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1900-70 Unit & General Australian Military History lot. 'Silent Voices', (Kearney) 10 Bn AIF Unit History, S/C, 2005; 'The Somme' (Farrar-Hockley) 1964 with orig dust wrapper; 'Tobruk' (Wilmott) 1945; 'The Yamato Dynasty' 1999, S/C; 'Kokoda' (Ham) 2004, S/C; 'Weary' (Ebury) S/C; 'World War II' S/C 1981 used; 'Vietnam - A War Lost & Won' 2003, S/C (Cawthorne); 'The Vietnam War Experience' (Souter) 2007 H/C with slip-case & CD ROM; 'The Visual Dictionary of Military Uniforms' 1992. Gen VGC, some as new. Retail $100++ (10)
 SOLD at A$50
1914-18 Lot 'The ANZAC book' 1916, compiled by C.E.W Bean. Paper covers (minus back cover), 170pgs. Original edition; 'From the Australian Front' 1917, 128pgs. Paper covers contemporary bound in hard, cloth covers; 'History of the World's Greatest War' 1914 by Jay Jenry Mowbray. Leather bound; 'The Man with Donkey - John Simpson Kirkpatrick, the Good Samaritan of Gallipoli', by Sir Irving Benson, 1965. In its original dust wrapper. VGC. (4)
 SOLD at A$80
1914-18 . Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18 by C W Bean et al. Complete set of 12 volumes. Some fading to maroon covers of some volumes & insect damage to Vol VI cover, minor edge stains o/w reasonable condition. Vol XII published 1935, others 1940-42, mostly 1941. Monumental work with page numbers varying between 500 up to more than 1000. A must own for anyone who has an interest in, or who collects, WWI Military items. (12 volumes)
 SOLD at A$400
1916 The ANZAC Book, written & illustrated by the men of ANZAC , 170pgs. History, stories, poems, drawings etc. Cover wear, minor flts, pages aged but reasonable condition plus 1917 Christmas, from the Australian front, 128pgs. Predominantly a photographic coverage of the troops & the battle fields they fought on plus numerous drawings & paintings. Complete, card cover detached, pages are loose & cotton binding has broken. Both books printed by Cassell & Co Ltd. (2)
 SOLD at A$100
1946 'The Coast Watchers' by Eric Feldt, 1st edition with 53 illustrations & 6 maps. Original cloth bindings repaired ca 1970. This book tells the story of the operations of the Coast Watching Organization in the islands north and north-east of Australia during the crucial period when the Japanese were advancing southwards and threatening Australia. Nominal roll inc areas & dates of service, fate, decorations etc. A scarce & valuable regimental history of this elite unit. No dust wrapper. Together with a copy of 'We of the AIF & other Poems' by Maurice Clough, AIF 1943 paper covers. Good, tight edition. VGC. (2)
 SOLD at A$75
Manuals, books & ephemera. Inc Mountain Artillery Drill, 1897; Artillery Training Vol 2 Gunnery, 1928; Handbook Q.F 18 pdr MK IV Gun, 1924, Artillery Training Vol 1, 1963; Manual of Ceremonial, 1935; 3 Naval Signal Cards (1930s-50s). Army service books inc 2 cadet for 1913 & 1917. The other is a demob book for AIF. Book on 'Treaties of Service Ordinance', 1908, is very interesting. Complete but spine heavily faded. Plus other items ACF WWII diary, certificates (poor condition), modern Army message books, signalling mirror & metal box. Poor-VGC. (23 items)
 SOLD at A$140
Manuals Inc 1896 Field Artillery Drill, GC & Cadet Musketry Training, 1917. Army Cadet Record of Service books (3). Two are issued during WWI, the third issued 1928 (very late for Compulsory Training Scheme). Very light-weight construction, unusual. ACF writing pad, used. Nine issues of 'The Highlander' (30th Bn Ass'n magazine). Mostly 1939/40. Two are several years earlier (those two show much age). An interesting & eclectic paper grouping. (15)
 SOLD at A$120
