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Canada. 1873-93 'The North West Mounted Police' 2 vols, by John Peter Turner, 1950. Rebound H/C, vols 1 & 2, text with photographs & illustrations & fold-out map. Vol I: 686 pgs, Vol II: 610 pgs. Together with a US Civil War Novel, 1903.' The Southerners' by Cyrus Townsend Brady. VGC. Early history of the 'Canadian Mounties'. Scarce. (3)
Germany. 1871 'Cassell's History of the War between France & Germany 1870-71'. Vol 1 & 2. Ea approx 600pgs. Profusely illustrated with engraved plates of high quality inc frontispieces of Marshal Bazaine & William I, King of Prussia. Quarto, tooled leather & cloth bindings. High standard, excellently illustrated contemporary history of the Franco-Prussian War. Covers loose, 1 x spine fragmented. GC
Germany: Camouflaged Helmets of the Second World War Vol 2', by Branislav Radovis. Covers wire, netting, covers, straps, interiors & miscellaneous. Excellent colour photographs of the helmets & many period B&W photographs of the different camouflaged helmets being worn. 2004 publication, 567 pages. H/C with D/J. New. A must own for the serious helmet collector.
 SOLD at A$80
Germany: Third Reich 'Signal' magazines, all scarce Czechoslovakian issues. Many interesting photographs inc full page colour showing German troops in the snow, a nice shot of a uniformed gibirgsjager, U-boats, manufacturing bombs etc. Magazines dated 1942 issue 5, 1943 issue 14, 15, 17 & 18, 1944 issues 10, & 11. All in GC. These usually sell for US$$50 each (US$350) on the international market. (7 issues)
 SOLD at A$120
Germany: WWII political books.(2) Both h/c with original d/j. 'Mannander Fahne' (The Man & the Flag). A book about Dr Robert Ley written by Walter Kiehl. Contains some interesting period photos. Published 1939 the other book is 'Gestaltung Der Idee' (Formation of the Idea). This about the NSDAPAND by Alfred Rosenberg, one of the principle idealists of NSDAP philosophy. Published 1943. GC. Scarce titles. (2 books)
 SOLD at A$80
Great Britain. 1828: Constables Miscellany vols 15 & 16. 'History of the Rebellion in Scotland in 1745, 1746', parts 1 & 2. 652 pgs (3in x 5in). Binding separated from rest of book at front, in vol 1 & weak in vol 2. Sl foxing/aging in places. Generally VG-VF condition (P)
Great Britain. 1828: Constables Miscellany 1828 vols 18 & 19. 'Thirty Years War' (Europe from the commencement of the Religious War in Germany until the Peace of Westphalia inc the siege of Antwerp 1584 & 1586). 660 pgs (3in x 5in), 2 loose pgs (inc front) in vol I, some light foxing/aging mainly in end-papers, original cloth covers clean. Generally VG condition (P)
Great Britain. 1828: Constables Miscellany 1828 vols 27 & 28 'Memorials of the Late War', parts I & II'. (Napoleonic Conflict 1808-1813). 7 chapters titled (I) 'Journal of a soldier of the Seventy First Regt, from 1806-1815. (II) 'The Spanish Campaign of 1808'. (III) 'Despatch after the Battle of Corunna by Lieut Gen Sir John Hope'. (IV) 'Reminisces of a Campaign in the Pyrenees & South of France. (V) 'Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain, by M De Rocca. (VI) 'Narrative of the Battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny & Waterloo'. (VII) Death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Total 627 pgs (3in x 5in), sl foxing/aging to end-papers, original covers slightly worn. Generally VF condition (P)
Great Britain: ca1914-45 'Blood, Tears & Folly'. H/C D/J 1993;'The War - Third Year' (WWII). H/C 1942; 'Freedom The Spur' H/C 1954. 'Combined Operations' S/C 1943; 'The Edge Of The Sword'. H/C D/J 1945; 'Scenes Through The Battle Smoke'. H/C 1901; 'European Land Battles Vol 1. H/C 1962 & 'The Colditz Story' H/C 1954.. Great reading. Mostly G - VGC. (8 books).
