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Ephemera: Australia, Germany, UK, USA: Ephemera collection with Australia WWI ACF 1918-19 Christmas / New Year Greeting Card & 'I.S.F.' PPC from Southampton UK to Sydney. Aust WWII Medical Certificate of Unfitness plus 3 diff 30 Inf Btn Greeting Cards. 1947 Motor Spirit Consumers License Cards (2), tatty but rare. Plus Petrol Ration Tickets (4 diff). Germany WWII Identity (Ausweiss) Documents (2, marked retail $150 ea) plus 1941 Civilian Driver's License (retail $150), US WWII ration Books (2) C/W Coupons. GB 1940s-60s Armed Forces Special Vouchers £1 (4) & 10/- (2), similar to banknotes. Plus various patriotic labels (60) from Aust, GB, Italy & USA & some odds & ends. Interesting group, total marked retail $1200+. (95 items)SOLD at A$250

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3d 1957 UNC. McD cat UNC $1200, Choice $2800. Scarce in quantity. (40)AVAILABLE at A$230
50c & $1 Coins mostly average circ inc many commemoratives. Face value approx $120.SOLD at A$120
Decimal collection: 1c 1966-85, 86-90 inc dupes (32). 2c 1966-85 inc dupes (26). 5c 1966-84, 87-91, 93, 98 inc dupes (32). 10c 1966-85, 88-90, 92, 98 inc dupes (32). 20c 1966-82, 94, 99, 2001 inc dupes (21). 50c 1966-85 plus odd dates to 2001 inc dupe 1966, 1979 & 80 Double bar (32). Housed in 3 x Dansco Supreme (see both sides) albums (retail $65 ea). Majority UNC. McD cat $1200+ plus. Albums $195 total $1400+. (175 coins, 3 albums).AVAILABLE at A$350

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10/- Coombs-Wilson KGVI. sl teller flick, UNC. R-15 cat $1200SOLD at A$300

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£5 Coombs-Wilson QEII Reserve Bank consec run of 3 R-50 aU. McD cat $1200 (3).SOLD at A$450

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$5 Coombs-Randall aU, EF (2), Phillips-Randall (2), VF, gVF Phillips-Wheeler CofA (2), Aust, Knight-Wheeler Gothic centre & side threads, OCRB. Fraser-Cole. Mostly aU/UNC unless mentioned otherwise. McD cat approx $1200.SOLD at A$300
Australia Pre-Decimal Collection: ½d 1911-64 comp (ex 1923, 63). 1d 1911-64 comp (ex 1930) plus duplicates inc 1920 double dot (2) & additional part collection inc 1925, 46 (292). 3d 1911-64 2x part collections plus dupes (120). 6d 1910-63 comp (ex 1912) plus dupes (94). New Guinea 1936 1d to 45 1/- (18). Average circ-UNC. Decimal album 1966-84 1c-50c incomplete. Pre-decimal album ½d & 1d duplicates (69). World album inc Great Britain 18th Century token (7), Canadian tokens (5). Amusement tokens (40) & others. (Lot)SOLD at A$525
Great Britain Accumulation: 806-841 AE Sceat Eahred, Edward I 1272-1307 AR 1d one holed. Cut Farthings c1200+ (3) 1835 1/3 Farthing. ½d 1880, 1937 to 56 coll'n comp in album. ½d 1902. 1d Cartwheel with flts (3), 2d with faults (2) Silver 3d to 2/6 (13). 5/- 1819 ex mount, 1935, gilt 1887 1/- enamelled in 4 colours. Tokens AE (6). Silver 1811 1/- Newark, 1811 3/- Bank Token flts. Medallions inc 1924 British Empire Exhibition (4), ors (4). Album 1ds 1902-1936 (36). (Lot).SOLD at A$220
World accumulation in 6 albums. USA Inc $1 1879S, 1921S. A few silver from 50c to 10 & other minors 1c-$1 mostly 1900s plus some copies. Africa: South Africa pre-decimal & decimal, Zambian German East Africa 1910J Rupie, Rhodesia, East Africa. New Zealand mostly decimal 1c-$2 but a few ½d to 2/6. Hong Kong, Brunei & India KEVII onwards. Great Britain 1/4d to 2/6 from QV onwards to decimal mixed World album variety of denominations inc German 1936 silver 5 Mark. Wide variety. Albums VGC. Total weight inc albums 11.5+kg. (Probably 1200-1600 coins)SOLD at A$400