Army. Training manuals. Lot of 3 original dress regulation related manuals (1912, 1935 & 1973) & 2 Cadet Record of Service books (1911, 1928). The 1912 'Standing Orders for Dress & Clothing' is soft cover, 19pgs. Appears complete in nice, undamaged condition. The 1935 'Stand Orders for Dress' is hard to find & is an excellent source of information. The soft cover is reinforced with tape on the spine. It has various (period) updates added. No colourised colour patch chart. The 1973 manual is a 'Catalogue for Clothing & Necessaries' for ceremonial uniforms (full dress). The Cadet service books are named to cadets inducted in 1911 & 1928. Nice, clean condition. A nice selection of Army manuals/books. The dress manuals are hard to find. (5)
 SOLD at A$100
Military Training Pams WWII era - Demolitions - Field Engineering PAM. 1940 named to VX50143, 14x21cms. Manual of Field Engineering (RE) Part VI Accom + Water Supply, 1942. Engineer Training Part I, 1940, Australian Edition. Engineer Training Part II (WAR), 1941. Australian Edition. Manual of Field Engineering (RE) Part III, 1943 Bridging & Watermanship. Royal Engineers Training Memorandum No I, 1942. Manual of Elementary Drill (All Arms), 1935, H/C. Staff Duties in the Field, 1949. Generally GC. (8)
Military Training Pams WWII era: The Complete Lewis Gunner, 1941, first published 1918. Training in Field craft and Elementary Tactics, 1940. Manual of Elementary Drill, 1935, hard cover. US Rifle, Calibre .30, M1, 1943, 190pgs. Small Arms Weapon Training, 1937, Aust edition. Small Arms Practices, 1943 (Australia). Small Arms Training - Vol I Pam 3 Rifle, 1943 (Australia). Training in Handling of Mines and Traps, 1943, 88pgs (Australia). Mostly GC. (8)
Army. Cadets. Manuals & documents dating from 1908-80. Also inc a manual on Army Rifle Clubs Reserves & on Bugle Calls. Manuals are all used although some are near new (mostly WWI manuals). There is also a Cadet Parade Card from 1929 & a Record of Service book (Cadet) from 1950s. Unissued ATC identity/Service book. One manual (British issue) badly damaged. (19 items in total).
 SOLD at A$120
Australia: (18) inc WWI Official History Vol VIII 'The Australian Flying Corps' by EM Cutluck. 1983 Edition & WWII (16) with Penguin reprints (5) inc Behind Bamboo, Coast Watchers & We Were the Rats. Then A Bastard of a Place, The Australians in Papua, ANZAC Fury Battle of Crete 1941 (Thompson), Kokoda (Ham), Tobruk (Fitzsimons) & The White Mouse by Nancy Wake. FB (18) inc Baden-Powell - The Two Lives of a Hero pub 1964, WWII RAF (6) inc Bomber Boys (Bishop), Eagle Day (Collier), Hurricane - Victor of the Battle of Britain (McKinstry) & The Battle of Britain, July-Oct 1970 (Parker), Spike Milligan's Memoirs (3 hardback) with Adolf Hitler, Monty & Rommel. 1982 Falklands War (3) inc 2 Para Falklands (Maj-Gen J Frost) & Battle of the Falklands (Hastings). 1992 Gulf war, Storm Command by Gen de la Billiere. Plus others inc Six Days of War - June 1967 (Oren) & Secret Soldier - The Six Day War - Golan Heights - Entebbe.. By Col M Betser. Odd minor edge toning, mostly VG-excellent condition with some near new. (40)
Australia: Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18, Vol III, 'The AIF in France 1916' of C E W Bean's Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18. 11th edition 1940, 1036 pgs, hard, cloth bound. Covers practically unmarked but some toning to pages. Overall VGC.
Australia: Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18 Vol. V 'The AIF in France 1918:'. By CEW Bean. 1941 8th edition. 825 pgs, H/C VGC, pgs minor tones, o/a VGC.
Australia: Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18 Vol IX. The Royal Australian Navy by A W Jose. 9th ed, 1941 649 pages. H/c in VGC, pgs some tones, o/a GC.
