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1914-18 War AIF Rising Sun badge embroidered 'Soldier Art'. Colour embroidered badge design of high quality on white 'duck' (light canvas) material 530mm x 440 mm. Made by 4781 Pte Daniel Joseph Fitzgerald, 15th REOs to 9th Inf Bn, AIF whilst recuperating from influenza at St Anne's Hall (Berkshire UK) 1917. Embroidered title below 'Rising Sun': 'March 1917 - D Fitzgerald - St Anne's Hall'. A labourer from Esk QLD, Fitzgerald enlisted 1/10/1915 in Bris. Only 5 months after his influenza hospitalisation Fitzgerald was again sent to hospital suffering from shock caused by lightning strike! He returned to Aus 3/9/1919 & disch Brisbane. With copy of archive file. Exc. Eminently suitable for framing. (P)
1914-23 HMAS 'Sydney' Mk I souvenir ashtray. Made from brass removed from the ship prior to breaking up. Cast brass 'shell-ribbed' base with 3 legs stamped: 'HMAS SYDNEY'; 'SANK EMDEN'; '1914' 155mm. Desirable relic of the vessel that sank SMS Emden off Cocos-Keeling Is in Nov 1914. VGC
1944 Scarce POW stampless lettersheet (stained etc) with 'Melbourne 6 OCT 1944' machine pmk & 'Service of Prisoners of War' cachet. From Marrinup Camp WA, to Italy, with censor tape & h/s plus 'Staffolo' arrival b/s.
Aircraft Instruments WWII & Later: RAAF Artificial Horizon Indicator with unserviceable equipment tag dated 23-8-61. General Electrics Indicator Wheels & Flaps position. RAAF/Kent Kontak inner/outer fuel gauge. Smiths Desynn Indicator for Dive Break & Flaps. British Patent No3 Tank gallons fuel gauge. Nalder Bros & Thompson Ltd PRM new luminous indicator. Nice lot. (6)
Badge: Queensland ca 1890 Qld Scottish Regt Helmet Plate. White metal, QV crown. EF. Grebert: 215. Rare. (P)
Badge: Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Rising Sun collar-size sweetheart badge in 9ct gold, 3.17g.
 SOLD at A$150
Badge: WWI (1919) Merchant Services War Badge with stamped No 2, by Stokes & Son Melbourne. 1 Lug removed. 38x35mm standard type without enamel, voided. Possibly a sample or trial for Service at Sea. Estimated around only 400 issued. Rare. See Australians Awarded pg 656, cat $450+ Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
Badge. WWI Queensland War Council badge, button hole filling, rev engraved 'Alderman J Davey' by PJ King Melb. Test 9ct gold, 6.22g. (P)
 SOLD at A$450
Badge: HMAS Sydney & SMS Emden, reverse gilt with pin. Sterling silver & enamel by CT & S.
 SOLD at A$150
Badge: HMAS Sydney & SMS Emden, pin removed. Sterling silver by CT & S.
Badge. 1915 Australia War Contingent Association Committee badge. Copper & enamel. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$525
Badge: 1917 Grand Fleet HMAS Sydney. Sydney coat of arms with indigenous person & sailor supporters. Sterling silver & enamel pin back by OT & S. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
Badge: Australian Munition Workers Association, rev stamped England 1917 No 757. Brass & enamel by Bladen, London. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$400
Badge: 1918 War Chest badge in 9ct gold & enamel. Stamped 9ct, 6.5g. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
Badge: Newcastle & Northern District Naval & Military Association MNV, rev stamped 9ct. sm stress crack at 7 o'clock, by Simes Sydney. RARE. (P)
 SOLD at A$350
Badge: WWI 21st Battalion Assn Life members badge, rev no 155. 29mm 55mm by Stokes. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
Badge: ca WWI Queensland War Council 9ct gold hand-engraved badge. Crowned shield within wreath eng Q in centre, 'War Council' around, rev eng J Davey Esq. With button hole fitting. James Davey was mayor of South Brisbane & was an initial member of the council of the Queensland War Council which was formed on 25th Sept 1915. Stamped 9ct, 7.07g. Very rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$525
Badge: 1939-45 Aircraft Production Commission Employees Factory Pass badge. Chromed & enamel by P.J. King. Serial number '239', sector 'C'. aEF. Scarce (P)
 SOLD at A$75
Badge: 1939-45 Mother's & Widows badge with bar & 1 x star by Angus & Coote, 1942. Serial/issue no. 'A10609'. Brooch pin rev. Unresearched. EF. Scarce (P)
Badge WWII. ABA ANZAC Buffet Auxiliary enamel badge, rev stamped 501. By Amor Sydney. Scarce,
 SOLD at A$75
Badge: Arms Explosive & Munition Workers Federation of Australia 1940s. Brass & enamel by Wallace Bishop, Brisbane. Smith 47. (P)
 SOLD at A$100
Badges: Rising Sun Hat Badge collection 1902-1991 set of 5 reproduction badges with matching stamps issued by Australia Post housed in deluxe rosewood colour case. Lovely production.
