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Unsold lots available for sale at indicated reserve plus 21.45% buyer's commission plus postage & insurance. First | Previous | Next | Last | Index
NSW Railway Stamps collection (100) with 1891-1925 1/- purple (4), 1929-65 Pre-Decimals (13) to 3/- inc OS opts. 1966 Decimals (83) to $5 with a variety of Printings & Station Names inc Victoria (8) to 30c Apple Green MUH. Also Cash-Register Print-outs (12). Queensland (32) with Steam-Trains (10) to 1/-, Pre-Dec Numerals (12) to 5/- & Decimals (10) to $10. Then Ephemera inc Travel Tickets (15), Labels (8), Thirlmere Railway M/Sheet Proof blks of 4 (2) inc SPECIMEN opts & misc postal covers (10). Also colour photographs of Queensland Post-Offices mounted on pages with hand-drawn locality maps, all photocopies of the originals, possibly ex Alex A Gavin collection. In large binder.
 SOLD at A$375
New South Wales: 1850-1912 collection on Seven Seas pgs inc 1850-51 Sydney Views 1d plate I & plate II (with clouds), 2d & 3d. 1851-54 QV Laureate set to 8d inc 6d & 8d. 1854 QV Diadem to 1/-, imperf. 1856 QV Registered, imperf & 1860 perf. Later QV to 5/- coin. 1885-94 POSTAGE opt QV 5/- & 10/-. 1888-90 Centenary set to 20/-. 1897 Charity 1d U & 2/6 M. 1891 Postage Due to 20/-. Mostly G-VF. SG cat £5200+ = A$10,000+. (82). (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
New South Wales: Private Perfins on Pre-Commonwealth Era to 1912 (195) with wide variety throughout & range of host-stamps. Also Perfins in Commonwealth Era Numeral Revenues (145) with values to £1 or 30/-. G-FU. Unchecked for rarities & users!! (340).
 SOLD at A$300
New South Wales Postal History/Pmks: 1890s-1930s 6 vol collection emphasis on the cds cancels with covers/cards/postal stationery items (160) inc Albury 1905 cover franked 4d Cook, Bankstown Aerodrome 1962 Airmail to USA. Clarence Street (Registered) franked 1964 Bird 2/5 cream paper, Currububula (1907), Karuah (1934), Limeburners Creek (1912), Moonan Flat (1934), Mudgee (1916) to USA franked KGV 1d red pr & ½d green, Nana Glen (1912) & Uranga (1908). Relief cds (25) with 1930s cut-out cds (18 diff), plus specialised Sydney study to early 1940s inc 1865 Money Order Office folded printed letter to PM. Bowenfells 'Departmental' cds inc Airmail, posted out of course 'boxed' cachets (2) on 1909 & 1910 covers, Postage Paid cds (5) on pieces, Special cds, Supt Mails, Registered, Parcel Office, Late Fee & Posted Shipside. 1905-30s numbered cds 4-60 mostly on KGV Heads, plus some duplexes inc num 40 tying 1d Shield to 1905 advertising envelope featuring blue 'collared' NSW State Flag. Mostly F-VF. (100s)
 SOLD at A$425
New South Wales: Postmark collection in well-filled Lighthouse 60pg s/book with 1960s-90s Country/Suburban Machine Slogan Cancels (approx 900). Then many 100s more early 1900s (pre Kangaroos) to 1990 from Adaminaby Dam to Yetna inc Ardglen, Bass Hills, Bega North, Berkeley, Billimarri, Blacksmiths, Boronia Park, Broadmeadow, Broughtons Creek (on 1880s QV) -renamed Berry 1888 & now quite scarce. Central Concord, Charbon, Clandulla, Collaroy Beach, Corobimilla, Cross Roads & many more, mostly F-VF strikes 1930s-80s, plus range on 1d Shields or 2d QV inc Bangalow, Barrington, Bookham, Curlewis, Hobbys Yards, Hillgrove, Koorawatha, McPhail, Moulamein, Ravenswood, Registered Tamworth, Tatra Point (closed 1951), Wallendbeen & Woodstock. Very messy in places minor duplication, mostly pmk variations. Suit serious student. (Few 1000)
