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Autograph USA: Alan Bean Astronaut & Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon autograph (as a crew member of) Skylab II recovery envelope pmkd 'USS Ticonderoga' duplex cancel with pictorial 'Recovery Force' cachet at left. VF fresh. (P)SOLD at A$100

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1966-early 2020 comprehensive, extensive MUH collection in 9 as new, current edition, Seven Seas hingeless albums & matching slipcases with Vol 1 1966-90 (retail $900) plus an extra $275 for the hingeless album with all the scarce early 1970s Pics/Commems inc 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 25 white paper. Then 1991-early 2020 continuation fresh MUH collection, FV $6350+ with (counting backwards) 2019 (FV $580) inc Ross Smith Centenary Prestige Booklet, China 2019 & Singpex 2019 M/sheet sets, 2018 (FV $940) inc Prestige Booklets (6), Pic gutter blks of 10 in quantity & wide range of M/sheets & sheetlets inc Reef Safari 3D & Special Exhibition emissions inc Thailand set of 6 & Macau set of 4. 2017 (FV $660) with more Pic gutter blks of 10 inc Women in War set of 4 & more M/sheets inc China Expo set of 4. Then 2016 back to Jan 1991 in similar vein with the usual wide variety of Pics/Commems, M/sheets etc, with very high FV inc 2016 ($1060), 2014-15 ($630) & 2008-13 ($1190). All pristine fresh MUH in 8 as new brown Seven Seas hingeless slipcase albums inc optional pgs. Estimated new retail of these $1700, plus the $6350 FV for a total vendor outlay of over $9200. The moderns are probably the most comprehensive we have offered. (1000s)SOLD at A$4000

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Big carton lot with 1920s Kangaroos - 1980s in 40 hagners. Then another 65 hagners with 110 FDC inc 1970 Expo (2), Grasslands (2), RV & large Cook, all unaddressed, retail $520, plus 1970 Cook M/sheet ANPEX opt on large FDC (rare, retail $150+), AAT 1969 5c Pic FDC (4) with all 4 Base Cancels, plus another 330 1970s-80s FDC in 6 large albums & even more! (200) loose for a total of 660 1960s-90s FDC. Also pre-dec/dec stamp collection on leaves & 1960s QEII Defs to modern era Pics (2.6kg) loose on/off paper in plastic bag. Then World mess on/off paper in 2 shoeboxes inc a variety of MUH M/S. World collection (est 3000) in 80 hagners inc GB KGV Seahorses to 10/- & KGVI to £1, Asia inc China, Malaya, Mongolia, Vietnam & others. 2 large cartons. Viewing could be a challenge.SOLD at A$400

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Booklet collection Part III 1996-end 2000 on hagners in blue Lighthouse slipcase album with reprints & overprints inc 1996 Swans AFL booklet opt 'Winners - Home & Away' (2) (Pfr cat $90 ea), 1996 $2 Arts Council opt 'Qld Stamp & Coin Expo '97' (cat $50) (2), 1997 $4.50 Wetlands 1K in middle opt 'APTA Show Qld' (cat $100), 1998 Olympic Legends booklet opt 'Olymphilex' (both barcodes) (cat $60 ea), 1999 $4.50 Children's TV opt 'APTA Countdown to 2000' general barcode (cat $160), 2000 $4.50 Australia Legends opt APTA Countdown to Sydney Olympics' (cat $130), 2000 $4.50 Olympic Sports opt 'Olymphilex 2000' (2) with gold & silver opt (cat $50 ea), 2000 $4.50 Olympic Sports opt 'Fishers Ghost' philatelic barcode (cat $100) & many others. VF fresh, FV alone $430 cat $2660. (90)SOLD at A$600
Australian Territories collection inc Christmas Is 2000-12, Cocos Is 2002-12, also inc Territories PO Year collections with sets, gutter strips, FDCs. Total FV $660 plus FDC (74) largely VF, with many attractive issues.SOLD at A$375