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Africa: Superb collection of former French & Spanish Colonies, 17 diff 1983-2003 all in UNC. Comprises Cameroun 1000 Francs 1985 & 1990. P-25, 26b. Central African Republic 1000 Francs 1985 & 1990 P-15, 16. Central African States 10,000 Francs 2002 'U' (Cameroun). P210U. Chad 1000 Francs 1985 P-10. Congo Republic 1000 Francs 1985, 1991 & 1992. P-9, 10c, 11. Djibouti 1000 Francs ND (2) P-37d, P37e. Equatorial Guinea 1000 Francs 1985 P-21. Gabon 1000 Francs 1985 & 1990 P-9, 10a. West African States 2000 Francs 2003 'C' (Burkin Faso) P-316Ca, 1000 & 2000 Francs 2003 'D' (Mali) P-415Da, 416Da. Odd light handling mark. All diff. Retail $1200+ (17).SOLD at A$650

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Eastern Europe: Quality Selection of former Soviet bloc countries 1919-2007 (highlights noted) - Albania (1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1), Croatia (7), Estonia (1), Lithuania (12) inc 10 Litu 1991, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2007 P-47a, 56a, 59, 65, 68 All UNC. Poland (3), Romania (4) incl 500,000 Lei 2000 P-115a UNC, 50 Lei 2005 P-120a UNC. Russia (1), Uzbekistan (8) inc 3 & 5 Sum 1994 'ZZ' Replacements P-74r, 75r UNC (Unpriced in Pick). 90% of collection is UNC cat US$360++=A$500+ (38).SOLD at A$220
World Mixed accumulation in 3 banknote albums & folder inc Indonesia, France, New Zealand pre decimal & decimal $20 Hardie Star YJ EF cat NZ $120, US cheque 1st National Bank 1887, Great Britain inc British Military Authority, Serbia, JIM & many others. Approx 125 notes plus 1997 World Paper Money catalogue.SOLD at A$150

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Netherlands-Zeeland: (16)19 ½ Daalder (Rijks). Laureate ½ length figure right holding sword, rev Crowned arms dividing date. KM-25. Water worn, G/VG. All ½d Daalders are RARE. Very rare, only 7 of this type recovered. 84% of all coins recovered are in WA museum control. West Australian Museum Certificate no 12042 with sale permit.SOLD at A$950

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Great Britain: 1798 George III gold Spade Guinea EF. S-3729 cat £1200. (P)SOLD at A$1350

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1861 Sydney Mint Type II Minor rev field scuff which does not detract, practically UNC & rare this nice. McD cat UNC $12000 (P)AVAILABLE at A$4200

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1893S QV Jubilee head. Light obv bagging, lustrous UNC. McD cat $1200. (P)SOLD at A$700

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1925 - Lovely satin tone, well struck, perfect fields with only the very slightest cabinet friction on the obverse high points Choice UNC. Ren cat $1200, McD cat $1350. (P)SOLD at A$800

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50c NDV (1991) Double Rams Head Reverse, 1 rotated approx 120 degrees. UNC. One of 3 known examples. R9. Extremely rare. (P)SOLD at A$4000

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2016 Legends RAM set 5c-$2 with First Mints C mm $1. Ballot only mintage 1200 sets. (2 sets).SOLD at A$210
20c 2016 Arnold Machin portrait, 20c Raphael Maklouf's portrait, 50c Ian Rank-Broadley portrait. Each in separate Limited Edition Royal Australian Mint folder together with 3 diff imperforate stamp m/sheets. Each M/sheet in folder individually numbered with only 120 sets produced. Very scarce.SOLD at A$150

