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Army. Carton with original WWI Aust/Brit folding trench periscope dated 1917 with canvas bag, shoulder strap, 2 spare mirrors. Rae, condition Fair-Good for age. Unmarked ALH shoecase sword frog in leather. Trench art 1915 German shell case decorated with crane & plants in water. 75mm x 210mm high. Gunners rope lanyard approx 1.5m long. WWII unissued canvas ammo pouches (2). 1941 Brit/Aust 'W' helmet. Minor rust, liner & chin strap worn. In storage for many years. Fair-Good for age. TLC & Dubbin needed.
 SOLD at A$220
Army. Aust/GB. Royal Artillery full dress bullion sword belt with slings, lions & keepers. Pre 1901 QVC lion over crown with no Ubique under crowns but Ubique to snake clasp. Bullion braid now loose from leather in places. Very nice gilt, needs cleaning. Under tunic sword belt with no shoulder straps. With sword slings that are much later. Officer's crimson sash for wear with frock coat. Fair-GC. Nice pre-Federation belt, needs a little TLC. (3)
Army. 1908/15 pattern leather Infantry belt, same as 08 webbing belt but in leather. Water bottle carrier for above in leather, shoulder straps leather (2). Left & right pouches for same, right side missing three pouch closure studs. Pair of Fox puttees. Khaki housewife. 1917 dated, J. Hudson & Co, Birmingham, whistle. Pair of WWII Officer's knee high boots, these need a lot of TLC & some repairs to heels. Good-Fair. Hard to get WWI items. (9)
 SOLD at A$650
Army Aust/GB 1908 pattern webbing belt, pair British Officer' private purchase gaiters. Sam Brown cross straps (4), one is Sam brown sword frog & sword strap?, missing lower front section. WWI leather bayonet frogs (2), dated 1915. CHF ammunition pouches (2) as issued to cadets. GC. Some hard to get items. (12)
 SOLD at A$200
Army Aust/GB, 1908 pattern webbing basic set inc shoulder straps & both sides ammo pouches. Belt covered in later soldier's details. Undated pattern 08 frog bayonet. WWI water bottle (WWII khaki felt cover) with 08 carrier. Repro entrenching tool cover with WWI Australian made tool & handle. Overall GC. A nice WWI equipment set. (4)
 SOLD at A$750
Army pre 1914 entrenching tool with 1941 dated handle & 1916 dated cover officially converted to pattern 37 in WWII. GC. Such sets are hard to get.
 SOLD at A$200
Army. Bill hook WWI / WII military or civilian used as a cross between a machete & a small axe. Heavy steel blade has some edge wear & pitting. Timber handle rivetted to tang. LOA 40cm, blade 25cm. No markings seen plus a 2nd example, handle has been sanded, blade pitted & surface rust, similar length, also no markings. Fair condition. (2)
 SOLD at A$50
Army. WWI Field mess kit. Light Horse folding handle cups, light rust (2). WWI mess tin lid 'D' form marked with crows foot. Some surface rust. WWII Australian mess tins marked DD FEDEPRA Tinware WA. Set of 2, no rust. Fair-GC.
Army. Collection of WWI Officer's leather equipment. WWI Australian sword frog in leather for Sam Browne belt. Marked C.G.H.F. Commonwealth Govt harness factory. GC but some loss of stitching. Larger (heavy duty) Sam Browne leather sword frog, unmarked, well made, WWI era. GC. Unmarked Sam Browne cross strap. Appears WWI/Ii era. GC. WWI era sword carry bag in leather, unmarked, tear, Poor condition, could be repaired. (4 items)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Compasses & navigation items. British/Australian WWI Artillery Trough Compass by F. Barker & Sons, London 1917, as marked on brass case, fitted in Mahogany box, which is stamped A.R.T.S.C. WWI/II ship or aircraft compass in brass case by Esdaile, Sydney works OK 11cm dia x 4.5cm ht, GC. Book - Manual of Map Reading War Office, 1929, Fair/ Good. Brass wrist compass, larger size, glass displaced but present, needs resetting, leather wrist strop, rare. Perspex "doubles as" combined protector & parallel rule, I cardboard slip case. First VGC, others Fair-Good. (5).