 SOLD at A$525
New South Wales: ACT cover collection 1881-1964 inc 1881 & 1883 inwards to Canberra, 1907 PPC Hall to Dalton with good cds & fair BN 1422, 1911 Tharwa (poor), Registered 1931 Canberra, 1933 Canberra East, Express Delivery 1932 Canberra, 1944 Manuka, 1947 Kingston, 1952 Parliament House & 1964 Canberra City. (11 items)
ACT: 1966-73 (& one later) covers mostly diff cds with Special Delivery (3), Messenger delivery (2) inc Farrer with type 3D(i) cds (not listed Hopson & Tobin), Registered (12) inc Torrens (2 diff labels, postcode 2607 cds), Watson (ACT-AUST cds) & Yarralumla (ACT-AUST cds), these 3 on 1968-70 philatelic covers realised $95, $320 & $60 respectively in 2020 Melbourne auction. (18)
South Australia - Postmarks: CDS/Squared circles on cover or card (50) with cds (12) inc Daveyston (RRR), Dutton (RRR), Hummocks (R), Kangaroo Flat (closed 1921) & Rowlands Flat (R). Squared Circles (40) inc Anama (RR), Klemzig (RRR), New Luxemburg (RRR, 2 strikes on 1895 cover front), Penneshaw (Kangaroo Is, RR) & Tungkillo (closed 1981). Some minor duplication, mostly F-VF. (50)
South Australia - postmarks: 1880s-1930s collection in 2 vols with Squared Circles (130) on QV 2d orange or 2d purple inc Bruce (R), Cockburn, Hallett, Frances (RRR, 4 all on 1880s 2d orange), Hoyleton, Millendilla (RRR), Myponga, Oodlawirra, Red Hill, Riverton & Laura (RR) dated 1888. CDS (50) on 2d orange or 2d purple inc Appila-Yarrowie, Blanche-Town, Beltana (R), Caltowrie (R), Eurelia, Sharps Well & Stockyard Creek. Cancels on KGV 1d reds (55) inc Squared Circles for Black Hill (R), Glencoe (RR), Gumeracha, Laura, Willowie & Wilmington 7 cds inc Alma, Claypans, Copley, Moorlands & Urania. Then more cds 1920s KGV to 1934 Vic Cent inc Australia Plains, Bagots Well (R), Belvedere (RR), Bumbunga (RRR), Caliph, Careys Gully (R), Cooks Plains, Dawesley (R), Dowlingville, Dutton, Elbow Hill, Everard Central (RR), Findon (R) plus odd TPO inc Quorn-Alice Springs (RRR) & Pay Train/Trans Aust Rly (RR). Also 1930s Squared Circles inc Calca, Cape Willoughby, Butler, Eden Valley, Hookina, Montana, Polda, Stockwell & Yardea. Variable strikes with mentioned examples generally F-VF clear impressions. (100s)
 SOLD at A$450
Tasmania - Covers: Tattersalls Mail to Tasmania (42) NSW (10) all Registered inc pre-printed envs (6) pmks inc Numeral 1969, Menindee, Tartna Point & Wellington. S Aust (4) in front to 'Miss Corvan, Holbrook Place Hobart. Victoria (28) with a small range of addresses inc 'Mr MacDonald/Highfield Hall', 'YE Salier/Collins St', 'Bing Maycock/Hairdresser', 'S Coleman/Paternoster Row', 'All Nations Hotel, & 'Tattersall c/o of George Adams'. Also another 23 covers inc NSW Reg Envs (4) sighted Canbelego to Haymarket, stamps pmk Num 2029, mixed Aust/NSW/Tas (2) ½d Green from Melbourne to Birmingham Sept 1913, 1912 from Coffs Harbour NSW to Sydney franked Tasmania ½d Pictorial pr, 6d various ½d Greens on singles 1911 env from Perth to Bathurst, & assorted other mail. Some items with foxing, mostly G-F/VF condition. (65).
