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Note: MUH = MNH = UMM = **,    other abbreviations click here
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1924 issues as per SG 1d-4½d single wmk, 1d green LM wmk, 1d & 1½d no wmk. F-VF MUH. SG 76-84 cat £140 for M, should be at least double, £280 MUH. ACSC cat $560. (9).
½d Orange Single wmk Harrison imprint blk of 4, & ½d orange SM wmk perf 13½ x12½ Ash imprint blk of 4. VFU with contemporary dated cds. Scarce pr. ACSC cat M $350.
1d Red date collection 1st Sep 1914 to late Dec 1918, very comprehensive with 1375 strikes, missing mainly Sundays or Public Holidays o/w a high degree of completion. Also October 1920 dates (18) from the final red printing. A beautiful collection all with clear dates visible, possible shade interest inc salmon & pink colours in the smooth papers. (1400)
 SOLD at A$950
1d Red smooth paper plated variety collection with diff from Pane 1 No 1 'flaws top right cnr' to pane 8 No 21 ' spot above crown top' with left plate 'Major' ACSC listed types (10, cat $950) inc 'PENAVY', 'line under RVT', sub-cliches Die I & II, & 'thin G' & 'colour flaw outside right frame', plus another 130 constant flaws inc Die II submerged flaws from the 1st vertical column. Right plate 'Major' ACSC listed flaws (35, cat $1050) inc 'damaged right frame' (2), 'scratch behind emu' (2), 'thinned left frame' (3), 'secret mark' (2), 'wattle line' (2), 'ferns' (3), 'RA joined' (2) & 'thin ONE PENNY', plus another 270 constant plate flaws all plated as to positions. Some duplication, G-F U. ACSC listed flaws cat $2000, plus extras for the others. (475)
1d Red rough paper date collection with 1st printing deep scarlet/red shades (50) 3/1/1917 to 30/3/17. 2nd printing carmine to rose-red shades (120) 24/7/17 to 19/1/18. 3rd Printing red, red-brown, maroon shades (380) 1/3/1918 - 30/11/18. Mostly clear dates, unchecked as received & could contain scarcer rose/rosine shades. Difficult assembly which needs rehousing, so opportunity for further expansion. G-FU. (550)
 SOLD at A$750
1d red rough paper variety/plating collection assembled in pane order with left plates, pane 1 (40) inc 'saddle of emu' (7, cat $280). Pane 2 (200+) with Die II (120) inc plated set of 20, Die II prs (2) & smooth paper Die I-II pr, min ACSC cat $3600, plus premium for unchecked rarer shades & multiples. Pane 3 (70) with ACSC listed flaws 'PENAVY' (10), 'rusted TRC' (3) & 'line under RVT' (5). ACSC cat $1080. Pane 4 (76) inc substituted clich? Die II (5, $625), substituted clich? Die I (8, $1000), 'thin G' (4, cat $600) & 'T dot' (5, $300). Right plates with pane V (40) with 10 assorted ACSC listed flaws ($400) inc 'break in left frame' (4). Pane VI (30) with 6 ACSC listed varieties ($240). Pane VII (30) with 7 ACSC listed flaws ($280) inc 'wattle line', 'ferns' & 'secret mark'. Pane VIII (20) with 7 ACSC listed flaws ($280) inc 'corner dot' (4) & 'Run N', plus extras (100). Huge effort with the right plate flaws much rarer than ACSC indicates. Total cat for listed flaws $8700, plus extra for the unlisted plated stamps & the rare shades a bonus. G-F/VF U. (600) (P)
 SOLD at A$1200
1d Red shade/variety mixed F-VF M/MUH with dull red (G16) upper marginal blk of 14 with ACSC listed varieties 'Cut in left frame' (pos V/1) & 'Notch in left frame' (pos V/7) MUH with sl suntanned gum (see photo), ACSC 71E(3)d, e cat $450. Deep scarlet aniline Thin paper MUH (cat $150 with 2008 Drury photo cert), 1d rose (G21) lower marginal trio (VI/55-57) & pr (VI/59-60) with 'Flaw in right frame' & Deformed Shading in oval variety (ACSC 71K(3) r, s cat $210). 1d carmine-rose (G30) wmk INV lower marginal blk of 4 MLH/MUH (cat $250). Another blk of 4 VFM with 'Ferns' variety at LR ($180), Deep carmine-rose plated blk of 4 MLH ($120). Also smooth paper 1d red perf OS (M/MUH) marginal blk of 4 with 'RA joined' & 'Ferns' varieties (cat $300), plus extras inc another blk of 4. Then Rough papers (9) inc wmk INV pr FM ($200), vert pr M/MUH ($100), 'Bright red' shade blk of 4 MLH/MUH ($250) & carmine-rose single fresh MUH ($100). Useful little group with plated multiples no longer easy to find. F-VF M/MUH. Total cat $2500. (48)
1d Red Die II plated collection (50) with all 20 diff types on individual hagners with enlarged illustration showing the primary flaws inc the diff Die II types & spur angles, plus associated secondary flaws which developed during period of printing. Then unplated examples (120) inc Die I/II perf OS & Die II/I joined prs (cat $325), Die II, I, I strip of 3 ($60) Die II, III pr (scarce), wmk inverted (2, $650), perf OS smooth & rough papers ($230) & assorted incivile stamps (112) inc dates examples (23) Oct 1914 - Nov 1918, plus 1915 taxed cover to USA (cat $200). Interesting assembly ACSC cat $4500. (170, plus Die II cover)
