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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 19.25% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
1d Red semi-specialised Nov 1914 - July 1917 cover collection (60) inc Jan 16 perf OS/NSW from Copeland north of Taree (cat $50 x 2 for perf OS/NSW), June 1916 deep aniline red pr locally used Richmond VIC (cat $50), April 1916 (Shierlaw front) with 2d Postage Due attached, June 1916 Manly (NSW) to Canterbury (VIC). Mid 1915 Advertising fronts (3) & others mostly in the deep (aniline) red shades. ACSC cat $50ea, total $3000. Also PPC (20) inc some terrific scenes -Rosebud VIC, Sandy Bay TAS (real photo), Killmy & Tiger Snake, plus Nov 1914 Censored Melbourne-Washington USA. Dec 1914 Broken Hill - Wellington NZ & July 1917 Hindmarsh-Yarraville. Variable condition inc a useful range of G-F/VF. Total ACSC $4000 as cheapest (60+ covers, 20 cards)
 SOLD at A$200
½d to 1/4 M/MUH Collection with single wmk (35) inc ½d yellow green (SG 20c), 1d red shades (6) inc rough paper. 4d orange the 5 SG listed shades (cat £300) inc lemon-yellow & pale orange-yellow. 4d blue, 4d olive shades (2), 4½d violet, 5d brown (2) & 1/4 turquoise or greenish blue shades. LM wmk (10) inc 2 diff 1d red shades. SM wmk perf 14, set of 8 to 1/4 inc extra 1d, 1½d shades. SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ comp to 1/4 inc 1d green Die II VFM. 4½d pale violet Die II UN appearance but removed cancel (SG 120a cat £7500 as M), plus both surcharges & 2d, 4d opt OS. CofA wmk set of 8 to 1/4, plus perf OS ½d orange 2d brown, single wmk & 1d green SM wmk perf 14. Mostly F-VF M with odd MUH. Retail $2500+ plus the 4½d. SG cat £2100 plus the 4½d would cat £7500. (91) (P)
1d Green LM wmk study (39) on original 1950s display leaves with Plate 3 flaws 'dot before 1' & 'thinned left frame' se-tenant pr in right marginal blk of 12, ACSC 78(3)na-var cat $400 & Harrison imprint strip of 4 with 'white flaw in right frame' (pos VI/55) cat $225. Plate 4 flaws inc 'distorted One Penny' (VIII/12) & 'thin One Penny' (VIII/14) left marginal blk of 4 (cat $220), 'cnr dot' retouch & 'run N' retouch se-tenant pr in blk of 4 (cat $200), 'neck flaw', 'ferns' & 'secret mark' variety singles FM (cat $225). Harrison imprint blk of 4 with clear 'RA joined' & 'ferns' varieties (cat $375). Plus some shades inc a blk of 4. Harrison strip of 4 reinforced o/w F-VFM with MUH hiding in the multiples. Total ACSC cat $1800. (23)
1d Green No Wmk study (50) on 1950s display pages with Plate 3 varieties 'left frame thinned at LL' (pos VI/30) marginal blk of 4 & Harrison imprint blk of 4. ACSC 79(3)o,r,za cat $400. Plate 4 varieties inc 'wattle line', 'nick in UL frame' & ' neck flaw' left marginal blk of 8 cat $200, 'secret mark' & 'weeping pearl' flaws I upper cnr blk of 4 (cat $140) & 'dry ink' printing with 'secret mark' flaw FM (cat $200 as U non-variety stamp), 'cnr dot' & 'run N' retouch flaws in blks of 4 (2, inc LR cnr) cat $280. Plus 5 other Plate 4 flaws (cat $300), & shades inc deep green blk of 6. Imprint blk toned, o/w mostly F-VFM with some MUH in the multiples. Total ACSC cat $1700. (50)