Army. WWI? Pr of leather military style leggings, unmarked & a leather mounted troops (Light Horse) horseshoe case with sword/bayonet frog. This case is marked CGHF (Comm. Govt Harness Factory with Defence broad arrow & 2MD (NSW) 2-14. Good.
Army. WWI British / Australian large telescope?? carry bag in canvas & leather. Marked with the defence broad arrow 75cm x 15cm, leather cup at top. VGC plus a pr of British / Australian leather leggings, probably WWI. No markings. Maybe officer's private purchase. GC. (2 items)
Army. WWI Water bottle with unusual 1908 pattern green leather harness. Stamp "AUSTRALIA CGHF" Blue enamel water bottle in good order, cork-fair felt-fair missing top piece. Harness as new. Fair to good.
 SOLD at A$60
Army. WWI era wire cutters by Greg-Steel. Surface rust (2 sets). WWI/II heavy duty wire cutters. No markings visible, no rust. Overall GC. (3 sets)
 SOLD at A$140
Army. WWI folding trench periscope No 9 mark II 1917. With folding metal ground stake & 2 spare mirrors. Lightweight canvas carry bag. In storage for many years. Some surface rust on metal parts. Main body of periscope is plywood. Fair-Good.
 SOLD at A$180
Army. WWI folding trench periscope with canvas bag & shoulder strap, 2 spare mirrors. Dated 1917, GC plus felt water bottle cover (new) & blue enamel water bottle with cork & leather harness & shoulder strap.
 SOLD at A$200
Army. WWII Australian leather rifle slings. Marked B+C, 1942, unissued (2). WWII 37 Pat radio aerial web pouch 37cm x 10cm x 6cm. WWII 37 Pat ammo/basic pouches a pair, dated 1943, unissued. WWII Korea Bren gun magazine pouches dated 1945. This pair has been issued. Named to 3/722308 R CORBY + 375 E THOMAS. Rare. GC. Pair of US Army gaiters dated 1941. GC. WW2 Mortar carrying strap dated 1941. Rare. Unmarked WWII era officer's canvas & leather carry bag 20' x 10' x 10' ply base. Rare. G .
Army. WWII: Bren gun spare barrel bag marked RMB 1942 27' x 7'. GC. Leather rifle slings (2) marked BPC 1942, unissued. Unknown webbing carry sling 3'+4' adjustable with brass hooks. Possibly for a Bren gun. Unmarked khaki wool beret. ¾ moth holes & cotton beret. Both unissued. Pr of 37 pat web 'L' straps for securing 37 Pat big pack. Pr of 37 Pat web Bren gun mag pouches with connect strap. Stained light brown. Bigger than 303 pouches. Pr of 37 Pat web 303 mag pouches. Stamped 1943, unissued. Pr of 37 Pat web shoulder straps for securing loads, possibly Lewis gun mags, dated 1942. Good condition. (8 items)
Army. Equipment & Webbing: WWII felt covered water bottle in leather shoulder harness. WWII pr of Bren Gun magazine pouches in brown webbing. Korean War (1951) 250 round .303 ammo belt. Pr of WWII era khaki cloth gunner's gauntlets. Bren Gun web sling with brass hooks (2). WWII era light weight web belts (2). WWII era canvas Bren gun spare barrel bag. All F-VGC. (7 items)
Army WWII entrenching tool bag dated 1944, 2 entrenching tool handles, 8 items of 1937 pattern webbing, pistol holster, pouches etc. Dixie tins (20, WWII DD eating knives (2), sterilising outfit for water bottles, helmet net, pocket knives (2). Good. Some WWII bits. (19)
 SOLD at A$160
Army. WWII 1940 dated leather leggings (2) for mounted troops & motor cycle despatch riders named to 2 diff people & an unmarked officer pattern WWI pr leggings. G-VGC. (2 prs)
Army. WWII era Telescope (33cm x 5cm) , no markings, use unknown in steel casing housed. Separate protective steel case with clamped lids (55cm long). All are heavy duty items indicating tank or artillery components plus spare case to hold telescope. Both with original jungle green paint on cases.