1d Red Die III variety collection on illustrated exhibition pages with 14 diff plated types inc 'flaw in king's ear lobe' (pos 3), 'white flaw under emu's tail' (2), 'break in upper frame at right' (2), 'scratch below right wattle stem' (pos 48), 'flaw on S of Australia' (cat $300), 'white tip on king's beard' (pos 57), 'diag break in UL cnr' (pos 68), 'white flaw on king's head' (pos 75) & 'flawed E of POSTAGE'. Mostly F-VF U, ACSC cat $3300. (16)
1d red Die III wmk INVERTED group of 7 with ACSC listed varieties 'thinned US of Australia' (cat $500 x2 for wmk inv) & 'white tip to king's head' (cat $200 x2), plus 2 minor flaws & 3 sl diff shades. G-F U. Total ACSC cat $2150. (7) (P)
1d Red LM wmk with carmine-pink Cooke printings (2), one with Drury photo cert, other with clear 1918 Camperdown cds. Then Harrison printings (27) inc 23 diff ACSC listed flaws (cat $3950) inc Dot before 1 & Thinned left frame horiz joined pr ($800), Damaged LR frame, Wattle line, Ferns, RA joined, Neck flaw & N-Y joined. Then 4 other stamps inc uncancelled. Total ACSC cat $4600. (33) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1200
1d Green 'Fern' & 'RA joined' in LR cnr part imprint blks of 4 with Single wmk (3 diff shades), LM wmk (2 diff shades) & No wmk. Generally fresh MUH. ACSC cat $1050 as singles, premium for the multiples. (24 stamps)
1d Green MUH varieties (25) with single wmk 'Ferns' & RA joined part imprint blks of 4 (ACSC cat $280). Then Neck flaw, 'Dot before 1' & RA joined (2 of ea, inc 4 prs, $400). SM wmk perf 14 'Neck flaw' (2, $500) & Dot before 1 (2, $150), plus Die II (2) inc Die I-II pr. All fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $1480 as M, should be at least 150% premium $2200 MUH, plus single wmk, No wmk, LM wmk & SM wmk (both) MUH blks of 4 ($420). Useful research collection inc subtle shade variations. Total ACSC cat $2600. (45)
1½d Green pale to deep shades with blks of 4 (2), prs (2) & singles (7) inc with inking flaws at base & a possible 'Intense deep green' (ACSC 88D cat $325). All F-VF M/MUH, total cat $800. (19)
 SOLD at A$240
3d blue varieties on cover: Single Wmk retouched upper frame or LR cnr, SM wmk perf 14 type B retouched LR cnr, perf 13½x12½ type A retouched LR cnr (flight cover), or Die 2 flaw on R in irregular block of 4. ACSC 105(4)j, 105(4)k, 106(4)l, 107(4)k, 108f, normals cat $550 on cover, varieties x3 to x7. Scarce. (5) (P)
Catalogue: ACSC KGV Latest Edition 2018 with 470pgs. Variety section expanded on previous edition inc additional listings in the ever-popular 1914-36 1d section inc CNE errors in violet & green, & red no wmk variety section re-assessed. 4d orange section reorganised with varieties valued in all the major shades, plus all Pics & Commems to 1936 with Plate No, imperf errors & major varieties etc. New.
Covers: 1920s-30s with 1d red engraved & ½d orange with Kookaburra 3d & Air 3d on FFC Sydney-Brisbane (AAMC cat $250), 1½d brown SM wmk on PPC, 2d brown SM wmk perf 13½x12½ single & pr on covers, 2d red (assume CofA wmk) on 2 covers & 3d blue SM wmk perf 14 to USA, plus 1d green wrapper, 1d red envelope cut-outs on 1918 cover & QEII 3½d red envelope cut-out on 1954 cover. SG cat £60 as loose stamps & FFC cat $250, plus the unusual & rare cut-out usages. (9) (P)
KGV on covers 1920s-30s with 1d red, 1d green (5), 1½d black-brown, 1½d red-brown (3) on cover to 'Para South America' but RTS with 2 h/s cachets & eventually returned to Melbourne DLO 8 months later, 2d orange (3) 1921 to USA, 2d red, 3d blue (2 covers) one registered with SA ½d Surch & Qld 2½d red. Poor to mostly F-VF. (13)
KGV Prancing horse 1d red essay blk of 4. VF fresh UN as made. Large margins all round. Multiples becoming scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$400
Official covers 1930s with 1d green opt OS (no flap), 2d red opt OS (assume CofA wmk) on Stamp Duties Office or Prickly Pear Commissions covers, 3d perf OS (NSW type) & 2d red non-perfins on registered Electoral Commissioner RTS cover, & finally perf OS margin piece from red stamp (1½d or 2d) tied by 'Bullfinch' WA cds & accepted as postage! (5) (P)
OS opt set ½-5d inc SM wmk 2d & 4d. Fresh MUH blks of 4. SG cat £600 as M, should be at least double, £1200. ACSC cat $1100. (7 blks). (P)
 SOLD at A$400
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