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Bayonet: 1875 Pattern Elcho type sword bayonet. Made for used with Martini Henry rifle. No markings visible apart from '1049' on hilt which has been chromed. Most made by Enfield Wilkinson & Solingen in Germany. Blade on this example narrower. No scabbard. Hardened storage grease (easily removed) has kept blade in good order.SOLD at A$150
3d & 6d 1910-64 Collection comp (ex 1922/1 o'date 3d) in repaired Dansco push-in album. Much above average circ to UNC. Inc 3d 1910 EF, 21M gEF, 27 aU/UNC. 6d 1916 VF, 19 gVF, 20 gVF, 21aEF. Total McD cat $2779. List enclosed. (104)AVAILABLE at A$750

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2/- 1942, 43S, 44S, 47, 51, 51 Fed, 52, 62. UNC. McD cat $1045. (8)SOLD at A$275

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1968-69 104 Field Battery, RAA, souvenir South Vietnam National Flag, printed red 'bars' on yellow 1400 x 770mm, inscribed in texta: 'THE MAIL MUST GO THROUGH - 'THE POSTIE' - '104 Field battery, 12 Field Regiment, RAA/Nui Dat, South Vietnam 1968-69', with the names of all the men listed under their respective gun detachment titles (ie: 'No.5 GUN-ECHO', 'No.4 GUN-DELTA' etc) - 43 names. A scarce & original Vietnam souvenir 'Tour Flag' with direct attribution. Minor age fade to inscription. VGC. Scarce & desirable Vietnam War relic. (P)AVAILABLE at A$800

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Fiji: $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 QEII ND (2002). P-104a, 105b, 106a, 107a, 108a. UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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India: 10, 20, 50, 100 Rupees 2014, 500 Rupees 2013 1000 Rupees 2011. P-102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107a. UNC. (6).NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Netherlands-Utrecht: 1763 gold 14 Gulden. Armoured knight on horse above shield rev Crowned arms. KM-104. Slabbed PCGS AU55. (P)SOLD at A$1350

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£5 Riddle-Heathershaw Note Issue Dept 1st prefix Q/11 975104 2 tiny pin holes, sl trimmed VF. R-41F cat $30,000. Very rare with only 12 notes known in any grade. (P)SOLD at A$6000

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Ghaznavids: AH421-432, 1031-1041AD Shihab al-Dawla Abu Sa'id Mas'ud I AV Dinar, 3.28g. Herat mint, AH42X. Crude style aEF. Album 1619. (P)AVAILABLE at A$250

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The Tartar Dynasties-State of Qi (1130-37AD) Liu Yu 5 Cash Fu Chang Zhong Bao. Regular Script VF H-18.80 Rare. Ex Goldberg Auction 104, lot 3800. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$3500

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1035-42 Harthacnut 1d Danish type struck c1040-42. Lund mint, moneyer Toci. Helmeted & armoured bust left, rev Voided long cross, pellet at centre & curved globule in 2nd & 3rd quarters. S-1170. Choice EF. Rare (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1690 William III The Dutch Discontents medal. Draped & armoured bust of William III right rev. Absalom hangs by his hair from a tree & his horse gallops away. AE 59mm by I Smeltzing. aVF. MI 700/104. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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$1, $2, $10 (1993-2013). P-89a, 87a, 104a (5), 109a, 116a UNC (9).NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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$2, $5, $10, $20, $50 QEII ND (2002). P-104a, 105b, 106a, 107a, 108a. UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1000 Yen ND (2004) black serial replacement note Z289072A. MWR cat U$175. P-104ar. UNC.AVAILABLE at A$80

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1000 Yen ND (2004) brown serial 1st prefix A081462A. P-104c. UNC.SOLD at A$60

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Trajan 98-117AD AE Sestertius Rome 104AD. Laureate head right, rev Pax standing left holding olive branch & cornucopiae, right foot on Dacian captive. cf S-3198, RIC-503. Surface roughness VF (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Postumus 260-269AD AE Double Sestertius Cologne mint 260-61AD Radiate draped & cuirassed bust right rev Fides Militum standing left holding standard in each hand. (27.5g). F. S-11040. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1925 Royal Visit to South Africa medals. 1st crowned & robed bust left others bare head left, various reverses inc crest & wreath, ship, fasces, arms. WM, bronze, gilt bronze & silvered WM, 28-34mm. VF-EF. Visit to Thembuland, Umtata (RRR). Gio-CM91, CM93a, CM94b,c, CM100a,b, CM104a cat U$385-$825. (7) (P)AVAILABLE at A$240