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Artillery. Angle of Departure Artillery Chart, double sided, made of aluminium for 25 pounder gun. Thought to date to Korean War era/ Approx 600mm x 600mm plus 1940 dated, khaki cased Nos 2 & 2 A Artillery board MK 1. Board is dated 1942. GC. These plotting boards are seldom offered for sale. (2)
Army. Aust/GB belts, Slade Wallace snake clasp belt parade. Slade Wallace equipment belt with 3 intact buckles to rear & worn QVC buckle Dieu et mon Droit type. Slade Wallace type Officer/Senior NCO sword belt with straps. On this the white clasp finish is heavily crazed throughout, white metal snake. Slade Wallace bayonet frog, damaged. Slade Wallace rifle slings (3). Slade Wallace belt with NSW markings but badly torn/damaged & a Slade Wallace parade belt with brass snake clasp. Good-Fair. (9 items)
 SOLD at A$575
Army. Aust/GB belts, stable (4). Inc an Officer's bullion braid & scarlet 5th Lancers girdle/stable belt pre WWI era. Also 5th Lancers cap lines in bullion braid. This girdle & lines maybe the same pattern as worn by the Australian Lancers & Light Horse. Also inc late RA girdle WWI period the same, stable belt RA. A possible 5th RA girdle, Tank Corps or RAAC etc stable belt, an Australian Cadet belt & buckle & unknown WWI period belt stripped of badges plus 4th RHA stable belt. Stripped hate belt has some damage o/w GC. The 5th lancers girdle & lines hard to come by. (10)
 SOLD at A$500
Army. Binoculars (4 sets) of which one is cased. The largest pair seems to be Japanese. Comes with a early Kodak camera plus an unknown magnifying lens & a small brass draw telescope. No WD mks. Fair condition, all need a good clean. (7 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Binoculars 4 pairs with 3 cases (1 without lid). Inc pair by Magma & is DD stamped, case is F.S.LTD 1942 DD. Plus WWI era vest pocket KODAK in its case named 'A. F. Roper 33066 NSW Federation F.A. AIF'. Arthur Fotherly Roper, to France May 15, wounded twice by gas. Good-Fair. Nice pair WWII binoculars, camera worthy of research. (5)
 SOLD at A$170
Army. Binoculars in leather case to 'A. E. Campling'. Albert Eduard Campling, 20th Battalion Lieutenant killed by enemy shell in early June 1916. Saw service as a trooper with B Squadron 6th Imperial Bushmen, invalided. His group was QSA, CC Trans Rhod, SA 1901, 1914-15 Star, War & Victory. His binoculars are listed as returned to his wife. GC. An emotive pair of binoculars to a man who liked soldiering.
 SOLD at A$250
Army WWII dated brown leather boots size 8/4, with steel slotted heel. WWII sewing housewife bag. Pair long khaki mittens, canvas outer, wool lined helmet net. WWII leather rifle slings (2) plus white webbing. WWII leather bayonet frogs (2 diff). Water bottle with cover, carrier & strap. Water bottle carrier & strap diff to above. 1941 dated pistol holster, leather. WWII brown leather belt & buckle. 1941 dated shell dressing. Khaki puttees. Overall GC. (15)
 SOLD at A$325
Army. Large box of goodies: Original WWI Aust/Brit folding trench periscope dated 1917 with canvas bag & 2 spare mirrors. Appears unissued. Rare. VGC. Unmarked WWI ALH shoecase/sword frog. 5 round ALH ammo pouches stamped 1916, dry, need Dubbin (2). Large canvas ammo pouches dated 1943, unissued (2). Canvas 1942 binoculars case. Binoculars marked RAAF, lenses clear. Leather on one side needs reglueing. Aust 1907 Patt bayonet scabbard. Magnovite 1942. 1917 German 75mm brass shell case, 225mm & canvas WWII Bren gun cover. In storage for many years. All items in Fair-Good condition. TLC & Dubbin needed.
