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Australia/GB. WWI Commemorative/Propaganda cloth/silk framed souvenir display cushion cover? Around the edges flags of different States & Colonies of the Commonwealth. To the centre Soldiers, Sailors, Lancers etc. Surrounded by portraits of the King, Kitchener, Jellico, Haig, Hughes & Birdwood. To each side, Union Jacks with British Country flags. For Peace & Liberty above one side, For King & Country the other. To the top 'Flags that help the Motherland' Slightly faded & typical marks for age. Overall 680x700mm, in barley twist framed with perspex glazing. Good centre piece.
 SOLD at A$110
Autograph. George Harrison The Beatles, autograph on 88x104mm, thick paper. Vendor purchased from reputable source & genuine to the best of our knowledge.
Autograph. Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, autograph on fabric. Vendor supplied attributing note that states 'Irregularly clipped signed piece of fabric, originally part of a banner reading 'Fruity Mick' displayed at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall'. Some light staining. Vendor purchased from reputable source & genuine to best of our knowledge.
Autographs USA inc Chuck Yeager on card (Test Pilot, first man to break speed of sound), Eddie Rickenbacker signature on USA cover (ex Roosevelt collection), Hank Ketcham autograph (creator of Denis the Menace), Elmore Leonard (America novelist & script writer), James Callaghan UK PM ,Program Brisbane Lord Mayor command performance signed June Bronhill, Bobby Limb etc various other items inc Parramatta related books & ephemera & piles of other stuff. Housed in large carton. (qty).
 SOLD at A$80
China Bond : £100 Imperial Chinese Government 5% Hukuang Railways Sinking Fund Gold Loan of 1911. First series for £6,000,000. (370 x 550mm) with 40 interest coupons. Signed by the Chinese Minister in Washington 15 June 1911. Usual edge flts, but these do not extend into the printed bond, overall VF. Scarce high denomination bond. Advertised retail $800 to $1200. Rare.
 SOLD at A$300
Cigarette & Trade Card Catalogue 2022 edition, pub by London CCC, 417pgs inc cigarette, tea, gum, magazine, oil company, TV 'tie ins' & other trade cards plus reprint valuations. New!
 SOLD at A$55
Cigarette Cards, The Story of (M Murray) 1987. Collecting Cigarette Cards (D Bagnall) 1973. Directory of British Cigarette Card Issuing Firms (pub circa 1950), Glossary of Cartophilic Terms (referring exclusively to cigarette cards, pub ca 1950). Plus 7 dated Card catalogues from 1947-95. (11)
Ethnographica: Papua New Guinea: ca1900-40 scarce Sepik River tribal statue. Carved wooden tall elongated spirit statue. 80cm tall. Early C20th. Ochre painted face & stripes running down body, has a hump in the back & a tail like a lizard. Interesting piece. VGC
Fossils: Dinosaur Bone Fragments from Sauropod, Cretaceous Period found Utah, USA (50). Dinosaur egg shell fragments from Hypselasaurus, Cretaceous Period found Provence, France (57). Fossil shark teeth from Paleocene Period 50 million years ago (38). Many with descriptive cards/folders. (145)
 SOLD at A$200
France: ca WW2 cotton tricolour flag 1600mmx1000mm. With brass figure 8 mounting hooks. Probably dates from around WW2 to Vietnam era. Name Jacqui Phillips in ink to top margin. Some very minor stains, but these do not detract. VGC.
 SOLD at A$75
France. Napoleonic flag. Approx 1600mmx1000mm. Elaborately decorated tricolour with gold Napoleon 'N' in wreath, bees & the imperial eagle. Silken type material. Not old. VGC. Displays nicely.
French Foreign Legion & Infantry Uniform & Equipment lot, 1914-18. Ca. Enlisted man's Mod 1915 horizon-blue field tunic with collar insignia for 1st Infantry Regiment, Montpellier maker & issue stamps c/1917-18 (with a post-war theatrical company ownership stamp); Mod.1892/14 Infantry 'Y' strap suspenders in brown leather; pr of double-pocket leather pouches (1 x brown, 1 x black) of probable French origin; a Mod. 1926 steel helmet 'Adrian', comp but badge separated from front; pr of c/1920 French Foreign Legion dress shoulder boards for Troupe, emerald green with red wool tassels & crescents backed in mustard khaki wool cloth; machine gun training manual; 'Manuel du Mitrailleur' 1929 with text & illustrations 55pgs. Minor moth stains to tunic, overall VGC. Nice early Legion related lot.
