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Tonga: 1897-2018 strong collection on leaves in 2 Lighthouse binders & slipcases. Selection early Pictorials M/U, a strong selection of the 1970s Die Cut issues, impressive range of late 1980s to post-2000 Pics noted, 1988 Bi-Cent M/Sheet, 1992 $10 Shark in sheetlet to 10 (cat £220), 1998 Birds set. Then scarcer post-2000 issues inc 2008 Surcharge selection inc 70s on 55s Dance MUH also 35s on 55s Black Duck, 2012 Birds set MUH & many others. An attractive collection, mostly VF M/MUH cat £1650+ = A$3000. (790, 15 M/S)SOLD at A$550
Gilbert & Ellice, Tuvalu & Kiribati: Extensive collection 1939-2013 on leaves in 4 quality Lighthouse binders with slipcase. Gilbert & Ellice inc 1939 to 5/-, 1956 to 10/- M, plus later, then Gilbert Is, Kiribati 1976-2013 with attractive collection of sets & M/Sheets. Also Tuvalu 1976-2013 from early opts then again strong inc 2003 Marine Life sets & M/S also 2000 Butterflies sets & M/S, 2000 Birds sets & M/S, 2000 Cats & Dogs sets & M/S, 2003 Birds, Butterflies, Orchids M/S. More recent issues difficult to acquire. Largely VF cat £2300 = A$4100. Very high FV. (1660, 220 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$450

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Hungary: 1871-1944 collection on 150 pgs in old Springback album with 1871-73 Kings (40) to 25k -shades & pmk interest (SG cat £3700), 1874-80 Numeral Envelopes types (200+, £550+) inc wmks, shades etc. Then Turul & King types inc various Charities & opts, wmks & perfs. Very near comp with all the 1920s sets inc 1925 Sports Fund (£110), 1932 Madonna set U (£110), 1930s Commems, Airs etc & some M/Sheets. Much both M&U. Also Szeged near comp inc Koztarsasag opt comp £250. F-VF M/U. SG cat £6600 = A$12000. Nice old collection. (1500+).AVAILABLE at A$500

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Iceland: 1870-1985 collection in Davo illustrated album with 1873 2s blue M (SG 1 cat £1100) & 16s yellow U (thin, SG 11 £600). 1876 Numerals 5a Blue FU (SG 13 cat £800 these 3 stamps not photogenic, 6a grey, 10a Red & 16a brown all FU (£110) & 20a Purple M (£40). 1882 Defs (4) to 40a lilac U (£140). 1902 'I GILDI 02-03' opts (8) to 50a bi-colour (£50). 1902 Christian IX set (11) to 1k U (£75). 1907 Double Headers 912) to 50a U (£95). 1911 Sigurdsson set of 6 (£60). 1920 Christian X (17) to 1k (£100), plus 10k bi-colour (£200). 1938 Geyser set (8) to 1k (£40). Then wide range of 1940s-80s Pics, Commems & Defs inc higher vals to 50k. Also Airmails (17) to 1959 inc 1934 set to 2k orange (£80), plus Officials (33) inc 1876 Arms (5) to 20a (£160). 1902 set to 50a (£45) & 1920 to 1k. Some M sighted mostly F-VFU. SG cat £3700+ = A$6600. (590).SOLD at A$575

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Sweden: 1862-1967 collection on Lighthouse hingeless pgs in binder inc 1862 Lion Arms 3o UN. 1872-77 Numerals to 1R & 1877-79 to 1Kr. 1891-1903 Kings to 50o M. 1911-19 Kings to 5Kr. 1916 Clothing Fund opt set to 50o & 1918 opt Landstorm to 5Kr. 1920 Air opt set. 1921 400th Anniv 110o. 1920-33 Crown & Posthorn M to 145o. 1924 UPU Congress set to 5Kr (King top vals). 1924 50th Anniv UPU to 5Kr (Bird top vals). 1936 Air 1Kr then range of Commems & Defs to 1967. Official 1881-93 to 1Kr & 1910-14 set to 5Kr. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/U, post 1960 being VF fresh MUH. SG cat £2800+ = A$5000+. (660) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1978 Aviators 18c Kingsford Smith gutter blk of 10 (diagram 5) error totally IMPERF. VF fresh MUH. SG 660a(var) cat £600+++ as horiz prs, ACSC 792b(var) cat $700 for vert strip of 10 with 5 imperf. Unlisted as gutter imperf. Striking piece. (10). (P)SOLD at A$525

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1938 (3 Jun) airmail cover Belgium to Melbourne franked 8.25Fr by Imperial Airways IE660 during which 'Ceres' Jun 12 was caught in heavy monsoon rain from Karachi to Singapore made a forced-landing in Lake Dugari (Central India). The aircraft was unable to continue stuck in mud, mail was carried by bullock cart for 32km, & by car for a further 15km, to join the railway at Lake Gwalior, relief aircraft Capella was waiting.SOLD at A$150

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1854-59 QV Diadem 8d golden-yellow, imperf, wmk '8. VFU appearance, tiny closed tear at base, neat NSW ovals cancel & bright colour. SG 97 cat £1660. Rare genuine imperf. 2022 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert. (P)SOLD at A$725

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1911 Pictorial 2d bright violet, Hobart print, lower blk of 30 with margins at base left & right with 'CA' monogram, Typographed with stereotyped plate, wmk crown A, perf 12½. VF fresh MUH, perf separation & small tear in bottom margin. ACSC T41 cat $525 for M singles, should be at least double, $1050 MUH, plus premium for monogram blk. SG 259 cat £660 M so £1320 MUH.SOLD at A$400

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1871-73 QV Chalon 1d brown, worn plate, left marginal blk of 12 (6x2), wmk Star, perf 12½, with part of POSTAGE wmk in left margin. Superb fresh 6 MLH/6 MUH, nice original gum. SG 132a cat £3300 as M, should be at least double, £4950 MUH. CP A1q(3) cat NZ$6600 as M, so $9900 for this. Extremely rare multiple. 2023 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2200

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1901-05 BNG Lakatoi specialist range with wmk horiz ½d to 1/- plus extra thin papers ½d & 2½d, plus another 2½d thin paper shade (with 2015 Ceremuga AIEP photo cert). Vertical wmk ½d to 1/- plus extra thin papers ½d, 2d, 4d & rare 1/-. Mostly F-VF M/MLH, 1/- sl oxidised. SG ex 1-15 inc 1a, 4a, 4b, 13a & 15a etc cat £3660. Valuable lot. (19). (P)AVAILABLE at A$1300