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China: Slabbed Notes. Central Bank of China 10 Yuan 1942, 500 Yuan 1944, 50 Customs Gold Units 1930, 10000 Yuan 1948. P-245c, 267, 329, 386. Slabbed PMG Gem UNC 66 EPQ, Choice UNC 64 NET, Gem UNC 66 EPQ, Choice UNC 64. People's Bank of China 5 Jiao 1972 P-880c PCGS Gem UNC 60 OPQ. Chinese Italian Banking Corp 1 Yuan 1921 P-S253r Choice UNC 64 EPQ Kwangtung Provincial Bank $1, $5 1931 P-s2421c, P-S2422d Choice UNC 64. Tatou Wu Chi Cheng Money Exchange $1 1913 P-NL. Slabbed PCGS Choice UNC 63 details Printing Museum 2012 note without denomination Year of the Dragon. (10 inc 9 slabbed)SOLD at A$250

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Central Reserve Bank of China: 1940-44. P-J4, J9, J10, J12, J24, J25c, J32. F-UNC. Farmers Bank of China 1935-40. P-454, 461, 462, 463, 464, 1x VG others gVF-UNC. Kwangtung Provincial Bank 1931 $1. P-S242. gVF. British American Tobacco Company $1 Local Currency. UNC. P-NL. (14)SOLD at A$210

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Gordian III 238-244AD AR Antoninianus. Uncertain mint, possibly Antioch 242-4AD. Radiate head right, rev Gordian standing right in military attire holding transverse spear & globe. (4.44g). gVF. S-8659. (P)SOLD at A$70

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Obverses all crowned & robed left or right. Variety of reverses inc ship, arms, lion, rose, Westminster Abbey & Britannia. WM, AE, silver, gilt. Diameter 25-45mm. Mostly EF-UNC. Gio CM235a(var), CM240, CM241, CM242, CM243, CM246c, CM247c,d, CM251b,c, CM252, CM256a,var (bronze), CM271d cat U$555-$855 (A$770-$1200). Vendor cost $580+. (14) (P)SOLD at A$300

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Great Britain & Ancients: Auction catalogues Glendining & Co. R C Lockett Collection Scottish Coins Part II final 1960. Mack Collection Part 1 Ancient British Anglo Saxon & Norman Coins 1975, English Gold Coins formed by AH Hird 1961. Milled Gold Coins of England & the Dominions 1961. Sotheby & Co Roman Coins from Coll'n F Woodbridge 1975. Ancient English & foreign coll'n coins 1975. All important auctions. Plus Monumental Coins Building & Structures on Ancient Coinage by M Tameanko 242 pages. Extensive background on the diff 'monuments' reverse on Roman & other coinage. New(7)AVAILABLE at A$30