 SOLD at A$60
Badge: WWI: 47th Battalion Australian Imperial Force 9ct gold & enamel badge. Stamped JWT .375, 6.67g. Very rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$375
Bayonet: 1907 British Pattern bayonet made in Lithgow stamped 1917. Scabbard marked Mangovite '43 with round frog stud. Frog is WWII era green webbing. Blade in good order with remnants of storage grease present. Grips reasonable. Surface rust on handle. Lock lug moves freely. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Bayonet: 1907 British pattern bayonet, stamped Lithgow 1918. Round scabbard stud. Minor bruising to wooden grip. Overall good condition with remnant storage grease present. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Bayonet: 1907 British Pattern bayonet made in Australia at Lithgow Small Arms Factory. Mangrovite scabbard. Timber grips good & marked SLAZ '42 on the grip. Overall reasonable condition. Locking lug moves freely.
 SOLD at A$120
Bayonet: WWII Pattern 1907 bayonet dated 1944 by Lithgow (OA). With working locking studs, scabbard & pattern 1937 Frog.
 SOLD at A$120
Machete: WWII. No marks visible, storage grease present, some surface rust. A few small nicks to blade. Wooden grips, 30% missing on one side. Restorable scabbard: Leather, brass throat & rivets, stamped 'MH & Co 1943 DD' (good condition). Heavier than usual WWII Aust machete. This type not common. Fair (machete), Good (scabbard).
 SOLD at A$75
Books: Boer War - Breaker Morant Collection (8 diff) inc Breaker Morant (Carnegie & Shields, 1979), Shoot Straight You Bastards (Bleszynski 2002), Scapegoat of the Empire (Lieut George Witton - 1907, limited edition reprint 2003), Closed File (Denton 1983) & Bushveldt Carbineers (Bill Woolmore 2002). Plus Video & DVD of the 1979 film. Also Methods of Barbarism Roberts & Kitchener in the Boer Republics (SB Spies 2001). South Africa & the Transvaal War (Creswicke 1901) Vols 2, 4, 5 & 6. Mostly F-VF condition with later books near new. Retail $600+ (15 items).
Books: Australian (18) inc WWI Official History Vol VIII 'The Australian Flying Corps' by EM Cutluck. 1983 Edition & WWII (16) with Penguin reprints (5) inc Behind Bamboo, Coast Watchers & We Were the Rats. Then A Bastard of a Place, The Australians in Papua, ANZAC Fury Battle of Crete 1941 (Thompson), Kokoda (Ham), Tobruk (Fitzsimons) & The White Mouse by Nancy Wake. FB (18) inc Baden-Powell - The Two Lives of a Hero pub 1964, WWII RAF (6) inc Bomber Boys (Bishop), Eagle Day (Collier), Hurricane - Victor of the Battle of Britain (McKinstry) & The Battle of Britain, July-Oct 1970 (Parker), Spike Milligan's Memoirs (3 hardback) with Adolf Hitler, Monty & Rommel. 1982 Falklands War (3) inc 2 Para Falklands (Maj-Gen J Frost) & Battle of the Falklands (Hastings). 1992 Gulf war, Storm Command by Gen de la Billiere. Plus others inc Six Days of War - June 1967 (Oren) & Secret Soldier - The Six Day War - Golan Heights - Entebbe.. By Col M Betser. Odd minor edge toning, mostly VG-excellent condition with some near new. (40)
Books: WWII Armed Forces O.A.S. Books written by still serving members & pub by the AWM comp set of all 20 diff with 2nd AIF 'On Active Service' (1941), RAN 'HMAS I-VI' (1942-45), AMF '4' from 'Soldering On' (1942) to 'Stand Easy' (1945), RAAF (4) from 'These Eagles' (1942) to 'Victory Roll' (1945), Communications Branch 'Signals' (1944), VDC 'On Guard' (1944) & 'As You Were' (1946-1950). Most with original paper DJ, 3 still in AWM Mailing boxes. Difficult assembly, cost vendor around $400 to put together! (20)
Books: WWII 1939-45. Australia In The War of 1939-45 Official AWM publications RAAF set of 4 'Royal Australian Airforce 1939-42' (Gillison), Air War Against Japan 1943-45 (Odgers), Air War Against Germany & Italy (Herington), Air Power Over Europe (Herington) all VGC comp with DJ. (Retail $400). Also 'Pictorial History of Australia of War 1939-45' set of 5 (retail $125). Worn spines, GC, plus 'With The Australians In Korea' (Bartlett) with orig DJ. All official AWM publications, total retail around $550. (10)
