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1914-18 War AIF Rising Sun badge embroidered 'Soldier Art'. Colour embroidered badge design of high quality on white 'duck' (light canvas) material 530mm x 440 mm. Made by 4781 Pte Daniel Joseph Fitzgerald, 15th REOs to 9th Inf Bn, AIF whilst recuperating from influenza at St Anne's Hall (Berkshire UK) 1917. Embroidered title below 'Rising Sun': 'March 1917 - D Fitzgerald - St Anne's Hall'. A labourer from Esk QLD, Fitzgerald enlisted 1/10/1915 in Bris. Only 5 months after his influenza hospitalisation Fitzgerald was again sent to hospital suffering from shock caused by lightning strike! He returned to Aus 3/9/1919 & disch Brisbane. With copy of archive file. Exc. Eminently suitable for framing. (P)
1944 Scarce POW stampless lettersheet (stained etc) with 'Melbourne 6 OCT 1944' machine pmk & 'Service of Prisoners of War' cachet. From Marrinup Camp WA, to Italy, with censor tape & h/s plus 'Staffolo' arrival b/s.
Badge: Rising Sun badge collection 7 diff designs of Rising Sun hat badges replica in wooden display case. Sands of Gallipoli Prominent Medals of Gallipoli limited edition medallions. Vial of Sand from the beaches of the Gallipoli Peninsula & 6 medallions finished in polished silver depicting medals from WWI in case of issue. 2007 $1 50th Anniversary SAS (Special Air Service) PNC.
 SOLD at A$100
Badge: Queensland ca 1890 Qld Scottish Regt Helmet Plate. White metal, QV crown. EF. Grebert: 215. Rare. (P)
Badges: Artillery collar badge 1903-30 (2) Engineers Kings Crown, RAAF Cap badges 4 diff, inc 2xKC Corp of Signals Cap, collar & lapel, Chaplains, Royal Australian Regiment, Royal NSW Regiment, Infantry, VAD Australia, Lewis Gunner & 7 others. Plus 60th Anniversary WWII Commemorative medal (2). (25).
 SOLD at A$200
Badge: WWI Mothers & Widows ribbon with 1 star. Numbered 5988 on back. Scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$240
Badges: WWI/II Rising Sun hat & collar badges, Australia title, RAAF cap badges (3, 1 missing lug), RAF in brass (1). RCC Bullion cap badges (2). Plus Airforce buttons (6), badges, ribbon bar, pips (21). (30)
 SOLD at A$100
Badges: WWI Return from Active Service badges (2), WWII (1), Medically Unfit badges (2), Red Cross badges (3 diff). Other badges inc Association (13), Sweetheart badges (7).
 SOLD at A$210
Badges for Royal Aus Navy Ex-Naval Men's Assn Submarines OCA, variety of diff RSL badges inc large type (4). (15). Bag of modern badges inc Legacy ANZAC etc (24) plus Great Britain On War Service 1914, On War Service 1915 (2), War Munition Volunteer. (45).
 SOLD at A$200
Badge: WWI c1916 War Service For Australia issued to civilian staff at 1st AIF headquarters (House Ferries Rd, London). Most recipients were female. AE 52x40mm. RARE. (P)
 SOLD at A$625
Badge: 1917 War Chest For Our Soldiers gold pin badge. 9ct 2.3g 21mm. (P)
 SOLD at A$110
Badge: 1939-45 Aircraft Production Commission Employees Factory Pass badge. Chromed & enamel by P.J. King. Serial number '239', sector 'C'. aEF. Scarce
Badge: 1939-45 Mother's & Widows badge with bar & 1 x star by Angus & Coote, 1942. Serial/issue no. 'A10609'. Brooch pin rev. Unresearched. EF. Scarce
Badge: WWII Mothers & Widow's badge with 1 star no A3494 by G&E Rodd 1940 Aust Awarded cat $150. (P)
 SOLD at A$90
Badges - Sweetheart: Aust & GB. Royal Navy in sterling silver, brass & nickel plated. RAAF WWII sterling silver 9ct plated, gilt, nickel plated, enamel & perspex. Kings Rifle Corp sterling silver. Kings Labour Corp sterling silver. Rifle Brigade in 9ct gold. 10th Cameron Highlanders. Royal Marines cap badge made into brooch. (13)
 SOLD at A$150
Badges: WWI Return from Active Service (3) Medically Unfit no lugs & holed. WW2 Mothers badges with 1 star (2), 2 stars (1). Return from Active Service badges Kings crown (4). All Army Great Britain 1915 On War Service cap badge. (12).