Australia: Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18, Vol X, The Australian's at Rabaul' By S Mackenzie 10th ed, 1941 412 pgs H/c VGC, minor tones to some pgs, o/a VGC.
 SOLD at A$50
Australia: Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18, Vol XI 'Australia during the war'. By E Scott 7th ed, 1941 922 pages. H/c VGC. Toning to some pages. O/a GC
 SOLD at A$50
Australia: 'The ANZAC Book' facsimile edition with forward by Les Carlyon, 3rd, edition, 2010, edited by Australian War Memorial. A faithful reprint of the original 1916 edition. Brand new. Sealed in clear plastic wrapper.
Australian War Memorial publication 1939-45. 'These Eagles' Story of the RAAF at war 1942 200 pgs, 'RAAF Saga' The RAAF at War 1944 200 pgs, 'Jungle Warfare' with the Australian Army in the South West Pacific 1944 208 pgs, 'Active Service' with Australia in the Middle East. 1941 129 pgs, 'Soldiering On' The Australian Army at Home & Overseas 1942 200 pgs, 'As You Were' A cavalcade of events with the Australian Services from 1788 -1946, 1946 202 pgs. All H/c, all missing D/J, These series are filled with stories, sketches & photos. VGC - Average condition. (6 books)
Australia: WWII 1939-45. Australia In The War of 1939-45 Official AWM publications RAAF set of 4 'Royal Australian Airforce 1939-42' (Gillison), Air War Against Japan 1943-45 (Odgers), Air War Against Germany & Italy (Herington), Air Power Over Europe (Herington) all VGC comp with DJ. (Retail $400). Also 'Pictorial History of Australia of War 1939-45' set of 5 (retail $125). Worn spines, GC, plus 'With The Australians In Korea' (Bartlett) with orig DJ. All official AWM publications, total retail around $550. (10)
Australia: WWII POW Collection (20) inc Prisoners of War From Gallipoli to Korea (Patsy Adam Smith, 600 pgs, hard cover with DJ, pub 1992). The Diggers of Colditz (Jack Champ, one of 19 Aussies imprisoned there, hard cover with DJ, pub 1985). Dangerous Days - A Diggers Great Escape (E Brough, 2009). POW-Australian Prisoners of War in Hitler's Reich (Monteith, pub 2011). Hellfire, The Story of Australia, Japan & the POW's (Forbes, hard cover with DJ, pub 2005). The Changi Brownlow (R Perry 2010). The Rats of Rangoon (Wing Commander L Hudson). Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence (Ramsay-Silver). The Duke, A Hero's Hero at Sandakan-Caption Lionel Matthews GC MC (D Matthews, pub 2008). Hells Heroes - The Forgotten Story of the Worst POW Camp in Japan (Maynard, pub 2009). Plus 11 others. Mostly VG-near new, retail $550. Also 10 others, mostly British inc 'The Wooden Horse (Williams), Miracle on the River Kwai (Gordon) & Return from the River Kwai (retail $150). Great lot of good reading, total retail/original cost $700. (30)
Australia: Vietnam War: Australian individual biography collection (21) inc All Guts & No Glory, the story of a Long Tan warrior, Bob Buick. Barry Petersen Tiger Men, SE Asia edition & signed by author. An Australian SAS Soldier in Vietnam - Behind Enemy Lines, T O'Farrell. Captain Bullen's War (The Vietnam War Diary) edited by P Ham. Command Vietnam Colonel F Peter Scott. Payne VC by M Colman 2009. The Jungle Dark (biography of Frank Hunt & others of 3rd Platoon A Company 6th RAR). Ted Serong - The Life of an Australian Counter-Insurgency Expert. Still walking Thru Life, Bill Parry. The Tiger Man of Vietnam (biography of Barry Petersen). What Soldiers Do - An Australian Artillery Man in Vietnam, Gordon Pound. Plus 10 others inc A Soldier Returns by Terry Burstall (a Long Tan veteran discovers the other side of Vietnam). Plus Vietnam, The Australian War by Paul Ham (illustrated edition). Most excellent condition inc some brand new. Retail $600+. (22)
