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Booklets: High cost. Large size Prestige types (12, FV $200), Christmas Is New Year Prestige bklts (8) 2008-15, plus 12 Year Cycle. Not easy to find. Fresh MUH, total FV approx $300. (21)SOLD at A$200

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1935 KGV Silver Jubilee set 2d, 3d, 2/-. VF fresh MUH. SG 156-8 cat £42 for M, should be at least double, £84 MUH. ACSC 166-8 cat $122. (3). (P)SOLD at A$60

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1992 Threatened Species $4.50, 2 error bklts, 1st 4 Koala, 2nd 1 Roo/1 Koala reprints, both printed on backing paper, so no gum. SG SB78c/e. Pf B170Dv/Fv cat $320. ACSC 1566(3)a & (5)a cat $500. (2)AVAILABLE at A$100

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1937-51 KGVI Used with all Omnibus sets inc 1948 Silver Wedding set, 1939-48 Pic set to 10R & 1951 decimal Def Surch set to 10/- on 10R. VFU. SG cat £156. (36)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Poland-Local opts: 1918 with Blonie opt Germania (22) to 2Mk-Mi & Bft only list to 60pf. Bielitz 3-line opt Bosnia 3 values - unlisted. Ciechocinek opt Germania 75pf-4Mk unlisted these values. Kalisz opt Gen Gouv opts (2). Grodzisk (2). Lexzyca (18). Osweicim (4). Eagle opts unlisted. Plonsk opt 20pf Gen Gouv opt. Sieradz (8). Skalat (29) - unpriced in Mi on Austria, inc unlisted opt earlier Pics (12). Skierniewice set of 10 CTO on envelope. Tarnow Eagle opt (19) & diag opt (25) VFU. Mi cat €4125, Bft cat £3825 -both, plus many unlisted or unpriced. Usual mixture of forgeries & genuine but interesting lot. Also 2 books - 'Poland Locals' by Hall (1981) & Barefoot cat (1999). (156). (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1932 UPU Madrid Congress Presentation Folder with superb German Eagle embossed cover, then 13 pages all 1925-32 issues still available, inc 1925 Munich Exhib & Rheinland sets, Charity Provincial Arms sets comp 1925-29 (Mi cat €230), 1926-27 Famous Germans set (€100), 1926 Air set to 3Mk (€140), 1927 'I.A.A.' opt set, 1928-32 President comp (€120+), 1928-31 Zeppelin set of 3 (€122), 1930 Zeppelin Sth America set (€660), 1931 Zeppelin Polar Flight set (€2400) & more. Superb fresh M, stamps lightly affixed at TL cnr, couple MUH. SG cat £3156, Mi cat €4050, both for stamps alone. Very rare item in same immaculate condition as 87 years ago! (90) (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1877 Cover (most of flap gone) franked GB QV 8d orange tied by 'Dublin AU 16 77' duplex pmk. To Bombay 'via Brindisi' b/s 'Sea Post Office F AUG 24' & 'Sohagpur SEP 7' arrival. SG 156 cat £625 on cover, plus premium for use in Ireland. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1990 Heritage 40c error BLUE OMITTED (40c value), UR cnr 'value' tab. VF fresh MUH, normal for comparison. CP SH341aZ NZ cat $850. SG 1562a cat £300. (P)SOLD at A$150