Books: WWII POW Collection (20) inc Prisoners of War From Gallipoli to Korea (Patsy Adam Smith, 600 pgs, hard cover with DJ, pub 1992). The Diggers of Colditz (Jack Champ, one of 19 Aussies imprisoned there, hard cover with DJ, pub 1985). Dangerous Days - A Diggers Great Escape (E Brough, 2009). POW-Australian Prisoners of War in Hitler's Reich (Monteith, pub 2011). Hellfire, The Story of Australia, Japan & the POW's (Forbes, hard cover with DJ, pub 2005). The Changi Brownlow (R Perry 2010). The Rats of Rangoon (Wing Commander L Hudson). Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence (Ramsay-Silver). The Duke, A Hero's Hero at Sandakan-Caption Lionel Matthews GC MC (D Matthews, pub 2008). Hells Heroes - The Forgotten Story of the Worst POW Camp in Japan (Maynard, pub 2009). Plus 11 others. Mostly VG-near new, retail $550. Also 10 others, mostly British inc 'The Wooden Horse (Williams), Miracle on the River Kwai (Gordon) & Return from the River Kwai (retail $150). Great lot of good reading, total retail/original cost $700. (30)
Books: Vietnam War Literature collection with around 15 diff books inc 'The Team Australian Army Advisers in Vietnam 1962-1972' (McNeill), 2 books original hard cover (1984) & revised soft cover (1992) edition (both only good condition). Then Contact (Lex McAulay), Ghost Platoon (Walker), Mine Fields & Miniskirts (McHugh - 2 diff editions, inc omissions & corrections). The Battle of Coral (McAulay), The Battle of Long Tan (McAulay), The Vietnam Years (Caulfield), Tigermen (Barry Peterson) & Vietnam-The Australian War (Ham). Also other books inc SAS (Phantoms of War) - a history of the Australian Special Air Service (Horner), 'The Crossroad' (Mark Donaldson, VC), Victoria Cross-Australia's Finest & The Battles They Fought (Staunton). Mixed hard/soft cover editions. Mostly VG-near new. Retail $350. (26)
Books: Biographies (8) 'Charles Kingsford Smith' by Fitzsimons, pub 2009, 'Peter Cosgrove - My story' pub 2006, 'Weary, the life of Sir Edward Dunlop & The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop' pub as single vol 1997. 'My War 1939-45' by Michael 'The Breaker' by Kit Denton (1987 edition) large VX 123, missing frontispiece Self pub 1990. 'Brothers in War' by M Walsh, pub 2006, (brief History of 8 brother who served in WWI inc Gallipoli), 'Letters Home 1939-45' Stuart & Arnold 1987, 'Darwin 1942 by Hall, 1980). Some edge foxing on earlier works, later vols near new retail $240. Then large size paper backs (14) inc 'Roden Cutler, VC' by McCullough, 'Nancy Wake' by Fitzsimons, 'The Tiger man of Vietnam' (the story of Barry Petersen), 'Gallipoli - The Extraordinary life of Alec Campbell', 'Colin Murray - Journey to Tobruk', 'Warrior Brothers' & 'Warrior Training' (life in the Australian SAS) by I. McPhedran, 'Four Australians at War, letters to Argyle 1914-19', 'The Bombing of Darwin, the diary of Tom Taylor'. Plus 4 others inc 'Memories of Vietnam' by K Maddock. All F-VF or better condition, with a total retail over $500. Plus video 'The Light Horseman'. (22 plus video)
Books: Larger 'Coffee Table' size books (12) inc Australians at War - A Pictorial History (McDougall 2002), German Military Aircraft (Philpott 1981), Rust in Peace - South Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited (Adams 1976), Bomber Command 1939-45 (Overy 1997), Spitfire - A Complete Fighting History (Price 1991), This is the SAS (Geraghty 1982), The Art of War (Churcher 2004, pub AWN/SBS) & World War II on Land (Chandler 1990). Then others (14) inc Norfolk Island & its 3rd Settlement 1856-1956 (Nobbs 2006, brand new retail $60), Images of Air War 1939-45 (Bowyer 1983), WWII The Axis Assault 1939-42 (Brinkley 2003), Amazing (Australian) SAS (McPhedran 2005), SAS Sniper (Maylor 2010), Bomber County - The Lost Airmen of WW2 (Swift 2010 retail $50) & Eureka - Unfinished Revolution (Fitzsimons 2014, as new retail $60). Mostly F-VF condition inc near new as noted, total retail around $600. (26).
Books - Vietnam War: Australian individual biography collection (21) inc All Guts & No Glory, the story of a Long Tan warrior, Bob Buick. Barry Petersen Tiger Men, SE Asia edition & signed by author. An Australian SAS Soldier in Vietnam - Behind Enemy Lines, T O'Farrell. Captain Bullen's War (The Vietnam War Diary) edited by P Ham. Command Vietnam Colonel F Peter Scott. Payne VC by M Colman 2009. The Jungle Dark (biography of Frank Hunt & others of 3rd Platoon A Company 6th RAR). Ted Serong - The Life of an Australian Counter-Insurgency Expert. Still walking Thru Life, Bill Parry. The Tiger Man of Vietnam (biography of Barry Petersen). What Soldiers Do - An Australian Artillery Man in Vietnam, Gordon Pound. Plus 10 others inc A Soldier Returns by Terry Burstall (a Long Tan veteran discovers the other side of Vietnam). Plus Vietnam, The Australian War by Paul Ham (illustrated edition). Most excellent condition inc some brand new. Retail $600+. (22)