 SOLD at A$300
Army bugle, Henry Potter & Co stamped bugle in brass & copper. Hand etched on the front of the bell is DD & number A1057. In our experience many Australian military instruments were commonly marked this way. Seems to play, but somewhat relic condition. Comes with a set of green bugle cords plus white metal tenor bugle, no extension tube or mouthpiece. Orpheus etched. Fair condition. Military marked bugle had to find. (2)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Compasses & Mapping Accessories. WWII Air Ministry Aircraft Compass, 16cm dia, 10cm height (case only dimensions). Fair-Good. As per IB but painted grey with a pedestal mount. Maybe a Navy ship's compass. Fair-Good. Early map parallel ruler in box wood by Harling Ltd, London. 30cm long x 6cm wide. Marked Air Ministry. GC. Book, Manual of Map Reading, Photo Reading & Field Sketching. Printed by War Office 1929. GC. Kane, Dead reckoning Aircraft Navigation Computer 1957, St Paul Minnesota. Good. WWII era Star Identifier for aircraft navigation. Good. Interesting lot. (6 items)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. OR's dress sporran to 30th Bn NSW Scottish, 5 tassels & St Andrew badge. Typical crazing to leather, with strap, made by Nicoll Make Bankfoot in 1935, pair white spats named to 'Lt Col W. Crooks 30 Bn'. These are miscoloured due to age. Undress Army pattern sporran to the same Battalion in brown leather with St Andrew badge. NSW Scottish Slade Wallace type dress belt & buckle. Overall GC. 4 nice items to NSW Scottish.
 SOLD at A$350
Army Firearms, 2 MD 4, 13 dated short barrelled 38 holster. 7-13 dated, holster lengthened to take the longer barrel marked L.H.B.T. A.A.S.C. 5 M VQ with cleaning rod. Pair of mismatched Stohwasser brown leather leggings. Pair khaki/olive long puttees. Pistol lanyards (2) plus large 1917 CGHF haversack/backpack. Tears top the mounting of rear straps, WWII named & numbered. Fair-GC. The WWI holsters really nice. (7)
 SOLD at A$400
Army Firearms, pattern 15 large frame Webley holster, CGHF. Pair 1939 dated black Stohwasser leggings & 1928 single legging. WWI blue water bottle & pattern 15 leather carrier. Pistol lanyard. WWI leather rifle sling. Five diff WWI webbing straps some with Australia made marks. Pattern 1908 waist belt web marked DD. fair-GC. Inc some nice WWI bits. (12)
 SOLD at A$200
Army Firearms, tool kit & bag for .303 Bren gun. 1940 slide rule in case for Vicker machine gun with 2 spare cases, both named. .303 Vickers machine gun leather case dated 1943, made in Newtown, NSW, tool case carried by Gunner. 1945 dated machine gun pouch for Vickers. WWI canvas & leather Vickers/Lewis gun tool bag, missing a buckle but still in fair condition. Fair-GC. All machine gun related. (7)
 SOLD at A$100
Army Firearms, WWII flare pistol holder unissued. WWII black rifle leather sling, webbing sling & brown leather sling. 37 pattern belt, no straps. Pistol lanyard. 1941 dated DD pistol holster in brown leather. Good. Flare holster hard to get. (7 items)
 SOLD at A$150
Army. Kitbag stuffed with wide variety of various uniform items inc jungle greens, Auscam, tropical from the late 1960s & more plus pr Auscam size 8 boots. Fair-GC. (21 items inc kg).
