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1968 4c Pink-tailed Triggerfish error 'deep blue value OMITTED'. F-VF MUH, faint traces of sl tropicalisation on back, excellent appearance. SG 25a cat £3000. Very rare, only 1 sheet with 20 error stamps was recorded. 2020 AIEP Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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KGV: Postmark collection on KGV 1d reds with late Fee Stock Exchange VIC duplex on blk of 9! Mt Slow 1915 & 1920 m/s cancels (NSW Receiving Office). Telegraph Point/NSW on 1d reddish-pink (G15) blk of 4 perf OS/NSW (2007 Drury cert), ACSC cat $300, as perf OS only. Main study is TPO cancels with NSW (10), QLD (30), VIC (30) & TAS (2). Interesting group, unchecked for rarities. (100)SOLD at A$220

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Cook Islands: 1967-2007 Ex dealer's stock 1967 to $10, few 1968-70 sets, 1971-74 about 50% comp, then 1975-84 near comp inc 1980 Corals in many extra (2+ sets, £600), 1983 Surch to $5.60 M/CTO (£150), 1984 Whales (10 sets, £160), 1985-91 very little, 1992 reef Life to $15, 1994-96 near comp, then some sets & M/S to 2007. Only 75 M/S, most offered as separate lot. Virtually all great thematics. VF MUH some CTO. FV NZ$1980 = A$1900. (2600) (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Papua New Guinea: 2007 Orchids K3.35 & K5.35 personalised stamps sheetlets of 20, with 25 of ea sheet, fresh MUH total FV K4350 = A$1850. (50 sheets, 1000 stamps)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Papua New Guinea Bulk lot of 2007 First Personalized stamps. 3.35K Orchid with 'Woodlark Island Cuscus' tab sheet of 20 (48 sheets, FV 3216K. 5.35 Orchid with 'Orchids of PNG' tab sheet of 20 (17 sheets FV 1819K). Total FV 5035K = A$2150. (65 sheetlets).AVAILABLE at A$325

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1874-1902 QV $10 rose-carmine Postal Fiscal, wmk Crown CC, perf 15½x15. F-VF fresh MLH, with nice original gum & excellent colour. SG F3 cat £8500. Very rare genuine mint example, as virtually all of this issue was fiscally used. 2007 Brandon photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$5000

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2007 Orchids Personalised Stamps K3.35 with Woodlark Is Cuscus tab printed DOUBLE error, 2nd impression inverted & on top of stamp impression (so 2nd print of 'Woodlark Island Cuscus' is on top of 'Papua New Guinea'!), plus normal to compare. VF fresh MUH. SG 1179(var). Only 4 sheetlets of 20 discovered. Spectacular error. (2) (P)AVAILABLE at A$80