1½d Red Die II M/MUH collection with SM wmk perf 14 (44) with double, perf at base (4) inc blk of 4 (ACSC cat $300). Mullett imprint prs (6, cat $660) inc Plate 4 (3). Plate 3 LL cnr blk of 4 fresh MUH, plus singles (22) inc wmk inv ($40), 'white flaw below king's head' (ACSC 91(2)h, cat $50), assorted inking varieties (5) inc 'PENCZ' variety, golden scarlet blk of 4 M/MUH ACSC cat $1360. SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ (21) mostly shades mixed M/MUH est cat $250 inc 'white flaw below King's head'. Mostly F-VF, odd aging. Total ACSC over $1600. (65)
1/4 Turquoise single wmk (5) & CofA wmk (3) inc shades. F-VF M/MLH. SG 66 & 131 cat £625. ACSC 128 & 131 cat $1700, both as cheapest shades. (8)
Single wmk 2d study (15) inc 2d Orange (6) with wmk INVERTED perf OS (ACSC 95a,ba cat $100). Cracked Electro through UR wattles, perf OS (ACSC 95Eba(U)o cat $600) & unplated strip of 4, from upper part of the sheet with left stamp showing 'vert line from base of left 2 lower frame' 2d red blk of 4, Electro 11, UR stamp with ACSC listed variety 'white flaw on L of AUSTRALIA (ACSC 96(11)e cat $45) 2d pale scarlet perf OS 'DRY INK' variety (ACSC 96Abc cat $100). 2nd brown (4) with Electro 16 horiz pr pos 4-5, plus another 2 stamps inc perf OS. Mostly G-FU. (15). (P)
Single wmk CTO, 2d brown, 4d blue, 2d red, plus perf OS 4d olive & 1/4 turquoise, plus 1d Engraved. All F-VF CTO ex PO set. ACSC cat $220. Also 1½d intense red VFU. (7)
Single wmk Mint Shade collection (33) ½d to 1/4 with ½d green inc 'Cyprus shade (4) 1d carmine rough paper, 1½d black-brown pr, 1½d red-brown 3 diff shades, 1½d green part imprint single, 2d orange, 3d dull pale blue (3) & intense deep blue shade, 4d blue (3), 4d olive (3), 4½d violet pale to deep colours (4) 5d Chestnut single line perf & 5d comb perf shades (5) inc bright chestnut & 1/4 deeper turquoise blue. Generally F-VF M, 1/4 MUH. ACSC cat (as cheapest) $1950. (33). (P)
Single wmk INVERTED with ½d green shades (2), ½d orange, 1d red (5), 1½d black-brown, 1½d, brown, 1½d red (2) & 4d orange (2). Mostly F-VF M. ACSC cat $840, plus 1½d black-brown, 1½d brown MUH & LM wmk ½d green MUH. Total ACSC cat $1265. (16) (P)
Large multiple wmk M/MUH collection with ½d green (15) inc bluish-green, heavier print shades M (2, cat $60) & pale yellowish-green (2) MUH & MLH ($80). 1d Red Plate 3 LR cnr MUH ($75). 1d Green (9) inc 'RA joined' variety MUH in part imprint horiz pr (cat $75 as M), lower marginal MUH with 'kangaroo's tongue out' flaw (cat $75) & Harrison Plate 3 imprint pr (cat $225). 1½d Black-brown wmk inv pr & single VFM (cat $225), plus wmk upright MUH. 1½d Brown wmk inv FM ($125). Also no wmk 1d green (4) inc 'neck flaw' variety ($60). Mixed M/MUH. Total ACSC cat over $1300. (34)
Large multiple wmk blks of 4 selection (7) with ½d green wmk inv (2), one MUH (ACSC cat $200) other M/MUH ($170) & ½d bluish-green wmk upright. 1d Green Plate 4 LL cnr blk of 4 with 'RUN N retouch' (pos R60) & 'cnr dot' (pos R54) MLH MUH ($200). 1½d red-brown wmk upright (2) M/MUH & 1½d black-brown thin paper VF M/MUH ($400). Neat group, total ACSC cat $1150. (28 stamps)
SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ blks of 4 collection (11) with ½d orange (3), 1d green left gutter blk with 'N-Y joined' variety. 1½d Red (6) inc Plate 2 blk (gum tones) & 3 other cnr blks of 4. 2d Red Die 3 wmk inv blk mixed F-VF M/MUH, ACSC cat $200. Also 1½d golden-scarlet gutter blk of 12 mostly fresh MUH (cat $200), 2d red Die III wmk inv booklet pane of 6, M/MUH (cat $300). Total ACSC cat $1300.