Victoria: 1850-1912 Collection inc 1850-57 QV Halflength 1d & 3d. 1852-54 Queen on Throne 2d & 1856 1d. 1854-55 QV Too Late 6d & Registered 1/-. 1857 QV Halflength 3d, perf. 1857-64 QV Woodblock to 2/-, perf. 1863-73 QV Laureate to 5/- inc 8d orange. 1897 QV Charity set. 1900 Boer War Charity set. 1901-12 QV Postage to 5/-. 1884 Stamp Statute £1 postally used. 1886-96 Stamp Duty to £2 postally U. Mostly G-VF U, mixed in parts. SG cat £2900+ = A$5200+. (162). (P)
Victoria: 1850-1912 collection inc 1850-57 QV Halflength 1d, 2d & 3d, plus 3d horiz pr. 1852-54 Queen on Throne 2d, plus 1856 1d & 1858 6d. 1854 QV Octagonal 1/- imperf. 1854-55 QV Woodblock 2/- imperf. 1863-73 QV Laureate to 5/-. 1886-96 Victoria 1/6 blue. 1901 QV no postage to 5/-. 1901-1912 QV Postage to 5/-. 1897 QV Charity set 1d & 2½d. 1900 Boer War Charity set 1d & 2d. 1884-96 Stamp Duty to £10 inc 15/- & 45/-. Also 3/-, 10/- & 15/- U/CTO. Mostly G-VF U, odd M. SG cat £2600+ = A$4700. (280). (P)
Victoria Registered Mail, modest collection from 1930s-80s but mainly 1950s-70s organised by label, stated all diff, almost all blue C6 type, many with RR/RRR rated cancels notes, inc Albert Park South, Ararat North, Bentleigh North, Castlefield, Clifton Hill East, Coburg West, Croxton, Ferntree Gully Lower, Footscray Ballarat Rd, Footscray North, Footscray Park, Horsham North, Kingsville South, Ormond East, Pax Hill, Portland West, Seaholme, Stocksville, Sunshine West, Westbreen & Wiseleigh, a few flts, mostly F-VF. (360+ covers)
Western Australia: 1854-1912 Collection on Seven Seas pgs inc 1854 Swan 1d black. 1854-55 Swan 4d (2) & 1/- imperf. 1860-64 Swan 2d & 6d imperf. 1861 Swan 2d, 4d vermilion M & 6d U, wmk Swan. 1861-88 Swan to 1/- inc 1888 set 1d, 2d & 4d brown. 1902-12 QV Swan to 5/-. 1879 QV Telegraphs 1d M. 1882 Swan IR TWO PENCE, postally U. Stamp Duties to 2/6. Mostly G-VF M/U, mixed in parts. SG cat £2700+ = A$5000+. (87). (P)
 SOLD at A$600
1854-1912 selection inc South Australia 1855-56 QV 2d imperf. Western Australia 1854 Swan 1d black imperf. 1882 Swan opt IR TWO Pence lilac postally used. 1885-93 Swan 2½d M blk of 4. 1875 Swan opt One Penny on 2d horiz pr used. NSW 1897 Consumptives Home 1d Charity M. Victoria 1901-12 QV 1d blk of 12, 3d & 6d blks of 4 M/MUH. Also 1870s-1905 NSW covers with contents to USA or Newfoundland. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £810+. (52, 5 cvrs).
 SOLD at A$180
1854-1912 NSW Queensland & Victoria old-time dealer's stock in 3 miniature approval albums, plus approval booklet, inc NSW 1882-1912 QV Diadems inc 3d, 5d with shades & wmks, & 8d. Centenary issues 1888-99 to 8d inc shades (most M). Queensland 1860-80 QV Chalon to 5/- inc wmk & shades plus registered stamps. Also 4d, 6d & 1/- h/s SPECIMEN. 1879-81 QV Sideface to 1/- inc blks. 1882-95 QV Large Chalon to 10/-. 1882-95 QV Solid background to 2/- inc blks. 1897-1907 QV blank background to 2/-. 1907-11 QV Large Chalon to 10/-. Victoria 1854-55 QV Woodblock 6d selection inc on piece. 1858 Queen on Throne range of 6d inc shades. 1857-58 QV Emblems range inc imperf, roul & perf. 1867-83 QV Laureate to 1/-. 1858 QV Halflength 3d plus QV Octagonal 1/- imperf on cover front. 1900 Boer War Charity set 1d & 2d. 1901-12 QV & KEVI to £1. Mostly F-VF M/U, some mixed as expected. SG cat £4100+ = A$8000+. (1250).
 SOLD at A$700
All States range on DIY leaves with NSW inc 1907 Shield 1d Die II large Crown/A wmk, strip of 6 M/MUH, SG 354 (cat £162), Fiscals inc 1904-14 KEVII 9d M, Queensland inc Postal Fiscals 1871-72 burele band 1/- M (cat £180), 1892 QV Fiscals 1/-, 10/-, Used. South Australia Fiscals inc 1904 KEVII to 2/6, 1916 to 5/- Used, Tasmania small selection inc 1904 1½d on 5d blk of 4 M/3MUH with 'misplaced opt' variety, few Fiscals. Victoria inc Fiscals 1871 1/- (2), 2/-, 1884-96 inc 45/-, £10 perf 12½ Used, 1884 1d blue-green perf 12½ GU & 1887 £5 U. West Aust 1882-1910 mostly G/FU, plus 1906 1d rose-pink wmk Crown/A upright perf 11 blk of 4, VF M (SG 151b cat £400). An interesting lot, some mixed condition but many F-VF. Total cat Elsmore $870 & SG cat £1350 = A$2400. (490)
 SOLD at A$300
Australia States: 1850-1912 collection in 4 albums inc NSW 1856-60 QV Diadem 1d & 2d, imperf. 1861-97 QV Coin 5/-. 1888-90 Centenary to 5/-. 1897 Charity 1/-. 1891 Postage Due to 8d. Queensland 1860-80 QV Chalon to 2/-. 1882-95 QV Large Chalon to £1. 1897-1912 QV 4 cnr numerals to 2/-. Tasmania 1863-91 QV Chalon to 1/-. 1899-1900 Pic to 6d. South Australia 1868-1900 QV to 2/-. 1899-1901 OS opt QV 1d variety opt grossly shifted, reading S.O. Western Australia 1860s-1912 Swans to 1/-. Victoria 1850-57 QV Halflength 1d & 3d 1852-54 Queen on Throne 2d. 1854-55 QV Woodblock 2/- imperf. Mostly G-VF M/U, usual mixed in parts. SG cat £3100+ = A$5500+. (950).