French Colonial 1950 Algerian War Tuareg camel saddle 'RAHLA', Saharan Meharist Companies (serving alongside French & French Foreign Legion troops in Algeria). Made from palm wood overlaid with goatskin (dyed with green & red vegetables dyes) & gazelle skin. Studs & mounts of brass & nickel. Traditional pommel shape representative of the Southern Cross. Height 810mm, depth 770mm. Together with a set of tribe made iron camel hobbles (reminiscent of leg irons). Minor damage to areas. VGC overall. Saharan Meharist Companies were recruited from Tuareg tribesmen from the area of El-Oued / Tougfourt (Tunis/Morocco border). RARE.
 SOLD at A$375
Crimean War interest. Framed & glazed. First is a coloured panorama of the defence of Sevastopol showing artillery & some infantry action (presumably Russian). Second has two prints showing two main disposition of troops during the battle of the Alma, most likely taken from an old publication. Frames could do with a clean & touch up o/w GC. Attractive addition to your collection. (2).
Great Britain. Army 1858 & 1868 British Indian Army Commission Scrolls. (2). 1 is East India Company for rank of lieutenant in 1850 dated 1858. This has separated at a fold & been repaired. 2nd for captain in the Bengal staff Corps, this in very nice condition dated 1868 with rank from 1858. Both to Edward Lempriere Earle. By 1880 he was a Colonel in the Bengal staff corp. (2).
 SOLD at A$100
Great Britain. 1870-1935 photograph & misc paperwork to Major General Harry Finn. Photograph is a reprint from original. With early ribbon bar. Finn served 9th & 21st Lancers winning the DCM in Afghanistan. He later served in Australia. Paperwork mostly about parcels arriving. Comes with 10 other British photos & postcards inc 1870 photo NCO 9th Lancers Aldershot (fragile). Small book titled Our Indian Empire, Hints for soldiers proceeding to India 1935 & ribbon bar. Several items Poor-Fair, mostly GC. Cuff rank photo with general rank cut off. (12 items)
Great Britain. Map. WWI period fabric map of the Balkans with enlargement of Dardanelles inset, sold as souvenir of the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign Map surrounded by ropes & anchors. Approx 590x570mm. Few minor age stains o/w GC.
 SOLD at A$80
Great Britain. Navy, RFC, AFC, WWI souvenirs. Wooden cookie jar, tea caddy or tobacco jar, 150mm dia, 110mm high, with plaque under lid guaranteeing it was made from the propellers of a 1914-18 British Aircraft. Metal interior plus 2 small teak barrel shaped containers (80mm high) for pens etc. Both have brass plaques made from the teak of 1st HMS Iron Duke, Lord Jellico's flagship at Jutland, 2nd HMS Warspite. GC. A great desk set for the militaria collector. (3)
 SOLD at A$120
Great Britain: 1914-18 Trench art ash tray. Made from 18 PDR fuse cover with three legs made from MKVI. 303 Rounds. D arrow stamp & RL stamp. VGC. Nice interesting piece of trench art.