 SOLD at A$200
Badges: WWI & WWII: Medically Unfit WWI WWII, Female Relatives badges WWI 1 bar, WWII 1 & 2 stars, Mother's & Widows badge WWII 1 star. Return From Active Service WWI (2), RAN WWII standard silvered (by recipient) & female recipient? Post WWII (2) unnumbered. Service within Australia (2), another with research naming recipient. TPI badge, Sailors Soldiers & Fathers Assn Demobilised Soldiers Assn WWI & WWII. Nice lot. (21 badges)
 SOLD at A$400
Bayonet: 1907 British Pattern bayonet made in Lithgow stamped 1917. Scabbard is marked Mangovite '43 with round frog stud. Frog is WWII era green webbing. Blade in good order with remnants of storage grease present. Grips reasonable. Surface rust on handle. Lock lug moves freely. Overall GC.
Bayonet: 1907 British Pattern bayonet made in Australia at Lithgow Small Arms Factory. Mangrovite scabbard. Timber grips good & marked SLAZ '42 on the grip. Overall reasonable condition. Locking lug moves freely.
Bayonet: WWII Pattern 1907 bayonet dated 1942 by Lithgow (OA) working locking stud in matching scabbard. Grease on metal parts of scabbard & blade overall GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Bayonet: WWII Pattern 1907 bayonet dated 1944 by Lithgow (OA). With working locking studs, scabbard & pattern 1937 Frog.
Books: Boer War - Breaker Morant Collection (8 diff) inc Breaker Morant (Carnegie & Shields, 1979), Shoot Straight You Bastards (Bleszynski 2002), Scapegoat of the Empire (Lieut George Witton - 1907, limited edition reprint 2003), Closed File (Denton 1983) & Bushveldt Carbineers (Bill Woolmore 2002). Plus Video & DVD of the 1979 film. Also Methods of Barbarism Roberts & Kitchener in the Boer Republics (SB Spies 2001). South Africa & the Transvaal War (Creswicke 1901) Vols 2, 4, 5 & 6. Mostly F-VF condition with later books near new. Retail $600+ (15 items).
Books: WWII Armed Forces O.A.S. Books written by still serving members & pub by the AWM comp set of all 20 diff with 2nd AIF 'On Active Service' (1941), RAN 'HMAS I-VI' (1942-45), AMF '4' from 'Soldering On' (1942) to 'Stand Easy' (1945), RAAF (4) from 'These Eagles' (1942) to 'Victory Roll' (1945), Communications Branch 'Signals' (1944), VDC 'On Guard' (1944) & 'As You Were' (1946-1950). Most with original paper DJ, 3 still in AWM Mailing boxes. Difficult assembly, cost vendor around $400 to put together! (20)
Books: WWII 1939-45. Australia In The War of 1939-45 Official AWM publications RAAF set of 4 'Royal Australian Airforce 1939-42' (Gillison), Air War Against Japan 1943-45 (Odgers), Air War Against Germany & Italy (Herington), Air Power Over Europe (Herington) all VGC comp with DJ. (Retail $400). Also 'Pictorial History of Australia of War 1939-45' set of 5 (retail $125). Worn spines, GC, plus 'With The Australians In Korea' (Bartlett) with orig DJ. All official AWM publications, total retail around $550. (10)
Books: WWII POW Collection (20) inc Prisoners of War From Gallipoli to Korea (Patsy Adam Smith, 600 pgs, hard cover with DJ, pub 1992). The Diggers of Colditz (Jack Champ, one of 19 Aussies imprisoned there, hard cover with DJ, pub 1985). Dangerous Days - A Diggers Great Escape (E Brough, 2009). POW-Australian Prisoners of War in Hitler's Reich (Monteith, pub 2011). Hellfire, The Story of Australia, Japan & the POW's (Forbes, hard cover with DJ, pub 2005). The Changi Brownlow (R Perry 2010). The Rats of Rangoon (Wing Commander L Hudson). Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence (Ramsay-Silver). The Duke, A Hero's Hero at Sandakan-Caption Lionel Matthews GC MC (D Matthews, pub 2008). Hells Heroes - The Forgotten Story of the Worst POW Camp in Japan (Maynard, pub 2009). Plus 11 others. Mostly VG-near new, retail $550. Also 10 others, mostly British inc 'The Wooden Horse (Williams), Miracle on the River Kwai (Gordon) & Return from the River Kwai (retail $150). Great lot of good reading, total retail/original cost $700. (30)