Books - Vietnam War: Australian general history collection (30+) inc Australians in Vietnam, Ian Mackey 1968. The Saving of South Vietnam, K Grenville 1968, inc a chapter written by Brigadier F P (Ted) Serong. Genesis of a Tragedy (Historical Background of the Vietnam War) pub London 1968. The Vietnam Years (from the jungle to the Australian Suburbs) M Caulfield 2007. Vietnam, The American War, Paul Ham 2007. You're Leaving Tomorrow (Conscripts & Correspondents Caught Up in the Vietnam War), various authors pub 2007. Ashes of Vietnam (Australian Voices) S Rintoul 1987. Silence Kills (Events Leading up to the Vietnam Moratorium 8th May 1970) JF Cairns pub 1970. Vietnam Shots (A Photographic Account) McKay & Stewart 2002. Contact (Australians in Vietnam) lex McAulay 1989. Plus others inc Vietnam remembered (with the names of all who served) & The Team in Vietnam ? The Lighter Side, Vic Pennington 1992. (32)
Books: Vietnam War Australian Regimental/Unit Histories inc The Team (AATTV) 1962-72, Ian McNeil, pub AWM 1984. Vietnam Task, 5th Battalion RAR 1966-97, PUB 1968. We Too Were ANZACs (6th Battalion RAR 1969-70) by Col B Avery, pub by Slouch Hat 2004. Vietnam Shots (A Photographic Account by McKay & Stewart, pub 2002). Mission Vietnam, RAAF Operations 1964-74 by G Odgers, pub 1974. Long Tan & Beyond, Alpha Company 6 RAR 1966-67 by Col CS Mollison, pub 2005. The Battle of Long Tan 1966, as told by the Commanders to Grandin. The Battle of Coral, 1968 by Lex McAulay, pub 1988. The Battle of Ngok Tavak 1968 by Bruce Davies, pub 2008. First to Fight -Australian Diggers, NZ Kiwis & US Paratroopers Vietnam 1965-66 by Bob Green, pub 1988. The Nasho's War - Australian National Servicemen & Vietnam by M Dapin, pub 2014. Ghost Platoon 1969 by Frank Walker, pub 2011. Vietnam, the comp story of the Australian War by Bruce Davies, pub 2012. Tiger Men by Barry Petersen & signed by author 1988. Viet Cong - The Organisation & Techniques of the NLF of South Vietnam, pub by M.I.T. Press 1966 & others inc 'Select Documents in International Affairs (No 18) Vietnam Jan 1968-Dec 1969, released by Department of Foreign Affairs, Canberra 1972. Mostly VF-near new condition, retail $800+. (23)
Books Australian War Memorial publications (17). 'Guns of the Regiment' by SN Gower, near new with DJ. 'With the Australian's in Korea' (1957); 'Pictorial History of Australia at War 1939-45 Vol II'; 'HMAS' (1942); 'RAAF log'(1943); Victory Roll' (1945), then Army related (11) with 'Jungle Warfare', 'Khaki & Green', 'Soldiering On' (2 of ea) & 'Active Service', 'Stand Easy' & 'As your Were' 1947, 1949 & 1950. Most with original DJ, VG condition or better. Plus 'The Fragile Forts - the Fixed Defences of Sydney Harbour 1788-1963' (P Oppenhein-Aust Army History Unit) pub 2005; & 'Duntroon (The Royal Military College of Australia) 1911-86'. Near new. (19)
Carton Lot: Rising Sun Badge set & corresponding stamps 1902-1991 (5) by Australia Post in a timber box. Souvenir programs 'All In Fun' Beit Jivja Dec 1941 (3). Amenities Services March 1942 (2). ND Christmas Card. Souvenir photo packs WWII for Aleppo, Nazareth, Tripoli, Damascus, Baalbeck, Bouka. Syria tourist dagger. Various badges inc mother of pearl Rising Sun, Return from Active Service WWII, Women of Australia 1940 1 star, Legendary badges, Kent memorial Hall 1950 etc. Calf skin wallet with mini Rising Sun, nickel plated coin holder. 100 Years of ANZAC coins (13) etc. (Lot)
 SOLD at A$120
Flag: 1968-69 104 Field Battery, RAA, souvenir South Vietnam National Flag, printed red 'bars' on yellow 1400 x 770mm, inscribed in texta: 'THE MAIL MUST GO THROUGH - 'THE POSTIE' - '104 Field battery, 12 Field Regiment, RAA/Nui Dat, South Vietnam 1968-69', with the names of all the men listed under their respective gun detachment titles (ie: 'No.5 GUN-ECHO', 'No.4 GUN-DELTA' etc) - 43 names. A scarce & original Vietnam souvenir 'Tour Flag' with direct attribution. Minor age fade to inscription. VGC. Scarce & desirable Vietnam War relic. (P)
 SOLD at A$750
Flying Helmet: Vintage, leather, cloth lining with maker's label Stagg gloves. Has ear holes for comms, earflap buttons stamped Stagg Melbourne, GC. British Merchant Navy - BP cap badges (2), Captain's rank epaulettes (2) Cadets epaulettes (2), master's cuff rank(2), buttons (10), Royal Naval Petty Officer's bullion insignia (2), Army 1970s Sgts stripes (10) RAAF (2). Diverse group all GC-EXC. (33 items).
