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Netherlands: 1992-97 MUH Collection in s/book inc Commems, booklets & M/sheets, useful thematics. All diff. VF fresh MUH. FV G335+ alone. (220 + 30 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$120

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New Zealand: The Postage Stamps of, Vol 7, pub by RPSNZ 1988, 361pgs. Postal History 1820-74 inc Vol 3 revisited, early pmks, cds, numeral cancels, instructional h/s, NZ POs 1840-74 & Marine POs. Light foxing to upper page edges, o/w near new original DJ.AVAILABLE at A$80
Large Carton with Decimal MUH (FV $820) inc collection in album, PO Packs, part sheets, 1981 Year albums (3), 1988 Bi-Cent box set & loose in glassines. Also 2 small boxes with various UN PSE.SOLD at A$650

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Pre-decimal Coil perf collection with 1949 Kangaroo ½d orange lower marginal gutter double strip of 32 comprising 8 blks of 4 inc perf pip gutter blk of 8 (ACSC cat $100), 1942 Kangaroo ½d Coil perf strips of 10 & 4, KGVI 2d violet Die II pr, 1d purple brown QM coil join strips of 4 (6), 2d purple KGVI No wmk pr & strip of 4 & 1947 1d Princess coil join strips of 4 (7), total ACSC cat $820. 1951 QM 2d green coil perf blks of 4 (7, cat $280), 1953 QEII 3d blks of 4 (5, $125) inc UNLISTED right marginal 'albino' coil perf pair. 1959 QEII 2d brown blks of 4 (3, $60), 3d green (5, $30) & 5d blue coil perf blks of 4 (4, $400), plus 3 other pairs. All fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $1730. (41 prs & 30 blks of 4)AVAILABLE at A$150

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German Occupation of Serbia: 1941-43 Mint collection on pages inc 1941 opt King set to 30d opt reading down, 1941 opt Postage Due set to 20d. 1941 Air opt set to 50d with & w/o network. 1941 opt King set to 30d opt reading up. 1941 Prisoner's Fund set in setenant prs with C in centre. 1942-43 Views set to 16d. 1942 Postage Due set, 1942 Orphan's Fund set, 1943 Postage Due set, 1943 Postal Cent set, 1943 Nish Fund opt set. Also 1941 Smederevo Fund M/S imperf & 1943 War Relief Fund M/S. All diff. VF fresh M. Mi cat €820+, SG cat £835. (128, 2 M/S)AVAILABLE at A$300
Great Britain 2010-19 Booklet collection with an excellent range of 862 1st Class, 344 2nd Class stamps & some others. Current FV £820 = A$1600. VF. (150)AVAILABLE at A$700

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Australia - Cricket: 1905 'Cricketers in Action' (28) inc V Trumper (NSW), A Cotter (NSW), J Darling (NSW), R Duff (NSW), S Gregory (NSW), C Hill (SA), A Hopkins (NSW), J Kelly (NSW), F Laver (VIC), C McLeod (VIC) & M Noble (NSW). English players (17) inc Lilley, Ironmonger, Haywood & Warner. Variable G-F/VF & quite photogenic. All with 'Milo' backs, Murray 2015 cat £65 ea, total £1820 = A$3500, plus 2 damaged inc 'W Grace' & 3 Poor-Fair condition. An extremely rare assembly. (33)AVAILABLE at A$500

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1938 Australia-England 1st 'All-up' flight with 'Brisbane 25 JY 38' cds & taxed with British & French h/s, delivery refused & returned to Brisbane. AAMC 820AVAILABLE at A$25

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1920 'Sarre' opt Bavaria 5Mk key value, major variety 'broken S' where bottom half of S is split & mostly missing. VF fresh MUH appearance (but expertly redistributed gum). Mi 30I cat €5000 = A$8200. Extremely rare as variety occurred only once per sheet, at the end of the printing with 40-50 sheets affected, & most were used. Exp Drahn, plus 2005 Burger BPP photo cert. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1000

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1945 Fredersdorf Provisionals large form 38x28mm, single black frame set 5pf-30pf, small numerals, with 'F.M' h/s in violet or red. VFU on piece tied by 'Fredersdorf 5 NOV 1945 Berlin' violet oval pmk. Mi Sp 246-50 cat €820 for loose U & on cover €1600. Extremely rare only 50 sets printed. Exp Dr Heber. (5). (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1917 'Half Penny' opt KGV Admiral 1d rose-carmine, error opt INVERTED, plus variety 'spaced n y'. VF fresh MUH, nice never hinged original gum. SG 280ac cat £1200+ for normal inverted M, should be at least double, £2400+ MUH, plus the variety on non inverted is x3, thus inverted with variety would be £8200+. Only total of 120 printed, so only 18 with variety. Copy of 2007 BPA photo cert of strip of 3 it came from, while diff new certificate can be obtained on request. (P)AVAILABLE at A$1800

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League of Nations: 1922 'Societe Des Nations' original opt set 5c-10Fr. Superb fresh MUH, nice never hinged original gum. SG ex LN3-32 unpriced M, Mi 1-15 cat €4600+. Zum 1-15 cat SFr4100 for M, unpriced MUH & has to be at least double, SFr8200++. Extremely rare in genuine MUH condition. Exp 3 times inc Alberto Diena, plus Raybaudi photo cert. (15). (P)AVAILABLE at A$3000

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1945 Arms 5c grey vert pr 50c green horiz pr, error imperf between, plus 1945 Postage Due 5L, horiz pr IMPERF. VF MUH. SG 99, 101, D112A(var). Sass A1h, A3g, S12c cat €1820 = A$3000. Rare group. (3 prs) (P)AVAILABLE at A$230