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Kitbag green crammed with Auscam uniform with pair Auscam boots size 7, plus a polyester uniform post 1980s. GC. Two complete uniforms. (17 items in total)
Light Horse WWI single leather 10 round ammo pouches (12). Stored for many years, leather hard. In need of restoration/TLC with Dubbin or similar. Most marked CGHF or contract manufacturer such as Holden and Frost 1915, 1916. (12)
 SOLD at A$160
Light Horse pre-WWI leather shoe case & sword frog combined. Made by D Mason and Sons, Birmingham 1901 (stamped on nail pouch). Australian issue stamped 02? 1906. Leather good for age, no splits or cracks. These cases were attached to the LH saddle. Would benefit from TLC & Dubbin.
 SOLD at A$80
Light Horse WWI era leather horseshoe case/sword frog combination as attached to the LH saddle. Stamped 'CGHF?' & 'S'. Commonwealth Govt harness factory. Condition Goog for age, no splits or cracks.
 SOLD at A$80
Light Horse. WWI Combination horseshoe cases/sword frogs in leather, unmarked. Condition Fair-Good (4). ALH single 5/10 round ammo leather pouches. Condition Fair-Good. All items have been in storage for many years. All fair-Good. TLC & Dubbin needed. (10)
 SOLD at A$350
Army leggings, pair black Stohwasser Army leggings, stamped 15D. WWI entrenching tool, handle is Canadian & dated 1915, tool pitted & unmarked. Pair light khaki Fox long puttees. WWI blue water bottle with WWII khaki wool cover & webbing holder. Pistol lanyard. WWI ammunition pouches (4) dated 1916, Sydney. WWI leather rifle sling. Leather cartridge belt. Missing black buckle with pouch & a pattern 1908 webbing belt. GC. Good-fair. 16 items all pre WWII.
 SOLD at A$200
Army leggings pattern Stohwasser in pigskin, no markings, need a clean. WWII style other ranks jodhpurs, waist 30 in seam 28, 2-3 minor moth holes. 1947 whistle with stamp & leather strap. Pair of shoulder straps for double strap Sam Brown. Australian made, WWI marked. 1911 dated leather Cadet ammo pouch by Guthridge & Co, Melbourne. Another by CGHF. 1919 dated 08 pattern belt. Three leather sword items, frog (WWI marked, Australian), strap & holder?. 1914 pattern bayonet frog with helve strap. Mostly GC. Some nice pieces in this lot. (14)
Army Pack WWII economy small pack canvas variety with 2'' buckles, with spare straps. WWII Dispatch Rider or Officer boots, 3/4 laced with 3 closure buckles by ROSSI, Dunlop rubber sole (partial leather). WWII pocket knives (3). Pair of unissued Don R over trousers for foul weather dated 1942 by Dunlop & 4 diff type WWII era chin straps. GC. (12)
 SOLD at A$190
Army. Rifle slings, WWI 1916 webbing rifle sling by Wrights Ltd, WWII pattern rifle slings (4) plus a white buff, wide rifle sling, probably pre WWI. Overall GC. WWI webbing sling is getting harder to get. (6)
 SOLD at A$170
Army. Rifle sling, WWI 1916 dated in green webbing material. WWII rifle slings (4 diff) plus a white buff wide rifle, probably pre WWI. Good. WWI sling increasingly hard to get. (6)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Saddle wallets, pigskin, possibly dated either 03 and 8-14. Also stamped 4/LH. Early white closing studs. Pair of spurs & leather straps. 1915 dated 1914 pattern leather bayonet frog. Pair of unmarked Officer quality Stohwasser leggings in army pattern. Good-fair. Nice WWI grouping. (4)
 SOLD at A$275
Army. Sporran. ca1890s sporran with badge believed to be for the 5th Reg NSW Scottish Rifles. Two tassel sporran. The sporran badge is different to that illustrated in the book 'Military Badges of the Australian Colonies 1800-1903' by R Grebert, pg 34. It is, however, the same as the badge used on the plaid brooch shown on the War Memorial website for the 5th Regiment Scottish Rifles. The sporran is unmarked with two black tassels. Used with signs of age, but no noticeable damage. Rare.