 SOLD at A$120
FOB: A.M.T.U.D.L Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob Soldier holding a rifle supported by Kangaroo & emu rev engraved 'A.M.T.U.D.L. 26th Batt Pte W Ashton Ret 27.9.19' 662. Pte William Ashton enlisted 28 May 1915 served at Gallipoli, France, WIA, Belgium. Discharged 20 Nov 1919. 9ct hallmarked by Willis 5.1g (P)
 SOLD at A$220
FOB: ARNCLIFFE LODGE 103, NSW Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. IOOF. In memorial Bro O Degener, Killed in action 24/04/1917, Great European War 1914-1920.Oscar Degener enlisted as Oscar Dignam no 2639 - the name change probably due to German origins. He enlisted 22.05.1916 at the RAS Showgrounds Sydney, age 21 & 9 months, his occupation was labourer and his next of kin is listed as Amy Dignam (mother) & Charles Frederick Dignam (father). KIA 02.04.1917 France, 56Bn. His name appears on the Rockdale Municipal Honour Roll as Degener/Dignam. 9ct stamped 4.99g. (P)
 SOLD at A$300
FOB: Bacchus Marsh District, Victoria. Return from Active Service. Bronze medallion. Unnamed. Presented to AIF who responded to the Empire's call in Great European War 1914-18. No suspension mount probably a specimen strike UNC. C 1914-15/1 aU. Rare (P)
FOB: Bacchus Marsh District, Victoria. Return from Active Service. Gilt appreciation fob no suspension ring. Unnamed. Presented to AIF who responded to the Empire's call in the Great European War 1914-18. Un- awarded, either unissued or a trial strike. Some wear to gilding. EF. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$150
FOB: Bellbird Patriotic Association. Returned from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob no.884, presented to Cpl AT Regan 35th Bn, by the Bellbird Patriotic Association 25/10/1919. (Amos Theodore Regan, no.884, enlisted 27/11/1915 at West Maitland. Age 23. Occupation: Miner. Next of kin: Patrick Regan (father). Served in France. Discharged 16/6/1919 as medically unfit). 7.58g. This fob illustrated pg 710 'Australian's Awarded'. (P)
 SOLD at A$525
FOB: Bellbird Patriotic Association, NSW. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. 25/10/1919. 6.36g Similar to fob illustrated on pg 710 'Australian's Awarded'. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
FOB: Benalla, VIC Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Pres to Pte A Dunlop by the Citizens of Benalla on his return from Active Service 1919. 4.85g. This fob illustrated pg 710 'Australian's Awarded'. 2096 Pte Alexander James Dunlop enlisted 3rd Mar 1916 3rd Rfts, 2nd Pioneer Btn, served in France, RTA 2nd Jun 1919. (P)
 SOLD at A$210
FOB: Branxholm, Tasmania. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Presented to Sapper RE Willson, by residents of Branxholm for services to the empire 1915-19. 5.3g. This fob illustrated pg 711, 'Australian's Awarded'. 3494 Robert Edmund Wilson (Willson engraved on the fob) enlisted 24 Aug 1915 6th Field Coy Engineers served in France RTA March 1919. Awarded WWI trio. (P)
 SOLD at A$220
FOB: Broadwater Red Cross Retrn form Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob Rising Sun badge design, rev engraved 'Welcome Home to Jim Ormond by Broadwater Red Cross Society, Enlisted 1915, Returned 1919'. 2805 James Ormond 9th Bn AIF, enlisted 26 Aug 1915, WIA France, mentioned for invaluable service in Central Kurdistan, discharged 29.07.19. 6.05g. Lovely fob. (P)
 SOLD at A$325
FOB: Burra, SA Retrun from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob Engraved 'DVR J Heinrich' rev 'For Services Rendered in the Great War 1914-1919 from the Burra Cheer Up Society' 15654 Dvr Joseph Heinrich enlisted 4.5.1916 discharged 16.9.1. 1919. 9ct hallmarked Stevenson 5.53g. (P)
 SOLD at A$190
FOB: Canowindra, NSW. Return from Active Service 15ct gold appreciation fob .Presented by the public of Canowindra to no.5859 Pte W Meicklejohn, enlisted 20/4/1916, returned 16/2/1918. (William Meiklejohn, enl 20/4/1916 at RAS Showgrounds, Sydney. Next of kin: Martha Meiklejohn (mother). Age: 25yrs 8 months. Occupation: Labourer. Served France, 20 Bn. Disch: 10/8/1918). 14.79g by W Kerr. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$800
FOB: Dinton Vale Rifle Club, NSW Departure 9ct gold fob. Presented to Corporal John Pollock on the eve of his departure for the front Dinton Vale Rifle Club 1916. (John Pollock, no.3021, enl: 10/5/1916 at Armidale, NSW. Next of kin: William Pollock (father). Age: 21yrs 2 months . Occupation: Farmer. Served 1st LH as farrier, Egypt. Disch: 01/06/1919 as medically unfit? Departure fobs are much scarcer than return fobs 3.19g (P)
 SOLD at A$150
FOB: Epping Shire, Victoria. Return from Active Service enamel & 9ct gold appreciation fob. Pte M J Brophy for duty nobly done AIF 1914-18, from residents of Epping District. Matthew James Brophy, no.1884, enl 16/6/1915 at Melbourne, VIC. Next of kin: Thomas Brophy (father) & Maria Brophy (mother). Age: 19 yrs 4 months. Occupation: Labourer. Served 22 Bn & 21 Bn, served in Gallipoli, Egypt, France. KIA: 26/8/1916 in France). 6.95g.This fob illustrated pg 710, 'Australian's Awarded'. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$325
