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Covers - Postal History Gibraltar 1890s-1990s inc ca1950 covers franked KGVI ½d scarce printed matter rate to London & Constitution opt 3d to UK. PPC (4) inc 1912 with 'Paquebot Toulon' pmk & 1985 to Australia with 6-line h/s apologising for slow delivery as sent by Surface mail. Then Postal stationery inc QV 1d or 10c red Postcards -3 opt SPECIMEN & 1d used to Amsterdam with Registered cachet, plus QV Registered envelopes 20c red size G & 20c/2d red extra large size 255x185mm, plus others. Fair to VF M/U. marked retail $1000. (19)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Kangaroos: Official Perf OS 1st wmk large OS 1d variety 'double perfs at top (ACSC cat $375), plus extra for perfin, 6d blue shades perf large OS (3), small OS (4) & OS NSW. 2nd wmk 2d & 6d (2), 3rd wmk 6d blue (2 shades), SM mult wmk 6d (14) & 5/- CTO, plus KGV perf OS single wmk 4d olive (not listed CTO) & 1/4 SM wmk perf 14 4d, perf 13½x12½ ½d (4), 1d (2), 1½d brown, 2d red, 3d (5), 4d (2), & 5d (4). Roo 1d M, others mostly F-VFU, KGV all CTO. SG cat £510, ACSC cat $2280, plus extra for 1d variety & for OS NSW 6d. (53).AVAILABLE at A$150

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Great Britain: 1841-1980s collection in album. 1841 QV 2d blue with lines imperf. 1855 QV Embossed 6d (2) on cover front to Australia. 1887-92 QV Jubilee to 10/-. 1902-13 KEVII to 2/6. 1912-34 KGV Seahorse to 5/- 1939-47 KGVI set to £1. 1948 Wedding set. 1951 KGVI Pic set to £1. 1955 QEII Castle set to £1. Most G-VF M/U, bit mixed in earlies as usual. SG cat £5100+ = A$9000+. (1070)SOLD at A$200

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1d Carmine-rose (G30) perf OS, CA Monogram, plate 4, pr (pos V11/57, 58). FM. ACSC 71Ybb(4) ze cat $510 x2 for perf OS, $1020. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1938 Railway Parcel '10kg=1F30 D' opt set 2Fr15 - 3Fr05/2Fr35. VF fresh M. Maury P137-40 cat €460. Yv P160-63 cat €510. (4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1941-42 Petain 70c blue full sheet of 100 IMPERF -2 panes of 50, with full margins inc '28 10 41' imprint date LR cnr. Superb fresh MUH. SG 714(var), Maury 510(nd). Extremely rare as sheet.AVAILABLE at A$500

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1933 Zeppelin Chicago Flight opt set 1Mk, 2Mk & 4Mk. Postally FU-VF U. Mi 496-498 cat €1000. SG 510-512 cat £1200. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$230

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1865 Queen 19c rose & brown, perf 14. Fresh UN, tiny thin but VF appearance with nice colour. SG 89 cat £4000, Edifil 77 cat €5100. Extremely rare in genuine unused condition. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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1938 Airmail opt Defence Fund 45c+2P+5P. VF MLH, gum sl tropicalised. SG 841 cat £550, Edifil 759 cat €510. (P)AVAILABLE at A$120