 SOLD at A$400
Army Sporran: NSW Scottish Battalion dress sporran, no badge, no makers marks but stamped 30 B to reverse, no strap. Royal NSW Regiment undress sporran with Staybrite badge & strap. NSW Scottish Slade Wallace dress belt with chromed buckle. NSW Scottish hose pair, pair white gloves, pair red hose top garter flashes. Fair-GC. 6 items of Australian Scottish uniform. (6)
Army. Vietnam era uniform inc jungle green trousers 1961 (2), 1967 dated shirt. 1966 wool battledress jacket & pants to R.A. Regiment Corporal. Vietnam era shovel, undated pocket knife. 1965 dated cleated black boots size 7/6, pair Vietnam era black gaiters. Dinner tin, fork & spoon. Also knife, spoon, fork set, pair 1955 khaki gaiters. Polyester belts (2), 1966 dated 1937 pattern belt, 5 pouch bandolier. GC. A nice group of Vietnam kit. (18)
 SOLD at A$150
Army Water bottle used in WWI/II, mounted troops style (no shoulder strap). Also marked VX30050, a WWII soldier who served in 1st Aust Para Battalion. Enl 4/6/1940, disch 12/02/1946. Mounted troops WWI leather horseshoe case with sword/bayonet frog. Marked CGHF. Both items WWI vintage, GC for age. (2)
 SOLD at A$100
Army. Water bottles WWII & ore WWII enamel with 3 different carrier. Plus a large Medic's water bottle (no cover). An interesting lot inc Australian made small green enamel bottle with bayonet cap (2), another but in blue enamel (with black cover & P-03 leather carrier, no cap). The small web Australian made bottles with bayonet fitting are from 1920s, apparently re-issued in WWII. WWII blue enamel bottle (MK VI) with the unique Australian web jungle carrier (WWII). WWII blue enamel (MK VII) bottle with cork, cover & RAAF skeletal carrier & bottle only for Medic's water bottle as used WWI-II. No cover or carrier or cork. Interesting lot. The bayonet lugged bottles are scarce. (6)
 SOLD at A$150
Army Webbing. 1937 pattern web equipment. Set inc backpack (DD) 1943, side pack, basic pouches (2) (1943 mint), entrenching tool carrier (1944 mint) & tool (1942), helve handle (1944 mint), steel mess tins (1942 on one), braces (2), valve straps (2), blue water bottle inc over/cork; bayonet frog, belt (1950s), shoulder straps (2) (one 1943) & water bottle carrier. Mostly G-excellent. Nice, displayable set for WWII display. (18)
Army WWII Daylight Signalling Lamps, short range Mk 1 (2), both have original tins & straps. One heavily rusted, one with lamp, one without. Plus 2 sets of headphones. Should be possible to make one good set from the pair. Fair-GC. An interesting restoration project?
Army/ RAN/RAAF. Early C20th? Officer's steel shipping trunk, painted black. To the front in white paint 'F. J. Jackson'. Rear cardboard tag to 'Miss H. M. Jackson' & an address in St Ives. Hard to get.
