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3d & 6d 1910-64 Collection comp (ex 1922/1 o'date 3d) in repaired Dansco push-in album. Much above average circ to UNC. Inc 3d 1910 EF, 21M gEF, 27 aU/UNC. 6d 1916 VF, 19 gVF, 20 gVF, 21aEF. Total McD cat $2779. List enclosed. (104)AVAILABLE at A$750

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AH1293 Yr 4 (1878) Silver 1 Qirsh NGC Slabbed MS64. One of the finest examples known. KM-277.SOLD at A$100

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Domitian 81-96AD AE Sestertius Rome 86AD (20.8g). Laureate head right COSXV rev. Domitian standing left holding thunderbolt & spear crowned by Victory. S-2774. Nice surfaces VF. (P)NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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1937 Coronation of King Edward VIII medals. Crowned & robed bust left & right. Various reverses inc Royal Arms, School Arms, legend & Britannia. Cupro nickel, bronze enamelled, gilt, bronze, brass, alum 23mm-38mm. All with red, white & blue ribbon & all but the last with top bar. EF-UNC. Gio CM260a, CM261a, CM267b, CM270a,b,c, CM277a, CM278a. Vendor cost $320+. (8)AVAILABLE at A$160

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1936 Abdication medals. KEVIII Portrait left or right, rev inscriptions. AE gilt & AE silvered 36mm by JR Gaunt, AE & AR matt 32mm by WH Hassler. AE & AR matt 35mm by J Pinches & Co, AE & gilt & AR 35mm by J Pinches & Co. aU-UNC. Gio-CM344.1a, 1b (BHM-4273), CM345a, b (BHM-4274), CM347a, c (BHM-4277), CM349b, c (Eimer-2041) cat U$350-$550. (8)SOLD at A$200