 SOLD at A$50
Great Britain: 1914-18 Stoke-on-Trent 'Arcadian China' Patriotic Souvenir lot. Bearing city Coat of Arms in forms of: Army Patt 1902 Visor cap with enamel decal to top of the arms of Great Yarmouth 36mm(H) x 60mm (DAI): Miniature jug bearing the enamel Arms of Roysth b/w 2 'tar jacks', 81mm(H); artillery projectile bearing enamel Arms of Aldershot, 69mm; artillery projectile bearing enamel Arms of Leven, 70mm. Minor wear to gilding. gVF/aEF (4)
Great Britain: 1914-18 Large Original Recruiting Poster, paper, off-white with black printing. Red King's crown & 'Buckingham Palace' at top, signature (printed) 'George RI' at bottom. Text is 24 lines beginning: 'To my people, at this grave moment in the struggle b/w my people & a highly organised enemy?' etc etc 760mm x 510mm. Folds & corner tears. Minor stains. Generally VGC. Stored flat, on card with plastic overlay. All WWI recruiting posters are rare. A great display item
Great Britain. Map (1915) Gallipoli Peninsula 8th Army Corps showing (Australian), British & French Trenches 7th July revised July 28, August 6, 17, 23, 31, Sep 25, Oct 25. Shows Y Beach, Gully Beach, X Beach at left, Morto Bay right trenches to top & right. Printed in black on a type of oil cloth, sea tinted blue, trenches hand drawn in magenta. Scale 6 inches to a mile. The Krithia Rd & Nullah are connected/crossed by No 1 Australian Line & Bo 2 Australian Line. Also noted Boomerang Rd. Edges but dirty/stained, rotting crease. Map overall GC. Approx 590x600mm. Rare. Plus large C19th plans for house in Gulistan Lucknow. (2)
 SOLD at A$160
Great Britain. Army. WWII Royal Artillery soldier pay book & soldier's release book. Served 1940-45 entitled to 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star & War Medals together with a 1944 dated Australian ration card to a female inc a quantity of unrelated post WWII literature, with approx ½ of this related to Northern Ireland in the mid 1970s & Battle of Britain booklet plus a small frame with 4 badges of the Royal Observer Corps. Fair-GC, typical of age. (20 items)
Great Britain. RAF, 1940 Battle of Britain commemorative plates, complete set of 6, by Franklin Mint. All individually numbered, excellent condition. High original cost. 2 brass WWII Spitfire trench art type pieces. 1st is climbing Spitfire, 2nd is a small Spitfire mounted on a 1940 One Shilling coin, all on a brass column. Plus 3 golden era collector's cards displaying the Avro Shackleton, Short Stirling & Avro Lancaster, in a well displayed glass & timber frame. GC. (9 items)
 SOLD at A$110
Great Britain: Army Belts, Sam Brown belt with white metal buckle & fitting, missing sword strap hook. Nice rose fittings to strap eyelets, lengthened at some point. Shoulder strap for Sam Brown this is not a match for above belt. Pr British Officer's / Gentleman's leather leggings. Black pistol holster for Webley. Pistol lanyard. Boer War period black belt with loops for straps etc, QVC general service buckle, Damaged Nicked. WWI snake clasp belt with white metal buckle belt partially torn, stamp TSVC 808. Fair-GC with some damage as mentioned. Worthy of restoration. (7).
 SOLD at A$120
Great Britain.. Army Belts Leathers 1914 dated pattern 03 belt with unit stamp for 6th Seaforth highlanders, No Buckle. Pr of Mismatched leather gaiters. Pistol lanyard. 9 ammunition pouches, leather 1915 English makers. WWI leather rifle sling. Pr unissued light khaki wool fox puttees. 1917 dated large haversack/backpack, torn where left rear strap attaches to bag. Later soldiers name & number inside. Fair-GC. Some nice WWI bits. (15).
 SOLD at A$450
Great Britain. Merchant Flag, large 1880mm x1020mm red ensign silk/nylon flag. With attaching eyes & clips for mounting on parade. Comes with 2 smaller naval flag sets with 3 flags per set, ea being approx 500mmx300mm. Both are RN & 10 extra yellow divided by red of similar type. Last two with mounting ropes. Plus a Netherlands flag 1100mmx620mm. VGC. (14).
Great Britain. Flag, post 1968 Royal Regiment of Wales regimental flag. Featuring in white on green cotton the Roman numerals XXIV to one side XLI to the other with grey highlighted Prince of Wales plumes & motto to the centre. Large flag, barrack flag size 1800mm x 1100mm. Comes with a post 1930s Officer's coloured sidecap to the East Lancashire Regiment. Good, typical age wear. Nice regimental barrack flag. (2)
Great Britain The Land & Mortgage Bank of India (Credit Foncier Indien) Ltd £20 share paid up to £4 16 Nov 1863. aEF.