Australia: Vietnam War: Australian general history collection (30+) inc Australians in Vietnam, Ian Mackey 1968. The Saving of South Vietnam, K Grenville 1968, inc a chapter written by Brigadier F P (Ted) Serong. Genesis of a Tragedy (Historical Background of the Vietnam War) pub London 1968. The Vietnam Years (from the jungle to the Australian Suburbs) M Caulfield 2007. Vietnam, The American War, Paul Ham 2007. You're Leaving Tomorrow (Conscripts & Correspondents Caught Up in the Vietnam War), various authors pub 2007. Ashes of Vietnam (Australian Voices) S Rintoul 1987. Silence Kills (Events Leading up to the Vietnam Moratorium 8th May 1970) JF Cairns pub 1970. Vietnam Shots (A Photographic Account) McKay & Stewart 2002. Contact (Australians in Vietnam) Lex McAulay 1989. Plus others inc Vietnam remembered (with the names of all who served) & The Team in Vietnam ? The Lighter Side, Vic Pennington 1992. (32)
Australia: Vietnam War Australian Regimental/Unit Histories inc The Team (AATTV) 1962-72, Ian McNeil, pub AWM 1984. Vietnam Task, 5th Battalion RAR 1966-97, PUB 1968. We Too Were ANZACs (6th Battalion RAR 1969-70) by Col B Avery, pub by Slouch Hat 2004. Vietnam Shots (A Photographic Account by McKay & Stewart, pub 2002). Mission Vietnam, RAAF Operations 1964-74 by G Odgers, pub 1974. Long Tan & Beyond, Alpha Company 6 RAR 1966-67 by Col CS Mollison, pub 2005. The Battle of Long Tan 1966, as told by the Commanders to Grandin. The Battle of Coral, 1968 by Lex McAulay, pub 1988. The Battle of Ngok Tavak 1968 by Bruce Davies, pub 2008. First to Fight -Australian Diggers, NZ Kiwis & US Paratroopers Vietnam 1965-66 by Bob Green, pub 1988. The Nasho's War - Australian National Servicemen & Vietnam by M Dapin, pub 2014. Ghost Platoon 1969 by Frank Walker, pub 2011. Vietnam, the comp story of the Australian War by Bruce Davies, pub 2012. Tiger Men by Barry Petersen & signed by author 1988. Viet Cong - The Organisation & Techniques of the NLF of South Vietnam, pub by M.I.T. Press 1966 & others inc 'Select Documents in International Affairs (No 18) Vietnam Jan 1968-Dec 1969, released by Department of Foreign Affairs, Canberra 1972. Mostly VF-near new condition, retail $800+. (23)
Australia: Biographies (8) 'Charles Kingsford Smith' by Fitzsimons, pub 2009, 'Peter Cosgrove - My story' pub 2006, 'Weary, the life of Sir Edward Dunlop & The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop' pub as single vol 1997. 'My War 1939-45' by Michael 'The Breaker' by Kit Denton (1987 edition) large VX 123, missing frontispiece Self pub 1990. 'Brothers in War' by M Walsh, pub 2006, (brief History of 8 brother who served in WWI inc Gallipoli), 'Letters Home 1939-45' Stuart & Arnold 1987, 'Darwin 1942 by Hall, 1980). Some edge foxing on earlier works, later vols near new retail $240. Then large size paper backs (14) inc 'Roden Cutler, VC' by McCullough, 'Nancy Wake' by Fitzsimons, 'The Tiger man of Vietnam' (the story of Barry Petersen), 'Gallipoli - The Extraordinary life of Alec Campbell', 'Colin Murray - Journey to Tobruk', 'Warrior Brothers' & 'Warrior Training' (life in the Australian SAS) by I. McPhedran, 'Four Australians at War, letters to Argyle 1914-19', 'The Bombing of Darwin, the diary of Tom Taylor'. Plus 4 others inc 'Memories of Vietnam' by K Maddock. All F-VF or better condition, with a total retail over $500. Plus video 'The Light Horseman'. (22 plus video)