FOB: Epping Shire, Victoria. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Pte JH Brophy 1917 from residents of Epping Shire. (Joh Henry Brophy, no.1894, enl: 28/6/1915 at Melbourne, VIC. Next of kin: Thomas Brophy (father). Age: 22 yrs 2 months. Occupation: Clerk. Served 3rd Refts of 21Bn in France. Disch: 30/5/1917 as medically unfit. 705g (P)
 SOLD at A$300
FOB: Geelong Presentation 9ct gold fob. Presented to J H McPillimy, War Funds bonds, by H Hitchcock, Mayor of Geelong. (Possibly John Hearn McPhillimy - no service record. Howard Hitchcock was Mayor of Geelong 1917-22, and was most famous for being the leading proponent for the development of the Great Ocean Road). Most unusual fob for selling of war bonds. 13.58g. This fob was illustrated pg 710 'Australian's Awarded'. (P)
 SOLD at A$650
FOB: Grong Grong, NSW. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. We thank you from residents of Grong Grong 1918. Unnamed. 3.83g (P)
 SOLD at A$210
FOB: Great Sacrifice. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. 1914-18 Great Sacrifice. Pte E J Wilson. 4.5g. (P)
 SOLD at A$375
FOB: Haly Creek Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Coat of arms with wreath, rifles & clasped hands around, rev engraved 'Pres to W.O. Geo Walters by residents of Haly C'k on his return from active service 1919'. 9668 WO George Walters enlisted 22 Sept 1915, disch 29/9/19. Pin has been removed. Stamped 9ct, 5.7g. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
FOB: Hamilton, NSW. Return from Active Service, 9ct gold appreciation fob. Presented by citizens of Hamilton NSW Australia to Sap W Warburton. 4.52g (William Leslie Warburton, no.50370, enl: 28/01/1918 at Newcastle, NSW. Next of kin: George William Warburton (father). Age: 20 years 10 months. Occupation: Plumber. Served 1st Field Sqn in Egypt. Disch: 15/10/19) (P)
 SOLD at A$350
FOB: He Answered His Country's Call Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Soldier standing facing holding a rifle. Inscription He answered his countries call A.I.F., rev uninscribed. 9ct hallmarked, 3.44g. VGC. (P)
 SOLD at A$210
FOB: Hill End, NSW. Return from Active Service 15ct gold appreciation fob. Presented to Pte J J Macryannis by residents of Hill End 1919 (John Joseph Macryannis, no.5051, enl: 01/01/1916 at Lithgow, NSW. Next of kin: Della Elizabeth Macryannis (mother). Age: 18years 1 month. Occupation: Labourer. Served 33rd Bn in France. Disch: 12/08/1919.) 6.60g (P)
 SOLD at A$400
FOB: Honour & Freedom. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Unnamed. 4.24g (P)
 SOLD at A$150
FOB: H.S.B.F.W.H.C. Returned from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob missing loop. To Pte A Sandridge on his return from Active Service from HSBFWHC/HBS in entwined letters within, horse shoe engraved. Welcome home. 1919 below. 5.45g. 1832 Pte Arthur Leslie Sandridge enlisted 12th Aug 1915 45th Btn served France WIA. Discharged 20th Apr 1919. WWI pr. (P)
 SOLD at A$220
FOB: Kilrush, NSW Return from Active Service. 9ct gold appreciation fob. To GB Black from his many friends on his Return from the Front. Kilrush/GBB entwined letters, 26-7-18 7.64g. There are 2 x GB Black?s, service nos 5048 and 2953. More info needed. (P)
 SOLD at A$300
FOB: Koondrook, VIC Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. To L Cpl C Hollingsworth, Residents of Koondroak (Koondrook) on this return from the War 23-3-19 4.8g. This fob illustrated pg 711, 'Australian's Awarded'. 2 possible service nos. 2424 or 3079. (P)
 SOLD at A$210
FOB: Loch Lomond Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation faob Soldier standing, rising sun behind. He answered his country's call, rev engraved 'Presented to Pte C Ottosen by residents of Loch Lomond on his return from the war 20-8-19'. 3589 Pte Cyril Francis Ottosen enlisted 8/11/1917, discharged 22/9/19. Stamped 9ct. Nice fob. (P)
 SOLD at A$350
FOB: Legal Orange Lodge Memorial 9ct gold fob. Presented by L.O.L. 291 in memory of Bro J Booth, killed 25-4-15. Hand engraved soldier with rifle, on horse within a garter, not forgotten. 3.84g. Lieut John Lionel Calvert Booth 12th Btn appointed 18th Sep 1914. Served Gallipoli WIA 25th Apr, DOW 1st May 1915. WWI trio. (P)
 SOLD at A$350
FOB: Lorne, VIC Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob The great War presented to Pte R Settle by the Residents of Lorne for Services Rendered. 6.64g This fob illustrated pg 711, Australians Awarded. Rare. 67233 Pte Robert Ernest Settle enlisted 20th May 1918 GS RFTS awarded WWI WM (P)
 SOLD at A$375
FOB: LRA Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob AD Thomas 8.63g (P)
 SOLD at A$250
FOB: Marong Shire, VIC. Return from Active Service gilt fob. Presented to J I Nesbitt who enlisted for the Great War that commenced 4-8-1914. (P)
 SOLD at A$160
