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Russia-Pleskau: 1942 Red Cross Madonna 60+40k M/Sheet with Red Cross, on rough yellowish paper, no wmk, perf 11¼. VFU, Pskov 7.4.42 cds in centre of stamps & MUH gum, size 115x155mm. Mi Blk 2Z cat €1600. Only total 2575 printed & small fraction w/o wmk. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1200
1992 (Jan) to 2011 (Nov) FDC collection in 8 vols with wide variety throughout & possibly comp inc se-tenant strips, M/sheets, International Post & AAT pics inc some Base Cancels. Sighted 1994 50c Family & 1995 50c Dunlop PNC Joint Issue Commem sets. M/sheets to 410 Wetlands, 1996 AFL set of 16, 2000 Olympic set of 28 diff Pic pmks & huge variety of high val Pics & Commems. FV approx $1600, issue costs higher. (670)AVAILABLE at A$550

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Australian Territories 1994-2011 PO Year Folders with 1994-2002, 06, 09 & 11. FV $238, issue price higher. Hard to find. (12)SOLD at A$230

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Great Britain: 1841-2016 collection in 2 near new Davo illustrated loose leaf albums (retail $400) with 1841 QV 1d brown imperf. 1855 QV No letters 4d & 6d (cat £260), 1862 Small Letters 4d & 6d (£280), 1865 QV Large Letters 3d, 4d, 6d, 1/- (£320), 1873-80 Coloured Letters 3d, 4d brown, 6d Grey, 8d orange, 1/- green (£740). 1880 QV 1½d brown, 2d rose, 5d indigo, 6d Grey & 6d/6d violet (£580), 1883 QV high vals 2/6 & 5/-. 1887 Jubilee set to 1/-, 1902 KEVII to 2/6, 1912-34 KGV to 10/- pale blue. 1924 & 1925 Wembley sets M. 1934 Seahorses redrawn set 2/6, 5/- & 10/-. Then very near comp 1936-2011 with 1937 KGVI to £1 brown, 1948 SW set, 1951 Festival to £1. Most QEII pre-decimals & comprehensive decimals 1971-2011 plus stragglers to end 2016. All fresh & clean, some heavy cancels to mid 1930s o/w F-VFU. SG cat £4200 to end 1951, total higher. (2700)SOLD at A$525

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1895 QV 2½d pale brown, imperf plate PROOF, blank background, 2 cnr numerals, on bluish granite paper (with strong mesh) no wmk. VF fresh UN as made, 4 margins. SG 213(p), ACSC Q23(PP)1G cat $1250. Very rare. 2011 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1886-96 QV Postage & Revenue £15 silver, wmk 'crown narrow SA' SIDEWAYS, perf 10, from 1st printing. VFU with full 'G.P.O. Adelaide / 16 MY 00' cds, original silver metallic sheen. SG 207 cat £38,000 for M, unpriced for U, & should be valued at least at similar level. This is the ONLY EXAMPLE with postal cancel of SG 207 ever recorded, & should not be confused with examples of the £15 from later printings SG 207a upright wmk perf 11½ (of SG 207a there was apparently a part sheet in remainders that were CTO). While the vast majority of SG 207 were opt specimen, with only a tiny number issued mostly for fiscal use, even as fiscally used it is extremely rare with less than 10 recorded, while with proper postal postmark this is the only example ever recorded. Important unique rarity for somebody trying to form a complete used collection of South Australia. 2011 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$15000

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Somalia: 1941 Mogadisciu 'British Occupation / POSTAGE' opt on Italian Africa Colonies Revenue 3L. F-VF MUH. Sass 12 cat €250 & undercatalogued as hardly ever seen. 2011 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1852-57 QV 7½d green imperf on handmade wove paper. Fresh UN, expertly repaired, superb 4 margins appearance & deep colour. SG 12 cat £13,000, Unitrade 9 cat C$12,000/$6000 for UN. Very rare unused classic. 2011 BPA & 2012 Scheller photo certs. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1700

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1917-18 Postage Due Typeset ½d black narrower setting. F-VF UN as issued, natural paper inclusion in middle. SG D5a cat £500. 2011 BPA photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Croatia: 1943 Croat Legion in Russia set 1+0.50K - 9+4.50K PROOFS on 'carton paper', plus 1+0.50K w/o darker final print, all imperf horiz prs. VF UN. Mi 107-10UP(var), SG 85-88(p). Rare as only 1 sheet of ea believed printed. 2008 & 2011 Zrinjscak AIEP photo certs. (5 prs). (P)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1908 'NEW HEBRIDES CONDOMINIUM' thin opt KEVII set ½d to 1/- with ½d & 1d, wmk Mult Crown & 2d to 1/- wmk Crown CA, h/s SPECIMEN (type BEC 2a) diag from the UPU distribution applied as a security measure by the receiving postal authority. VFM. SG ex 1a-9(s). Unique stamps from Bechuanaland Postal Archive specimen collection. This very ser was previously sold in 2011 for $3300. 2011 Ceremuga photo-cert. (7). AVAILABLE at A$1500