, 2 piece construction by Jimme & Sohn Berlin, Spanish Cross in bronze marked L/32, Kriegsmarine Officer's belt clasp, Eastern Front Medal, Italo-German medal for Nth Africa, wound badge in silver, maker 107, Red Cross medal no ribbon, War Merit cross with swords missing pin, War Merit Cross original missing ring, RAD female throat rank brooch in gilt & grey metal plus 3 diff DAP badges inc 1 made by Miller's Sydney!! Lastly fantasy badge copper, blue enamel, screw back. (19 items).
 SOLD at A$230
Stamps. 1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund miniature sheet of 4 stamps. No perforations. Scarce. SG cat £65=A$120 plus Propaganda Postcards 1938 Greater Germany (Annexation of Austria), head of Hitler & Occupation of Sudetenland, both used. VF. (3 items).
Stamps.1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund Miniature sheet of 4 stamps, no perforation. Used. Scarce. Plus 2 propaganda postcards, 1 franked with a perforated blk of 4 of the same stamp. (3 items).
Stamps. 1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund miniature sheet of 4 stamps with perforations. Unused plus 4 Propaganda Postcards, 1 with photo Hitler. VF. (5 items).
Stamps. 1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund miniature sheet of 4 stamps with perforations, Mint, plus 2 propaganda postcards, 1 with head of Hitler. (3 items).
Stamps. 1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund miniature sheet of 4 stamps with perforations, mint never hinged, SG cat £90=A$160 plus 4 propaganda postcards, 1 depicting Hitler. VF. (5 items).
Stamps. 1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund miniature sheet of 4 stamps with perforations, Mint plus 2 propaganda postcards, 1 with Hitler's head. VF. (3 items).
Stamps. 1937 Hitler's 48th Birthday & Cultural Fund Miniature sheet of 4 stamps with 1937 Nuremberg Conference opt on all 4 stamps, cancelled with Conference special postmark (sm repaired split in top margin). SG cat £75=A$135 plus 2 diff propaganda postcards. VF. (3 items).
Stamps: 1941 French Volunteer Legion against Bolshevism in Russia set of 5 & French Volunteer Legion on Eastern Front set of 2 Airmail stamps. MUH. (Legion was officially designated the 638th Infantry Regiment ) Plus 1943 Azid Hind propaganda stamps perf & imperf produced by the Social Party Berlin for Subhas Chandra Bose's Azid Hind Indian National Army in the hope of overthrowing British rule. Mint. (15 stamps).
Third Reich propaganda postcards. Annexation of Austria commemorative featuring 'Map of Germany with 3rd Reich 'Standard' & Hitler's profile super-imposed, titled (English Translation) '13 March 1938 One People, One Reich, One Fuhrer' with 9th of April pictorial postmark (date of Hitler's speech in Vienna) for day of the Great German Reich on the other side. Original old time find, all Superb fresh condition. We have seen these retailing $100 ea (10 ).
 SOLD at A$80
WWII. Unusual printed display item with Hitler 10 Pfennig postage stamp on a black & white decorative background, with stylized eagle above wreathed swastika with leafy background & horn bugle with ribbons. Size 280x220mm. VGC some reverse toning. Unusual.
 SOLD at A$110
WWII 1939 Iron Cross 2nd class, magnetic centre. 1939 Infantry Assault Badge in silvered zinc, maker marked for Assmann and Sohne, Ludenscheid. 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd class, with swords. Wound badge magnetic blackened Commemorative medals 1 October 1938 & 13 Marz 1938.1938 Faithful Service Cross 2nd Class silver for 25 years. 1939 (1941) Eastern Front Medal (Ostmedaille). 1939 West Wall Medal, maker mark L/58, Rudolph Souval, 1937 German Social Welfare silvered medal, holed twice, (wrong ribbon). (11).
 SOLD at A$450
WWII Feldpost Pictorial Postcards (7) inc 1 for Panzer regt plus Wehrmacht postcard depicting tank & troops sent from a Feldpost with censor mark. VF. (8 cards).