Australian Special Forces/Para related book lot, all new, unused. 'The Purple Devils - A History of 2/6 Aust Commando Squadron' (S. Tregellis-Smith, 2008); 'Ripcord Australia' (B. Johnson, 1984); 'Silent Feet-The History of 'Z' Special Operations 1942-45' (G.B. Courtney, MBE, MC. 2002, S/C); 'The Ultra Experience-Service with Central Bureau Intelligence Corps' (D Pyle & N Pyle, 2006, S/C); 'Z-Special-Desert-Jungle-Sabotage' (L Campbell, 2006). All new, unused. Exc. Retail $195. (5)
Australia:: Larger 'Coffee Table' size books (12) inc Australians at War - A Pictorial History (McDougall 2002), German Military Aircraft (Philpott 1981), Rust in Peace - South Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited (Adams 1976), Bomber Command 1939-45 (Overy 1997), Spitfire - A Complete Fighting History (Price 1991), This is the SAS (Geraghty 1982), The Art of War (Churcher 2004, pub AWN/SBS) & World War II on Land (Chandler 1990). Then others (14) inc Norfolk Island & its 3rd Settlement 1856-1956 (Nobbs 2006, brand new retail $60), Images of Air War 1939-45 (Bowyer 1983), WWII The Axis Assault 1939-42 (Brinkley 2003), Amazing (Australian) SAS (McPhedran 2005), SAS Sniper (Maylor 2010), Bomber County - The Lost Airmen of WWII (Swift 2010 retail $50) & Eureka - Unfinished Revolution (Fitzsimons 2014, as new retail $60). Mostly F-VF condition inc near new as noted, total retail around $600. (26).
British Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton & Richardson, 1984 1st ed, 404 pgs. As new, the standard reference. .Selling $150 - $200+ on the internet. (1 book)
 SOLD at A$190
Gallantry & Distinguished Service Awards to the Australian Army During the First World War. Volume 1. The Military Medal (A-K). By M Maton. 2005 H/c 800 pgs. No. 13 of only 100 printed. A history of the MM & lists all of the Australian MM recipients & their citations alphabetically. The standard reference. New.
 SOLD at A$150
Gallantry and Distinguished Service Awards to the Australian Army during the First World War. Volume 3. British Orders and Other Awards by Michael Maton, 2006, H/C, 911 pgs. No 31 of only 100 printed. Covers awards and recipients of The Order of the Bath, Order of St Michael & St George, Order of the British Empire, Air Force Cross, Air Force Medal, Albert Medal, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Service Order, Meritorious Service Medal, Royal Red Cross and Victoria Cross, with a full list of winners in alphabetical order and their citations. Out of print. The standard reference. New.
 SOLD at A$150
Australia: Larger-size books (18) with 'British Battles & Medal (Spink, 1988), 'Aces High - The war in the Air over the Western Front 1914-18' (1973, 192 pgs); 'Knights of the Air 1914-18' (1981, 192 pgs); 'Battle of Britain' (by Len Deighton 1980, 224pgs) ; 'Fighter & Bomber Squadrons at War' (by A Brookes 1995), 'A Pictorial History of Australia at War' (1980, 324 pgs); 'Army Australia - an Illustrated History' (Odgers, 1988, 280pgs); 'Diggers - The Australian Army, Navy & Airforce in Eleven Wars 1860 - 1999 (Odgers, 544 pgs); 'Charles Kingsford Smith (1988, 160pgs); 'Heroic Australian Air Stories (1981, 192 pgs); 'The Royal Australian Airforce (Oxford University Press, 2001, missing front fly page o/w as new); 'Encyclopedia of the World's Special Forces (2003, 256 pgs, as new); ; 'Atlas of C20th Warfare' (2005, 352 pgs); 'The Eastern Front (Soviet-German War) 1941-45' (1984, 192 pgs); 'Stalingrad - The Vital 7 Days' (2005, 192 pgs); 'The Vietnam War' (1979, 248 pgs). Plus AWM publications 'Soldiering On' (1942), 'Khaki & Green' (1943), & 'Jungle Warfare' (1944). Mixed VG-VG condition, some near new. Retail $700+. (20)
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