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Books: WWII Book Collection (14) inc 'The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich' Shirer 1962. 'Hitler's Field Marshalls & Their Battles', Mitcham 1988. 'Nuremberg - Infamy on Trial' Persico 1995. 'Phoenix Triumphant - The Rise & Rise of the Luftwaffe', Hooton 1994. 'Hitler's Death, (Russian last Great Secret from the Files of the KGB)', 2005 (Brand new, retail $60). 'Inside the Third Reich' (1st Edition 1970) & 'Infiltration' (1st Edition 1981), both by Albert Speer. 'Albert Speer', Sereny, 1995. 'Hitler's Pope-The Secret History of Pius XII, Cornwell 1999. 'The Rommel Paper' Liddell Hart, 1953. All comp with dj. F-VF or better condition, retail $420+. 'Hitler, A Study in Tyranny', Bullock, 1st edition 1952 & 'The Life of Field - Marshall Erwin Rommel', Irving 1977, both w/o dj. 'Hitler & Stalin- Parallel Lives' by A Bullock, 1190 pgs - p/back pub 1991. Also '2194 Days of Wars', larger size book with 754 pgs, comp with dj. Overall F-VF or better condition. Total retail. Around $500. (15)SOLD at A$100

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Australia: WWII pr British War medal & Australian Service medal impressed to PM4219 F CRESWELL. Enlisted in the Navy 26 Jan 1942 discharged 10 Jul 1946. Another pr impressed NX77971 FN McINNES enlisted 11 Dec 1941 discharged 6 Dec 1945. Plus unnamed 1939/45 & Pacific Stars (6 medals).SOLD at A$120

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$5 Macfarlane-Evans Federation 1st prefix AA01 consec run of 10. UNC. R-219F cat $450. (10).SOLD at A$160

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$5 Macfarlane-Evans Federation 1st prefix consec pr, general prefix, Macfarlane-Henry (20)03 inc 2 consec prs (5). (20)05 consec pr & consec run of 11. UNC. R-219F, 219, 220b, 220c cat $400 (21)SOLD at A$150

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$5 Macfarlane-Evans Federation last prefix JD 01 consec run of 10 UNC. R-219L cat $450. (10).SOLD at A$160

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Seleucid Kings of Syria. Demetrios II Nikator 2nd Reign 129-125BC AR Tetradrachm (14.1g). Tyre mint issued 126/7BC. Diademed & draped bust right rev Eagle standing left on ships ram palm branch over shoulder cf S-7105, SC 2195.2c. EF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Vitellius 69AD AR Denarius (2.7g) Rome 69AD. Laureate head right rev Libertas standing holding pileus & sceptre aVF. cf S-2198, RSC-47. (P)SOLD at A$250

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1937 Abdication of King Edward VIII medals. Bare head right, rev legend on a wide border. Crowned robed bust right (2 diff finishes), reverses blank. AR, 32mm, by WH Hasler Ltd. The last hallmarked. Gio-CM219b var, CM220b,c. aU or better. All very scarce. (3) (P)AVAILABLE at A$150

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1936 The 3 Kings of 1936 set of 3 medals. 1935 KGV Jubilee, 1936 KEVIII Abdication & 1937 KGVI Coronation, rev blank. Silvered bronze, 32mm by W H Hasler. This early set uses CM219 obv UNC. Gio-CM357a2, BHM-4365. Very rare. (P)AVAILABLE at A$300