FOB: Maules Creek, NSW Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Presented by the residents of Maules Creek to Sydney Anderson for Services Rendered in the Great War 1918. 86.2g. 1001 Tpr Sidney Egbert Anderson enlisted 7th Feb 1915 7th ALH, served Gallipoli, Mid East & Egypt. Discharged 2nd Oct 1919. WWI trio. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
FOB: Mooroopna, Vic Return from Active Service 9ct gold & enamel appreciation fob. Presented by the people of Mooroopna to Pte E Anson on this return from the Great War 1914-19 6.42g. 2035 Pte Edward Joseph Anson enlisted 21st Mar 1916 38th Btn. Served France WIA. Discharged 6th Apr 1918. Awarded WWI pr. (P)
 SOLD at A$220
FOB: Moree, NSW Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Moree Recruiting Ass'n to Sid Fifer who in the Great War 1914 proved himself a soldier & a man. Moree RA in entwined letters 6.97g. 34742 Gnr Sydney John Fifer 1st FAB. Enlisted 7th Dec 1916. Served in France WIA. Court marshalled. Discharged 9th Mar 1919 (P)
 SOLD at A$350
FOB: NSW Govt Railways Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob with T bar. Coat of Arms above crossed rifles. Charles Hansen, from employees Tinsmiths Shop NSWGR, Everleigh. 13.57g by W Kerr. This fob illustrated pg 711, Australian's Awarded. (P)
 SOLD at A$400
FOB North Ryde, NSW. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob, missing loop. Presented to the Pte S Brett by the Residents of North Ryde. On his return from Active Service 1919 2.96g. 4143 Pte Stanley Brett enlisted 20th Sep 1915 13th Rein 13th Btn, served France & Belgium, WIA 3 times. Discharged 14th Oct 1918, awarded WWI pr. (P)
 SOLD at A$120
FOB: Boer War: Return from Active Service 9ct 2 tone gold appreciation fob. To Lance Cpl GV Robertson who served with Bushmen's Contingent South Africa 1900-01 from his Trade Friends Melbourne. Rev GVR entwined letter. 539 Pte George Victor Robertson, Victorian Citizens Bushmen (3rd Contingent) (Hon Lance Cpl 13/5/01). Boer War Fobs are very rare 9.24g. (P)
 SOLD at A$1900
FOB: Oakleigh. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob struck. For God King And Country, rev stamped T Cook. Presented by the citizens of Oakleigh. aVF, test cut at 7 o'clock, stamped 9ct, 7.66g. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
FOB: ON Honour Roll Return from Active Service appreciation fob in stg silver. Pte Sydney Trevan On Active Service Dardanelles 1915 6.29g. This fob illustrated pg 710 Australians Awarded. Rare. 1459 Sgt Sydney Richard Trevan enlisted 30th Oct 1914 7th Btn, WIA Gallipoli 7th Jul 1915, RTA 24th Jun 1916. Had an artificial limb. Awarded WWI trio. (P)
 SOLD at A$170
FOB: Petersham PPL Service Rendered 15ct gold Departure Fob. Presented to Mr FW McQueen by the Petersham PPL for Services Rendered prior to leaving for the front. 13.00g. Cpl Frederick Wallace McQueen enlisted 9th Aug 1915 18th Reinforcements 13th Btn served France & Belgium, WIA 4th Feb 1917, awarded MM 18th Mar 1917, DOW France 27th Sep 1917 (P)
 SOLD at A$650
FOB: Proston, Qld. Return from Active Service 15ct gold appreciation fob. Engraved 'Presented to Private J A Berry in recognition of your Noble Service to your King & Country from your Proston (Qld) admirers 26-7-18.' 5794 Pte John Albert Berry enlisted 18-5-1916 served in France, discharged 14-8-1918. 15ct Hallmarked 7.23g. Impressive.
 SOLD at A$425
FOB: Railway & Tramway Employees Newcastle District 9ct gold & enamel appreciation fob. Soldier right holding rifle, Newcastle below, rev inscr He answered his country's call A.I.E.F' eng 'R Sheridan'. 3921 Pte Richard B Sheridan enlisted 6-9-15 served in France WIS. RTA 16-9-19. 6.17g, 9ct stamped by M & M Sydney. RARE. (P)
 SOLD at A$500
FOB: Smithfield & Fairfield District Returned from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation Fob. He heard his country's call. Gnr C H Tremlett 4.07g. Rare. 34836 Gnr Charles Henry Glazebrook Tremlett enlisted 7th Dec 1916 10th FAB served France discharged 17th Mar 1919 awarded WWI pr. (P)
 SOLD at A$180
FOB: St Kilda VIC. Presented by the Citizens of St Kilda. Return from active Service 9ct appreciation fob. To Pte E Langeveldt. Enlisted & embarked in 1914. The Great European War 1914-18. Blue enamel border VGC. This fob illustrated pg 711 'Australian's Awarded'. Rare. 7 Pte Edward Langeveldt enlisted 19 Aug 1914 8th Btn served Gallipoli & France discharged 31 Jan 1919 awarded WWI trio. (P)
 SOLD at A$375
FOB: Urunga, NSW Returned from Active Service 9ct appreciation fob. Presented to Mrs Jerrett by the Residents of Urunga in memory of her son WALTER, killed on Active Service abroad. 1914-18 8.18g. 104 Pte Walter Murray Jarrett enlisted 2nd Jan 1916 36th Btn served France & Belgium KIA Belgium 12th Oct 1917. WWI pair. (P)
 SOLD at A$425
FOB: Waratah, NSW. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. To Sap J Burgess on his return from the War from the Citizens of Waratah. 1919. 9.18g (P)
 SOLD at A$400
FOB: Waratah NSW. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. To Gunr E W Wilkins on his return from the War from the Citizens of Waratah. 1918. 11.84g. 928 Gnr Edwin William Wilkins enlisted 28th Dec 1916 36th Heavy Artillery Group served France gas poisoning. Discharged 6th Dec 1918. WWI pair. (P)