Great Britain: ca1914-70. Inc 'Mountbatten' S/C 1985;. 'A Rumour Of War' H/C 1977; 'At The War' H/C 1916. 'Contact' H/C 1983. 'Gunner Inglorious' S/C 1984. 'Gunner Subaltern 1914-18' H/C 1971. 7/. 'Menzies & Churchill At War' S/C 1993. '3 Great War Stories' H/C D/J. 'Suez 1956' H/C 1978. Very informative historical content.. Fair - VGC. ( 9 books)
Great Britain. 1914-18 The History of the Great European War, Its Causes & Effect Vol I-X. The comp set by W Stanley Macbean Knight. Monumental work, maps & illustrations throughout. Each volume more than 200pgs. Over 2000 pgs in total, paper aged, sl spine damage to 2 volumes. Generally GC.
 SOLD at A$75
Great Britain: Relating mainly to WWII. 'Eclipse' H/C 1946. 'The Tunnel'. H/C 1951. 'The Sands Of Dunkirk' H/C 1962. 'Behind The Smoke Screen'. H/C 1934. 'And The Walls Came Tumbling Down'. H/C 1982. 'The Curtain Rises'. H/C 1944.'The Sixth Of June'. H/C 1950.. 'Operation Dragon'. H/C 1987. Some very interesting reading. Generally G - VGC.
Great Britain: WWII RAF group of 10 with Bader-The Man & his Men (Burns, 1990). Bomber Crew - Taking on the Reich (Sweetman, 2004). Claims to Fame - The Lancaster A History of the 34 Aircraft that Flew 100+ Missions, (Franks, 1994) Churchill's Few - Battle of Britain Remembered (Willis, 1985). Fight for the Sky - The Story of the Spitfire & Hurricane (Douglas Bader, 1973). Fighter Boys - Saving Britain 1940 (Bishop, 2003. Fly - True Stories from the Airmen of WWII (Veitch, 2008). The Few - Americans Who Fought in the Battle of Britain (Kershaw, 2006). With Wings Like Eagles - A History of the Battle of Britain (Korda, 2009). The Reconstruction of Warriors (Mayhew, 2004). Also Tigers - The Story of No 74 Squadron RAF (Cossey, 1992). Whirlwind - The Air War Against Japan 1942-45 (Tillman, 2009). MIG Pilot (J Barron, 1980), The Story of the Escape & Defection of Lieut Belenko with his MIG-25 from the USSR to USA via Japan. Hell-Fire (Ed Macy, 2009) plus 3 paperbacks inc Bomber Offensive Sir Arthur Harris Marshall of the RAF & The Spitfire 50 Years On (1986). Except for the last 3, all hardcover with dust jacket, mostly VF-near new, retail $500+ (17)
Great Britain: c.1960-2005. 'Gurkhas', 'The Home Front- An Anthology 1938-45', 'Britain's Greatest Defeat Singapore 1942', 'Spitfire, The Biography', 'Byron of the Wager', 'Charlie Company', 'Goodbye Dolly Gray', 'The Thirty Years War'& 'The Empty Sleeve'. Good solid reading for the militaria enthusiast. VGC (9)
Great Britain/Australia. Special Air Service Regiment collection (32) from foundation in WWII to operations in Iraq 2005 inc David Stirling, The Authorised Biography of the Creator of the SAS (Hoe, 500pgs hb pub 1992), Ghost Force, the Secret History of the SAS (Connor, 375pgs hb, pub 1998), Who Dares Wins, The SAS 1950-Gulf War (Geraghty, 600pgs, pub 1983), Eye of the Storm - 25 Years in Action with the SAS (Ratcliffe DCM, 336pgs, pub 2000). The Complete Encyclopedia of the SAS (Barry Davies, BEM, 375pgs, pub 2001), SAS - The Soldiers Story (Ramsay, 250pgs hb, pub 1996). SAS Sniper (Rob Maylor, 330pgs, pub 2010). Seven Troop (A McNab DCM, 420 pgs hb, pub 2008). Warrior Bros, My Life in the Australian SAS (Fennell, 334pgs, pub 2008). General Sir Peter de la Billiere - Storm Command, a Personal Account of the Gulf War (350pgs hb, pub 1992). Willie Apiata VC - The Reluctant Hero (Little, 255pgs hb, pub 2008). Also contemporary books (18) inc Phantom (Warner, 200+pgs hb, pub 1982). PARA! Fifty Years of the Parachute Regiment (Harclerode, 400pgs hb, pub 1992). 3 PARA - Afghanistan Summer 2006 (Bishop, 280pgs, pub 2007). Squaddie - A Soldier's Story (McLaughlin, 320pgs, pub 2006). SBS, The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service (Parker, 310pgs hb, pub 1997). First into Action, A Personal Account of the Life of the SBS (Falconer, 338pgs hb, pub 1998). The Gurkhas (Parker, 276pgs hb, pub 1999). The Gurkhas-Special Force (Bellamy, 414pgs, pub 2011). A great lot of military history from WWII to recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Mostly VG to near new, total retail/original cost $1650. (50 books)
Great Britain: The Household Cavalry H/C 1952;The Brigade of Guards H/C 1952; 'The British Army' S/C 1980 by Jock Haswell; Biographical Dictionary of World War 2, H/C D/J 1972 by Christopher Tunney; 'Manchester Photographic Collection' S/C 2003 by Chris Makepeace; 'It Can Now Be Revealed' S/C 1950; 'Liddell Hart's History of the First World War' S/C 1972; 'A Bridge Too Far' H/C D/J 1974 by Cornelius Ryan. VGC. Good lot. (8 books)
Grenade'- British & Commonwealth Hand & Rifle Grenades, by R Landers, 2001. H/C D/J, A4 size, 294 pgs. New. Definitive work.
