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Great Britain: WWI Royal Warwickshire Regiment BWM & Victory medals Officially impressed '40250 PTE W STAFFORD R WAR R' (inc copy of medal index card). WWI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Victory medal officially impressed '21332 PTE H.W. HUMAN D.C.L.I' General Service Medal 1962 to Royal Artillery with Borneo clasp officially impressed '21181358 GNR L.T JAMES R.A.' (4 medals).AVAILABLE at A$130
3d & 6d 1910-64 Collection comp (ex 1922/1 o'date 3d) in Dansco push-in album plus extras 3d (4) & 6d (6). Average circ-UNC, many above average & lustrous. (118)SOLD at A$200
Collection of Decimal Varieties: Includes soft strike die cud, missing details, blobs, off centre, doubling etc. Rabbit ears, plus some non varieties from 1966. 1c (38), 2c inc 1968 (2) (21). 5c inc 1 x 1972 UNC (11), 10c (15), 20c (25), 50c inc 1979 & 80 double bar (14), 50c 2016 Change Over ex RAM bag (12), $1 (118), $2 (9). Plus a few others coins (8). Average circ to UNC. (Lot).SOLD at A$200

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$2 Phillips-Wheeler Aust, Knight-Wheeler Gothic, OCRB centre thread inc consec pr (4), side thread (3), Knight-Stone, Johnstone-Stone (3). Johnston-Fraser inc consec pr (2), run of 4. (14). R-85, 86a, 86b, 86c, 87, 88, 89 aU-UNC. McD cat $1182. (27).AVAILABLE at A$350

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Fiji: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 ND (2013). P-115a, 116a, 117a, 118a, 119a. UNC. (5)SOLD at A$160

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Fiji: $10, $20, $50, $100 ND (2013). P-116a, 117a, 118a, 119a. UNC. (4)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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2003 £1 QEII Pattern Collection of Bridges Proof set of 4. Forth Rail Bridge Scotland, Menai to Isle of Anglesey, Egyptian Arch Bridge at Newry, Millennium Bridge at Gateshead. Each coin 22ct, 19.62g hallmarked on edge. S-PPS4 Proof. AGW 2.3118oz. (4 coins, 1 set). (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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SH1350-1971 200 Rials 2500th Anniversary of Persian Empire KM-1188 Proof-aFDC.SOLD at A$140

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ND (1855-81) Alexander II Prize medal for assistance in the improvement of Horse Breeding in Russia. Crowned Alexander II cipher rev Imperial eagle silvered copper 82mm by A Griliches gVF. Ex Noble's Auction 118, Lot 2834 realised $420+ comm. (P)SOLD at A$300

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Communications issues dated 1-10-1914, all with steam engine or ship vignettes. Comprises 1 Yuan: 'SHANGHAI' P-116m UNC with edge nick & mnr stain. 5 Yuan 'SHANGHAI' P-117n UNC, 'SHANTUNG' P-117p aU with minor toning, 'TIENTSIN' P-117s1 nEF stain on back, 'TIENTSIN' P-117t aU. 10 Yuan 'SHANGHAI' P-118q gEF, 'TIENTSIN' P-118t1 gVF. Cat US$300+. (7)SOLD at A$200

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Bank of Communications 10 Yuan 1914 Shanghai overprint on back. Lot of 10. Odd handling mark P-118a UNC. (10).SOLD at A$120

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$5, $10, $20, $50 (2013) UNC. P-115a, 116a/17a, 118a. (4).NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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$5, $10, $20, $50, $100 ND (2013). P-115a, 116a, 117a, 118a, 119a. UNC. (5)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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500,000 Lire 1997 sig Fazio & Amici UNC. P-118 cat US$360 = A$520. (P)SOLD at A$300

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500,000 Lire D. 6-5-1997 UNC Face value $400+ no longer redeemable. P-118 cat US$360=A$520. (P)SOLD at A$300

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50 Dong 2001 50th Anniversary National Bank of Vietnam. P-118 in special folder & envelope (2). 100 Dong 2016 65th Anniversary of national Banking in Vietnam. P-125 consec run of 10 UNC. Union Miniere Indochinoise Bond Paris 1930 EF. (13)AVAILABLE at A$150

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Hadrian 117-138AD AE Sestertius Rome 118AD (22.6g). Laureate head right rev. Roma seated right on cuirass & shield. Hadrian standing left clasping hands with Roma. S-3571. Greeny-brown patina VF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Isaac II, Angelus 1185-1195AD Electrum aspron trachy (3.0g) Constantinople. The virgin enthroned facing rev Isaac & Archangel Michael standing facing. S-2002. Light old-time graffiti. gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1926-33 British Empire Union medals. Draped bust of the Prince of Wales left, rev antique galley seen through the archway of a stone bridge above radiate sun. All dated 24 May with following years. 1926 AI, 27 AI, AE (2), 28 AI, AE, 29 AI, AE, 30 AI, AE, 31 AI, AE, 32 AI, 33 AI, AE. 12 With ribbon 39mm by J Pinches, Eimer-2004. 1932 & 33 are particularly scarce-rare. Mostly gVF-EF. Gio-CM112a, CM118a, b (2), CM124a, b, CM126a, b, CM128a, b, CM130a, b, CM133.2 (but AI), CM136.2 AE & AL (unlisted) cat U$420-$750. These medals were given to school children. Cost vendor $540+, purchase receipts enclosed.AVAILABLE at A$300

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1936 King Edward VIII sterling silver medals (fantasy Crowns) 38mm, with plain edge. Australia, Bermuda, Ceylon, Great Britain, New Zealand with antique finish. Gio-FM116d, FM117d, FM118d, FM119d, FMvar. (5)SOLD at A$250

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Great Britain: Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Volume 28. Cumulative Index of Volumes 1-20 by V Smart. 1981. 118 pgs of index. 158 pages. Ex Libris Shiel & B S Perry. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$50