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British Empire: 1841-1960s collection on pgs in 9 folders. GB from 1841 inc 1841 QV 2d blue imperf. 1855-80 QV vals to 1/-. Cape 1855-05 Triangle 6d. Cyprus from QV inc 1938-51 KGVI Pics to 45pi Egypt 1866 Arabic opt 1st issue 20pa. 1879-1900 Sphinx & Pyramid vals to 5pi. Falklands Dep 1946-49 KGVI Map sets (thin & Thick). Hong Kong from QV issues inc 1938-52 KGVI Def vals to $5. 1953 QEII Def vals to $10. Gold Coast 1928 KGV Castle vals to 2/-. Ceylon from 1857. 1938 KGVI Pics to 2R inc perfs. India from 1860s QV inc 1911-33 KGV vals to 2R. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. Ireland 1940-68 Def set to 10/-. Jamaica 1938-52 KGVI Pics to 5/-. KUT 1938-52 KGVI Pics to 5/-. New Zealand from 1860s QV Chalon 1/-. OFS from 1868 Tree vals to 6d. Straits Settlements from 1860s QV inc 1938 KGVI Palm Tree vals to $5. Johore 1922-40 Sultan vals to $2. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat 11,000+ = A$20,000+. (6600+).AVAILABLE at A$850

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India: 1854-1920s collection with 1854 QV ½a blue (6, SG cat £240+), 1a red (3, £330), 4a octagonal cut to shape (2), 2a green, 1855 4a & 8a, 1856-64 (25, £660), 1865 (39, £385), 1866-76 (£470), 1882-1902 to 5R (£300), etc. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £2800 = A$5300. (240).AVAILABLE at A$300
Massive Collector's Hoard Part 21: AAT 1966-96 (FV $180) in Seven Seas leaves, Packs & PO Albums. NZ 1984-91 PO Year Albums/collection (11, FV $310) inc Bi-cent Box Sets (2), PO Year Albums (3), 1966-88 near comp collection (FV $245) in Seven Seas album & 1960s-80s accumulation in Packs, loose, small & large s/books. Australian Territories (FV $1660) to late 1980s with Cocos Is, Christmas Is & Norfolk Is in seven large s/books or Seven Seas loose leaf albums. Also misc PNG Year Albums (8) & USA 1997 PO Commem Album. Massive lot to sort through with a total; FV $3500. All in 3 large Soya King cartons.SOLD at A$1400

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Poland: 1917-18 Przedborz Local Post collection with Arms perf sets of type 1 & 3-6, plus others (4), then perf forgeries (50+) & imperf (13), plus rare proofs 2g green, imperf & 4g brown perf & imperf. 2nd set of bicolours 2 sets perf, 10 & extras, set imperf & extras, plus fakes, 2+ sets imperf, plus rare proofs. Perf 11½, 4+ sets, & fakes 3+ sets. 3rd issue mono-colours perf set M&U imperf set M & fakes 4+sets. 4th issues new currency perf 10 set U, imperf set M & fake set, perf 11½ set M & fakes 4+ sets. 5th issues w/o sunbeams 4+ sets perf, fakes (8), imperf set & fake sets (2) & many more later printings, plus covers inc 2nd issue 4g with Austria FPO both tied by Fieldpost cds. VF M/MUH/U. Mi cat €4200+ = A$6600, plus the 160+ fakes etc. Fantastic specialised lot. (290). (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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Tristan da Cunha: 1954-97 Collection on Kabe pgs with 1960 Def set (SG cat £75), 1961 set (£80), 1963 opt set, then very near comp to 1997 (only missing 8 sets or M/S), with long Pic Def sets to £1, £2 or £5, commem & Pic sets etc. Mostly VF M/MUH. SG cat £660. (570 inc M/S).SOLD at A$150