WWII Banner. Triangular, 3 pce construction with black swastika on white, all on a red ground. Minor stains, 3 x 2cm tears & holes to tip area where it has worn thin from flapping in the breeze. Size approx 1000x450mm.
WWII 1940 Deutsche Bank Berlin Saving book with Reich Mark 1000 donation from Herman Goering for children of dead Airmen plus 1937 German federation for physical exercise blue book. Both with cover soiling, first with ink name, contents GC. (2 item).
WWII Reichskriegflagge (War flag) Double sided screen printed cotton. with leather triangular reinforcement to mounting string corners. Appears genuine but impossible to tell plus a modern sidecap with swastika stamp on the inside. Both VGC. Flag size approx 530x340mm. (2 items).
 SOLD at A$300
WWII medals. 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords, maker's mark 127 for Moritz Hausch A.G. Pforzheim. 1939 (1941/2) Eastern Front medal (Ostmedaille) plus Unofficial Stalingrad medal with broken suspender. 1938 Commemorative medals 13 Marz 1938 & 1 October 1938. Faithful Service Cross 2nd Class silver for 25 years. 1939 War Merit medal. Wound badge in tombac marked EH for Eduard Hahn stripped of black paint, appearance of gold grade plus 1938 Mother's Cross gold class. VF-EF. (9)
 SOLD at A$400
WWII medals. 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class magnetic centre, some loss of black surface paint. 1939 Infantry Assault Badge silver grade in zinc. 1938 Mothers Cross bronze class. 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class maker marked 65 or 85? 1939 War Merit medal, WWII Wound badge, magnetic, blackened. 1939 (1941/2) Eastern front medal (Ostmedaille). 1938 Commemorative Medal 1 October 1938 for Sudetenland. (8).
 SOLD at A$450
WWII medals. 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with magnetic centre. 1940 General Assault badge unmarked (has possibly been buried). Wound badge blackened, magnetic. 1939 War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords & without swords this maker marked 77 for Bayer Hauptmunzamt, Munchen, 1939 Eastern Front medal (Ostmedaille). 1939 West wall Medal in packet of issue for Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen. 1938 Commemorative medals 13 March 1938 & 1 October 1938. 1939 War merit medal with replacement ring. 1938 Mothers Cross Gold class (enamel damage). (11 items).
WWII Occupation of Channel Islands, Guernsey & Jersey WWII tokens. Jersey 5RM, Brot (bread). St Heliers Revenue Paid, Wheat & Tobacco, 25RM, 3RM. Guernsey International Red Cross Parcel, St Peters Port pint milk Channel Islands 5RM Ausweis. Brass or plated & zinc. Attractively mounted, framed & glazed. (10 tokens).
 SOLD at A$140
WWII Panzer enlisted rank's sidecap. Date 1940, manufacturer Robert Lubstein. Africa Korps WWII DAK side cap, stamped 842 (August 1942), by Hans Brandt, Magdeburg khaki green. Red lined for turning inside out to be recognised from the air, size 54. WWII Army Bread bag & black leather & bayonet frog. No makers marks on dates. 1938 Luftschutz medal. SS 4 years loyal service medal in oxidized bronze. Reich's Luftschutz badge, white metal & enamel. Also a Deutches Yungvolk badge for 10-14 year olds. Both marked Gesch to the rear. Hitler Youth cloth triangle arm badges (11) all diff district badges, 4 in yellow thread for HJ & 2 in silver/white thread for BDM. Plus 5 diff slightly smaller cloth arm badges, with near consecutive numbered paper RZM labels to rears. All reproductions. VGC. (19 items).
 SOLD at A$180
WWII Die Wehrmacht magazine 3 original issues dated Feb 1941, March 1941 & March 1944. All in quite nice condition for these rare Wartime surviving copies. Average Newspaper size being 375mmx270mm. GC. (3).
 SOLD at A$75
WWII set of 10 linen serviettes with embroidered swastika & initials F.6 Possibly of a festive season nature due to design & colours red, green thread on white. VGC. Unusual. (10).
 SOLD at A$140
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