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Comic: Tayler collection in album with 120 diff 1930s-70s good variety throughout from ribald to risque inc Alcohol & Drinking, Love, Society & Marriage, Vocations, Vacations, Holidays & Work plus a humorous views on every day life. Nearly all UN, mostly excellent/near new condition. (120)SOLD at A$190

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Cook Islands: 1966-85 Ex dealer's M/S & sheetlet stock (104 diff). All good thematics inc Royals, Stamps, Space, Space, Religion, Olympics, Soccer, Charles & Diana etc. Up to 15 of ea of some. VF MUH, some CTO. SG cat £850. FV NZ$750 -= A$730. (530)AVAILABLE at A$275

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Great Britain: 1840-1952 collection in binder inc 1840 QV 1d black, 1841 QV 2d blue imperf, 1841 QV 1d red imperf range with black Maltese Cross pmks. 1854-55 QV 2d blue stars, 1858-76 QV 2d, plate selection 1870 QV ½d, inc plates. 1858-80 QV 1d red plate selection. 1865-80 QV surface printed range to 6d. 1887-1900 QV Jubilee set to 1/-. 1902-13 KEVII to £1. 1913-34 KGV Seahorse to 10/-. 1939-48 KGVI High val set to £1. 1948 Silver Wedding set, 1951 KGVI Pictorial set to £1. Mostly F-VF M/U, 90%+ being U. SG cat £4100+ = A$7300+. (550) (P)SOLD at A$400

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Hungary: 1868-88 Collection in large Minkus illustrated album mixed M/U & springback binder 1871 2Kr to 50Kr GFU with extras, 1898 to 50k (with extras) G/FU, 1913 Flood Relief to 2k, 5k M/MLH, 1914 War Charity set, 1918 Air opt pr, 1920 '1919' opt set, 1924 Airs set, 1925 Sports Assoc set, 1927 Air set M/MLH, 1931 Zepp set, 1932 10p Madonna G/FU, 1934 20F 2nd Phil Exhib M/Sheet, 1938 Eucharistic long M/Sheet M/MLH, 1939 Protestant Fund M/Sheet (both perf & imperf) FU, 1948 Stamp Day sheetlet, 1949 Youth Fest, 1950 Stalin Memorial M/Sheets M/MLH, then extensive range of Post-war M/Sheets & sets mostly G/FU, 1970s on M/MLH. Also Occupation issues inc Szeged 1919 opts selection, French Occupation 1919 opt to 2k mixed M/U, Romanian Occup inc 1919 opts to 10k mixed M/U, 'Republic' opts to 2k mixed M/U, 1919 Dues selection M/U & others. Also issues for Baranya & Debrecen. A strong collection, mostly Fine or better. SG cat £7300 = A$14,000. (3000+, 150 M/Sheets).AVAILABLE at A$700

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Italy-Former Austrian Territories: 1918-20 Collection inc Trentino 1918 opt on Austria comp to 1Kr U (SG cat £3960), 1918 opt on Italy set U (£500). Venezia Giula opt Austria comp to 2Kr M/U (£1730) & opt Italy set M (£200) & Postage Due set M (£425) - 20c is U, plus 5c opt inverted. General Issue 1919 opt Italy 3+ basic sets M & set U, Dues to 5L M/U & Dalmatia comp M (14, £520) inc unissued 1L20 Express -, plus extra throughout. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £8000 = A$15,500. Valuable collection. (225) (P)AVAILABLE at A$650

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Netherlands & Colonies: 1869-2000s Collection/accumulation in thick binder. Netherlands 1872-91 King to 12½c. 1894-1923 Queen range to 1G. Good coverage of 1950s-70s Commems MUH. Selection of 1990s FDCs (45+). Antilles range of 1960s-70s Mint Commems. Indies from 1870 inc 1892-97 Princess to 2g50. Surinam from 1873-88 King to 25c. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £3800+ = A$7300+. (5000+, 28 M/S & 50 covers).SOLD at A$350

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New Zealand: 1864-1990s Collection in album & s/book inc 1864-73 QV Chalon 2d & 6d. 1882-1900 QV to 4d. 1898-1907 Pic to 1/-. 1909-10 KEVII to 1/-. 1915-30 KGV to 1/-. 1920 Victory set to 1/-. 1926-34 KGV Admiral set to 3/-. 1931 Smiling Boy Health set 1d & 2d. 1935-36 Pic to 3/-. 1940 Centenary set to 1/-. 1947-52 KGVI set to 3/-. 1953-59 QEII Horse set to 10/-. Good coverage of Health M/S. Officials 1915-30 KGV to 1/-, 1940 Centenary. Most G-VF M/U, some mixed. SG cat £3800+ = A$7300+. (1950 + 38 M/S) (P)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1851-63 Collection inc 1851-60 Crown & Flowers 3d M (SG cat £3500). 1860-63 QV Pictorial 1c, 2c (2), 5c (2), 12½c & 17c. Also 1860 Connell 5c brown, imperf Proof. Mostly F-VF M/UN, 3d repaired. Unitrade cat C$5680. SG cat £3800 = A$7300+, plus Connell would cat £10,000 as normal. (9) (P)SOLD at A$275

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South West Africa: 1892-1919 Collection inc Forerunners 1892-99 Eagle 3pf & 10pf with 'Windhoek 97' cds, plus 20pf with 'OMARURU 10/9 96' cds c1920 Mourning label for lost colony. 1897-1900 'Deutsch- Sudwest-Afrika' opt Eagle 3pf-20pf U, plus unissued 25pf M & 'Deutsch- Sudwestafrika' opt set to 50pf, plus shades. 1901 Yacht set to 5Mk, no wmk U (SG cat £425), plus M to 3Mk. 1906-19 Yacht to 5Mk U, wmk, plus to 5Mk M. Mostly VF M/U with variety of pmks in the used issues. SG cat £3800+ = A$7300+. Nice collection. (135). (P)SOLD at A$800

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1994 Emergency opt set of 11, plus the earlier March 21t/35t & K1.2/40t - all UR cnr imprint blks of 4. Also offsets affecting the bottom 2 stamps of a MUH imprint blk of 4 of the 5t on 35t Dancer which also shows the opts' guide marks in the bottom & right margins. Offsets affecting all stamps in an imprint blk of 9 of the 5t on 35t musical bow. 1995 Fish MUH set of 3 opts also in UR cnr imprint blks of 4. Full size photo images of full sheets of the 'set of 11' opts, with notations of varieties & some correspondences. Mostly VF MUH. SG 708-9, 730-40 & 759-61 cat £975+++, plus premium for imprint blks & for varieties. (some tones) (77 in 18 blks). (P)SOLD at A$525