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Northern Territory: K. Richard, Gillard & Company, Emungalan, North Australia c1920 One Pound No. 120 company note or "Shinplaster". Emungalan was a town once situated 5km north of Katherine, Northern Territory. It served as the terminus of the "Northern Territory Railway" until 1928. With the completion of a new bridge, a shift took place to the new town site of Katherine. By 1927 the town was deserted with all of the railway facilities dismantled & re-erected 100km away at Mataranka. Practically UNC & Rare. (P)SOLD at A$800

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10/- Coombs-Wilson KGVI. R-15. Slightest teller flick, UNC. McD cat UNC $1200.AVAILABLE at A$375

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1999 $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Annual Dated Folder Deluxe Low Numbered Notes with matching serials AA99 001414. McDYF30 Ren cat $1200.SOLD at A$450

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1952D 5 Mark Centenary-Nurnberg Museum. Slabbed PCGS MS65 KM-113 cat MS63 US$1200=A$1160, unpriced higher. (P)AVAILABLE at A$600

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1911, 16 KGV 6d. Fully lustrous UNC. S-4014 cat £120. (2)SOLD at A$90

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1969 Investiture Prince of Wales medal. Head right, rev Carnarvon Castle. AR, edge stamped Fine Silver no 120, 57mm by P Vincze, 83.6g. ASW 2.693.SOLD at A$75

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5000 Schilling 4-1-1988 UNC. P-153a cat US$675 TBB cat US$850=A$1200. Face value A$588. (P)SOLD at A$725

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Chartered Bank: $500 1-1-1977 gVF. P-72d Ma-S42a cat VF HK $6000, EF HK $12000 = A$1980. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Miscellaneous: Gold ring stamped 9ct WMC with large stone. Total weight 5.7g. Sterling silver fob chains with T-bar 120g (3). Sterling silver fob with 9ct gold inlay. Military: WWII Rising Sun hat badge in copper (2) 1 plated. Australia title. ANZAC Sweetheart badge with mini rising sun. NSW Ambulance Corp 2nd bar in Sterling silver. Variety of other badges, jewellery, watches, carving set & grooming kits. (Lot)SOLD at A$275

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Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles 317-289BC AE Litra (10.2g). Head of Artemis Soteira right quiver over shoulder rev. Winged thunderbolt. S-1200. gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Thessaly, Larissa c405/0-370BC AR Drachm (6.2g) Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left wearing ampyx & necklace rev Horse standing right preparing to lie down cf S-2120, L-S group VI gVF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Obverses all crowned & robed left or right. Variety of reverses inc ship, arms, lion, rose, Westminster Abbey & Britannia. WM, AE, silver, gilt. Diameter 25-45mm. Mostly EF-UNC. Gio CM235a(var), CM240, CM241, CM242, CM243, CM246c, CM247c,d, CM251b,c, CM252, CM256a,var (bronze), CM271d cat U$555-$855 (A$770-$1200). Vendor cost $580+. (14) (P)SOLD at A$300

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Great Britain: Commentationes De Nummis Saeculorum IX-XI. The Sigtuna Coinage c995-1005AD by Brita Malmer 1989. Extensive & detailed coverage of the Scandinavian imitations of Anglo-Saxon coins minted at the Sigtuna Mint. 120 pages plus 35 plates each with an additional page with full hand drawn details/portrait & legend. Published by Spink & Son. A must for any serious collector. Slight water damage to back cover.AVAILABLE at A$30

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Great Britain: Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Volume 27. Lincolnshire Collections 1. The Hill Collection: Lincolnshire coins. 2. Other English, Irish & Continental coins to 1272 by A Gunstone. 1981. 120 pages plus 58 plates. Ex Libris Shiel & B S Perry. VGC.AVAILABLE at A$80

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The Sigtuna Coinage c995-1005 Commentationes De Nummis Saeculerum IX-XI in Suecia Repertis. Noval Series 4 by Brita Malmer. 120pg, 36 plates. 1989. Important 'Sylloge'. Distributed by Spink.AVAILABLE at A$40