SM wmk 2d/1½d Surcharge imprint blks of 4 Plate 1 (red spots UL cnrs Pos L54, L60) & Plate 3 ('damaged S of Ash'). Both fresh MLH/MUH cat $120. Plate No UR cnr blks of 4 (3) with Plate 2 (2) & Plate 4. All fresh MUH (cat $225 as hinged). 5d/4½d Ash N/A imprint blk of 12 (6x2) with 11 MUH stamps inc 'PENOE' variety (pos 2R56), ACSC cat $285, plus blk of 4 VF M/MUH. Total ACSC cat approx $700. (36 stamps)
SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ fresh CTO (14) ½d to 1/4 inc 4d opt OS & 4½d Die I & II. Perf OS (13) ½d to 1/4 CTO inc extras or shade variations, plus 5 others to 3d. Postally U, mostly perf OS. Total ACSC cat $700+. (32)
CofA wmk blks of 4 collection with ½d orange (3), mostly fresh MUH, 1½d Brown Plate 3 UR cnr blk of 4 M/MUH. 2d red cnr blk of 4 with jumped upper perfs & Ash imprint blks of 4 from 2 diff plates M/MUH. 3d Blue blk of 4 fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $750. (8 blks)
CofA wmk CTO set of 8 to 1/4, plus extras ½d to 1/4. opt OS (8) inc 3d cnr blk of 4 & 5d (2), mostly CTO, plus 2d wmk inverted FU. ACSC cat $380. (23)
Catalogue: ACSC KGV Latest Edition 2018 with 470pgs. Variety section expanded on previous edition inc additional listings in the ever-popular 1914-36 1d section inc CNE errors in violet & green, & red no wmk variety section re-assessed. 4d orange section reorganised with varieties valued in all the major shades. Plus all Pics & Commems to 1936 with Plate No, imperf errors & major varieties etc. New.
CofA Wmk perf VG imprints, 2d blk of 8, 1d Plate 4 blk of 4 & 4d olive blk of 4. Scarce trio. Mostly F-VF M/MUH. ACSC cat $600 as normal blks of 4, perf VG much scarcer. (3 blks)
Imprint pr Collection with SM wmk perf 14 2d brown Mullett Electro 16 (cat $1000 as blk of 4). SM wmk perf 13½x12½ ½d orange (2), 1½d red (3), 1½d brown, 2d red Die III (2, inc opt OS) & 4d olive (plate 3, cat $400 as blk of 4). CofA wmk 1/4 (cat $1000 as blk of 4), 1½d brown, 1d green (plate 4), & 5d brown. Moslty F-VF, odd flts. ACSC cat $2200 (blks of 4 would cat $3700). (14 prs). (P)
KGV Prancing horse 1d red essay blk of 4. VF fresh UN as made. Large margins all round. Multiples becoming scarce. (P)
OS opt set of 7, ½-5d inc SM wmk 2d & 4d. Fresh MUH blks of 4. SG cat £600 as M, should be at least double, £1200. ACSC cat $1100. (28). (P)
OS opts imprints blks of 4 (5) with 3d blue Plate 7 & 8 (cat $750), 2d red, 1d green & ½d orange. F-VF M/MUH. ACSC cat $1225.
Postmark: LHI in bars tying 1d salmon red (G12) blk of 4 to small piece with 'Lord Howe Island MR 17 1915 NSW' cds alongside. Scarce multiple. (P)
 SOLD at A$160
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