 SOLD at A$80
Army/Navy belt buckles/buckle halves (11) with 3 snake clasp buckles/buckle halves & a Pattern-03 belt buckle. Together with over 25 useful belt related pieces of hardware. Dating from 1880s-caWWII. Inc a complete General Service brass Army buckle with QV crown (worn in Australia), nice condition. The female buckle halves inc a blank generic motto example, as worn in Australia. The Pattern-03 buckle is useful, as is the brass snake clasp set. There are 3 half RAN Dockyard Police buckles in nickel, a KC RN/RAN Officer's half buckle & half RAN band buckle. The Turkish Navy half buckle is a nice cast example & there are 2 Indian Navy buckles also. (40)
Army. Navy, WWII Army pocket knives (4), vesta tins (4), some different designs, Lucky Hit tobacco tin & an interesting collection of 23 whistles inc some scarcer types. Fair-GC. The WWII knives no longer easy to find. (39 items)
 SOLD at A$425
Army Aust/GB/Commonwealth: 1914 Princess Mary's Christmas Gift tin with bullet pencil (this has no M mark). Boer War VRI chocolate gift tin in relic condition. Gift of the Colonies of Trinidad etc to his Majesty's Forces (scarce). Plus post WWII chromed trench art letter opener. Fair-poor. (4 items)
 SOLD at A$210
Army Cadets sporran, Knox Grammar Scholl Cadets sporran with strap & badge, 1 tassel missing, 2 other tassels supplied (these are shorter). Scotch College Cadet Corps undress sporran with chromed badge, no strap. Scotch College Cadet dress sporran cantle with brass top plate & chromed badge. GC. 3 nice Cadet items. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Navy. 1911-24 HMAS 'Australia' Mk I Charge Calibration Rule from 'A', 'P' or 'Q' Turrets, right gun. Curved nickelled brass rule 360mm. Stamped both sides 'HMAS Australia' & with differing range marks ''A', 'P' or 'Q' right gun, full charge & 50 F.S 4 cal head' etc stamped both sides. Wear to plating in areas. VGC. Scarce & attributable item to the RAN's first flag ship, scuttled off Sydney in 1924
 SOLD at A$850
Navy. WWII Large brown leather Main/Secondary armament powder bag holder. Dated 1942. Stands about 3 feet high (about 90cm) & smaller one dated 1943, about 2 feet high (about 60cm). The larger has medium-heavy wear to leather, small fraying on bottom & to lesser extent to top. Marked 'No 73 I'. Also marked 'N' with broad arrow to side. The small holder needs restoration. The leather needs reglueing in places. This would improve it immensely. Rare & hard to find. (2)
RAAF/RAF Carton of goodies with Air Ministry aircraft compass in wooden case ca 1920s compass function U/S Fair. Pocket periscope by JW Handley P/L 1942, MK I Aust. Both mirrors intact. GC. Copper can, round 9 inch dia x 3 inch deep. Copper spout 3' x 1' with brass screw top. No markings. WWII era trench art lamp base. Chromed Rising Sun badge 5½' wide x 3' high, mounted on metal AIF lamp not tested. No globe. WWII era insect protection head covers (2). Concertina frame. Folding tin candle trench lamp inside heavy tin box 12½' x 6' x 2'. Brass plaques (2) showing MADE BY TE BLADON & SON LTD Birmingham 1916. Good.
 SOLD at A$150
RAAF WWII items, mainly cockpit gauges. Smiths boxed DESYNN METER luminous Auxiliary Tank, 120 gallons. As new. Cockpit Lamps 1943 & 44 MK IA CANADA REF NO 5C/44b. In original cardboard boxed, unissued. Fuel Gauges 85 gallons (3), cracked glass (1), no glass + Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Gauge: 0-500. Used. AM RAF/RAAF tin of aerial camera film aircraft fuel gauge up to 50 gallons maybe reserve tank. London maker. Headphone & plug in lead (2 pin) & head strap. Phillips 10V small globes (3), fuse cover (1). 100psi gauge, part speed gauge. Fair condition. Fair-VGC. (18 items)
 SOLD at A$100
RAAF: WWII RAF/RAAF Air Ministry Navigational Computer, MKIIID I.C.A.N. Calibration + leg (thigh) straps. WW2 flying helmet, canvas AP 9180 6¾. Light-weight cellophane eye shields. Probably WWII RAAF in original packaging (10). Green web strap with spring-loaded hooks each end, 30' x 2'. All G-VGC. (13)
RAAF: Pilot Balloon Slide Rule, Mark IVA as used by RAAF meteorologists in conjunction with weather balloon data. Made 1952-60. Slide rule is in VGC in a custom-made dovetailed box.
 SOLD at A$50
RAAF. Pilot Balloon Slide Rule, Mark IV A as used by RAAF meteorologists in conjunction with weather balloon data. Made 1952-60. Slide rule is in very good condition in a custom-made dovetail box. VGC.
 SOLD at A$50
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