Books: Vietnam War Literature collection with around 15 diff books inc 'The Team Australian Army Advisers in Vietnam 1962-1972' (McNeill), 2 books original hard cover (1984) & revised soft cover (1992) edition (both only good condition). Then Contact (Lex McAulay), Ghost Platoon (Walker), Mine Fields & Miniskirts (McHugh - 2 diff editions, inc omissions & corrections). The Battle of Coral (McAulay), The Battle of Long Tan (McAulay), The Vietnam Years (Caulfield), Tigermen (Barry Peterson) & Vietnam-The Australian War (Ham). Also other books inc SAS (Phantoms of War) - a history of the Australian Special Air Service (Horner), 'The Crossroad' (Mark Donaldson, VC), Victoria Cross-Australia's Finest & The Battles They Fought (Staunton). Mixed hard/soft cover editions. Mostly VG-near new. Retail $350. (26)
Books: Biographies (8) 'Charles Kingsford Smith' by Fitzsimons, pub 2009, 'Peter Cosgrove - My story' pub 2006, 'Weary, the life of Sir Edward Dunlop & The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop' pub as single vol 1997. 'My War 1939-45' by Michael 'The Breaker' by Kit Denton (1987 edition) large VX 123, missing frontispiece Self pub 1990. 'Brothers in War' by M Walsh, pub 2006, (brief History of 8 brother who served in WWI inc Gallipoli), 'Letters Home 1939-45' Stuart & Arnold 1987, 'Darwin 1942 by Hall, 1980). Some edge foxing on earlier works, later vols near new retail $240. Then large size paper backs (14) inc 'Roden Cutler, VC' by McCullough, 'Nancy Wake' by Fitzsimons, 'The Tiger man of Vietnam' (the story of Barry Petersen), 'Gallipoli - The Extraordinary life of Alec Campbell', 'Colin Murray - Journey to Tobruk', 'Warrior Brothers' & 'Warrior Training' (life in the Australian SAS) by I. McPhedran, 'Four Australians at War, letters to Argyle 1914-19', 'The Bombing of Darwin, the diary of Tom Taylor'. Plus 4 others inc 'Memories of Vietnam' by K Maddock. All F-VF or better condition, with a total retail over $500. Plus video 'The Light Horseman'. (22 plus video)
Books: Larger 'Coffee Table' size books (12) inc Australians at War - A Pictorial History (McDougall 2002), German Military Aircraft (Philpott 1981), Rust in Peace - South Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited (Adams 1976), Bomber Command 1939-45 (Overy 1997), Spitfire - A Complete Fighting History (Price 1991), This is the SAS (Geraghty 1982), The Art of War (Churcher 2004, pub AWN/SBS) & World War II on Land (Chandler 1990). Then others (14) inc Norfolk Island & its 3rd Settlement 1856-1956 (Nobbs 2006, brand new retail $60), Images of Air War 1939-45 (Bowyer 1983), WWII The Axis Assault 1939-42 (Brinkley 2003), Amazing (Australian) SAS (McPhedran 2005), SAS Sniper (Maylor 2010), Bomber County - The Lost Airmen of WW2 (Swift 2010 retail $50) & Eureka - Unfinished Revolution (Fitzsimons 2014, as new retail $60). Mostly F-VF condition inc near new as noted, total retail around $600. (26).
Books Australian War Memorial publications (17). 'Guns of the Regiment' by SN Gower, near new with DJ. 'With the Australian's in Korea' (1957); 'Pictorial History of Australia at War 1939-45 Vol II'; 'HMAS' (1942); 'RAAF log'(1943); Victory Roll' (1945), then Army related (11) with 'Jungle Warfare', 'Khaki & Green', 'Soldiering On' (2 of ea) & 'Active Service', 'Stand Easy' & 'As your Were' 1947, 1949 & 1950. Most with original DJ, VG condition or better. Plus 'The Fragile Forts - the Fixed Defences of Sydney Harbour 1788-1963' (P Oppenhein-Aust Army History Unit) pub 2005; & 'Duntroon (The Royal Military College of Australia) 1911-86'. Near new. (19)
Box Lot: Army Slouch hat dated 1954 6 5/8 fur felt by Northcote Hates P/L has a pugaree, no unit badge or chinstrap, shows service wear. Korean War attributed 2RAR kit bag, canvas with large hand painted name '3/3240 Roberts RH 2 BN RAR'. 33240 Pte Raymond Harold Roberts from Ballarat Victoria served in the Korean War with the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 1953-54. c1940s-50s Suspender braces Army, Police & Fireman's pattern. The metal catches have Police & Fireman on them.
