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Ships Part 41 - Passenger Liners/Merchant Vessels. Early 1900s-60s B&W, all diff, mostly individual Ships, wide variety, plus scattered Dockland scenes or other Maritime views. Mixed real photo/printed. Odd minor flt as so often found in such a varied group, mostly F-VF UN, retail $5-$10 ea. (400)AVAILABLE at A$350

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1949-60 early issues collection. Imperfs with 1947 Peasants 1w blue perf & imperf. 1948 Flag, 1950 Medal 1w green (2 sizes), Flags bicolour 1w, 6w green & 6w red, 1951 Medal 6w orange M & U, Air Hero 1w (M & U), 1951 6th Anniv set (Mi cat €735 as perf/roul) Medal 40w, Chinese Volunteers 10w, Li Su Dok U perf & imperf, 1952 Peace 20w U perf & imperf, Peng The-huai (2 U), Friendship 20w U, 7th Anniv Flags 10w, Youth Day 10w, 1953 Army 5th Anniv 40w, Women's Day 40w, Labour Day 40w, Anti USA 40w (€60), Liberation Monument 10w, 1954 Reconstruction 10w, People's Army 10w (€500), Labour Day, Taedong Gate imperfs (2) & perf, 1954 Reconstruction 10w M & U, 1955 Army Anniv 10w, Women's Day 10w, Labour Day set, Li Sun Si 1w 7 2w plus 2w U, Labour Law (2 shades), Liberation Anniv 10w, Soviet Friendship 20w large & small, 1956 Marine Park 10w, Sex Equality, 1957 Ulmil Pavilion, 1959 Anti Emigration, 1960 Arch of Triumph 10ch & Leadership of Kim 1L Sung 10ch, these last 3 perf U. Mi cat €2000+. Those not cat imperf are cat as perf as only 6 are perf. Very interesting original little collection from family of Polish Engineer who worked in North Korea at the time. (40 M, 21 U) (P)SOLD at A$1600

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New Zealand 1862-73 QV Chalons range with 1862-64 imperfs 2d, 3d, 6d & 1/- most 3+ margins (SG ex36-44 cat £735). 1864-71 perf 12½ wmk star 1d (2), 2d, 3d, 4d red & yellow, 6d & 1/- (SG ex110-25 cat £665). 1871-73 wmk star perf 12½ 1d, 2d, & 6d (SG ex132-6 cat £132). G-VF U. SG cat £1532. (15). (P)AVAILABLE at A$300