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USA 'Back of the Book' 1862-1989 collection on Harris illus leaves. Inc Air Mails 1918 Airs set G/FU, 1923 airs 8c FU, 16c M, 1933 50c Zeppelin GU & 'later Air post issues to late 1980s. Special Delivery inc 1888 10c deep-blue, 1893 10c orange, 1894 10c blue, Officials inc 1873 War Dep 7c Parcel Post 1912 set, Postage Dues inc 1879 3c, 5c, 10c G/FU. Confederate States selection 1862-63 M/MLH cat £1200. Also Duck stamps inc 1935, 1936, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1944 U & others Scott cat US $660. Some varied condition but many F-VF total cat values £1200 & Scott US$660 = A$3000+.SOLD at A$325

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Vietnam 1956-92 collection with a strong range of a largely underrated area, inc North Vietnam issues, also National Front for Liberation of South Vietnam selection. Good range of Thematic sets Flora many Flowers sets, Fauna, Space, Sport etc. Mostly VFU, & undercatalogued at £400 = A$720. (660).SOLD at A$100

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1½d Red SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ M/MUH collection with plate 1 UL (gutter) cnr blk of 8 (2x4) with ACSC listed flaws 'missing crown top' (pos 1R1), 'red spot below RVT' (1R2) & 'cut in left frame' (1R19). ACSC cat $200 inc unlisted spot flaw. Also both of 4 with both R1 & R2 flaws M/MUH ($150). Plate 1 horiz pr (pos R19-20), left stamp with 'flaw in left wattles' ACSC 91(1). Plates 1 & 2 in upper cnr blks of 4 M/MUH ($180), plus pale red rough print single & red unplated blk of 4. Some minor tones, mostly in the blk of 8 ($660). Also perf 14 singles (3) inc plate 3 upper margin dots, deep red thin paper MUH (ACSC 92Eaa, $150) & wmk inverted M ($220), total cat $880. (30)AVAILABLE at A$160

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1d Green plate 2 Pane III irregular blk of 16 with ACSC listed flaws 'PENAVY' (pos III/23), 'rusted top right cnr' (III/29), 'four breaks in shading lines' (III/37), 'white line under RVT' & 'defective final A of Australia'. All MUH, ACSC 81(2)d,e,f,g,h cat $330, should be at least double, $660+ MUH multiple.AVAILABLE at A$140

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1919 Trans-Atlantic opt $1/15c bright scarlet variety no comma after Air Post. VF fresh MUH. Unitrade C2a cat C$660, SG 143a cat £160 for M, should be at least double, £320 MUH. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1921-34 KGV set 1c-10R, wmk script, opt SPECIMEN plus 12c Type A. VF M. SG 223s-241s cat £660. Rare set. (21). (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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Mauritius: 1878-1965 Mint collection inc 1878 QV Surch vals to 2R50. 1879-94 QV vals to 2R50c. 1895-99 arms set to 18c. 1898 Diamond Jubilee 36c plus opt SPECIMEN. 1900-07 Arms vals to 1R. 1921-26 Arms set to 20c. 1935 Silver Jubilee set. 1948 Silver Wedding set. VF M/MUH, odd U. SG cat £660+. (126).AVAILABLE at A$200

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1915-30 KGV Engraved Specialist Study inc the basic set, plus shades. Noted 1½d grey no wmk. 3d chocolate perf 14x13½ wmk inverted (SG 420aw cat £150). 4d violet re-entry (R 1/6) 2 shades, plus re-entry (R 4/10). 6d carmine perf 14x13½ inc shades with the rare carmine-lake shade (SG 425c, £450). 8d indigo (10). Also perf 14x14½ range inc 3d chocolate wmk inverted (SG420bw, £225). 4d violet with re-entry R10/8 & R 10/9. 8d indigo (14). 1/- range inc pale orange-red, range of 1916 wide-spaced wmk inc 1½d no wmk. 2d yellow (6 inc strip of 3), 3d chocolate (6) & 6d carmine (6, £660). Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £7900+ = A$15,000+. (348) (P)AVAILABLE at A$650