Great Britain. Navy, RAF Trophies & Cups. EPNS pewter & white metal, WWII & later. Noted Bisley Cup 1948 to Artist Rifles Cpl. Presentation EPNs (worn) to 8th Ardwick Bn ca 1930s to Sgt & pewter pint tankard (damaged) to an air crew dated 1944, London, with last names of crew members, also initialled EPNs cigarette case with engraved date 1917. Fair-average condition. Interesting lot. (12)
Great Britain. 2/24th Warwickshire Regt plaque commemorating the Defence of Rorke's Drift in Jan 1879. Depicts a pewter Zulu warrior in 3D, also the badge of the 2nd/24th & inscription with stand. Quite an attractive item. Ashtray/dish commemorating 'Sefton Horse of the Year 1982'. Sefton was critically injured when the IRA set off 2 bombs in Hyde Park killing 11 British soldiers & 7 other horses. He recovered enough to continue service but had to retire in 1984 after 17 years of service. He died in 1993. Small Royal Selangor pewter trinket dish & lid with 2 Commando badges & a brass/bronzed small Napoleon statue. GC. (4 items)
Hungary: c.1960-70's collection of Communist period Officer/NCO rank boards. Almost all ranks represented (Junior NCO - Colonel), nearly all in prs. Highly attractive senior ranks in gilt bullion on grey. Hard to find. VGC (26)
India: Bank of Bengal Inc under act 1876. One 500 Rupee Share No 14001, 6 Jul 1876. Numerous endorsements & dividends paid notated on reverse. 3 revenue stamps. Old-time ink stain. VF. Scarce.
Italy: 1939-45 Mod 1931 Gasmask bag. Canvas with grey leather tabs & loops, adjustable shoulder/neck strap. Sometimes noted worn as a haversack in the North Africa campaigns. Some minor rust damage. Generally VGC.
Japan. WWII Soldier's good luck flag (Yosegaki Hinomaru). Probably an Aussie veteran bring back. Red rising sun on white background with many good luck inscriptions overall. Framed behind glass 915mmx765mm. Portion missing. See photo
 SOLD at A$200
Japan. 1894/8 Sino-Japanese War Furious Battle. Hand painted woodcut print by unknown artist. 2 panels, joined, overall, 475mmx355mm. Minor edge faults. Average-GC. Scarce.
Japan. 1894/5 Sino-Japanese War. Japanese Army liberating Heungseon Daewangun (Prince Gung) from house arrest & escorting him to the Royal Palace in Seoul (Korea) to take over from his son to attempt to install a pro-Japan government. Hand painted woodblock print by Toyohara Chikanobu Aug 1894. 3 panels (unjoined). Overall 735mm x 345mm. Minor age faults, average-GC.
Japan. 1895 Heroic Fight of the Scout Cavalry Captain Asakawa among a battle during the Sino-Japanese War 1894/5. Hand painted woodblock print by Kobayashi Kiyochika, 2 panels, joined. Overall 480mm x 365mm. Minor edge faults. Average-GC. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$180
Japan: 1936-45 enamelled Military sake cup. Interior decorated with cherry blossom, Army star & Imperial (rayed) War flag in colour. Text in gilt characters note 'Logistical Unit, 1st Regiment, Memorial'. Height: 29, diameter 56mm. VGC
Japan: 1939-45 Personal battle flag. White silk 860mm x 640mm with printed Sun disc to centre. Leather tab reinforcing to corners of hoist with silk cord ties. Covered overall with signatures & titles. Translated as 'From the Women's Patriotic League' & bearing the signatures of both male & female members. Exc.
 SOLD at A$240
Japan 1939-45 Army Enlisted Man's Equipment & Ephemera lot: Type 30 ammo pouch in very dark brown leather (less 1 x side securing stud); Type 30 'Emergency' ammo pouch in rubberised canvas, brown; Mod 1933 water bottle in brown painted aluminium with its canvas harness & sling with leather strap & buckle securing stopper; pr of khaki wool puttees with tape ties; a large & impressive, printed & painted banner of the type flown by families on departure of their loved ones to the war, measures a huge 4 meters x 700mm; collar rank insignia of Sergeant Major attached to wool uniform cloth square with printed name/number (for wear on tropical shirt); a set of 3 china rice & soup bowls & platter all marked with the Imperial Army star. Minor age & service wear, some stains & tear to banner. Overall VGC. The pouches & banner scarce. (9 items)
Japan:1939-45 A rare Imperial Japanese Army psychrometer complete in leather carry case. (Used for measuring humidity). One of the phials is broken. There is an accessory box present. Nicely Japanese marked (inside leather case & instrument) Comes with post war message indicating item was captured in 1945 (Makassar-Timor). No carry strap to case. Unusual Japanese military instrument. VGC
Japan: Naval Artillery fuse or fuse part, probably WWII. Marked with an anchor & Japanese type characters. Fuse cap appears to be aluminium or zinc. Body is a silver metal colour. Very clean looking, with no obvious corrosion marks. Appears to be GC.
