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1841 QV 1d red-brown on blued paper, imperf, letters LE, Plate 161, wmk small crown, error wmk INVERTED. VF fresh UN, 4 margins. SG Spec B2c. SG 8wi cat £5000. Very rare in unused condition. 2020 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$550
1940s-2010s Defs, Pics, Commems sorted into envelopes with good variety & variable quantities from 1927 1½d Canberra to 2017 $1 Aboriginal Art, sighted pre-decimal Navigators to 10/-, & decimal Navigators to $2 with strength in the 1960s-80s Pics/Commems. Unchecked as received & neatly packed into 3 medium cartons. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission.SOLD at A$220

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1966-early 2020 comprehensive, extensive MUH collection in 9 as new, current edition, Seven Seas hingeless albums & matching slipcases with Vol 1 1966-90 (retail $900) plus an extra $275 for the hingeless album with all the scarce early 1970s Pics/Commems inc 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 25 white paper. Then 1991-early 2020 continuation fresh MUH collection, FV $6350+ with (counting backwards) 2019 (FV $580) inc Ross Smith Centenary Prestige Booklet, China 2019 & Singpex 2019 M/sheet sets, 2018 (FV $940) inc Prestige Booklets (6), Pic gutter blks of 10 in quantity & wide range of M/sheets & sheetlets inc Reef Safari 3D & Special Exhibition emissions inc Thailand set of 6 & Macau set of 4. 2017 (FV $660) with more Pic gutter blks of 10 inc Women in War set of 4 & more M/sheets inc China Expo set of 4. Then 2016 back to Jan 1991 in similar vein with the usual wide variety of Pics/Commems, M/sheets etc, with very high FV inc 2016 ($1060), 2014-15 ($630) & 2008-13 ($1190). All pristine fresh MUH in 8 as new brown Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums inc optional pgs. Estimated new retail of these $1700, plus the $6350 FV for a total vendor outlay of over $9200. The moderns are probably the most comprehensive we have offered. (1000s)SOLD at A$4000
Covers: 2000 Sydney Olympics - 2017 Australia Legends FDC accumulation (FV $650) with wide variety inc International Post $20 Uluru (2) & others to $10 Scenes, 2004 Kangaroo £2 (7), M/Sheets inc $2.50 Surf Lifesavers 3 dimensionals plus Pic/Commem set se-tenant strips & plenty of the non-letter rate higher vals. Also 80 earlier FDC 1991-99 (uncounted FV) in album inc $10 Wetlands M/S (2). All fresh & clean with only minor duplication. (280).SOLD at A$300

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AAT: 1957-2017 collection on hagners in binder. 1959 Pic Def set to 2/3 M & U. 1966-68 1st dec Def set to $1 M & U. 1973 Pic Def set to $1. 1979-81 Ship set to $1. 1984-87 Scenes set to $1. 1994 Whales M/S & set. 2001 Leopard Seal se-tenant blk. FV of Mint $95+. Mostly VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £880+. (1075 + 4 M/S)SOLD at A$170

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Big carton lot inc Australia Official RAM 2017 legends of the ANZACs coin collection with 14 diff 20c/25c coins mounted into individual cards & RAM 2016 ANZAC to Afghanistan album with Victoria Cross 25c coin enclosed. Singapore 1985 Twenty Five Years M/sheet PNC (2) both with 1oz pure silver medallion (retail $75+ each). Great Britain 1992 Year Album. Japan Regional stamps MUH collection (FV Y1400) inc Official album, 3 Mint sheet files inc Christmas Is (FV $20) & Norfolk Is (FV $85) 1970s MUH Commems in comp sheets/large multiples. Cyprus 1980 & 82 Year PO Year Folders. Solomon Is 1983 America's Cup collections (5). Various World booklets (30) 1980s-90s, New Zealand 1930s-80s mix (10,000) semi-sorted into 4 plastic bags. Sweden 1890s-1950s mix (2000) inc good range of cds pmks, Australia/GB/World mess all with mostly Private perfins (1500). Australia range of 1930s KGV 1d or 2d on cover fronts selected for NSW/QLD pmks, then 1960s-80s on-paper mix (2000) all with clear cds plus modern meter cut-outs (500) & other bits & pieces. Inspection, as usual, a good idea. (15,000+)SOLD at A$350