 SOLD at A$400
FOB: Willaura, VIC. Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Pt T Dunster 12.12.17 - 2-6-19 Willaura 2.32g. Pte Thomas Edward Dunster enlisted 22nd Feb 1918 2nd class air mechanic Flying Corp served AFC Laverton. Discharged 24th Dec 1918. (P)
 SOLD at A$140
FOB: Wollar & District NSW Return from Active Service 15ct gold appreciation fob Presentation from Residents Wollar & District to Lt Col C V Single. Most attractive fob by AS depicting soldier standing in front of rising sun badge HONOR (not NONOUR) above. 784g. The fob illustrated on pg 710 'Australians Awarded'. Lt Col Clive Vallack Single London Gazette 14 Jun 1918 MID to Major C V Single. London Gazette 3rd Jun 1919 awarded DSO. MID 5th Jun 1919. Appointed Captain AAMC 22nd Dec 1914 served Gallipoli. RTA 28th Aug 1919. Awarded DSO & WWI trio. He has a Wikipedia page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clive_Single. (P)
 SOLD at A$600
FOB: WWI Returned Munition & War Workers Association fob depicting plane over battle cruiser. Brass & enamel by Stokes & Sons, Melbourne. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$375
FOB: WWI The Ammunition Cordite & Explosives Workers Union of Australia fob. Brass by Quick & Morton. Smith 46. (P)
 SOLD at A$150
FOB: YRSWH Assn Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. Pres to Sgt Alex Kew, MM, Croix de Guerre on his return from Active Service. YRSWNASSN 5.12g Very rare engraved as a double gallantry winner. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
FOB Buccarumbi, NSW 9ct gold presentation fob. 1st Class Constable A? McSpedden, by the Gentlemen of Buccarumbi (Archibald McSpedden). Pseudo-Hallmark: Kangaroo Police fobs rare. 4.57g. (McSpedden George Albert Dougald : SERN 2458, A McSpedden, was KIA????) (P)
 SOLD at A$210
Medal: Lakemba NSW. Return from Active Service appreciation medal. AE 36mm. Lakemba Soldiers Aid Association. Presented to Dvr D Wansted, Field Engineer AIF, 1919. Recipient's detail rubbed. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$150
Medal: Bankstown Soldier's Relief Committee, NSW. Return from Active Service appreciation silver medal. Presented to Edward Scott on his return from the Great War. Suspension loop missing. 8.61g. Toned UNC. Rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$100
Medal Ballina, NSW stg silver presentation medal. Ballina, to her sons, CA Mitchell 1915. gEF. 17.03g (P)
 SOLD at A$100
FOB: Umbiram Friends Return from active service 15ct gold appreciation fob To P J McCormack from Umbiram Friends 1919. 7.33g (P)
 SOLD at A$450
FOB: Logan & Albert District Rifle Ass'n 9ct gold & stg silver award fob. B grade premiers W N Dennis 1925-26 shield with entwined letters WND on crossed rifles surmount by lion. 10.0g (P)
 SOLD at A$80
Headgear: Australia/GB: ca WWI Army Staff Officer's peak cap. Dark blue wool with red piping. King's Crown hat badge & black leather peak with single row of gilt bullion oak leaves. Black leather chinstrap with brass King's crown artillery side buttons. Sweat band wear, oak leaves tarnished, o/w VGC. (P)
Interesting & varied lot of Australian army badges, 1930-1990. 11 Cap Badges mostly 1960-85 period, with 3/4 Cav, Survey & RNSW Regiment included. 2 badges from 1948-53, 4 Badges from the 1953-60 period inc 43rd Regt 'The Hindmarsh Regt.'. Finally there are 6 1930-42 Cap Badges, including large Staff Corps, Signals RMC, Artillery etc. (Total of 25 items) F.
 SOLD at A$220
Machete: WWII Blue bolo blade with brown bakelite grips, with original lanyard. No scabbard. Overall very good condition (blade currently covered in grease).
 SOLD at A$100
Police: New South Wales 1916-54 Police King's crown 'Skeleton' badge. Early version for wear on helmet in unplated W/M (ca 1916-35), 3 x lug rev, but top lug cut off (presumably to convert to cap badge). gVF. Scarce (P)
Police: Western Australia 1914-20 Police 'bottle-top' helmet plate. King's crown, white metal. Voided swan (early short neck variety) thin metal strike on long lugs for helmet 48mm. gVF. Scarce
Police: Western Australia 1954 Police cap/helmet plate skeletal type 'squashed swan' central device. Chromed & enamel, 2 x piece with central oval secured by screw & nut. 2 of 3 lugs remaining to reverse 55mm. gVF. Very scarce
FOB: Frankston, Victoria (Prankston). Return from Active Service 9ct gold appreciation fob. (William Mark Hanton, no.1875, enl: 01/06/1916 at Prahran, VIC Next of kin: Ellen Clement Hanton (wife). Age: 37yrs 7 months. Occupation: Orchardist. Served in 5th Pioneer Bn, in France & UK. Disch: 27/1/1919 as medically unfit). By Willlis 5.16g Unusual type. lotno out order (P)
 SOLD at A$250
FOB: Hamilton Borough & Dundas Shire, Victoria. Return from Active Service Bronze appreciation medallion. Unnamed. Presented to AIF who responded to the Empire's call in the Great European War 1914-18. Normally seen gilt, possibly a specimen or trial. CARLISLE: 1914-19 gEF, rare. lotno out order (P)
 SOLD at A$130
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