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Kangaroos: Private Perfin collection with ½d green, 1d red (8), 2d grey (12), 3d olive (4), 6d blue (8), 6d brown (3), 9d violet (13) inc blk of 4. 1/- Green (5) inc 1st, 3rd, SM wmks, 2/- maroon 3rd wmk, 10/- grey & pink CofA wmk. Some flts poor-F/VFU. (56). (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1935 ANZAC 2d & 1/- Imprint blks of 4. Upper stamps MLH, lower pr MUH. ACSC 164z, 165zb cat $500+. (P)SOLD at A$250

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1869 QV 2d orange-red, rouletted, wmk Large Star. F-VF M. SG 164 cat £190. (P)SOLD at A$140

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Indian Settlements: 1942-43 FRANCE LIBRE & Lorraine Cross opt Pictorial set 2ca- 5R, plus 20ca opt blue & Paris Exhibition 8ca-2fa (no 16ca), plus New York Fair (2). VF fresh MUH. SG 164-180 (ex 189),193-95, Maury 201-18, ex 219-25 cat €285. (14). (P)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Poland: 1940 Swastika opt Surch set 2g/5g - 3zl/3zl, inc Postage Dues. VF fresh MUH. Mi 17-39 cat €170. SG 372-91e cat £82 for M, should be at least double, £164 MUH. (26) (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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General Issues - Negri Sembilan: 1942 black boxed opt on Arms 5c brown, top marginal blk of 4. Superb MUH. SG J164 cat £200 as singles, plus premium for blk. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1940 Centenary set ½d to 1/- inc 10d surch, plus 'Official' opt set ½d to 1/- all in imprint/plate number blks of 4 (both 1/- blks of 8). VF fresh 3 MUH/1MLH in ea blk. CP S26-38 & SO26-38 cat NZ $3870+, SG 613-25, 662 & O141-51 cat £1640++ as singles. Very rare. (25 blks). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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1954-63 QEII 4d blue Official, error 'printed on gum side'. VF fresh MUH. CP NO25a(Z) cat NZ$400, SG O164a cat £200. Only 1 sheet recorded. (P)SOLD at A$130