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1945 War Savings 'PO 5-Year Cash Certificates' all diff with 10R series A1 watermark error 'GOVT OF INDIA & stars', then others all correct wmk 'GOVT OF BURMA & elephant' 10R series A1, 20R series B1, 20R series H1 with 'Joint Certificate Class A' imprint at top, 100R series D1, 100R series K1 with the 'Class A' imprint, 500R series E1, 500R series L1 with the 'Class A' imprint, & 1000R series F1. All are large banknote size format, with British Burma coat of arms at top middle. Mostly UNC/aUNC, 1 edge damage. Lesser selection sold for an average of £36+ each at a London auction in 2010, which would make these £324+. Plus 1950s-60s Savings Certificates bilingual headings & value 500R, only Burmese inscriptions & values 10R & 100R, provisionally amended with payout rate table on back cancelled by large cachet, & with new listing stapled to back. Rare group. (12) (P)SOLD at A$90