Great Britain. 1828: Constables Miscellany, vols 33, 34, 35. 'Revolutions in Europe' parts I, II & III. 'From the Subversion of the Roman Empire (406AD) to the Abdication of Napoleon (1815). Total of 1000+ pgs (3in x 5in) with emphasis on more recent events with the 3rd vol devoted almost exclusively to the 1789-1815 Napoleon Wars. Foxing & aging to end-papers, contents mostly clean VF condition. (P)
Great Britain. 1902. Battles of the Nineteenth Century' (Vol III) pub Cassell & Co. Featuring 'The Boer War 1899-1902 (pgs 1-528), the Chinese War of 1900-1901 (pgs 529-656) & the Ashanti War (pgs 657-736). Interesting contemporary tome with 12 full page plates & numerous other illustrations & plans. Original ornate illustrated binding with only minor cover wear, minimal age toning. VF condition & quite collectible. Great period piece
Library reduction - 2 books with Hard Cover (11) inc 'Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall' (Milligan, 1971, 1st edition), 'History of the United States Marine Corps' (A.R. Millett, 1980), 'Immediate Action' (McNab, 1995), 'Flames in the Sky, WWII Aerial Battles (Closterman, 1952), 'Naval Ratings Handbook' (1938) & 5 others. Soft Cover (17): 'Nancy Wake' Fitzsimons, 2001), 'Dusty Warriors' (Holmes, 2007), 'Sniper One (SGT Dan Mills, 2007), '3 Para, Afghanistan 2006 (Bishop), 'Inside the 3rd Reich (Speer), 'Origins of the 2nd World War (Taylor), 'True Stories of the SAS (Hunter, 1998) plus 10 others. Mixed VG-VF condition with more recent titles as new. Retail $300+ (28)
Library reduction - 28 books inc 'The Russian Revolution 1899-1919' (940 pgs, Pipes 1990). 'The Secret War against the Jews' (656 pgs, Aarons & Loftus 1994), 'The Voyage of Their Life - SS Derna & its Passengers (480 pgs, Armstrong 2001), 'The Gehlen Memoirs (General Reinhard Gehlen'. Then a mixture of 'un-orthodox titles' inc 'Beer Glorious Beer' (Cyril Pearl, 1969), 'Aust Cigarette Cards & their Values' (Skinner, 1984), 'Tough 101 Australian Gangsters', 'South with Scott (Evans, 1956), 'The Ghost of Flight 401' (Lockheed Tri-Star Crash, Florida, 1972) & 'Good Morning Hanoi' (Findlay, 2006). Plus 18 others. Lots of good reading here & high original cost. Mixed good - VF condition. (28)
New Zealand. 1914-18 NZ/GB 'Some records of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force- unofficial, but compiled from official records' (Studholme). H/C reprint of 1928 original. War service records of NZ Officers, Nurses & 1st class WOs; 'To the last ridge 1998 (Downing) S/C. Accounts of author's service with 57th Infantry Bn AIF in France 1916-18; 'The Red Book of the War' (Strang) 1917. Text for younger persons. Colour plates. Orig hard board covers; 'The Red Book of British Battles' (Strang) ca1915. Text for younger readers from Blenheim 1704 to Omdurman 1898. Original hardboard covers. VGC. The first scarce. (4)
 SOLD at A$60
Turkey. Ottoman Medals & Orders Documented History by Metin Erureten 2001, 384 pgs, large & impressive book 240 x 340mm, full colour. Illustrated & described orders, medals, medallions & medalets profusely illustrated. Text in Turkish with some text translated plus summary/description in English. A must for any Turkish collector.
