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Equipment: WWI Army Water Bottle with 1908 Pattern brown leather harness faintly stamped "AUSTRALIA CGHF" Cork top makred DD. Harness in good order. Felt, some age wear & moth damage.SOLD at A$50

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Germany-Nurnberg: 1624 Ferdinand II Thaler. 3 ornate rounded shields rev Crowned double headed imperial eagle KM-52 gVF/EF, no signs of seawater corrosion or water wear. The best preserved coin from the wreck we have seen. Australian Government Permit for Possession No. 100509. Very rare. (P)SOLD at A$3000

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Germany-Wismar: 1622 32 Schilling (Thaler) St Laurentius with grill, arms in front dividing date rev Crowned double headed eagle, orb with 32 on breast. KM-57, Dav 5939. Seawater corr. F. Very Rare, only 4 coins from this city recovered from the wreck. Australian Government Permit for Possession No. 100500. (P)SOLD at A$1800

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Spanish Netherlands-Overijssel: 1567 Phillip II of Spain Burgundian Daalder. Crown over cross dividing date rev Crowned arms in order chain Dav-8517. Minor seawater corr, VF & rare this nice. Australian Government Permit for Possession No. 100506. Very rare, only 1 coin of this date recovered from the wreck. (P)SOLD at A$2500