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Christmas & Cocos Is: 1958-2017 collection on hagners in 3 binders. Christmas Is 1958 QEII set to $1. 1963 Pic set to $1. 1968 Fish set to $1. 1972 Ship set to $1. 1977 Explorer set to $2. 1982 Birds set to $4. 1987 Animals set to $5. Cocos 1963 Pic set to 2/3. 1969 decimal Def set to $1. 1976 Ships set to $1. 1979 Fish set to $2. 1982 Butterfly set to $3. 1985 Shells set to $5. 1988 Flowers set to $3. 1995 Fish set to $5. F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1100+ = A$2000+, FV of Mint decimal $490+. (2250 + 35 M/S)SOLD at A$300

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AFL Football Card collection with full sets inc Dominance 2020, Footy Stars 2019, Footy Stars 2018, 2017 Certified, 2017 Footy Stars, 2016 Team, 2015 Champions, 2015 Honours, 2014 Team, 2014 Champions, 2014 Honours, plus misc cards. New. (2500)AVAILABLE at A$120

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Carton lot with AFL sets (15) inc rare 2019 Battle Teams (set of 54), Footy Flips (18) & Footy Bods (18) then 2013 Future Force, 2014 Champions, Future Force, Honours, 2015 Champions, 2016 Team (2 sets) & Future Force, 2017 Certified, Footy Stars, 2018 & 19 Footy Stars. Cricket (3 sets) inc 1996 World Cup. NRL (2) with 2011 Champions & 2015 Elite. All comp sets. (2200).AVAILABLE at A$170

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4½d Violet COARSE MESH paper with weak wmk, typical uneven impression & fluffy full perfs, this paper currently unlisted on this value (similar to 1½d green SG 61a cat £475. ACSC 88Aa cat $1000). W/C fresh MLH. ACSC 118A(var). 2017 Drury photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1871-72 QV Stamp Duty small Chalon 2/- blue, wmk large crown Q, rough perf 12. VFM, redistributed gum. SG F19 cat £250. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$130

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1871-72 QV Stamp Duty Small Chalon 10/- brown, wmk large crown Q, rough perf 12. VFM, tiny pinhole, redistributed gum. SG F22 cat £1100. Rare genuine mint. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Montenegro: 1944 'Fluchtlingshilfe' opt Pictorial 0.15 + 0.85 RM/25c, variety 'broken 5' in '0.85'. VF fresh MUH. SG 97(var), Mi 22III cat €200. 2017 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$100

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Russia-Pleskau: 1941 'Pleskau 20 Kop' vert boxed opt Hindenburg 1pf black, opt in black. VFU, on piece part 'Pskov 18.8.41' cds. Mi 1a cat €650+ Rare genuine as only 1165 printed. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$400

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Russia-Pleskau: 1941 Madonna 60+40k M/Sheet white paper with horiz lattice wmk, imperf. VFU, Pskov 12.12.41 cds both in centre of stamps & UL cnr, size 121x163mm. Mi BlkIX cat €1700. Only 1539 printed & few survived. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$1200

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Russia-Pleskau: 1942 Red Cross Madonna 60+40k M/Sheet with Red Cross, on rough yellowish paper, part s/l wmk 'LIGAT' at left centre perf 11¼. VFU Pskov 25.3.42 cds at top left as issued, with MUH gum, size 115x160mm. Mi Blk 3X cat €850. Only total 2575 printed. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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Russia-Pleskau: 1942 Red Cross Madonna 60+40k M/Sheet with Red Cross, on rough yellowish paper, no wmk, perf 11¼. VFU, Pskov 7.4.42 cds in centre of stamps & MUH gum, size 115x155mm. Mi Blk 2Z cat €1600. Only total 2575 printed & small fraction w/o wmk. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$1300

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Russia-Pleskau: 1942 Red Cross Madonna 60+40K M/sheet with Red Cross, on white paper, no wmk, perf 11¾. VFU, Pskov '28.4.42' cds in top L cnr as issued, MUH gum on stamps & MLH margins, size 114x154mm. Mi blk 4Z cat €800. Only total 2645 printed. 2017 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1916 Type-written 1d blue from carbon sheet, on laid paper, variety 'LL' at left foot of frame-line, on Censor cds cover with central red crayon '5 19 MY 16' cancel, to England, with hand-drawn Shield 'PASSED BY CENSOR M' mark. Overall F-VF, stamp sl cnr flts which are not noticeable. SG 11 cat £900 & 'from x6' on cover = £5400+ which is far too low as only 2 covers known! Only 120 produced & possibly unique with variety in blue & certainly unique on cover. 2017 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$2000

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1963 Qara Provisional 'Yemen' bilingual framed RED opt on Consular Fee 10b black, with violet-black bar over lower inscription. VF fresh MUH, bottom marginal, 2-tone gum. Mi 57a, SG R38 cat £1300. Only total of 2000 printed. 2017 Ceremuga photo-cert. (P)SOLD at A$400