 SOLD at A$100
Japan. WWII Soldier's good luck flag (yosegaki hinomaru) covered in hand painted inscriptions. Probably an Aussie returned soldiers bring back. Minor discolouration & some age related tears & small holes top & bottom centre. A nice example of its kind. Size 1000 x 600mm with reinforced string tied. Flags of this size hard to find.
 SOLD at A$425
Japan. Imperial Edict of Declaration of War by the Empire of Japan on the United States & the British Empire & its interpretation with Asia-Pacific war map by Yasushi Makino, published in Japanese by Kokushin Sha. Printed 20th Jan 1942, published 25th Jan 1942. 17 pgs, 2 maps. Includes translation from Wikipedia. Paper aged but GC.
 SOLD at A$100
Japan: 1939-45 Imperial Marines Officer Equipment lot - Canvas & leather officer's broad sword waist belt; Officer/Marine pattern aluminium water bottle with gilt aluminium crew lid & laced canvas cover with web sling (damage to cover); a pr of khaki wool puttees with tape ties; a reproduction sword field cover in leather; a black bakelite officer's writing tool case bearing naval anchor to lid (lid cracked); a small printed cotton Marine Company banner 790 x 370mm; a set of 7 x Japanese Invasion Money banknotes (5 cents to $100), Malaya issues; an issue rice bowl & a soup bowl in white enamelled china bearing blue Imperial star insignia; a small decorated (rustic scene) 'Whistling' saki cup (chips). Some wear & minor damage consistent with age & veteran souvenir 'bring backs'. Generally VGC. (10 items)
Map of Asiaca.1860 by G H Swanston Edinburgh covers from Eastern Europe to Japan & down to parts of the East Indies. 500x390mm, country borders, hand tinted. Trace of toning & sl separation in margin at base of original centre fold not affecting map, o/w VF.
New Zealand ca 1918-45 UK 'Union' flag. 1600 x 950mm by 'Hutcheson Wilson & Co Ltd, Wellington' (name tag to hoist). Canvas hoist, frayed leading edge
 SOLD at A$75
New Zealand. School badges. Collection of 55 diff enamelled. 49 badges have their attaching pins, 6 have no pins to rear. Some very nice examples. A few have silver marked. A nice badge is the Auckland War Relief badge which has Dardanelles top scroll & to the reverse 'Remember the Heroes of Gallipoli'. Mostly GC. Instant collection. (55)
Postcards. Cats & Dogs: Collection of 25 diff cats , mostly pre-1910, mostly Moggies with Manx cats sighted. Dogs (85) with good variety inc Dachshunds, Terriers, Collies, Spaniels & others. Again nearly all pre-1910. Generally F-VF. Another difficult assembly. (110)
Postcards. Children: 1920s-30s Artist collection (26) inc M Atwell (9), Kit Forres (2), D Tempest (3), LFT (5) & others inc Jean Howes 'Jack & Jill'. Mixed UN/U, VF or better. (26)
Postcards. Europe, Great Britain mainly , plus scattered USA accumulation with approx 1800 cards from Edwardian era colour cards to 1950s black & white real photo types. Vast quantity inc City/Town/Urban Areas, Rural Views, Seaside Scenes, plus odd Glamour, Comic or Ship, plus 8 booklet types inc 1917 Kriegs album. Then another 2300 1970s-80s mostly full colour from Australia to USA inc GB, Europe, plus Asia, Africa & Pacific Islands sighted. Mostly Postally U with great variety of Tourist Destinations. Also box with 1960s Souvenir booklets, oversize cards & assorted ephemera. All neatly packed in 4 boxes for comfortable viewing! (4100 + cards)
 SOLD at A$500
Postcards. Great Britain: Tuck Publishing Co group of 55 with Ceylon (12), Holyland (3), Wild/Domestic Animals (15, & quite scarce), Greetings (4) & others inc NYC Express Train, Military Themes (3) & Dickins Land (7). Mixed UN/U, mostly VF. (57)
 SOLD at A$150
Postcards. WWI Military related. Great Britain: Bamforth Songs collection (115) inc 22 diff comp sets, plus odds & extras. Difficult assembly inc WWI Separation themes, Religion & Romance. Mostly VF UN.
