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1879 - 1943 High grade 1c collection, all slabbed by PCGS or NGC. French Cochin China. 1879A XF40BN, 84A AU58BN. French Indo China: 1885A 64RB, 86A AU55BN, 87A 62BN, 88A 63BN, 89A 63BN, 92A AU55BN, 93A VF30BN, 94A 62RB, 95A XF40BN, 96A 63BN, 97A 65BN, 98A 63BN, 99A 62BN, 1900A 63RB, 01A 66RD, 02A 64RB, 03A 63BN, 06A 62BN, 08A 63BN, 09A 63BN, 10A 64RB, 12A 63RB, 13A 63BN, 14A 62BN, 16A 63BN, 17A 65RD, 18A 63RB, 19A 65BN, 20A 64RD, 21A 64BN, 21 62BN, 22A 64RB, 22 64RB, 23A 63RB, 23 64RB, 26A 63BN, 27A 65RB, 30A 64RB, 31A Torch 63RB, Wing AU58BN, 37A 65RD, 38A 64+RD, 39A 64RD, 40 type 1 MS61, 41 MS63, 43 MS67. 33 in NGC slabs & 15 in PCGS slabs. Most dates in high grade are ridiculously undervalued. One of the highest graded sets known. Vendor Reserve. (48) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$30000
1901A 2 Sapeque KM-6 Slabbed PCGS MS64RD. 1938, 39 ½ cent KM- 20 PCGS MS65RD, NGC MS64RB. 1923(p), 38A, 39A cent KM-12.3, 12.1, PCGS MS63RB (2). MS64RB. (6)
 SOLD at A$275
1906A Piastre KM-5a.1 Slabbed PCGS MS61. (P)
 SOLD at A$300
1922H Piastre. Lustrous aU. KM-5a.3 (P)
 SOLD at A$120
1938 5 cents KM-18 Copper-nickel. Slabbed NGC MS65. Scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$200
1943 5 cents KM-27 Slabbed NGC MS66. 1900A, 29A 10 cents KM-9, 16.1 PCGS AU58, NGC MS64. 1941S, 45(a) 10 cents KM-21.1a, 28.1 PCGS MS63, MS65. 1927A, 41S, 45B 20 cents KM-17.1, 23a.2, 29.2 NGC MS64, MS63, PCGS MS62. 1947(a) Piastre reeded edge KM-32.2 PCGS MS64. (9)
 SOLD at A$250
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