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Australia: Political ephemera 1940s-60s collection, mostly Qld Labour Party Election Campaign promotional pamphlets inc Party Candidates & how to vote paperwork (18 items), plus Tasmania Premier?s Office 1950s-60s Official Invitation Cards to State Receptions inc Centenary of Responsible Govt (1956), Visit of The Queen Mother (1964) plus receptions for visiting foreign dignitaries inc Ambassadors or High Commissioners. Overall interesting & varied group. (36 items)SOLD at A$100

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British Empire: 1937-52 KGVI Mint collection in SG Album. Antigua 1938-49 KGVI Pic set to £1. Bahawalpur 1948 Raja Pic vals to 10R. Bahrain 1950-51 KGVI Pic set to 10R. Basutoland 1938 KGVI Crocodile set to 10/-. Gambia 1938-46 KGVI Elephant set to 10/-. Gold Coast 1938-41 KGVI Castle set to 10/-. India 1948 Gandhi set to 10R. Jamaica 1938-52 Pic set to £1. Northern Rhodesia 1938-52 Giraffe & Elephants vals to 20/-. Nyasaland 1938-42 KGVI Leopold set to £1. 1945 KGVI Pic set to 20/-. Somaliland 1942 KGVI set to 5r. 1951 Surch set to 5s on 5R. Southern Rhodesia 1937 KGVI set to 5/-. Most VF M, odd U. SG cat £6800+ = A$12,500+. (3150). (P)SOLD at A$1900

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British Empire/Commonwealth collections/stock: South Africa 1910-90s (3300, SG cat £6200) with 1910 2½d 9M/20U, 1913 KGV M to 1/3 inc tete-beche prs, U to 2/- inc coils. 1920s & later pics M/U to 10/- totally unchecked for printings etc, cat as cheapest, did see 1927 10/- pr M (£200), so total will be much higher, 1925 Airmail set M, 1935 Silver Jubilee, 1941 War Effort prs (3+ sets with extras) no 1/3 value, 1942 Bantams 2+ sets M & 2+ sets U, more bulk 1930s-50s Pictorials prs, 1930s-80s Commems, Defs to 10/- M&U 1930s Voortrekker sets M/U, Decimals to 1R M/U & odds to 1990s. Also similar ranges of Officials from 1926-50s inc 50 prs M, Postage Dues M/U (160). Also pre-Union Provinces with Cape of Good Hope (74), Natal (60), OFS (30), Transvaal (285), Pietersburg (6) & Zululand (9) -total £1500. Also 1970-80s Homelands with Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei & Venda (400+, £100+). Finally SWA 1926-80s (680, £700) inc earlies to 10/-. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £8500 = A$15,500. (4850)AVAILABLE at A$1100

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Netherlands: 1953-2001 collection of Coil strips of 5. 1953-72 Queen to 80c. 1969-81 Queen to 90c, plus High value 1G-2G50. 1976-2001 Numeral to 80c. 1981-90 Queen to 6G50. Also range of 1980s-90s Commems strips. VF fresh MUH. High FV. SG cat £680+ as singles, plus premium for strips. (89 strips).AVAILABLE at A$130

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Solomon Is: 1935-80 collection mostly comp both M&U inc 1935 Silver Jubilee, 1939 KGV Def sets to 10/- (SG cat £140), 1956 QEII Def sets to £1 (£160), 1963 new wmk & 1965 Def sets only M, 1966 both surch sets only M, then 1966-75 all both M&U, 1975 opts to 1980 comp M only. Plus another 17 pgs 1956-74 extra sets inc long Def sets. VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £950. (680).AVAILABLE at A$200

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1874-82 'On H.M.S.' opt QV 2a orange, right marg blk of 4. VF MUH, some spots on gum. SG O33a cat £340 as M singles, should be at least double, £680 MUH, plus premium for blk. Rare multiple (P)AVAILABLE at A$200