Postcards. Theatre: Collection of 50 diff , mainly Actresses with Australian Productions (18) inc Mary Fuller (Gunnedah), graphic real photos (10) inc embossed (3) & Talma (4) inc Merry Widow (2). Then mostly British real photo with good variety inc half-size, plus 3 other cards. UN/U. (53)
Postcards. Trains, Cars & Carriages collection (85) from golden-age to modern era, strength in Trains (40) inc British Edwardian era Steam Trains & Interiors, Motor Cars (35) again with some vintage pre-WWII types (Horse Drawn) Carriages (20) inc some close up real photos. A nice lot, mixed UN/U, generally VF. (95)
Postcards. Work & Leisure: An eclectic range of activities inc Royal Mint (10), Whaling, Turtle Trapping, Lifeboat, Cox, Fishing, Open Air Book Seller, Flanging Stetson Soft Hats (USA advertising), Tea Picking, Husking Coconuts, Sheep Shearing, Welsh Cockle Girls & much more inc London Bobby outside 10 Downing Street. Mixed eras & conditions, mostly F-VF. (50)
Russia: Imperial 1914-17 Prisoner of War Army Mess Tin 'Trench-Art' engraved by POW. Brass, tinned interior with iron wire handle. 'Nail-chisel' engraved decoration & wording (in Russian) translates: 'To the memory of armed personnel & POW's 1914-15' & named to 'Mendel Shlyamberg' (evidently a Russian Jew), 2 x maker stamps by 'STB' bearing Imp Russ Eagle & wording 'Copper sheet'. Large engraved Imp Russ Eagle (POW done) to front & presumed interpretation or Prussian Eagle to reverse. Minor dents consistent with use. VGC. A scarce, Russian POW item.
 SOLD at A$200
Russia: 1939-45 Enlisted Ranks marching boots. Pr black leather. Leather soles with rubber pads to heels. Light grey leather lining to uppers. About size 8. VGC. Scarce
 SOLD at A$325
Russian Imperial Eagles flag. Decorated in gold, yellow & red on both sides. Double headed Golden Eagle with St George & Dragon to the centre, all on a white silken background. Size approx 1000mmx700mm. Not old. VGC. Nice looking flag.
USA: c/1872-1890 Indian Wars group - US Army circular galvanised tin water bottle with canvas cover stamped 'US' with tin mounted cork stopper & brass chain; an 1873 Infantry socket bayonet with steel Mod.1886 scabbard with its leather bayonet frog with swivelling brass belt clip with 'US' disc (named 'H.B.BLACK'); an English 1853 Enfield rifle socket bayonet, socket stamped '403', no scabbard. Overall VGC. (3 items)
 SOLD at A$300
USA Lieutenant's navy side cap, staybright eagle & anchors badge to left side & Lieutenant chrome silver to bars to right also Warrant officer class 4 silver piped side cap with blue enamel & chrome rank badge. Vendor attributes Vietnam era, but no dates. Plus Australia Vietnam era jungle green shorts by MTX size 42 unissued & RN submarines pin badge. (6 items).
 SOLD at A$75
USA. Army. WWI US 'Doughboy' soldier full length portrait in oval frame with domed glazing. Round collar discs to collar, holding the USA style felt hat, wearing gaiters. Not pulled apart, to search for names. Size approx 375x300mm. Tiny closed split at top of frame o/w VGC. Great photo.
USA. Army. Military badges & buttons. Inc Westerly High School titles Rhode Island (3). WWII US Army Women's Weather Corps. 350th American Infantry Regiment 205 Air Defence Artillery. 17 collar discs, 1 NC buckle (not old) & 36 US buttons of various types. Mostly GC. (18)
USA. WWII 'Zemke's Wolf pack framed limited edition print by Robert Taylor. Shows an American formation of P47 Thunderbolt fighters banking sharply in the clouds. Signed by the artist along with the original signatures of Hub Zemke, Francis Gabreski, Robert Johnson, Walker Mahurin c/w a certificate of authenticity. Nicely presented in a glazed frame, 95x75cm.
World. Wonderful group of scarce cloth patches etc, mostly Australian, GB, Canada & USA, c.1950-2000 inc many with retail prices up to $20 each, some even higher, ranks slides, trade & specialist badges, unit identification badges & more. Too numerous to list. EF. (About 250 pieces in total).
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