 SOLD at A$150
USA: c.1914-1975 covering involvement in the major C20th conflicts. Inc 'George C Marshall Memories H/C D/J 1976. 'The REMF Returns' S/C 1992.. 'Strong Men Armed' S/C 1990. 'Germs' H/C D/J 2001. 5/. 'Mark Clark' H/C 1985. 'REMF Diary' S/C 1988. 'The Spirited Years' H/C D/J 1984. 'Brothers - Black Soldiers In Nam' D/J H/C 1982.. 'Unit Ride' H/C D/J 1981. 'A Rumour Of War' H/C D/J 1977. Interesting perspectives into America's war experiences. Generally G - VGC (10 books).
Vietnam, War. 1976-2000. historical & military importance. 'Death In The Rice fields'. H/C 1979. 'Battle Ground' (USMC). H/C 1991.'Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War'. H/C 1981. 'Platoon' VHS Video tape. 1986. also 'Minnesota- A History Of The State'. H/C 1963. (5 items).
Vietnam War USA Point of View (25) inc Vietnam-A History (Karnow 1983), Vietnam-The Ten Thousand Day War (Maclear 1981), American Soldier (General Tommy Franks 2004), A Bright Shining Lie (John Paul Vann) & America in Vietnam (Sheehan 1988), Anatomy of A War (Kolko 1985, Vietnam-Conflict & Controversy (Elliott 1996), Air America from WWII to Vietnam (Robbins 2001), Spies & Commandos-How America Lost the Secret War in North Vietnam (Conboya Andrade 2000), Line Doggie-Foot Soldier in Vietnam (Gadd 1987), Steel My Soldier Hearts (Col. Hackworth 2003), Cheating Death-Combat Rescues in Vietnam & Laos (Marrett 2006), Tiger Force (Sallah & Weiss 2006). Plus others of interest inc 'Coffee Table' size books. Roll Call Thud-A Photographic Record of the F-105 Thunderchief (Campbell & Hill 1996) & The Vietnam Experience - Images of War (Fisher & Stone 1986). Very diverse group inc strong Political overtones. Mostly F-VF condition inc some near new. Retail around $500. (28).
World Police Medals by Roger campion. Definitive handbook listing & depicting Police Gallantry, Long Service & Commem medals. Excellent ref book. 2002, 390pgs. New.
 SOLD at A$40
World. The Great World War, a History. Volume 1, 2; 3; 8; 9; 10; All card covered 1915-1916 dated. Very interesting insight into the origins, conduct & personal lives of those in WWI. Overall GC, light spine damage to 1 or 2 vols Lots of great coverage here. (6 books).
