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Russia: 1970s-80s Pictorial Aerogrammes with very little duplication & huge variety. Mostly Postally Used, some with Lithuania pmks. Not often seen in such quantity. Mostly F-VF. (1400)AVAILABLE at A$130

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Norfolk Island 1947-74 comp MUH collection with 1947 Ball Bay set of 18 to 2/- blue (cat £190) inc ½d, 1d, 1d, 2d white papers. 1953 Defs to 5/- brown Bridge, 1958-60 Surcharges set of 5 & 1960 Pics to 10/-, plus extra 10/- Bird opt SPECIMEN at UL (scarce, retail $120) & all other pre-dec Pics inc 2/8 Local Govt. Decimals to 1974 Christmas (plus extra Self-Adhesive free-form Pics) inc 1966 opt set, 1967 Ships, 1969 Birds & 1974 UPU M/Sheet. All fresh MUH. SG cat £420, retail $660. (178, plus M/S)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Norfolk Island: 1947-74 M-MUH collection in Lighthouse s/book with pre-decimals inc 1947 Ball Bay to 2/- blue MLH inc ½d, 1d, 1½d, 2d white papers. 1953 Defs to 5/- brown Bridge. 1958-60 Surcharges set of 5. 1960 Pics to 10/- MUH, plus extra 10/- Bird opt SPECIMEN at UL cnr MLH. Decimals to 1974 UPU inc 1966 opt, set to $1, 1967 Ships set (5) inc blks of 4, 1969 Birds sets (5) inc blks of 4 & 1974 UPU blks of 4. Generally VF MLH to 1960 & then mostly fresh MUH. SG cat £560, retail $660. (400)SOLD at A$120

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1937-52 KGVI collection MUH on Seven Seas hingeless pgs comp with 1937-56 Def Kings, Queens & Zoologicals inc all 3d blue types (6) inc Die I, Die I white wattles, Die Ia, Die II etc, 1938 Robes set with 2 shades/printings of ea value to £1 & all the other Defs & Commems inc NSW Sesqui, AIF, Arms to £2 etc, plus BCOF opt set of 7. F-VF MUH, mostly fresh. SG cat £1660. ACSC cat $3150. Attractive collection. (118) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1928 Charity Arms booklet pane of 8pf (4) & 15pf (3) in se-tenant pane. VFU on piece. SG 447ba cat £400 for M. Mi H-Bl65B cat €660. Rare postally used. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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1896-1903 'OW OFFICIAL' opt QV set ½d-10d, plus KEVII ½d-2½d. F-VFU. SG O31-39 cat £5660. Lower genuine but higher opts uncertain. (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1934 Airmail set 10a-2Kr, all bottom marginal blks of 6 with De La Rue imprints. VF fresh MUH. Mi 175B-180B cat €660 for singles. SG 208-213 cat £360 for M singles, should be at least double, £720 MUH, plus premium for blks. (6 blks) (P)AVAILABLE at A$230

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1977-78 Surch set 5FNH-500FNH Port Vila opts, inc unissued 50, 70, & 100FNH. VF MUH. SG F247-55 + footnote cat £660. Yv 476-85 inc 478A & 478B cat €930. Rare set. (12). (P)AVAILABLE at A$375