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Portuguese Colonies: 1868-1940s Collection in album. Azores 1868 Embossed 25R, curved labels. 1871-76 Embossed vals to 100R, straight labels. 1894 Henry vals to 1000R. 1895 St Anthony vals to 1000R. Angola 1870-85 Crown vals to 300R. 1886 Embossed vals to 200R. Angra 1892-93 Figures vals to 200R. Guinea 1881-87 Crown vals to 40R. Zambezia. 1894 Figures vals to 200R. 1898-1901 Carlos vals to 700d. Cape Verde 1877-85 Crown vals to 100R. Congo 1898-1901 Carlos vals to 300R. Laurenco Marques 1895 700th Anniv Embossed 5R & 10R & Figures 2½R & 10R. Madeira 1871-76 Embossed 5R & 50R. Macao 1884-85 Crown 25R & 300R. Mozambique 1876-85 Crown vals to 300R. Mozambique 1892-93 Embossed set. 1895-1902 Arms vals to 1000R. Nyassa 1898 Figures set to 300R. 1898 Carlos vals to 300R. Ponta Delgada 1892-93 Figures vals to 300R. Funchal 1897 Carlos vals to 500R. Timor 1898-1903 Carlos vals to 47a. India 1898-1901 Carlos vals to 1R. Mostly F-VF M/U SG cat £2300+-A$4300+ & undercatalogued as many seldom seen issues present. (800).SOLD at A$500