World Medal Collector's reference library: 'Medals to Australia with Valuations' (3rd ed, R.D. Williams 1990, H/C. new); Ditto 4th edition, 2000, H/C with dust wrapper, new; 'Orders & Decorations' (V. Mericka 1969); 'The Iron Cross - A History 1813-1957' (G. Williamson 1984); 'The Duke-A Hero's Hero at Sandakan- Capt Lionel Matthesus GC; MC ' (D. Matthews, 2008, soft cover, new); 5 x Osprey Men-at-Arms series (Peter The Great's Army, Flags of The Napoleonic Wars-2; Luftwaffe Airborne & Field Units etc); The Complete NZ Distinguished Conduct Medal (A. Polaschek, No.49 of 1000, signed by author, 1983); 'Australian Army Unit Colour Patches 1987-2008' (P. Blackwell, 2008, new), 'Australasian Military Chits' (Yarwood, 2006, soft cover, new); 'Australian Bicentenary Medals' (L.J Carlisle, 1988, soft cover, new); 'Renniks' Aust Coin & Banknote Values' (21st ed, E.J. Cummings, 2004, new); 'Propaganda postcards of WW2 'R. Menchine, 2000, soft cover, new); 'Military Tokens of the British Commonwealth' (J.F. Yarwood, 2005, soft cover, spring bound, new). Mostly new/as new. Some desirable & hard to obtain editions. (17 items)
World Books & badges: Library Reduction, 30 books 9 with hard covers inc 'Remembering War, A Soviet-USA-Soviet Dialogue' (1991), 'Tobruk To Turkey' (Frank Clune, 1941), 'Wings Over Enemy Lines' (1979), 'Benito Mussolini (1982), 'Eminent Victorian Soldiers - Seekers of Glory' (1985). Soft Cover (21) inc 'The Hitler of History' (Luicals, 1980), 'Breaker Morant' (Cutlack, 1980), 'Gulag - A History of Soviet Camps' (Applebaum, 2003), 'Scharzicopf - A Road to Triumph' (1991), 'Eye of the Storm - 25 years in the SAS (Ratcliffe, 2001) & Napoleon (Cronin, 1994). Plus odd & sods inc Vietnam Era videos (3) WWI Service Newspapers (3) & 1960s Aust Army Journals (5). Plus Australian WWII Artillery hat badges (4) & collars (2). Value lot, reduced to sell!!. (50 items, estimated retails $300
 SOLD at A$60
World Books & Pams: Parachute Badges & Insignia of the World, hard cover, 225pgs. Good reference book. Shenandoah 1861-62 Australian Army Journal No 56, January 1954, card cover. Amphibious Warfare + Combined Operations, 1943, card cover by Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Keys. Vehicle Log Book Motor Cycles, 1944, card cover, unissued. WWII British Army Training Booklet, approx 1920pgs, 1939. Protection Against Gas + Air Raids (damaged first page). Australian Army Manual of Land Warfare Vol 1, Pam 3. 1977 The Arms and Services, card cover. The Insignia and Medals of the Order of St John, 79pgs by Charles Tozer, 1975, London, hard cover. Australian Army 'The Soldier's Handbook', 1965, card cover. History, dress, drill, equipment, shooting, First Aid etc. Mostly GC.
 SOLD at A$55
WWII Major Battle Histories (14) inc Dunkirk-The British Evacuation (Jackson). D-Day (The Battle of Normandy), Stalingrad & Berlin (The Downfall) all by Antony Beevor. D-Day (Abrose). Armageddon (The Battle for Germany 1941-45) & Nemesis (The Battle for Japan 1944-45) both by Max Hastings. Arnhem (L Clark). Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union (English translation of the original Russian book, P Poselov Editor) pub Moscow 1974 inc illustrations & maps. The last battle (Ryan). Infamy-Pearl harbour & its Aftermath (J Toland, 2001 Penguin Edition). Other WWI history books (7) inc Wings of War-Airborne Warfare 1918-45 (Harderode), Inside the Third Reich (Albert Speer), The Years of Extermination-Nazi Germany & the Jews 1939-45 (Friedlander), Hitler's War 1939-42 (Irving). Plus Mein Kampf (A Hitler) English translation, 640pgs, pub 1992. Mostly VG-excellent/near new. Retail/original costs $650. (22)
WWII: Individual/Campaign Histories 1950s/60s paper-back editions (30) with 'PAN' (14) inc 'Cockleshell Heroes' (Lucas-Phillips), 'Dam Busters' (Brickhill), 'Desert Generals' (Cornelli Barnett), 'Enemy Coast Ahead' (Gu Gibson VC), 'Escape of the Amethyst' (Lucas-Phillips), 'Escape or Die' (Brickhill) & 'Full Circle (Johnnie Johnson). Mixed array (16) inc Spike Milligans Military Memories (boxed set of 5), 'Rats of Rangoon', with Rommel in the Desert, 'Path finder' (Bennett), 'Phantom Fleet', 'Blamey the Fighting Field Marshall', 'The Rats in New Guinea', & 'Battle for Britain' (Dizzy Allen DFC). Then others (25) inc 'Boer War-Ladysmith & Mafeking 1900', Kitchener-Portrait of an Imperialist, Fighter Command 1938-68, Vietnam (5) inc the Ten Thousand Day War & 'Seven Fire fights in Vietnam' & more recent conflicts inc 'Eye of the Storm - 25 Years in Action with the SAS' (Ratcliffe) & 'Real Bravo 2 Zero' (Michael Asher). Some1950s/60s editions showing their age, generally VG/Excellent condition, many now hard to find. (55)
 SOLD at A$80
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