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KGV single wmk MUH range with ½d orange (30) inc blks of 4 (5), 1d violet (19) inc right marginal blk of 8, 1d green (8) inc 'wattle line' & 'neck flaw' varieties in blk of 4 (ACSC cat $250), 1½d black-brown horiz pr, 1½d red (12), 2d brown, 2d pale red (6) inc lower marginal blk of 4, 4d orange (2), 4d blue & 4½d violet (5) inc upper marginal blk of 4. All VF fresh MUH, ACSC cat $3200. Also basic set of 14 to 3d blue M & Kangaroos (7 FM, cat $1150) inc 1st wmk ½d, 1d, 2½d MUH. 2d & 3d, 6d CofA, & 1/- 3rd wmk. Total ACSC cat $4350. (112)AVAILABLE at A$425

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Covers range inc Australia commercial & commem 1950s-2001 inc advert covers & meter mail, Scout Jamboree commem covers, various others, instructional markings etc. Also 2001 AFPO 7 cover & PPC (Sinai Mountains), Thailand c1940-41 (9) inc 4 censored, another with 'Thailand Implores for World Peace' cachet, Tonga 1938 Tin Can Mail covers (4). Few others, a nice selection. Mostly F-VF. (245).AVAILABLE at A$100

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India States: 1870s-1950s collection of postage stamps & Revenues inc extensive range of 'Princely States' on hagners & vario type pages in 6 binders with 120 diff States inc Akalkot (6, K&M cat US$730), Athmallik (1, $100), Aundh (5, $310), Baghal (2, $250), Bijawar Postal (2 sets, £330), Bhopal Postal (£245), Chamba Postal (£400), Cochin Postal (£730), Malpur (3, $150), Mewar (50, unchecked for better), Miraj Jnr (2, $140), Nabha Postal (£240) & Revenues ($240), Orchha Postal (£310), Rajgarh (10, $745) & many more. Also Jammu & Kashmir 1884 Telegraphs 1a-5R most in blks of 4 (genuine) (Bft cat £2080), plus related Stationery postcards, a few envelopes & documents with Revenues attached, other related material inc forgeries (100s), any obvious not inc in the quantities or cat values, inc large blks & sheets. Also some cut-down stamped papers & later State opts on Indian Revenues, plus another 250 duplicates in s/book not counted in total. SG cat £4000+ for postal issues. Bft cat £2080 for telegraphs. K&M US$8500+ for Revenues. Total A$25,000, plus covers, documents & all the forgeries not counted. Very interesting lot. (1700+ stamps, 700+ revenues, 100+ cards & docs).SOLD at A$1600

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Spain: 1907-70s collection in 3 binders. 1907 Madrid Exhib to 4P. 1909-20 King to 1P 1930 Columbus to 10P. 1928 Pope & King to 5P (both issues). 1930 Goya Air set to 10P. 1939 Air set to 4P. Good range of 1960s-70s Commems sets which appear largely comp. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1800+ = A$3200+. (2450+)SOLD at A$200

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Wrapper - PTPO: 1942 KGVI 1½d green on buff paper for Ajax Insurance Adelaide (245x300mm). VFU, small surface scuff below stamp imprint. ACSC WS25 cat $200.SOLD at A$100

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1884-96 VR Stamp Duty 35/- grey-violet Postal Fiscal. Superb F/C, m/s initials & date, usual tiny pinholes, nice deep colour. SG 245 cat £375 (unknown U, normal M cat £18,000). Key stamp. (P)SOLD at A$300

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1977 Surch sets 5FNH - 500FNH (Paris opts), both British & French issues, ea with decorative tabs. Mostly VF MUH. SG 220-32 & F234-46 cat £74. Yv 50-75 cat €245. (26).AVAILABLE at A$70

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1914 'GRI' opt Yacht ½d on 3pf brown vert pr & 2½d on 20pf ultramarine, variety 'no fraction bar' (bottom stamp in 3pf). VF M/MUH, with 1st variety MUH. Mi 1/1PFI, 4PFII cat €225. SG 101/101b, 104a cat £245+ as M singles so est £330 counting double for the MUH stamp. (P)AVAILABLE at A$110

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1908-09 View of Port 200R brown & greenish-black. F-VF fresh MUH appearance (but regummed). SG 245 cat £1800. Rare top value. (P)AVAILABLE at A$700