Postmarks, Postal History, Cinderellas, scarcer stamps from all six States/Colonies plus some pre-1900 British Empire/Europe on 38 uncirculated RSPC circuit sheets with wide & eclectic range of the exotic & unusual (see scans) inc NSW 1857 Grafton-England cover franked 6d Diadem imperf with light Numeral 90 cancel. Other Numeral Cancels inc 31, 249, 283, 2032 (all RR) & 1308, 1964 (both RRR). 1960s-70s QV Diadems 6d (7), 8d (5) & 1/- rose (13). QLD inc Numeral 411 (RRR) on QV 2d, Num 666 (RRRRR) on QV Large Chalon 2/6, BNG barred pmk on QV 2d blue. Early 1900s 2-line Registered h/s inc Multabar & Normanton on cover. South Australia QV opt REPRINT plus assorted pmks. Tasmania 1890s PTPO tripleton envelope with QV 1d (2) & ½d vermilion. Numeral cancels inc 239 (R), 326 (RR), 344 (RRRR) on QV, plus Lake Leake cds on 1940 dated piece. Also mixed stamps, pmks, Revenues from all six States. Australia Commonwealth inc Kangaroo ½d green wmk INV (cat $75), KGV 1d red with ACSC listed plate flaws & foreign inc GB high cat QV Sidefaces, Europe imperfs plus some covers. USA 1862 Black Jack 2c & good variety of Cinderellas from all over the place. From collector of the odd & curious, realistically priced totalling $2540.
 SOLD at A$800
Postmarks: 1980s-90s cds accumulation on large cut square franked pieces showing full cds. All States represented from Northern Territory to Western Australia. Unchecked as received from Victorian sources, weight 1.25kg, approx 5000 cds.
Revenues: 1920s-70s accumulation with Queensland Bft cat £1600+ inc 1920s Producers Association 1d red-brown (3) on separate Cooper Bros invoices. Scarce. Bft cat £15 ea as loose stamps. Buffalo Fly 1d, 3d (3), 2/6 on 1955 invoice & 2d, 2/6 on 1956 invoice, a pr of scarce documents Bft cat £60 as loose stamps alone. Early 1970s Buffalo Fly (120) to $2, singles/multiples on ledger fragments. 1924 Workers Card with 3d Unemployment Insurance (52) attached (Bft cat £75). Victoria Bft cat £625 with 1930s Relief Tax (125) to 3/- many still attached to ledger fragments. Total Bft ca £2400+ = A$4500+. (400)
 SOLD at A$450
Selection: South Australia: 1870 QV 4d ultramarine opt 3-PENCE in red FU SG 91 cat £120. Victoria 1901 QV 'Postage' wmk V crown, perf OS 1d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 4d, 5d, 9d, 1/- fresh CTO (w/o gum). Melbourne 1906, ACSC cat $125, unlisted in SG. Queensland 1867-72 printed receipts (32) most with 1860s/70s QV 1d blue or 1d violet Revenues attached. Also Indian State Faridkot 1879 1f yellow Revenue in full sheets of 160 imperf & perf. (320)
 SOLD at A$150
Rare Postmark group with Queensland Numeral 365 of Hungerford (QLD/NSW border), 3 strikes tying QV 1d vermilion to registered cover to Tasmania. South Aust 1912 PPC from Woodville to Tumby Bay, with 'MISSENT TO' cachet & South Kilkerran 'squared circle' pmk at left, redirected South Hummocks with Yallunda Flat 'squared circle' pmk at UR. Tasmania Numerals 248 (RRR) & 253 (RRRR) near comp strikes on QV 2d green, plus 1960s cds Egg Lagoon (King Island, RR) & Kamona (RR) on pieces. Victoria numeral 2047 (RRR) double struck on Kangaroo 1d red. (7).
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