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Ecuador: 1865-1901 Classic collection. 1865-72 Arms to 4R, plus shades. 1872 Arms set to 1p. 1881 Arms to 50c, plus 1883 10c on 50c. 1887 Arms set to 80c. 1892 President to 5s, plus 1893 5c surch to 5s. 1894 President to 5s & 1895 to 5s. 1896 Arms to 5s. 1896 Surch Official selection. 1896 Party Success set to 1s. 1896 Surch set. 1897 '1897-98' selection 1897 Arms opt Liberal Party set. 1897 Arms to 5s. 1899-1901 Portraits to 5s inc New Colours Officials. 1887 Arms to 50c. 1887 Arms to 80c. 1892 President set to 1s. 1894 & 95 Presidents sets to 1s. 1844 Postal Fiscal opt set. 1896 Arms opt set to 5s. 1897 '1897-98' opt selection 1898 opt Fiscal to 20c on 50c. 1899 Portrait set to 50c. 1896 Postage Dues to 100c. 1890s Official seal. All diff inc shades. Most F-VF M/U. SG cat £1400+ = A$2700+. (189). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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KGV CTO Selection (25) to 1/4 with Single wmk 1d pale violet, 2d brown (2) & 4d blue (ACSC cat $310), SM wmk (7 diff) to 1/4 (cat $165) & CofA wmk (cat $175) 1d, 1½d, 3d, 4d (2 of ea), 2d red, 5d brown (4), & 1/4. Total ACSC cat $680. (25)AVAILABLE at A$120
Australia: 1914-71 DIE PROOF reprint card collection (32, ACSC cat $250+) in s/book. Cook Is collection (680) 1920s-70s in loose leaf album with pre-decimals to _ & decimals Pics to $10 Flower or $120 Shells with wide range of Commem, Pic & Thematic sets & over 40 diff M/sheets. Egypt collection to 1950s inc 1880s Sphinxes (15), 1890s Pyramids (20) & later Pics/Defs to £1. Europe mess in 4 large s/books & Thailand array (200) in Lighthouse s/book. GB 1990s FDC collection (70) FV £115 = A$220. Channel Is 1970s FDC (80) in another album. Finally NZ collection to 1993 Healths in Seven Seas illustrated album with pickings in the pre-decimals.SOLD at A$300

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Cape of Good Hope 1853-64 Triangles classics selection 1d (4), 4d (4), 6d (4) & 1/-. Mostly GU with a range of shades & margins. Condition varies but some F-VF. Minimum cat £3400 = A$6800. (13)AVAILABLE at A$250

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Carton lot with 1930s-60s general world collection (many 100s) in 1940 style loose leaf album with Europe inc Italy, Norway, Belgium & GB. Asia inc China, plus Mexico & South America. World mess in 2 smallish boxes with GB 1850s-70s QV to 9d inc 1855 6d lilac (6, cat £660), 1867 6d violet plate 8 (3, £420), pl 9 (5, £450) & 9d Straw plate 4 (£300). 1872 6d Chestnut (£65), 1873 3d rose prs (2, £320) & 4d Sage-green (£300). 1880 6d grey (10, £800) & 6d/6d lilac. Nearly all with clear bold number 163 cancels. Total cat £3500 = A$6800. Plus India KGV, French Sowers, USA Presidents & World perfins. Then more world mess in another 2 boxes & plastic tub inc Australia 1980s high value Pics & M/Sheets. (few 1000)SOLD at A$300

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1d Scarlet perf OS (G17) upper marginal blk of 12 with Jubilee lines, lower marginal blk of 16 & un-positioned blk of 6. Suntanned sun, 12 stamps with surface gum stains, M/MUH, useful plating references. ACSC 71Gbb cat $680 as singles. (34)SOLD at A$120

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4d Milky-blue Cooke printing plate 1UL cnr blk of 15 (3x5), variety 'spot on G of POSTAGE' Middle upper stamp VFM, other 14 inc variety fresh MUH. ACSC 112(1)D cat $5750, (1)Dd $1050, total cat $6800 as singles huge premium for a positional multiple. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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1d Green Plate 4 left marginal blks of 6 (2x3) position V11 31-32/37-38/43-44, near identical blks both with Wattle line & nick in left frame varieties (pos 31,32) 1st blk of 5 also with neck flaw (pos 37) original state (ACSC 80(4)h cat $250), 2nd blk of 6 with neck flaw showing State II retouch (ACSC 80(4)ha cat $250) Light minor tone spot on rev of 2nd neck flaw stamp, o/w fresh MUH. ACSC 80(4)f,g,h & f,g,ha cat $680 as hinged singles, high premium for the 2 mostly fresh MUH blks of 6.AVAILABLE at A$250