 SOLD at A$80
Ephemera: Australia, Germany, UK, USA: Ephemera collection with Australia WWI ACF 1918-19 Christmas / New Year Greeting Card & 'I.S.F.' PPC from Southampton UK to Sydney. Aust WWII Medical Certificate of Unfitness plus 3 diff 30 Inf Btn Greeting Cards. 1947 Motor Spirit Consumers License Cards (2), tatty but rare. Plus Petrol Ration Tickets (4 diff). Germany WWII Identity (Ausweiss) Documents (2, marked retail $150 ea) plus 1941 Civilian Driver's License (retail $150), US WWII ration Books (2) C/W Coupons. GB 1940s-60s Armed Forces Special Vouchers £1 (4) & 10/- (2), similar to banknotes. Plus various patriotic labels (60) from Aust, GB, Italy & USA & some odds & ends. Interesting group, total marked retail $1200+. (95 items)
 SOLD at A$250
Fob: 1915 WWI 9ct gold fob. Engraved 'Presented to Norman McKenzie by the MacArthur Rifle Club 20 March 1915 on the eve of his departure for the War' 9ct hallmarked 7.28g VF. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
Fob: ND (1919) 9ct gold return from active service fob. Engraved '1975 N McK' rev 'Presented by the residents of MacArthur & District to Norman McKenzie for services for King & Empire in the Great War' 9ct hallmarked 4.62g. Norman McKenzie service no 1975 enlisted 11th Jan 1915, discharged 2 Jun 1919 Served in 8th Infantry Btn & 4th Field Ambulance. Gallipoli & France. VF. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
Headgear: Australia/GB: ca WWI Army Staff Officer's peak cap. Dark blue wool with red piping. King's Crown hat badge & black leather peak with single row of gilt bullion oak leaves. Black leather chinstrap with brass King's crown artillery side buttons. Sweat band wear, oak leaves tarnished, o/w VGC. (P)
Knife: Rare 1944 Whittingslow fighting knife made in Adelaide for US Forces. Minor surface rust. Timber handle grips in good order. Overall reasonable condition.
 SOLD at A$150
Machete: WWII Blue bolo blade with brown bakelite grips, with original lanyard. No scabbard. Overall very good condition (blade currently covered in grease).
Magazines & Booklets: Rank & Badges in the Australian & USA Forces, 32pgs. Food is Where You Find It Western Pacific 1944. A Guide to Emergency Foods in the Western Pacific. Salt 30 July 1945 Vol 10 no 11. Living off the Land 1944 A Manual of Bushcraft, 140pgs. Whose Plane is that, Aircraft Identification 1943, 76pgs. G-VGC odd flts. (5)
 SOLD at A$50
Uniform: Royal Military College Duntroon Cadet Uniform striped blazer with RMC Kings crown buttons, red satin lined with RMC patch on front pocket, shirt & trousers. Blazer size 40 short, Shirt by V&F Tailoring Sydney 1991, Trousers by Venio Tailoring, 80 long. Has been dry cleaned. Excellent condition.
 SOLD at A$30
Uniform: Royal Military College Duntroon Cadet Uniform striped blazer with RMC Kings crown buttons, red satin lined with RMC patch on front pocket, shirt & trousers. Blazer size 40 short, Shirt by AGFC VIC 1986 size 110s, Trousers by AGCF 1985 size 81R. Has been dry cleaned. Excellent condition.
 SOLD at A$30
Police: New South Wales Police, Tramways Queensland Police, Prison Service, Fire Service MFB, PMG, MGC & others. (Est 160-200). Plus Police Ammo pouch, Australian Military Forces cloth Rising Sun shoulder patch (50+) & roll of RAN Australian shoulder titles blue with white background (approx 250). (approx 500).
 SOLD at A$180
Police: New South Wales 1916-54 Police King's crown 'Skeleton' badge. Early version for wear on helmet in unplated W/M (ca 1916-35), 3 x lug rev, but top lug cut off (presumably to convert to cap badge). gVF. Scarce (P)
Police: Western Australia 1914-20 Police 'bottle-top' helmet plate. King's crown, white metal. Voided swan (early short neck variety) thin metal strike on long lugs for helmet 48mm. gVF. Scarce
Police: Western Australia 1954 Police cap/helmet plate skeletal type 'squashed swan' central device. Chromed & enamel, 2 x piece with central oval secured by screw & nut. 2 of 3 lugs remaining to reverse 55mm. gVF. Very scarce
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