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Equipment: WWI/II Army water bottle with felt cover, rivetted leather shoulder harness and good cork 1903 Pattern faint stamp on harness "1FSE" Fd Sqn Engrs WWI unit. Also faint "BCR" WWII reissue to NX14782 H.NEWBY, 2/6 Fd Regt Written in black ink on canvas shoulder strap. Good for age.SOLD at A$60

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Germany-Cologne: 16(?) date eroded c1620 Thaler Arms supported by a lion & griffin rev Crowned double eagle with orb on breast, titles of Ferdinand II. F, seawater corr. KM-325, Dav-5163/6 cat VG. US$1150+ for non-wreck coin. This city only represented by 1 coin from this wreck. Very rare. Australian Government Permit for Possession No. 100495 (P)SOLD at A$2700

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Colombia: Sante Fe (Neuvo Reino) Mint Philip IV (1621-1665) cob 4 Reales, 1653 (full date), assayer POR (CC type 127, date not listed). Full date, mm and assayer mark & extremely rare. F/VF extremely rare as a normal issued coin (KM-10.1 cat VF US$5,000). Australian Government Permit for Possession No. 100490. One of the rarest coins from this wreck. (P)AVAILABLE at A$5000