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1937 KGVI 3d blue 'white wattles' blk of 4, left marginal. VF MUH. SG 168a cat £680. ACSC 190 cat $1600. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300

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1946-48 opt 5/- pair with 'Aust Army PO 512 5 SE 49' cds (Kobe), on cover with BCOF flap crest. F-VF, sl cover wrinkles. SG J7 cat £340 as loose stamps, should be at least double, £680 on cover. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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1871 QV 1/- Red & 1/- green, both imperf horiz Plate Proof prs, no wmk. VF fresh UN (red), MUH (green), 4 margins. SG 221(p) cat £680 as normal singles. (2 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$70

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1891 'OS' opt 'Australia' 2½d ultramarine, FULL SHEET of 120 with 'CP', 'G.P.r.O NSW' & '1890' monograms plus side & top margin inscriptions, sheet no.18, position 22 in ea pane variety 'wide spacing of OS', plus other varieties. Stamps VF 4M/116MUH, mostly very fresh. SG O54 cat £1680+ for M singles, should be at least double, so £3332 MUH, plus premium for variety sheet. Extremely rare as sheet. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1940-41 surch 'Peace' 1F/1F40 mauve, error horiz pr, right stamp opt OMITTED, resulting in setenant stamps of diff denominations. Superb fresh MUH. SG 680(var), Yv 484(var), Maury 484f cat €2150. Very rare & spectacular. 1999 vd Weid SBPV photo-cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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Reunion: 1865-1974 strong collection in springback binder inc 1885 25c/40c Eagle FU, 5c/40c Ceres, 5c/30c Napoleon M, 20c/30c P&C FU, 1891 REUNION opt inc 40c P&C M, also Commerce type opt 10c with variety 'damaged E' M, 25c with variety RLUNION FU. Also Reunion opt with accent, 80c pale-rose (2) M, 80c Ceres & 75c Commerce used on piece (cat £680), 1892 P&C set M, 1900-5 New Colours set UN, 5c FU, 1907 Pics set M, 1915 Red cross opt M, 1922 Pics set M, 1915 Red Cross opt M, 1922 Pics to 3F M, 1924 Surch set M, 1943 France Libre opt 1c-20F MUH. Post-war CFA opts inc 1949 Airs 100F/200F to 500F/1000F FU, 1954 Sports sets MUH & set FU, 1954 Airs set M other issues MUH & FU (Red cross sets) & more. An attractive collection ideal for expansion. F-VF cat £3100 = A$6000. (360, 1 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$700

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1980 London Exhibition 50p M/Sheet, error IMPERF. Superb fresh MUH. SG MS1119a cat £6800. Extremely rare, only 12 recorded & certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$2800

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Locals: Leeds Globe Parcel Express ca1885 3d black on white, inscribed 'St Columba Street', with black control no 6808, perf 11½. VFU, black crayon cancel. RL unlisted -similar pictured for Liverpool. Extremely rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$200

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Malayan Postal Union: 1936-38 Postage Due set 1c-50c, blks of 4, wmk script. VF MUH, 8c darker gum. SG D1-6 cat £680 for singles, plus premium for blks. (6 blks of 4). (P)AVAILABLE at A$180

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1950 Currency Revaluation cover franked 'GROSZY' reddish opt type 3 of Katowice & Krakow on 1948 Airmail Sagittarius 75zl, (violet opt), 1948 7th Cycle Race set & 1951 revalued 6 Year Plan 45g w/o opt. Mi 589 & 680 only Air listed with opt, while the Cycle Race set (Mi 487-89) unlisted with the opt!. Very rare genuine cover.SOLD at A$100

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1991 Health Campaign 65c UNISSUED, wrongly inscribed 'Less healthier food' at left, which was unissued but by mistake small number of sheets were delivered to POs or o/w escaped & were used on commercial mail. Postally VFU. SG footnote. Found by vendor in mission mixture! Very rare -4th example we have offered, with 2 of the previous realised $690 & $680 in our auctions 264 & 268. (P)SOLD at A$100